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FF Moderators

FF Moderators

A room to discuss moderation of other Friendfeed rooms.
put it this way... the weather underground just betrayed Obama. Ayers wife runs the ACLU - NoahDavidSimon
ACLU: "Even the ACLU is blasting Obama for this. Imagine the insane over-the-top reaction if Bush decided to build a database of people's viewing habits?..... (Judicial Watch) - Days after directing Americans to report "fishy" speech opposing his controversial health care policies, President Obama plans to reverse a... more... - NoahDavidSimon
how is that for hope and change? our government is regressive. surveillance of US citizens and ethnic cleansing of Jews. lovely! @QueenOfSpain must be so proud. down with the twitter Alist for putting in this fascist. and they said the fact that he was in Reverend Wright's church for 20 years didn't matter? at least his Weather Underground friends are now stabbing this jerk in the back - NoahDavidSimon
Obama's Digital Tyranny #BigBrutha - NoahDavidSimon
Well, US government now knows all about me! I like to watch porn because I do not get enough Pussy! Maybe Obama Health care can help me get Laid more? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
you aren't a citizen... and if old people can be rejected as being too expensive... I sure as hell don't want your freaky troll problems spent on. then again I would like to see Obama help Bill Clinton. maybe you do have a point lol - NoahDavidSimon
What do you mean I am not a citizen of Obama's NWO? Are you preaching eugenics? is this Nuremberg? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
What is next? Are you going to recommend Castration for all the Horny Jews? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
This so called reversal is pointless since it was a lie any way from the fox network - RamirezG
ACLU works for FOX? ... lol! unlikely Obama's Digital Tyranny #BigBrutha - NoahDavidSimon
Obama, like my Cookies? LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Igor you are the cookie monster. you destroy all totalitarian surveillance just by being you - NoahDavidSimon
I eat it up, Baby! LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Pac Man the Troll! - NoahDavidSimon
American Civil Liberties Union: This group opposes virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government. It supports open borders, has rushed to the defense of suspected terrorists and their abettors, and appointed former New Left terrorist Bernardine Dohrn to its Advisory Board. this group is getting funding from George Soros... and even they are against this. what the hell is going on? who is running the show? at least Bush was upfront with what he was doing - NoahDavidSimon
Noah, do ACLU expose, so we can be educated. ACLU has the right concept, but if it is harming Liberty, something needs to be done to fix them! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
ACLU isn't what we thought it was when I was growing up. not interested in talking about them... just interesting that they are against Obama on this matter - NoahDavidSimon
Facebook acquiring FriendFeed. NO... NO... aaaaah! No!!!!! there has never been censorship ever on friendfeed. never! it has been the best!!!!! now we can expect facebook to ban nudity and allow Holocaust denial. ugh! I am very unhappy. friendfeed was the only bright spot in social media these days. I loved friendfeed. it was there for me when I was booted off of twitter for questioning their censorship and hypocrisy and it has always been a superior technological standard that never crashes. I am disappointed - NoahDavidSimon
It's sad :( - Shevonne
I told you yesterday. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
this is horrible. my entire existence... ugh... I feel dirty. - NoahDavidSimon
this is a doomed love - viav
it was too good to be true. I knew it was - NoahDavidSimon
Very sad, broke my heart (-_-) - Abhishek
I feel like when Jessica Greenberg cheated on me with that Guitar player when I was 13. watch out she is now a lesbian dentist in NJ. went from the guitarist to the base player to the drummer and then to U Penn where she came out of the closet - NoahDavidSimon
Noah, Lesbians give good BLOW JOBS! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
yeah well friendfeed has been wetting my whistle for a while. R.I.P. friendfeed - NoahDavidSimon
@jidf you would never see a friendfeed employee with this kind of hypocrisy "if facebook is unable to discriminate meaning from violent speech then I really don't think they should legally have any discretion over the content on our profiles. we are not hearing anything about their ability to understand the difference in... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Stop Bitching! go eat some chocolate! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
