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Louis Gray
Why Apple Was My Company of The Decade -
Jesse Stay
Single Ladies - Beyonce -
Single Ladies - Beyonce
I think this is better than Beyonce's - Jesse Stay
SHAWEEET!!!! - Jesse Newhart
Yes, much better than the real thing. I can't stand Beyonce's version. (edit to mention I have never seen Beyonce's music video, only heard the song on the radio) - Skyler Call
Now Jesse, Im really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time... or is this meme finally dead. - Ed Millard
Ed, that was too easy - I set you up for that :-) - Jesse Stay
Quick question, what do you call a meme that has gone on too long and is now just annoying.... mime? - Ed Millard
Ed: I don't think it's truly a meme until that's the case. - Ken Sheppardson
LOL, true. - Ed Millard
Danny there's more to it than just the singing - Jesse Stay
Steve Ballmer shows off Windows 7 on TV with a huge MacBook pro in the background running, ehm, Windows 7. -
Steve Ballmer shows off Windows 7 on TV with a huge MacBook pro in the background running, ehm, Windows 7.
ma LOL! - Eta
la solita figuraccia alla MS... - Mäckley [ein troll!]
anche allo SMAU... leggi questa cronaca - Mäckley [ein troll!]
The graphic was created by The Today Show, not MS ... and in any case that's a plus for Windows 7 anyway: it runs legitimately on any machine you can pick up in a store. Let's see Jobs do an interview showing a ThinkPad running OS X in the background. He'd probably die before he let that happen - Judah Richardson
Judah... Someone said something to me that stuck with me... Never do something you're not willing to continue supporting. The Genius Bar would be a whole new experience if I was stuck behind people with third party hardware. - Johnny
I'm with Judah. This demonstrates MS's flexibility (or allows us to reflect on Apple's inflexibility). Maybe the next thing to do is improve WinMo some more and show a phone owner switching providers (or just having more than one provider as he/she travels). - MiniMage
ms is flexible their is no question. I really believe that Apple is not as flexible look at how Steve Jobs rules Apple his word is god - Rob Cairns
Microsoft is a software company. Why should he care if his flagship product is featured on a Macbook. To look at it another way its telling that a product that purportedly comes installed with the "The worlds most advanced OS" still has so many users using Bootcamp to run Windows and is used as a selling point. - Arawak
Geoff Jackson
Is Stress Getting the Better of You? Relax! « Bit Rebels -
Garin Kilpatrick
The Social Media Revolution: This is the best Video about Social Media I have seen yet! (via @Write2Wanda)
Talk Like a (modern) Pirate Day -
Talk Like a (modern) Pirate Day
There's also the Talk Like a Software Pirate option. - John (bird whisperer)
if you focus on, and end up getting customers, investors will probably start chasing you anyway - Anthony Feint
Louis Gray
What’s Wrong with Flipping a Startup for $170M? -
...nothing is wrong with it. if it's your company, and your sweat equity, you can do whatever t.f. you want with it. - .LAG liked that
Nothing if you don't want to hang in there, plus if it's your first one why not make the exit, that way your next ventures you won't have to worry about how you're going to survive, if it fails. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
whats wrong with making money? if the founders want to - its up to them - Anthony Feint
Meryn Stol
Sequel Pro — MySQL database management app for Mac OS X -
Sequel Pro — MySQL database management app for Mac OS X
Really nice app. And currently, despite what you'd might expect from the name, it's donation ware. - Meryn Stol from Bookmarklet
Oguz Serdar
How Big Is the Apple iPhone App Economy? The Answer Might Surprise You -
How Big Is the Apple iPhone App Economy? The Answer Might Surprise You
"If I were to tell you that Apple’s app economy was worth more than $2.5 billion a year, you would laugh hysterically, shake your head and walk out of the room, yes?" - Oguz Serdar from Bookmarklet
Pro Accounts now Unlimited! -
Big price drop - plus new features. Any suggestions let me know - Anthony Feint
