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Ffollo comes from the same people that made Twollo. FFollo is designed to let you manage who you follow on your social networks.
Charlie Barone
A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. Thomas Jefferson
A document is a tool. Wield it like a hammer! - John Titor
Amen! - Bobby Bayer
It just means that if the government takes your money, you'd better be damn sure they are using it wisely! - Charlie Barone
Why are they taking it at all? - John Titor
Charlie Barone
I think it has something to do with Harry Potter ;o) - Ken Morley
confused...... - Bonnie Foster
Learning though modeling the work of the established masters? - Ken Morley
Wax on, wax off? - Ken Morley
Sally Stokhamer hit the mark...and Ken Morley, too. - Charlie Barone
Paul Kinlan
FFollo is now an open source project: Apache 2 Licence
Paul Kinlan
I will be shutting down soon and probably use it for a personal twitter project.
Seeings as you're shutting it down, have you considered open sourcing it? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
It is a good idea. I will try and get it out today. - Paul Kinlan from email
It was a good project. I am also interested in seeing it go open source. - Ivan Pavlov
wow senang sekali jika ini bisa berfungsi baik.. sebuah laman yang menjanjikan.. :D
Paul Kinlan
There was a Bug in the code that affected saving your settings. I have uploaded a fix now, sorry for the trouble caused.
Paul Kinlan
I have just deployed the user blocks to Ffollo you can add a list of users that you would never want it to follow, but this is a last resort as Ffollo never refollows the same user anyway.
Paul Kinlan
Just thinking about block lists. When I implemented them in twollo next to no one used it. The main thing was that you never re-followed anyone so to make block lists will only work when you are pro-active about blocking people.
Paul Kinlan
It was only a quick thing to do last night but I added in a follow collage so you can get a quick glance of who you have followed and example is mine at
It is downloading 80 images so that is the speed problem. I will add a link for opening up to the profile. - Paul Kinlan from email
Paul Kinlan
Users now have the ability to exclude Friendfeed groups from auto-following, this means that could say that you don't want to auto-follow anyone whose comment is on an entry in this group (for example)
Wow, great! I didn't even think about looking for you on FriendFeed, even thought I found your app. very valuable! Thanks for this. Do you mind if I make a couple of suggestions that would enhance my personal ffollo experience?
All suggestions are welcome - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
There has been a bit of instability tonight whilst I was adding some features and fixing some bugs. sorry for the troubles.
Michael Fidler
I think this is a great idea, but now that I've had time to sleep on it, I would like to raise some of my concerns and offer some suggestions.
What about spammer's? This seems like a dream come true for them. Besides sorting new followers into a separate list; is there anything you can do to limit this type of abuse? Also, if everyone ends up in my ffollo list; I will still have to review them just like before. In my opinion, the process of deciding who to follow is an important part of getting to know people better here. I tend to not only go through their main feed, but I also look at what they like and comment on as well. This gives me an idea of what they are interested in, and sometimes background information as well. I’m going to share a couple of potential problems I see with your current setup, and offer some solutions as well. - Michael Fidler
. For example; my most popular post here received over 250 likes and 60+ comments. The bulk of activity occurred over a 24 hour period. This was the first time I realized friendfeed’s global reach. Literally, the activity on my post read like a world clock; moving with the time zones around the globe. Out of the 300+ people who either liked or commented on it, I was only interested in... more... - Michael Fidler
If we more define our follow criteria by having more variables to choose from, (or as everyone loves to say here; have more granular control), than a single like or comment, it would go a long way to elevating both the spamming problem and the one I just mentioned. - Michael Fidler
Sorry for the length, but I don't blog, so my comments can get a little long sometimes. I still need to write the second half which has to do with rooms. - Michael Fidler
I think they are valid concerns - I think from a spammer would use the service to follow people more than rather than get on your follow list by liking your items or commenting on your posts - it is litereally not worth their time because they don't know that you are using ffollo. - Paul Kinlan
However, from a quaility point of view to reduce your false positives, what variables would help you? - Paul Kinlan
The second problem lies with rooms. On the surface they suggest a common interest; such as photography, blogging, etc. But there are other rooms here, like the friendfeed feedback room, where your post might be commented on by people who either agree or disagree with you. Regardless, these might be people who share nothing in common except for a desired feature added to friendfeed. This... more... - Michael Fidler
Variables might include the number of likes or comments on our posts. Some people like more engagement than a random like from someone. It would also reduce the spam. - Michael Fidler
BTW, spammers on twitter, will follow and unfollow to determine if people are using an auto-follow service. If they know you only need to leave one like and one comment max, all they need to do is like the first thing they see, and paste "Interesting,etc" in the comment line to get a follow back. I think this is going to be a popular service, so the likelihood of finding an account using it should be high - Michael Fidler
On twitter it is slightly different depending on the auto-follow software, for instance if you have software that follows everyone who follows you etc - but that is generally against there terms. - Paul Kinlan
Would you say then that you would something like, only follow people who have commented twice on an item? - Paul Kinlan
Only if the first one was on something really popular. I'm easy though. I've found that it takes a lot of interaction to get many people to follow back here. - Michael Fidler
I need to think about the groups too... I think a select box is ok, but you can post into groups and not be a member so how I distinguish them might be a problem, that is even if it matters... showing a list of your memberships is probably a good. - Paul Kinlan
How about an option based on a users friend to follow ratio? A ridiculous # of follows to friends might be a spammer or your average new twitter user:) - Michael Fidler
Along the same lines; a likes to comment ratio might be desired by some. Micah is keeping stats on users. You might want to ask him for some advice on where to set the levels. - Michael Fidler
The problem there is that there is a second query to Friendfeed to get the data about the user..... but I might be implementing that soon anyway with another feature... - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
I am trying to work out what analytics - if any to put in to ffollo, experience on twollo has shown that a lot of people constantly press f5 to see if there are any new follows - when in all likeli hood there won't be many. At a minimum I will be displaying a list of the last X follows.
