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Seeing Banks, Williams and Jenkins on TV almost makes me like the Cubs. #CubsHomeOpener
What US President ever had to publicly claim "I am not a Dictator"? If you have to explain it…wow
The #DMV in Illinois SUCKS
Payroll Tax Whacks Spending now there's a surprise. #stupidpolicy
52 degrees in Western Springs today. Back to 9 degrees tomorrow night. You have to love weather in Chicago.
RT @DanielKraft: NewsGator Social Sites gives the social workplace broader reach, more human feel. The Providence Journal
I just reserved my @mailbox. Have you reserved yours?
King of Drones and this was supposedly the morally superior president who would reverse the "Bush Doctrine"? Right
FA rules allow players with 5+ years service, in middle of new FA contract who are traded, can demand trade in off season @SouthSideSox
I just donated to 2012 Turkey Drive. Please check out this amazing cause right now.
Friday,check. After work, check. Nice enough to sit in yard on Nov 2, check. Cigar lit, check. iPhone handy, check. Kids out, check. Ah!
Has there been a bigger abuser than Obama to use treasury funds to finance election?
And now why is Obama admin telling CEOs to ignore WARN act rules before election? Massive layoffs one week before election bad politics.
Further, Romney would have fixed auto industry too, but lawfully.
Why does left ignore pt that Obama bankrupted auto industry to fix it? Difference was Obama ignored bkpty laws to give unions control.
Confusing Strength With Aggression #peggynoonan got it right
Paul Ryan looked more presidential last night than either guy on the democratic ticket. #joetheriddler
Really #biden is this economy and our future a laughing matter? Time for change.
New RNC video shows Biden laughing at the issues
Maddow and Mathews #msnbc liberal fear monger enablers. 10x worse than tea party. But when Obama & Biden crap the bed in debates, no choice
A Illinois (Champaign) support the Chicago Tech scene with my fellow colleagues and The Mayor.
Back in Champaign for a U of I Chicago tech meet up and happy hour...building the community.
Tragic Number 23 (Ventura)...'He Gone' -
White Sox Fade Quietly (& Privately) Out of Contention -
Partying at the Cell before the WhiteSox destroy the Roysls!
What's with all the mustache's? Is this the Delmon Young effect? #whitesoxtalk
which team was the last to have 4 lefties in their rotation? If Santiago replaces Floyd. @scottmerkin @SouthSideSox
Dunn deep 400 and we are here in KC. Way to go big donkey. #chisox
Peavy starts inning at 100 pitches. No one warming, Hosmer homers to lead off. Ventura ? @ChrisRongey
It's all good. Batting practice at Kaufmann Stadium in KC.
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