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Neil Ferree

Neil Ferree

Local Search Marketing SEO Professional Serving Small Businesses who want More Traffic to their #LocalSEO Google Places Listings
+Friends+Me has a new Dashboard and I like it Will have to review the FAQ on Grow vs. Grow# so my usage of the service doesn't miss a beat. F+Me has become a must-have tool for anyone who's active on Google+ and wants to amplify their social marketing efforts. How it Works -
F+Me New UI.png
Best of Digital Marketing on tl;dr It doesn't always happen, but when it does, the clicks & conversions seem to play nice in the sandbox. #digitalmarketing   #scoopit   #bestof   #jnferree -
TLDR Scoopit.png
Should 50 Children yield more than $5 on #Tsu ? 15 days and 50 children later on the new #Tsu network and I've still not cracked the $5 marker? I told myself like I tell my clients, not to expect to hit a home run every time you swing the bat. Granted, the network is new and the feature set is pale compared to what it will have 6-10 months from... -
50 Children on Tsu.png
Kevan of The +Buffer Blog keeps pumping out the goods. In this case, he lists 5 website graders and content scoring sites you an use to see how your site ranks on the top metrics Google likes to see and rank. This is my QuickSprout results. Obviously → this needs work! Here's the link to get your own QuickSprout Score... -
Speed Test QuickSprout FerreeMoney.png
28 Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Content Marketing Tip As Machups go, this is a pretty good roster of Expert Bloggers who've shared their tools, tips and technqiues they use in the content marketing efforts. Front and Center is one of the best marketers in the Real Estate space who uses social media to grow his business. +Bill... -
VCB Tips.png
How do you do #Tsu like a Boss? I've been on the #Tsu social network for 11 days. This is what my family tree looks like after a week and ½. I'm not sure if this is good or average or below average or what? I've been trying to get a handle on the prevailing best practices as to whether its wise to accept all friend requests and how you decide who... -
Tsu Family Tree 11 days.png
Why you should use +Sniply too +Sniply offers the convenience of a URL shortener with the added benefit of driving targeted traffic to your website or YT Channel or Slideshare Deck via a non-intrusive banner with a CTA button. In this case, Rand explains why it takes a typical +Moz reader 7-10 "touches" before they will click... -
Sniply Mox WBF Myth.png
How to Increase Your Social Media Presence This is the same thing only different to Google KW Tool in that it generates ideas for a keyword or a long-tail KW phrase. Doesn't give you search counts but its a fast & useful KW brainstorming tool. #longtail #keywords #idea #tool #jnferree... -
keyword suggestion tool.png
How to Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Presence -
How to Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Presence
The Pitfalls of being so Popular #Tsu  is down for maintenance and will be back soon, better than ever, but you still don't get to post all day every day like you can on FB, TwiT, Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and the other major social networks. Way to go +Al Remetch you pissed the #tsu  engineers off! ;-) -
tsu is down.png
Discover Users (aka) Find Friends on TSU Does anybody know what metrics are used to get featured on the Discover Users feed under the Settings option? I've seen a few of you show up here now and again. Given some of the Friend Requests I've gotten (I don't know or follow on other socials) I'm wondering if my profile avatar is showing up on this?... -
discover users on tsu.png
How to use Polls on Plus is Pretty Popular HOA starts in a couple of minutes ping +Social Media Marketing Plus  #polls   #googlepluspolls   #pollsonplus -
Polls on Plus HOA.png
Daughter Accidentally Finds Her Mother Having An Affair. This Is Priceless h/t +Al Remetch for the OP #ns -
Do you know how many characters render in the TITLE of single Google Plus Post This post has 78 characters in the title of the post. This post has no ref; source b/c I'm doing the testing This post has a link to FB open graph article This post has a hashtag how to #optimize a G+ Post This post has... -
perfect google plus post.png
Best of Digital Marketing on Why Content and Social Media Marketing are the New SEO Getting a Scooped Storey featured on tl;dr for Digital Marketing isn't as massive as a getting Deck being featured on SlideShare, but nowadays, every little bit helps. #scoopit   #tldr -
best of scoopit digital marketing.png
A Husband and Wife go Shopping I've got a few ideas percolating how to use this new story telling tool. Here's my first stab at creating a short story. Wadda Think? Link to Google Story Builder -
Husband Aisle 5.jpg
The Power of Personalized Search Results a little over an hour ago +Chris Dreyer and I held a private Hangout so I could get his expert opinion on whether my law firm clients should register a "vanity" URL via the new .Attorney or .Lawyer TLD In doing a little recon on a new article I'm working on, I did a quick search for is... -
Personalized Search Results.png
What is .ATTORNEY? .ATTORNEY is a judicious choice for lawyers, law offices and legal services firms that would like to identify their websites with the legal profession. Pair it with the name of your city, practice area or legal specialty and you’ll have a web address that speaks volumes How to Manage Your Social Media... -
attorney domains.png
Heyo is the Easiest way to Create Contests and Campaigns on Facebook that are Mobile Optimized No code required. Free Trial. Strong Support. Pretty Powerful Way to Build a Your Email List #facebook   #contest ping +Al Remetch -
Heyo Contest Maker FB.png
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