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Fiction Writers

Fiction Writers

Post your stories, fiction writing tips, or other cool links here!
Do u people like writing stories? The go to
Linda BookLady
Broken Lines: A Hasty Retreat - an excerpt from my illustrated novel
from my illustrated/graphic novel Broken Lines: Pumblechook and the Vampire Hunters -
Best Selling Novel
HI all, I've just started writing my first novel and I'm still very much in the enthusiastic stage. I'm writing a blog so people can follow me and, hopefully, offer some advice when I, inevitably, head off in the wrong direction. I'd be grateful of any advice!
Darrell Pitt
Hi there, I've started a blog at my site entitled 1001 Secrets of Successful Writers. I'm putting up writing tips and wisdom from well known writers every day. I'd love to hear what people have to say, or if they've had any success in writing, what advice they'd give to others.
I wanted to make writers aware of a great radio program for writers. Here's the url link:
ESA Create your Space
The European Space Agency invites you to join a creativity competition. Get inspiration from our images of stars, planets, spaceflight and of our own planet Earth seen from space and create your own story or poem. Visit our Facebook page:
Soumya Nandy
New Short Story - The Wait - Feedback welcome.
WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hello! any of you use this room anymore? I've just finished writing my first novel and I was looking to make contact with other writers :) if you want to e-meet. My name's Bibi, I write Southern Gothic flash fiction with sick humor. - bibi BOWMAN
Blake N. Cooper
Each weekday morning, a themed writing prompt will be posted. What improvised story ("daily flash") can you create in ten minutes? ThinkingTen—A Writer's Playground ( I hope you'll at least check it out!
HellooOOOoooo... where is everyone?
Jessica Headon
Heres some writing I like: I staggered on through the canyon with my head down. I felt a tiny drop of wetness on my cheek. Sweat, I thought. But no, rain. It started to pour, and, because there was no shelter, I got drenched.
Francis Walsh
Newly registered domain: will have all the chapters in the trilogy of stories produced for the "Flesh Farewell" brand.
Francis Walsh
Updated and picked up by Powerfitz Publishing
Francis Walsh
My interactive Facebook book. The 1st in a trilogy of Flesh Farewell novels. "Carne Vale -Flesh Farewell"
LauraLME Verses in Motion
Ciao! Please check out my blog ( and take a look at the fantastic painting "Guarded" By Kristina Laurendi Havens... It is the image of my first poetry book cover titled If I look inside-Se guardo dentro, poems in English and Italian, out October 2009 (it will be an e-book as well) :)
When Writing Masterclasses go Wrong -
If Only Literature Could Be a Cellphone-Free Zone - -
Rather than having their plots ruined by the existence of cell phones, writers need to come up with ways to keep the tension/lack of communication. - Elizabeth from Bookmarklet
Thoughts? - Elizabeth
that's really interesting - Alexis Hope
Bill Bittner
How to Unleash Your Creativity: Scientific American -
Not a bad article. Gonna give some of the methods a try. - Bill Bittner
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