no I'm serious. the real great thing about friendfeed is they actually really followed their own terms. it isn't the technology... it was the people that ran friendfeed that made the tool powerful. - NoahDavidSimon
noah, life goes on! build your own wiki! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
the interface here will now be prioritized for facebook. they will own all the APIs. all my content was loyal to this format - NoahDavidSimon
I am complaining to Mossad! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
are you trying to bring Sean McBride here? this has nothing to do with anything but asking for a community to follow their own rules. - NoahDavidSimon
First the U.S. was stupid enough to let Obama win the election, then my wife of over 13 years decides she wants a divorce, now this. This is just another part of my world that's falling apart. I keep thinking maybe G-d is trying to tell me I don't really belong here. Time to make aliyah, I think. I just don't think I'll be able to bring my kids. >< - David C. Cooper
hey David! I feel ya about the ladies... but I gotta say friendfeed's relationship with the unholy facebook Holocaust denier supporters is sickening. about making the "Aliyah": one of the things the media has done worse then anything else is made us forget how hot our Jewish sisters are. have fun! the beaches in Tel Aviv are beautiful. try not to social network too much. IgorTheTroll and I are poor role models. - NoahDavidSimon
LOL! thanks for the encouragement. I gotta get off the feeds and get to work. ^^ - David C. Cooper
thats bad news, was just starting to feel fee on ff - liny
nothing in life is free Kim. this network aggregated some great data... that is now part of facebook - NoahDavidSimon
facebook owned you - The Black Book
so now the question is when will twitter be bought... and by who? I'm taking a vote. how many of you say google will buy twitter and how many think facebook will buy twitter? many think someone else like a media advertising company? microsoft? I'm taking a vote here. - NoahDavidSimon
Interesting comment about the Tel Aviv women...once met an Israeli who'd spent seven years in Australia...then he went back to Israel. He found he couldn't chat up his own Israeli countrywomen. I explained to him why. He'd gotten too used to Aussie women. Different kettle of fish. - George Hall (Australia)
indeed George. the Israelis are a hard catch. they are beautiful though. they are very difficult for American Jews. we actually clash. in fact to be honest George I find it ironic that I am online defending them all the time... cuz when I was looking they were impossible to get a date with. Aussie women and New Zealand women have this kind of smart ass thing going that is hard for me to... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Noah, must be your Zien that males you a Zionist! LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Looks like an opportunity for someone to fill a major vaccuum which has just been created on the web. - Jack Humphrey
Are you jumping ship already? You going to let Zuckerberg's Totalitarian clan control our destiny and deny us Liberty? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Understand your attraction to the women most at conflict with Jews. I was once married to a girl from Croat Ustasha-Fascist background. Never wanted another girl like that ever again after divorce. Next major relationship was a lady who kept hidden a war criminal family background. More trouble than even the ex-wife was. Although I heard she and my ex networked... - George Hall (Australia)
In spite of whatever thrill they are, such women are still ultimately poison to both Jews and Noachides. What was that old Torah story of the Ammonite princess and the Moabite women? The lesson is always the same. Even thousands of years later. - George Hall (Australia)
And before Igor brings it up...I can imagine I've got a doozy of a Mossad file because of those two b@tch#s. - George Hall (Australia)
Well, I am just a horny Jew and I want to get laid with a Sexy Ass! Better than fucking goats, sheep, and camels! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Fuck Mossad, I work for Hashem, Amein - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Darn, Igor...I had a couple of good Mossad file jokes left... - George Hall (Australia)
Did give Croat ex-wife an under-the-blanket fart during one activity...guess Hashem has a sense of humor... - George Hall (Australia)
