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Neil Ferree

Neil Ferree

Local Search Marketing SEO Professional Serving Small Businesses who want More Traffic to their #LocalSEO Google Places Listings
86% of B-to-B Marketers Now Use Content Marketing The vast majority of B2B Marketers now use content marketing as part of a strategic marketing approach, although less than half have a documented content-marketing strategy and most admit they can't track the return on their investment, according to a study released today by the... -
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If you ask the Marquis Men + Women on G+ where Communities fit into their SMM strategy → I suspect many would tell you its the holy grail of G+ platform. Its too soon to tell, but I suspect those in the know will prominently show their favorite Communities on G+ Google+ Communities Social SEO Community... -
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How Do I Manage My Social Media Presence If you have teen agers like I do and you observe closely how they get the information they seek by asking Siri on their iPhone or when they use my Galaxy and say OK Google [ insert question here ] then you'll probably agree with me that the future of growing our businesses online is to... -
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Episode #27 from +Gary Vaynerchuk ◄ Fast forward to 9:45 for his 2 cents on ello ◄ Would you pay $4 to watch episode #27? ◄ Will you pay $10/month for ello? Me neither Once we know what the "advanced features" ello thinks we'll pay for then we'll know if the VC's banking ello will cheer or growl or walk? h/t +SEOWiSE... -
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How to Stream Google HOA on Twitter Since Google Hangouts are tied to YouTube, you can broadcast (or replay) your Hangout event anywhere you can embed a YouTube video. Read on to find out how you can stream your live event to Facebook and Twitter #hangoutsonair   #hoa -
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Social Media Clicks & Conversions via Sniply Measure the Metrics that Matter ◄ # of Clicks ◄ # of Conversions ◄ Conversion Rate ◄ Avg. Time on Site ◄ Bounce Rate Sorted by Top Sites showing which snippet generated the most clicks and conversions Best Performing Shorten & Share Snippets How to Manage Your Social Media... -
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Thanks for the LI Endorsement Fellas +Thomas Finley +Ken Montville +William Bill Hurst +Matthew Shuey I'm not going to ask you to jump through hoops like +Al Remetch did with his herding cats routine, but if any of you guys are curious about this new ello ad-free network and in need of an invite, let me know what email you prefer and I gotcha... -
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How to Develop A Social Media Marketing Strategy Watch this video from +Rebekah Radice then ask yourself a few questions; ◄ What actions are you taking that produce leads? ◄ Where are your leads coming from? ◄ Are they the right type of leads? ◄ Do your leads convert? ◄ How are you using social in your sales process? ◄ Are you... -
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Page Speed Scan via Google Developers Optimize Images for Mobile Devices Tighten Javascript for the Desktop Call the Speed Cop to Remedy All +Randy Brown  How to Manage Your Social Media Presence -
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Hello Ello More so out of curiosity than pent up demand to add yet another social network to my already bloated social dashboard. I'd be happy to accept one of your 5 ello invites if one is still available +Dustin W. Stout Find me at and let me know you're there! The biggest part of joining a new social network is connecting... -
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Kim + Kanye + Neil ♣ We All 3 Dig Ello What is Ello? What's all the fuss about this new social network? Does 30,000 new sign-up an hour mean something? How long will Ello be ad-free? Ello is completely free to use. Very soon we will begin offering special features to our users. If we create a special feature that you like, you... -
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What is Ello? Ello is an ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that is still in its beta testing mode _On the site, users can post statuses, change profile pictures, add friends, and follow people. Users can also label their contacts "Friends" or "Noise" and sort out what they want to see accordingly. Here's what a... -
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Is Precognitive Marketing the Future of B2B Marketing? - Justin Steinman These guys stole a page out of Minority Report playbook and repurposed it for B2B marketers, or so it would seem? #precognitivemarketing -
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Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with Social CRM Intel -
Using Google Maps To Promote Your Google Photos If you're not already reading +Chris Lang incoming emails, you can (and should) remedy that before EOB today. Here's a good sample of why I subscribe and why you should too. #googlemaps   #imagemarketing   #localsearchmarketing -
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Now that Hummingbird has been fully integrated into the Google algo, its as important as ever to create and curate and syndicate semantic rich content that provides answers to the questions your prospective customers are asking? Some of the questions YOU may be asking are? How to Manage Your Social Media Presence How to... -
Do you want More Leads for your SMB? Let's say you owned a Small Business. Let's say that business was a Law Firm or maybe a Real Estate Brokerage firm. What if you needed to hire a new lead gen marketer? Would you hire yourself based on the skill you have today? Since I'm on the +kissmetrics email list I got their we're hiring a new lead gen hack... -
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Amanda Riley's First Video Shoot for Cleobella Fashions 2010 -
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