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Neil Ferree

Neil Ferree

Local Search Marketing SEO Professional Serving Small Businesses who want More Traffic to their #LocalSEO Google Places Listings
Content Marketing System Best Practices -
Content Marketing System Best Practices
If 58,424 internet marketers have a head start by reading copyblogger e-book and using these proven IM tactics to get their content found, read and shared? How big do think do you think your G+ number is? A Year from Now you will wish you had started Today! -
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Winds of Change Warren Buffet is asking people to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in The United States of America will have this message. This is one idea that really should be passed around Congressional Reform Act of 2013 No Tenure / No... -
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Pink Socks Rock and if you have 3 daughters like I do, this is the perfect Christmas gift and support a great cause. Join the #team ( h/t +Martin W. Smith -
Cancer Sucks Socks Pink.png
Google Helpouts Set-up Adding a 30 second elevator pitch video to a Google Helpouts Listing with a compelling USP to the Business Owner is a good idea. #helpouts   #googlehelpouts Besides, at this early stage, it appears a Google Helpouts Listing must be approved and the skills of the Helpouts Provider pass muster. -
Helpouts Draft 1.png
Why Join Mention Mention a useful social monitoring and listening app Start with the Fremium version upgrade Pro in 30-60 days Login using each social profile FB, T, G+ OpenID (I'd take notes) This is a potential Google Helpout Listing (coming soon) #cmtip   #socialmedia   #socialseo -
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Google Keyword Blackout by +Rand Fishkin  Whiteboard Friday Series Embedded video on HubSpot SEO Guru says Google is Abusing its Monopoly Power and what we as marketers can do it about it! #mustread   #mustwatch   #scaryshit   #socialseo   #cmtip -
Google Keyword Blackout Plan.png
Most Engaging This Week by # of Posts (California) Testing GPlusData queries to ID influential G+ people based on metrics Most Engaging by: +1's, Posts, Shares, Reach, Comments ping +Michael Ehline +Al Remetch -
Most Engaging in California Week.png
Injury Attorney on Google+ ranked by Followers Top 20 #injuryattorney of 1,413 #PI attorneys on G+ including; +Ehline Law Firm PC California +Anthony Castelli Attorney Ohio +Glotzer & Sweat, LLP Los Angeles +Dolman Law Group Florida +David Slepkow Maryland +Jonathan Rosenfeld Illinois source: GPlusData... -
Injury Attorney on GPlus Data.png
Top SEO Profiles on 227,000 Views 9,800 Scoops 17 Scoopers Front Row My Top SEO Board hash #scoopit   #contentmarketing   #cmtip big h/t +Guillaume Decugis for leading the charge -
Top SEO Profiles on Scoopit.png
PPC Survey by Ascend2 I don't use PPC unless my client has the budget to test and verify the top 20-30 targeted KW phrases to drive social media traffic and taking this quick 3 minute survey proved insightful. #ppc   #socialmediatraffic -
Ascend2 Survey.png
Helpouts by Google Pricing and Payments You may choose to provide a Helpout for free or for a fee. To charge a fee for your Helpout you must have a valid Google Wallet account and agree to the payment terms as specified in the Google Wallet Terms of Service. You may not collect fees for a Helpout outside of Google Wallet except by any other... -
Google Helpouts Welcome.png
On a Scale of 1 to 10 What value would you assign a Facebook Fan that Circles you on G+? What value $$ would you assign a web visitor who Circled you on G+? In both scenarios, the person who Circles you are NOT lawyers. Rather these are people who found your content and Circled you as a result of a simple 3 Step CTA process. #CircleMe   #CircleAdds -
The State of Social Media Marketing Wildfire and Google Webinar via ON24 Looking ahead to how the content one creates, curates, syndicates and updates to their Social Media Sphere and how this cumulative content marketing effort impacts and influences ones social authority to their primary audience both online and offline is... -
WildFire Google State of Social Media Marketing Sphere.png
Why Top Bloggers are Big on SlideShare Reading +David Amerland best selling Google Semantic Search book we know the Semantic Web is able to connect you to your content based on way more than the onpage optimization and schema markup tactics we use to appeal to the SE bots. This SS deck by +Nick Kellet analyzes 70 Top... -
Listly SlideShare Pg8.png
Hey Mr. Slacker +Daniel Campbell  Next time you take the extra effort and work up for me a Snagit of an organic search where one of my web pages shows up on Page 1 of Google ♦ Be a good sport and add a Big @ss RED Arrow of the SERP else who's to know I'm in the pole position ;-) #getranked   #pagerank   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing -
Google Plus Social Media Marketing Sept. 30 Thanks for the Snagit +Daniel Campbell -
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