Let's say it like it is, Facebook sucks. Their UI is heavy and painful to use. The accumulation of Apps on the users' pages is the embodiment of bad taste. Their lack of inspiration has made them blatantly copy the ideas of others like they did with FF's "like" in the past. I can't see how FF can possibly benefit from this union. - Brome
J'ai pas tout compris là : une prise de capital de FF sur FB ? - Sylvain Manyach
D'accord, mais mon anglais est bien pire que le tien :-( si je comprends bien, c'est en fait FB qui acquiert FF ! - Sylvain Manyach
Facebook a acheté FF. - Brome
I love it when Brome starts sentences like that ;) - Josh Haley
Seriously, if Google had acquired FF, I'd be dancing a jig right now. But Facebook? At least we don't have much time to wait before Google Wave beta arrives. - Brome
Brome!!!! Words out of my mouth. Damn you facebook! Sucks! - vijay
Here come the targeted ads with "f$ck-your-privacy" inside... - Laurent
Damn you Facebook... Il n'y avait qu'une seule chose à faire pour tuer mon enthousiasme pour FF... - Claire
FF will continue to operate "for the time being". That's even scarier than not writing anything about it. - Brome
At least it seems clear they did not buy the user base ;-) - Laurent
Brome, be honest; just tell us how you REALLY feel. Don't worry about holding back. :-) [Also: sadly, I agree.] - Ordinarybug Heather
certes, je suis chez facebook aussi, mais leurs gadgets sont pourris, archi-pourris ... sans parler des fautes d'orthographe qui sont presque devenues la marque de fabrique de facebook ... va-t-on niveler par le bas? je le crains! (too lazy to make it in english, sorry guys, but facebook sucks) - laurent des fraises
FB la plate-forme la plus pourrie que je connaisse après MySpace! - Scheiro
Heather, honestly, I feel like in a car crash. It's a disaster, but the most important thing to care about is not the vehicle, it's the people inside. I always knew that something better than FF would come and present an alternative, anyway. Maybe it'll be Google Wave, maybe it'll be something else. But I'm 99% sure it won't be Facebook. What scares me is not FB destroying the FF platform, it's FB destroying our community. - Brome
Ouah c'est vraiment "ZE bad news in the day of the world"... Pas cool - All for design
Oh no. Tell me it is not true, it is a nightmare. - bellegarde-webb
Pourrie sur certains points, mais il est indéniable qu'il y a du monde sur ce réseau social, des informations (données) et de l'argent...affaire à suivre Vous avez peur de perdre l'interface de FF ? - Eric Reboisson from email
Pourries surtout parce que les interfaces de FB et MS rament alors que mis à part des tonnes d'apli inutiles ces deux plates-formes ne proposent rien de particuliers, de spécifiques. - Scheiro
peur de voir rappliquer la pub - laurent des fraises
@Filipo t'as pensé au suicide ??? - Scheiro
question is, what's next ? - laetSgo
@laurent toute façon il faut bien se financer d'une manière ou d'une autre - Harold Pognonec
Oui, mais la manière de FB est probablement la pire qui existe... Ceci dit visiblement ça marche, ça permet de racheter les jeunes pousses prometteuses et d'effacer la concurrence... - Laurent
Eric, le (gros) risque est que FB phagocyte FF, en pompant toute la technologie real-time puis en le sabordant. FB a acheté FF pour bénéficier du savoir-faire de la compagnie et de ses employés, ils se foutent éperdument de la plateforme elle-même et de sa minuscule base d'utilisateurs. - Brome
euh...@brome : ct quoi la pire news avant les 15 mois précédant ? - laetSgo
laetSgo, c'était Twitter qui me faisait passer pour un abruti en supprimant les notifications SMS en Europe, après que j'aie fait s'inscrire tous mes potes dessus grâce à cet argument. ;) - Brome
@brome le gros fail LOL !!!! - laetSgo
rôôôô la honte ! - laurent des fraises
I think Johnny Worthington's post expresses perfectly how I feel: - Brome
To be honest, I hadn't really thought of my data going into the hands of FB. Because I've always considered my content here as being displayed here with some kind of open source/Creative Commons status. But seeing as how FB uses the content of their users, yes, maybe that could piss me off. Wondering if it's still time to delete the pics I posted in private groups and that I wouldn't want to be re-used. - Brome