I bet you we are all in Mossad file. LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Lol. I can guess at mine. Two idiot ladies with extreme-right backgrounds...three trips to Israel in 1990, 91-2...getting on wrong side of an Old City hostel manager during 91-92 trip (you don't want to know his particular faction)... Can probably add one or two more alphatbet soups to the equation... - George Hall (Australia)
Was the croation chick good in bed? My Japanese wife use to be good when she was young. But age changes women, well maybe not all. Maybe I will just Fuck Noah next! LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Yes, the Croat ex was good in sack. Didn't make a difference in the end. The other one? Great at foreplay...but that's as far is I got. Me being too noble. - George Hall (Australia)
The second one of that ilk makes a great cult/intelligence thriller novel villainess. - George Hall (Australia)
I need to find me a Jewish Nymph! LOL Young! ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I am not telling you my dark stories, not yet anyway! One day will write about them on my blog! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
One thing I did hear when I was in Israel...Gentile guys who went out with jewish israeli girls looked a bit shell-shocked mentally. The lads couldn't figure out their moods. The lads DID say the Jewish israelis were exceptional in bed...but only as an afterthought to the mind-melt. - George Hall (Australia)
Igor, you can read mine in "A Question of Theories". Look it up. Even has an Israeli supporting character, a few naughty bits, romance, pathos, weird intelligence... and I'll leave it up to you to work out how much of it was based on fact. - George Hall (Australia)
haha Brainwashed! You can read my SEX stories on my blog! Fun stuff - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
George you are as bad as me! ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
gee, Noah's sitting this end of the conversation out... - George Hall (Australia)
Noah is a virgin, he is Shy! I did not know you are a writer! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Actually, was comic artist here in Australia mid-eighties. Which is why I also satirize "The Ambulance" movie in my novel. - George Hall (Australia)
The novel? A byproduct of a weird ten-to-fifteen years. - George Hall (Australia)
Actually, I'll rephrase that...novel was a direct product of a batch of two nutty, anti-semitic ladies and the antics they could cause. - George Hall (Australia)
Anyway, back to original point. Follow Little brain=no brain. Follow heart=heart is the easiest fooled. Follow REAL brain=the other two parts fall into line. - George Hall (Australia)
George, now Mossad will definitely come after you - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Maybe, maybe not. Tell them "Wimp with balls of Steel" said hi. - George Hall (Australia)
Gotta laugh at that promotional link. Might sell it quicker to a few anti-semites, but they'll get narked when they find its not the sort of story they think it is. - George Hall (Australia)
sorry I missed the love fest. I tried kickboxing dance class and didn't realize what kind of poor shape I was in. pulled my back out. couldn't keep in step because the people in rhythm were extremely hot women. one of the girls turned out to be the granddaughter... yes granddaughter of a woman who I do eliptical with. when we were stretching I could see the satisfaction on her face.... I nearly killed myself. amazing hot young girl nearly kills Noah just in stretch.... went to bed early - NoahDavidSimon
you should of seen this girl. I finally figured the gym out. I usually go late around 9 o'clock and work out for an hour. yesterday I went early and did some classes. that is the perfect way to pick up women... not that I am trying ...which is probably why it works because I'm not really trying. the gym is by Marist college. the women at Marist college are some of the hottest women in... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Well, next time try to get your DICK pulled! ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I wonder if this is a good time to tell a J.A.Princess joke... - George Hall (Australia)
all I know is I work in waves. when I start having a good life... things go in a pattern. I've finally figured out that I like being in shape. screw the damn sadistic art school crap. creativity doesn't come from those that suffer. that is a myth. hurt myself for friendfeed? fuck no. I'm hanging out with the hot mamas and not the politically correct friendfeed hags - NoahDavidSimon
NoahDavidSimon the last straw for free expression on twitter” -
Kathleen Anderson
How quickly should a moderator respond to a request to join a private room?
