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discuss firearms and firearms laws
Zackary Scott
Get your friend or family a #ChristmasGift Card to any Day one #GunSafety Course in San Diego and show them how much your care and want them to be safe! Get a voucher here -
Take advantage of this "two for one offer" to any Day one course offered on the schedule in 2014 or 2015 at Aegis Academy facility located in San Diego. Day one Course are the Firearms Safety and Familiarization Course, the Pistol, Shotgun or Carbine One courses and the introduction to edged weapons. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Setting up a carbine is not hard, and the cheap simple modifications at the end of the article really will help you be more consistent. Read out article to study the detail of each points. Visit -
Zackary Scott
Know everything about #Handgun ammunition velocity and relationship between barrel length, temperature, and muzzle velocity. Determine which personal defense ammunition is best for your applications that is also matched to your firearm.
Zackary Scott
Find out how Red Dot Optics became the must have, high speed-low drag accessory for your weapon / firearm. Chris White explains everything about #RedDotOptics origins and uses.
Zackary Scott
Read this article to know about #GunControl Advocacy - Toxic in 2014 and restrictions on American gun ownership. With the re-election of Sherriff David Clarke, we can see the beginning of public backlash against the push for senseless anti-gun laws.
Zackary Scott
#Heliborne Assault is the course designed to teach techniques and procedures to shooting from a helicopter. Learn live fire heliborne attack on a designed target site with a live fire ingress and ground assault at Aegis Academy.
Zackary Scott
External Ballistics Part III describes the elements that affect projectile trajectory in order to combine the shooter's accuracy with the firearm's mechanical precision. Read the article for more :
Zackary Scott
Fwd: Howard Hall is an Range Master and Experienced Firearms Instructor at Aegis Academy. View complete business profile of Howard Hall and find out what drives him to make world class firearms training available to public. (via
Zackary Scott
Aegis Academy's Introduction to Edged Weapons class, is designed to provide the foundation of weapons selection, where and how to carry, and the basics of using a curved, fixed, folding, or improvised blade at conversational distances under stress.
Zackary Scott
Chris White is a successful firearm instructor and range master at Aegis Academy. He holds an extensive list of Department of Defense and Special Operations Command certifications and qualifications. Read more about Chris White -
Zackary Scott
Personal Security and Preventative Defense give you the tools to identify and avoid bad situations. Learn to break the attack cycle by arming yourself with protective strategies.
Threat-Aviodance-300x300 (1).png
Zackary Scott
The impact of concealed weapons on crime is a largely ignored element of the gun control debate. Read the article and find out the statistical effect of restrictive vs. non-restrictive concealed weapons carry policies on crime.
Zackary Scott
Master the Kidnapping Avoidance Skills by understanding the details of the processes and cycles criminals go through.
Understanding the details of the processes and cycles criminals go through improves your ability to break the cycle prior to an attack. The number of abductions has grown exponentially over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing. Aegis Academy provides a four-hour combination of lecture and practical application designed for executives who by virtue of their travel requirements, destinations, required associates or public profiles make likely targets for kidnapping by organized criminal, drug cartel or terrorist organizations. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
External Ballistics Part II discuss about the projectile’s flight to target and indulge the key concepts of kinetic energy, gyroscopic stability and ballistic coefficient.
These external forces, allow us to "back plan" by choosing the correct firearm, cartridge, aiming solution, etc. Read the article to understand the principles on External Ballistics which will allow you to make the right mental and physical preparations to consistently place the projectile on target with the desired ballistic effect. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Personal Security Risk is on Higher End in populous cities and tourist prone areas like Orange County. Firearms, edged weapons, protective skills and common sense can all be useful tools in the self defense area. http://personalsafetyandsecuri...
Zackary Scott
External Ballistics Part I is the study of all aspects of a projectile's flight from bore to target. Read this article to understand concept of the physics involved as the projectile immediately exits the bore, yaw, precession and nutation.