++Brome. Wondering that myself : ( - vijay
Alex, I've listened to the interview, but I don't think there's much to learn there apart from what's already said on the FF blog. In other words, we're still subjects to fear, uncertainty and doubt. - Brome
yes but still interesting to listen, and yes i also think facebook will mess up friendfeed.... - FullSite
Way to go, Brome! - Derrick
Oh my Fucking God !!! I hate Facebook !! Waiting for GWave for now... Sad News ! - DAL
Très dur à encaisser en effet... :( (@Jérôme heureusement la rando etait vraiment géniale, super temps and co, du coup j'y ai plus trop pensé après ;-). - stanjourdan
Brome : we're all in troubles with that news. FriendFeed is (or was?) not just a tool, it was before all a community. Now i just hope i won't lose these people i enjoy(ed?) to be in touch with here. :) - stanjourdan
MG Siegler
Video: Hitler Is Not Pleased About Facebook’s Acquisition Of FriendFeed -
Love it.. totally - Jaap Willem
5 Ways to Be More Productive at Work -
Jeremiah Owyang
Monetizing a Blog: Two Schools of Thought
Chris Brogan
A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide -
Thanks for this. I actually picked up a few good tips. - Sergio Cruz
Meryn Stol
I think the one downside to using FriendFeed is that it makes Twitter look so pale in comparison. Blessed are the uninitiated masses.
Really, I can't feel good using Twitter. Lots of people are on Twitter thinking they are part of something new. I think I'm part of something incredibly big - but technologically obsolete. It takes away a lot of the fun. - Meryn Stol
I've never felt "at home" in twitter, and have given it up - Nadine Pestourie
yeah i prefer friendfeed much more over twitter these days - (jeff)isageek
"I wish I never discovered FriendFeed. I wouldn't have seen the light! And, so, I wouldn't feel so bad about all the poor Twitterers that are following ans staying on the the wrong path..." - Zackatoustra
Chandu Thota
Reading: Looks To Be A TweetMeme Competitor With A Killer Domain Name: Those little g.. #share
Video Intro to -
"Twitter Gadget for Gmail is a Twitter client specially designed for Gmail." - Alessandro from Bookmarklet
Excellent! - Kol Tregaskes
loving it! works in Chrome also :) - Ivan Zuzak
Blocked for Iranian IPs!!!:( - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
"Your session is expired, please reload Gmail"... but even if i close chrome or clear the cache it doesn't work any more. - Alessandro
@Alessandro - refresh and then click your picture on the Twitter gadget again. that solved it for me. - Ivan Zuzak
@ivan, i can't click on my avatar: - Alessandro
@Alessandro - oh i get it now, sorry. i got the "session expired" message in the main twitter window that shows tweets, not in the gadget itslef. - Ivan Zuzak
tnx ivan, however! ;) - Alessandro
thanks... nice info... - Harry Mahardhika
Pavel liked your post and assigned it to topic "Twitter" at Start letting Pavel track you: - Pavel Senko
This is very nice. Have had some trouble loading though today. Not sure why. - Kevin Mohr
lol. At a glance I thought the title was "Twitter Gets a Gmail Gadget" - Gmail inside your Twitter! - Micah
Two days later Twitter for Gmail still doesn't work for me... It worked only for the first day, then died. I give up. - Alessandro
excellent - TrafficBug
Works great for me no problems so far "knocks on wood" - Annika from Nambu
I love it use it all the time it's great - Annika from Nambu
Yeah, I can't quite get the secure one to work. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I've been running Twitter Gadget for Gmail for two weeks. Suddenly, yesterday, I started getting "Your session is expired, please reload Gmail." The only thing that gets it back is to restart my computer. - Marie Carnes
Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I want to do that on my exercise balls. - Anika
How many tries (and broken bones) did that take? - Johnny
Homygorsh - Martha
I just don't know how you figure out you can do that. - That's So CAJ!
