The FishDuck Pregame Analysis — Can Colorado Corral the Ducks?
The FishDuck Pregame Analysis — Can Colorado Corral the Ducks? -  A relatively unknown battle is taking place Saturday as the Colorado Buffaloes host Oregon and have a decisive statistic in their favor going into this contest. You see, Colorado has the 10th-best run defense in the country, allowing only 91 yards per game while Oregon, on the other hand, has the best rushing offense in the land, averaging 332.5 yards per game.  This is the tug-of-war matchup that the Buffaloes are hoping to win or even tie as it will determine the fate of the game. In his interview on Tuesday, Colorado Buffaloes coach Mike MacIntyre said that the way to beat the Oregon Ducks is to make them hold the ball longer.  He said the Buffaloes needed to force the Ducks into 3rd and 4th downs, and preferably, with long yardage to go for a first down.  He also mentions that Colorado needed to maintain their run fence, which is an imaginary fence along the line of scrimmage that, theoretically, prevents runners from crossing. Additionally, he mentioned, - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Top 5 Reasons the Nation Needs to be Afraid of Oregon
Top 5 Reasons the Nation Needs to be Afraid of Oregon -
Craig Strobeck After four games into the season, a picture of what the Ducks will look like has started to emerge.   Let me tell you, that picture is scary . . . for anyone who isn t a Ducks fan.  There are many reasons why teams should fear Oregon.  Mariota, Thomas, Addison, Huff, Lyerla, Ekpre-Olomu, Mitchell . . . should I go on?  I wanted to focus on a few big reasons that I feel the nation should really start taking notice, now and for the foreseeable future. Oregon s defense swarms. Defense wins championships Ahh, the mantra of the SEC.  Unfortunately for them and the rest of the nation, Oregon is there and has been for a few years.  So far this year the Ducks rank 4th in scoring defense and yards per play, 9th in pass efficiency defense and 23rd in total defense. Now, I know many people are under the impression that Oregon has not been tested yet.  Well, the main reason high caliber teams don t get tested is because . . . they re just that good.  Most teams in the nati - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Chip Kelly Update: Rock Bottom
Chip Kelly Update: Rock Bottom -
from Video Philadelphia hung in with Denver for a half, trailing only 21-13 at the break, before the Broncos did their best Oregon Ducks imitation complete with TDs off of a kick return and a blocked punt and ran up the final score to 52-20. The Eagles are now 1-3 and, predictably, panic and terror have set in among fans and writers.  Squawkers are complaining that Philly is cursed (huh?), that the team has no talent (untrue) and that the Iggles should make panicky acquisitions such as elderly safeties Jairus Byrd and Kerry Rhodes, or even failed Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman (what?!).  Dumbest of all, NFL analyst Gil Brandt predicted that Chip Kelly might pack it in after a year in Philly and take the suddenly vacant coaching job at USC. No.  Shut up.  Get a hold of yourself.  Take deep breaths. The losses to San Diego and KC were frustrating because Philadelphia could have won them, but the preseason prediction for this team was good offense, bad defense and up-and-down year over - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Recruiting Analysis: Truth About Rankings and a Full Class Prediction
Factoids About Colorado Aside from Their Sorry Football Team
Recruiting Analysis: Truth About Rankings and a Full Class Prediction -
Kevin Cline If you’re expecting Oregon to finish high in the recruiting rankings this year, then prepare to be disappointed.  Last week, I went against popular opinion and explained why I thought Oregon would be taking a relatively small 2014 recruiting class.  Now it looks like they might take an even smaller class than I suspected. On Tuesday, Justin Hopkins of Duck Territory made a bold prediction that Oregon would accept only 16 commitments this cycle, and no more than 18.  Hopkins, one of the top recruiting analysts on the West Coast, isn’t one to throw out speculative nonsense. Relatively speaking, a class of 16-18 players is quite small.  Thus, due to how team recruiting rankings are compiled, don’t expect the Ducks to finish higher than 20th on any of the major sites.  Quality matters, but quantity often overrides quality  at least in the eyes of some ranking services. If you’re new to recruiting, or even a veteran of the process, it’s easy to get frustrated - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Factoids About Colorado Aside from Their Sorry Football Team - Who do we play next? Oregon? Well, hell! One game at a time, boys!  Supposedly Amos Alonzo Stagg was the first football coach to deliver that admonition to his team.  Stagg s team never played the 2013 Colorado Buffaloes.  Oregon s mantra of Win the Day was fulfilled on the very moment that Colorado joined the Pac-12 . . . and immediately bent over for the proctological exam to end all exams. The point spreads for this game are 38.5 at Bally s, 40 at Caesar s Tahoe and Are you f$%#@*g kidding me? at The Flamingo Hilton.  Look, we at Fishduck Interstellar Marching and Chowder Society like to keep it real.  Colorado has a smaller chance of winning this game than General Custer had at Little Big Horn wearing skates and a tutu. But that s okay Buffaloes!  Football is more than just blocking, tackling and sucking the souls out of your fans in the student body on Saturday afternoons.  It s about learning more of the culture and environment of the team that y - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Recruiting Update: 4* RB Tony James Trades Florida Humidity for Oregon Reign
