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Half Pint
"The one thing that marred the visit to Merced was that I ran into a couple of doofuses. Here’s a quick guide on how not to be a doofus with a camera (or binoculars)." - Half Pint from Bookmarklet
In the first case, it's possible they had a permit to enter restricted areas, though it doesn't sound like the sort of thing a refuge would give a permit for. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh, the 2nd one. That happens a lot, especially with photogs with giant lenses. They see my small camera and 50mm lens and I guess, just assume I'm not using a "real" camera. They do the same thing, "Oh, I'm in your way?" The snap off a few more shots. - Anika
John, it's possible, but I highly doubt they had a permit. There is a serious amount of self-entitlement and plenty of people who use these areas who don't believe rules apply to them. And as to the 2nd doofus, oof. I've encountered way too many of them. I try to be pleasant at first, but have no problem escalating (though I'd be careful at a refuge because I wouldn't want to disturb the wildlife. - Half Pint
I agree that's the more likely possibility. - John (bird whisperer)