Paul Kinlan
Twollo is created purely around searching twitter and following people who match a criteria, I am pretty keen to make the FFollo more "Friendfeedey" and as such I am debating about even implementing follows based on searches (the false positive rate would be pretty high), what are your thoughts?
There needs to be away of separating comments and like in groups, from ones on our feeds. Although someone who likes an item of mine in a group might indicate that we have common interest, it’s not really true. I would really like to have this as a follow back tool; Instead of one which initiates the follow. I'm tired, so this might not make any sense. I'll try to clarify it latter. Thanks! - Michael Fidler
I am coding the multiple lists based on a comment or a like now.... I will try and upload it in a bit, it just needs testing. - Paul Kinlan
I'm happy to help in any way I can. I'm going to take a little nap, and then I should be fine. Obviously you needed to start somewhere, and I'm sure refinements will be added as time goes on. I'm just glad that you did this. I wonder if friendfeed was hoping for someone to do this. It's one less thing to for them to do. Analytics would go well with this too. - Michael Fidler
I need to work out some Good analytics - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
I have just added in the ability to put comment follows and like follows into a custom list - I am still testing that this works but all seems good so far.
It accepted my ffollo list as the default when I changed it a minute ago. - Michael Fidler
For comments you should now be able to ask ffollo to put it in a non default group. - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
Tip: If you are worried about polluting your home feed, You can create a custom list and ffollo will put the all subscriptions in that list, you can then promote each user to your home feed if you like what they are talking about.
I need to do this,, but I've never made a custom list before. This was all going to part of my weekend project to reorganizing my feed. I'm going to try it now, and hopefully it goes smoothly. - Michael Fidler
That was the easiest thing I've ever done on friendfeed! - Michael Fidler
I followed Holden's advice, and created a list named ffolo. Then I made it my default list for new followers. Simple! - Michael Fidler
Paul Kinlan
Ok - broke it. Sorry
Fixed. - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
Just incase anyone is interested is entirely hosted on the Google App Engine. is also hosted entirely on the App Engine. I really do like the app engine, it gives me a lot of power and the ability to create and launch applications very quickly. - Paul Kinlan
This was long overdue. Thanks for creating it. I still need to get my account organized before I can take advantage of it. Where can we make feature requests? - Michael Fidler
Just put feature requests into this group... people can "like" them then or discus it :) - Paul Kinlan
Andy Dingle
Wahay, FFollo for FriendFeed - Thanks for making this happen guys
Not a problem :) - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
I have some features I need to implement before I do search, so search might take a little while depending on the demand.
Paul Kinlan
I have found an issue where by if you follow people who like what you like, it will follow comments on what you comment on. This is fixed, but I am working out if this is good or not
Paul Kinlan
I will be providing a list of all the follows that have be executed soon, I have the data, I just need to workout a way to make the UX good.
Paul Kinlan
There might be a lot of bugs in it, so leave a note here and I should be able to sort it :)
Paul Kinlan
Ffollo supports Friendfeed's OAuth implementation so you can revoke access easily if you find that the system isn't for you.
Paul Kinlan
The Friendfeed API is pretty useful, when you query all your entries, users who comment and like your items are returned along with the list of commands that you can execute against the user, so for instance I know straigh away if you are already subscribed to a user feed or not. If only Twitter offered such a rich object model.
how long after someone likes or comments will they be followed by myself? is it real time or take a few minutes?
It is not real time, it takes a little time - at the moment it checks your account every 12 hours, but when it checks it can enqueue hundreds of people to follow. - Paul Kinlan
Paul Kinlan
Welcome to the ffollo group. This is a group for support of the application. Follow is created by me (Paul Kinlan - kinlan, @PaulKinlan) - I created Twollo (Twitter Auto-follow), this my attempt to bring the market to Friendfeed.
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