Zackary Scott
Get The introduction to #TravelSecurity for a range of travel security considerations and theory from risk mitigation to practical techniques to avoid injury and significantly lower your physical and information security risks. Read more at:
Check out the video to understand the real risks to travelers, and get the basic planning and simple, executable techniques used by professionals to make themselves unlikely victims and unattractive targets and come home safe to their families. Register yourself at Aegis Academy for Travel Security courses and workshops and make your trip safer, more efficient and more fun in the process. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Tactical #Pistol training workshops arranged to master Pistol #Shooting in a variety of unusual environments and learn to move through a structure in the safest and most efficient manner possible using doors, hallways, stairs, corner and center fed rooms. To know more visit
Zackary Scott
As #shotguns can be used for home defense and sport shooting and hunting, there is long list of variations to suit each need. Just like pistols and carbines, FIT, FUNCTION and FINANCE are the three important factors to consider while making the decision of which Shotgun to buy. Read more
Once you get answers to these questions, other factors such as accessories and looks can be left for personal preferences. Shotguns are simple reliable tools, and do not need to be fancy to be effective. One should go with simple and bare bones, that have a good front sight, an extended mag tube and a way to mount a light. Read the complete article to get detailed knowledge of each point. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
#Pistol Correction Charts are shaped like a bull's-eye with the typical errors associated with impacts listed in #Shooting technique. Read out more to find how common error are listed on chart -
Zackary Scott
Get concealed carry classes and night firing on Day 5 of Pistol Training from world class mentors with real operational experience carrying a concealed firearm in some of the roughest places on earth!
Zackary Scott
Learn how to perfect angles, distance and positions while shooting on the move with Day Four of Tactical #Pistol Training course -
Zackary Scott
Master your practical #Gun fighting skills and learn to shoot at extreme distances, target discrimination and on the move with day three of Tactical #Pistol Training course available in #California areas.
Zackary Scott
When evaluating #PersonalSecurity risk while traveling, you have to select relevant and appropriate sources of information or you will undoubtedly end up protecting your self against the wrong threats.
Zackary Scott
The handgun training course day two of pistol series will give you the tools you need to become efficient and precise with your manipulation. That efficiency and consistency is what eventually translates to speed and accuracy.
Tactical Handgun Training Day Two   Aegis Academy.png
Zackary Scott
Day One of six days series of Tactical #Pistol Training Series in Orange County, #Riverside, #LosAngeles & #SanDiego is all about mastering trigger control and building effective training habits. Visit:
On your first day You will learn about pistol training fundamentals, conditioning effective pistol skills, range procedures, loading & unloading, presentation, trigger control, disassembling, cleaning & maintenance and will get access to the graduate practice library. The course is available in Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles & San Diego. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Internal Ballistics Part III will enhance your understanding about ammunition components, cartridge characteristics, functions and pressure and how energy conversion, gas expansion and pressure interact to fire a projectile.
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Three very important ammunition concepts relate directly to safety are the misfire, the hang-fire, and the squib-load. Attaining consistent and safe pressure is the key to precision and reliable firearm function. However too little pressure causes firearm malfunctions and too much pressure can cause injury to the shooter and damage the firearm. Become a better and safer shooter. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Advanced Pistol training courses in Riverside, are designed to provide you the solid tactical techniques and procedures for effectively working in and around your car.
This Tactical Handgun Training Course will give you the opportunity to do things such as shooting through auto glass; drywall, cinderblock, interior & exterior walls, car doors & more; entry & exit procedures; bail out drills; shooting under cars; use of curbs; gutters and engine blocks. After a quick review of the fundamentals and a qualification, we spend the rest of the day working in and around vehicles and testing the ballistic effects of bullets on a variety of objects. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Advanced #Pistol speed workshops course at Aegis Academy is specially focused on improving your practical pistol speed and times. #LosAngeles is home to the best #Firearms instructors in the industry.
During your training you will learn about efficient presentation, reloading, lateral target transitions, transitions and addressing targets in depth, moving & shooting Vs. shooting on the move, pairs and multiple shots & improving splits. Find and push the limits of your pistol shooting speed and improve your capability to hit quickly. - Zackary Scott
Zackary Scott
Corporate #Espionage course at Aegis Academy is designed to help you recognize when you're being exploited and identify the practices and techniques used by professionals to gather information and how to apply that information to keep proprietary.
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