moderately quickly. - Andy Roberts
@Andy: Bad pun, dude. :P - dgw
hmm - it's been about a week - do moderators of private rooms get notified by email or do they have to check the room for requests? - Kathleen Anderson
It's been 7 months - shouldn't they have responded by now? - Kathleen Anderson
Danica Radovanovic
“Why FriendFeed stopped to import my Delicious updates?” -
GetSatisfaction is crashing. guess twitter is trying to censor there too! -
CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Tonight @AmandaChapel accused me of stalking -
CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Tonight @AmandaChapel accused me of stalking
summize is a dangerous tool of libel out of context. -
Brad McCrorey
“Would having a "sticky" setting that keeps an item at the top of the room be too "forum like"? I think I'd get some use out of it.” -
Disagree! You can add comments to a post and it will go to the top. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Disagree? LOL I was just sort of throwing it out there for opinion, but I suppose I'll put you down for an "against". I know, of course, that commenting will move a thread up.. I suppose I maybe just need to get used to the FF format, and live with the fact that it's not the same as a bulletin-board style forum. - Brad McCrorey
The reason I disagree is because we should give everyone and every thread equal level of importance determined by consensus of the members of the group not by an admin or a vote of one member! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Having the ability to make a thread sticky IS going to harm something. If it exists, it will be used, and then becomes a blunt demonstration of asymetric power. I don't want to have to scroll past your officious stickies to see the new content. - Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts +1 - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
@Kevin: I'm pondering suggesting it. Just trying to marshall the numbers before I do so. I think I watch West Wing too much. Heh. @Andy: I don't disagree with a lot of what you're saying. But, I'm already spending a lot of time cleaning up spam, etc in my room, which, while a blunt demonstration of my "power", is inarguably necessary. I agree that a feature like this would need to be used with moderation -- pun intended ;) -- but I'm still not sure that makes it a bad idea. - Brad McCrorey
Brad, why do you want to have a room unless you willing to moderate it? Maybe you should get someone to assist you? I cannot imagine that you have so much Spam that you are unable to delete a few bad threads. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
@Brad please don't try to pretend you agree with me when you are arguing the exact opposite. - Andy Roberts
@igor: It's hardly a case of being unwilling. It's just frustrating that something that seems so obvious can be so blatantly ignored. On that note, though, you can now add extra moderators to rooms, which I think is a great option. - Brad McCrorey
@Andy: I'm not sure why you'd think I'm pretending to agree with you, or what possible advantage I would get from doing so. I stand by my comment: I don't disagree with everything you say. - Brad McCrorey
@Brad I agree that you're not sure. - Andy Roberts
Andy would love it if you can join FF Wikipedia roundtable room - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Night of the Online Obama Zombies -
Night of the Online Obama Zombies
Are you asking for this to be moderated? - Hao Chen
just wondering what people's thoughts were of the social environment. especially leaders thoughts - NoahDavidSimon
The whole election is a charade, there is nothing real about Obama! He is just serenading the crowd. Really bad leadership. But that is an inatte problem with HiveThink. You have a few mongrels leading the pack. And if the members do not follow them, they get bullied. Nothing new, old school junior high school. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I really love FF. Cool people all around, well besides a few arses! But just ignoring them and living them to their own habitat maybe best. They want to come out of their caves, they can do it at any time. So we build the place and the masses come poring in! What is then? I guess when not Cool kids join the club it will not be fun anymore, but that is how network communities work. Enjoy it while it lasts. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I think Obama and McCain are both fine individuals... flawed in their own ways and both very capable of leading. I'm not comfortable with Obama's actions during the primary and I find him to be calculating in a very transparent way. That being said I can change my opinion by his actions. But I don't like the way his supporters are wearing blinders to his shortcomings on Israel and I didn't like being attacked as a racist for saying he was a racist. I can't vote for his crowd... that much is certain - NoahDavidSimon
Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Excessive Fragmentation
