Shannon Bauman
Who are Terms of Service type pages really for? They are written as if for lawyers to read, but with the expectation that non-lawyers are going to be the primary readers. It's like writing out instructions for how to use your wind-up toy using complex mathematical equations involving torque...
...sure it may be more accurate, but totally useless for the target audience. - Shannon Bauman
It's frustrating, because it seems like almost everyone would agree that this is a broken process, yet there has not yet been a good solution for it. - Shannon Bauman
It is unclear that they are really enforceable in a lot of cases due to their inaccessibility to non-lawyers. - Bret Taylor
Some websites like pbwiki now display a "non-binding summary" in everyday language for people who don't want to read the legal terms. There's a group of people who advocate for "plain language" in business: - Amanda Nance
Yup, sucks. Only (legally) binding in some countries. Not in Sweden, for example. I think. - Jonas S Karlsson
They are also questionable from a legal standpoint given many are subject to change without notice at any time. No one reads them much less checks them for updates! - Ryan Miller from Nambu