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A room to discuss the mobile FriendFeed client
I can't sign in:-( help me
Erik Retallick
We had a lovely time in Portsmouth and saw some very interesting ships, historical and currently in active use.
Erik Retallick
History doesn’t just bumble along with no purpose or direction. There is a master plan, a metanarrative, a big picture.
Fftogoya abone oldm ana feedimi gavurlar basti
Erik Retallick
"Don't Tell me Sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
:) Who knows? I think it's an organized joke ! :D - Can Vurkır
Erik Retallick
I think Iain Duncan Smith has got the right idea about getting unemployed used to the idea of working again, good for self-esteem!
Erik, you're speaking in the wrong channel. - × × ×
Erik Retallick
A good day for catching up with some reading and writing with some relaxation and good music.
Jose Martins
How about a 'my discussions' link at the top? It would really be handy.
Кирилин Кирилл
Bruce Lewis
Just noting that fftogo is still awesome.
Trying to find how to add pictures to posts. Can not find instructions. Please help.
Thanks. Would really like the option to. - Shuttleguy
Andrew Smith
Getting "The Friendfeed API returned a 200 for that request. The error was: Unterminated string at: line 1 column 310523 (char 310523)." when trying to view my discussions (comments or both comments and likes) on fftogo for a while. Just me?
Could you rewrite "" and "" links with "" links?
I found some mentions about 'fftogo' in the FF code changelog.( Excerpts.( Can you say anything about when we can see that? - NaHi from
Mostly it was just me playing with the new API :). It's incomplete. - Benjamin Golub
Sorry for bother you. I'm looking forward to seee it. - NaHi from
Bruce Lewis
500 Server Error persists, and Google's "report" link seems useless.
Ok now. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Its been up and down all day. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Ben, what about making FF2go the official FF mobile app, and so access it with username and password? Recover and enter the remote key on a mobile can be annoying sometimes and as I use several phones I need to do it often.
Isn't remote key just another password to be learned and remembered when needed? - ianf ⌘
You can have methods to remember your password, while remote key is just a long string of characters that will be hard to memorize. - Flavio
Funny thing, before computers with DNS came along, when there were only number-dial, later -keypad, telephones, not many of us had trouble with remembering sometimes hundreds of such "addresses" (the American custom of alphabetizing them in three-letter chunks had no equivalent in Europe that I remember; and I do). Now an odd auto-generated, yet still pronounceable key phrase, as is my... more... - ianf ⌘
all pages have jump to top -
This is useful if you're not using an iPhone. I'd find a "jump to bottom" link useful to get to the next page too. Either that or include the Next / Prev navigational links at the top. It might get a bit cluttered at the top then though. - Tony Ruscoe
It's most useful on entry pages with lots of comments: The request came in from a user for comment/like links on the bottom of long threads but this solves that problem too. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin Golub
Third-party Python Libraries - Google App Engine - Google Code -
App Engine now supports Django 1.0 (without needing to use zipimport). I've updated fftogo, let me know if you see any irregularities. - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
It should, hopefully, run faster too :) - Benjamin Golub from fftogo
Ok, odd experience here this morning. Tried to access ff from fftogo on my blackberry from New Zealand and was re-directed to orkut 5 times. checked URL in bookmark and found some additional hash on the domain proper. Is there testing going on or are my bookmarks rewriting themselves? (via
John Flinchbaugh
Did something change on fftogo site? My Nokia E71 browser now crashes when I try to open fftogo.
The last change was on 4/21 and it was very minor: - Benjamin Golub
That's sad, that means I'm the one who broke my phone. :( - John Flinchbaugh from IM
Noticed a little bug with Twitter @username links. Names like @TwitterAPI and @GoogleVoice link to (and wrap in the anchor) @Twitter and @Google, respectively. This used to work...
× × ×
Two requests: an option to reshare from fftogo, and ability to expand the list of hidden entries (currently it just says N entries hidden, not linked).
John E. Bredehoft
It will be great when fftogo supports access to (and creation of???) saved filters.
make timestamp a permalink -
I like the way fftogo uses 'title' for timestamp. - NaHi from f2p
I just did this by accident with my sausage fingers and thought it was new. Is fftogo going to go all FF Beta on us...? - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
I bet it. fftogo is the reference implimentation and my f2p will follow it. - NaHi from f2p
I forgot to write 'for me'. I know it's not affiriated. - NaHi from f2p
Just discovered this by accident. Nice. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
John E. Bredehoft
You probably already know this, but the s/friendfeed/fftogo fix that you previously added is no longer working, since the FriendFeed URL format changed.
John E. Bredehoft
Benjamin, can you say anything publicly about what you will do with fftogo after the FriendFeed beta becomes the standard?
The new API isn't finalized yet but I will make use of all the features available :) - Benjamin Golub
Look forward to it. I would love to be able to access my pre-saved filters on my mobile phone if possible. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
I can't wait! Posting to multiple feed is as good as pre-saved search. - NaHi from f2p
Now that we're out of beta, can we expect any updates? :) - Rob
Rob: we still haven't updated the API yet. Soon! - Benjamin Golub
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