I see a big problem developing for FF network. We have many rooms and they are too specif to a particular topic. Unless we loosen up and stop being experts this network will Fail. We need to make it easily accessible to beginners and make it entertaining before we start discussing industry level dialog.Pretty much make you rooms fun and easy to access by noobs. Enlighten the noobs so they can grow to be responsible users.! Over excessive moderation will kill your room for general public and it will just grow weeds like an old Web 1.0 forum. We may want to set up a general room accessible to everyone where we all go to play and anything goes with light moderation. Maybe Mr. White would be interested in setting up a room like that and getting a bunch with people to help. Keep the room fun and draw a general audiance. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Getting past the mindset of there being some class of people who can be called "noobs" and another class of people who can be called "experts" goes a long way towards making new people feel comfortable. If you just be yourself, show your fellow man respect and allow them to have some dignity, you'll do a lot more than worrying about process and trying to figure out ways to coddle "noobs." - Mark Trapp
Mark do you consider deleting posts that are determined by admin irrelevant conductive to the building a room community, at this early stage of time? Or is it better to let some off topic post be posted and even engage with the poster to guide the conversation toward the meta of the room? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Why don't we talk about the actual issue? You posted a frankly offensive picture of two people having sex with George Bush and Osama Bin Laden's heads juxtaposed on the bodies. That'd be inappropriate in nearly every public forum, even more so in a previously civil and interesting room about social media. Your comments are consistently either offensive, trolling, or off-topic to every discussion. The problem isn't the moderator, it's you. You want a place to do whatever you want? Create your own room. - Mark Trapp
Just to make my point crystal clear for you: you absolutely have the right to whatever you want within the bounds of legality and human decency, but you need to learn to respect the right of everyone else to react and respond to what you do and what you say. You want to post offensive off-topic pictures and harass and troll people? Go ahead, but expect to be moderated and reacted to. That's our right. - Mark Trapp
Your interpretation of what is offensive is your interpretation and not necessary supported by other members of the the room where I posted the picture which was deleted by administrator. Different rooms have different acceptable material. Unless we have a blanket policy in the FF TOS the members do not know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I also request you to comment on the content of the network not on user behavior. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I have invited FF members that Follow me to come here and comment on this! If Mark Trapp wants to start pointing fingers other members of Friend Feed need to contribute to this discussion. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I guess you were the other guy who posted something that got everyone so riled up. ;-) Except I guess you did it on purpose. Sorry I missed it. - Rick Powell
I posted a parody picture to generate a discussion in a Social Media room. The parody picture is of satiric nature and not pornography! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Mark Trapp: We both know we often disagree on a lot of things, but here I agree with your latest comment. I agree until the word "our" actually. I never use this word "we" in a social context. Of course, you're free to use it (and I'm nothing to dictate your behavior) But IMHO the word "we" is a bit aggressive in a social context in that sense that it implicitely says: "we _normal_ people". That's why I usually use "I". That was my 2cts folks, take it easy :) And oh, I've never seen the picture in question. - directeur
Maybe I should Tweet the picture around to the Social Media and SEO consultant that follow me on Twitter and see what they say? Mark do not go pointing fingers! I can also send a few emails to industry leader friends and have them stand character on my behalf. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
i agree fragmentation is a problem - John Furrier
I am glad we back on topic here. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Comment fragmentation is BY DESIGN. When you are at a cocktail party, do you hear and participate in all conversations? No. So why do you expect that online? - Robert Scoble
Robert, interesting thought. I was thinking about this after I started this thread. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Thanx for inviting me in on this convo Igor but I can't say i'd be a good character witness since I did not see the pic. If it is what I heard and I was Admin, I would have informed you of the possible disturbances the pic would cause and maybe make the same comment on the post. FF is a global site and in some cultures the post could be offensive or in-offensive. If anything I would open it to the other members as to whether they feel offended our not. - Anthony Farrior
Anithony, thanks for coming over. After I posted the pic and a few Social Media members complained, I left a message on the admin page that if he feels the pic is not appropriate please remove it. The pic was not pornographic but a parody. If we going to censor Friend Feed we have to revise the TOS. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Igor: I found the picture to be distasteful. I hid it as soon as it was up on my screen in an attempt to both remove it from my view as well as to keep it from spreading to my friends. If it were posted underneath one of my posts I would have immediately deleted it. That's not censorship. FriendFeed isn't the one deleting stuff: the community is. I hope there's a high standard here that goes above such images. There's plenty of other places on the Internet to post such kinds of images that only serve 2shock - Robert Scoble