I'm sure if I tried it I would be in traction right now. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Really Awsome! - Pierotaglia
süper :) - Göksel Şirin
O_o - Bluesun 2600
wow. gotta reshare that! - Nicķ
very cool...perfect landing too - Jeffrey Marsh
Are you serious? No way! - Andrew Trinh
I seriously just bought one of these today. but I'm with pea♥ fierce as a woozle. no attempts for me. - Nathalie
wow that is sweet - (jeff)isageek
Dude! - BEX
Usually stomping on balls makes me uncomfortable, but this is pretty awesome. - Phronk
I expect this move to be all the rage in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the next Olympics. - Jeanine W.
Very impressive :0 - Adval
totally awesome!!! wow! how fun! - Susan Beebe
Was waiting for the neck snapping moment....was pleasantly surprised - Toby Graham
If I taught Physics, I'd show this to my students for open discussion - Bwana ☠
wtf :)) - Batu
Thought he was going to munch it, clearly, he's not human. - Will Higgins™
How many times did he try that until he got it right? - Louis Gray
Not sure how many - but my guess would be that this guy is a competitive gymnast (based on the body and the setting) - things like this often come easy (when you have trained for a dozen years to develop muscle, balance and body awareness), - Brian Sullivan
holy wow - Mattb4rd
easy? If you're Jesus maybe. - Mattb4rd
I would love to see the out takes on this - Josh Haley
Otherwise known as the orthopedist's full employment act. - Tom Landini
ZZZOMG! That is such a PHYSICS WIN. A new way to use an exercise ball! - Sean
It was amazing when he did it once, but how does he do it non-stop over and over? I lost count already. - Josh Haley
yeah and how does he teleport back to where he started? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
bah to science, +many for physical fitness, :O - chaz2b
hogeeee! fugeee! fugaaa! - Ken Okabe
WOW! Even I am impressed. - Shawn Whitmire
I can't get enough of this. Of course it should carry the "don't try this at home disclaimer". I'm sure they could run a whole episode of Amerca's Funniest Home Videos of people trying to do this. - Mark Krynsky
Awesome ! - DAL
wow - orionstarr
Is it possible that there are some hidden cables here? His form seems too perfect as his feet swing around at the end. - Brian Sloane
nope. no cables - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I'd like to see the blooper reel - Abbas Haider Ali
i wanna try, it's awesome! - tibetsong
I am going to try this next time I go to the gym wish me luck heha. - Jason
Next time I 'm at the gym, I'm gonna give this a try! :) - burdr
burdr, did you try it out?? 8^) - Chieze Okoye
This thread was discussed on the FFundercats ( - Josh Haley
BTW no longer on YouTube. Bummer. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still awesome - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Snap Images of Your Life for Later Reference -
Susan Beebe
Facebook fanpage URLs available tonite BUT u need >100 fans. Post ur fanpage link here to promote it: (via @mashable)
Emily Chang
thanks for including the app Emily! - Anthony Feint
you're welcome, Anthony! - Emily Chang
@hodgman Amazing job at the Correspondents' Dinner! You cracked me up with the Dune jokes. (In case anyone missed it:
@hodgman Amazing job at the Correspondents' Dinner! You cracked me up with the Dune jokes. (In case anyone missed it:
Hodgman doing what he does best ; brilliance. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Brilliant stuff. - Michael R. Bernstein
thanks for the link Veronica, I'd forgotten about this! - anna sauce
"Even in America a round-faced, weak-chinned nerd can get on television." - anna sauce
"The Constitution is essentially the frequenty asked questions list of the United States. It was written by moneyed, sickly, bi-focal wearing nerds who thought God was a distant, uncaring dungeon master." 4:49 - anna sauce
yea, liked the dune references. - Steven Joseph
10 Unusual and Creative Restaurants (from @darios) -
10 Unusual and Creative Restaurants (from @darios)
10 Unusual and Creative Restaurants (from @darios)
Show all
Bret Taylor
New trailer for "The Pacific," HBO miniseries from Spielberg, Hanks, and makers of Band of Brothers -
New trailer for "The Pacific," HBO miniseries from Spielberg, Hanks, and makers of Band of Brothers
I loved Band of Brothers. Looking forward to this, especially since my grandfather, who served in the Pacific in WWII, recently passed away. - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
10-part series airs in March 2010. - Bret Taylor
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