Ahhh "2shock". Hmm I'm not in to that kind of stuff so I would have deleted it also. Perhaps a room dedicated to imagery can be made. We shouldn't be overbearing with our ideology. It cuts both ways... - Anthony Farrior
So are we going to have a blanket policy for a whole Friend Feed? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Robert, I think some people may disagree with your request! You should at least talk to them - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
hmmm very good thread... will read more of it later. good point Mr Troll - NoahDavidSimon
Interesting thoughts. Commenting so that I can find it again later - Aviv
Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Recently I see some users changing their feeds to "private feed", while it is their feed and they allowed to do whatever they want it does inhibit communication instead of fostering relationships. I really feel it is a bad example to other network users. I personally do not want to subscribe to any user who has their feed private. It makes me feel like I am an elitist, which I do not want to be or do I want others to perceive me as such All of the FF users please consider living your doors open, instead of shutting the noise out. In the noise there is gold, learn how to differentiate! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
oh well we seem to have chased Strumpette @AmandaChapel off of friendfeed. Interesting. - NoahDavidSimon
I agree entirely, Igor. I have the same feeling about users who protect their timelines on twitter (with a few exceptions of people I know who have very real stalker problems IRL). It has always seemed elitist and arrogant to me, and I'm glad someone else broached the topic :) - Brad McCrorey
Brad McCrorey
“Sorry to get all "admin" on you guys, but please restrict shares in the room to things twitter related. This is a fairly loose term, but I think it's pretty easy to understand. Thanks. I've already begun cleaning out shares that are obviously not twitter -
Anyone else had to do this? Just wanted to spread the misery. - Brad McCrorey
sorry... I misunderstood. thought this was a room for moderators... did not understand that it was only to talk about moderating.... that is a rather narrow niche. good luck with that. I try to just contribute the best content I can... and I thought my work was ready to show. I guess now I have brought in a "moderator" issue. glad I could help - NoahDavidSimon
Noah yes, now you are being moderated, so it is a moderators issue. So we are on topic. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
SPAM is not just trying to sell a product. Anytime you try to blanket a message in places where people haven't signed up to get that type of message, it is essentially SPAM. Abuse will get you nowhere fast in social forums - exador23
Ryan Kuder
FriendFeed Room Directory -
Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Proposal to Censor Friend Feed
I have read the TOS on Friend Feed and it does not talk about objectionable material. Do we want to censor Friend Feed? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Room-by-room decision based on subject matter and target audience? - dgw
Who do you think should decide? The admins or the room community? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Once more, it depends on target audience. Regular users will probably be happy with predetermined rules, but "power" users will likely want to have some part in defining the "law of the land." There's also a factor of complexity. Simple rooms focusing on one site or product (or company, or whatever) can probably get away with a simple admin-decided policy (no irrelevant stuff, etc. etc.). More community-like rooms should probably get consensus. - dgw
I moderate Jaiku Users (, Jaiku (, now replaced by jaiku-users), (, Suckernet Exploder (, and others.
Wow you are really busy there, you may ask for someone to co-moderate with you. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
The rooms with a decent amount of traffic have other moderators already. - dgw
Ryan Kuder
I moderate the Local 2.0 room where we talk about issues regarding the local internet. Nice to meet y'all. -
Rayan, what do you mean "local internet applications" ? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
@Igor Things like Yelp, Craigslist, Zillow, Brightkite, etc, that serve to provide information to people based on where they live, or where they happen to be. - Ryan Kuder
Please introduce the room in FF Social Media room - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
John Furrier
ideas to discuss -
How about online advertising on blogs and social networks.. - John Furrier
Kevin I didn't realize this was a moderator moderator room ..guess i should moderate then join the moderator room.. sorry - thanks for pointing it out.. - John Furrier
Robin Cannon
“So, I have an idea. It's kind of a blog format, but it is supposed to be open contribution. i.e. Anyone and everyone can post. Are there any effective options for avoiding a blog of that nature being spammed, bar active moderation?” -
"“So, I have an idea. It's kind of a blog format, but it is supposed to be open contribution. i.e. Anyone and everyone can post. Are there any effective options for avoiding a blog of that nature being spammed, bar active moderation?”" - Robin Cannon
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