Recruiting Update: 4* RB Tony James Trades Florida Humidity for Oregon Reign -
Steve Francis Football Recruiting Commitments FL Almost equally impressive as the Oregon offense, a torrential downpour the likes of which have not seen in Eugene for some time   brought with it the Ducks newest commitment; vaunted tailback Tony James (4-Star/Gainesville, FL/Rivals250).“I kind of knew I would be verballing while I was on my visit,” said the 5’9, 175-lb. James.  “All I was really waiting for was the blessing from my mom and dad.  My mom came with me and she loved it.  She is completely on board with Oregon.” Amongst the flood from the heavens, James couldn’t help but marvel at what will become his future teammates commitment to excellence. “Seeing them in person makes you realize watching them on TV does them no justice.  They are so fast and so disciplined, it’s amazing to see it in person,” said James.  “I loved the interaction between the coaches and the players and the chemistry.” James is similar in mold to TAZR De’Anthony Thomas. - fishduck from Bookmarklet
BCS Recap: Trap Games on the Horizon
BCS Recap: Trap Games on the Horizon -
Kevin Cine Week 5 of college football is over.  No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Oregon are still clearly the top two teams in the country, while the remainder of the top five held their spots for the third consecutive week. The Ducks are closing in on Bama’s endeavor for supremacy, however, and with that, the teams left on the schedule become increasingly important to look at. Alabama revived its defense this past weekend, and in a time of need.  A week after the offensive onslaught against Texas A&M, the Tide dominated a streaking Ole Miss team in taking the shutout win, 25-0.  The Rebel’s came into the game averaging 38 points per game but were outmatched by the reigning champs.  The Crimson Tide forced two turnovers and allowed just 205 yards of offense, with only 46 of those yards coming on the ground. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide An unyielding Bama defense is always a good sign for fans in Tuscaloosa, especially with a one-loss LSU Tiger team visiting in Novem - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Oregon’s Enhanced Straddled Triple Option Play
Oregon’s Enhanced Straddled Triple Option Play -
Craig Strobeck My friends I could not take two whole days after the game to make a video, thus for those who wish to learn, we still have the text and screenshot format below.  We DID add a new entertaining component in new GIFs of the plays described, to see it that much better.  Charles One of the fundamental plays of the Oregon offense just got better, while building more options to counter new defensive strategies.  It seems that every year we see new play variations devised for when we face Cal, and this year is no exception, as we see a wrinkle on one of the foundation plays that makes us ponder the multiple uses.  Coach Helfrich is again showing us flexibility in his play calling for when defenses load up to stop the most basic of Oregon plays the Inside Zone Read. The Straddled Triple Option is one of the base plays of the Oregon offensive arsenal and we see it begin above with a slot back going in motion backward to become the pitch man as one of the three options. Why do - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Is this Ed Orgeron or Karl Childers of Sling Blade? -
From Video OK maybe this isn t noble, but we MUST have some fun at USC s expense while we can. wants to have a little comedy mixed into college football as we know how people like to have fun with us!  Ed Orgeron is the superb assistant coach at USC who is serving as interim coach at Southern Cal for the rest of the season. Do let it run for twenty seconds so you can hear him, and then Karl right after that amazing! - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Hold the Bus! (A New GIF!) -
Even at the end .Lane provides some entertainment.  Click here for the GIF. - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Requiem for a Kiffin
Requiem for a Kiffin -
from Video I am not one to suffer losses to inferior coaches well.  This tends to stem from the perception that when a team wins, unless there is a significant disparity in the quality of the two teams, the belief is that the team that won that game was, and will always be, the better team, and not that they were merely the better team solely on that given day. It may explain why I wrote scathing criticisms of then-Auburn coach Gene Chizik and then-USC coach Lane Kiffin within two weeks of each other last fall.  They are the two coaches who benefited the most in their coaching reputation from victories over Oregon.  Each one found himself ranked #1 in the country shortly following a win over Oregon.  Yet the fact that both were unemployed within two years of achieving that ranking shows how inflated their reputations were, largely on the mindset that by beating the Ducks, they were somehow better than Oregon[1]. So as everyone is quick to pile on Lane Kiffin these last two days as - fishduck from Bookmarklet
College Football Nation: Shootout in the South and FSU QB has a Heisman Moment -
As It Rains on Autzen, It Pours on Cal
As It Rains on Autzen, It Pours on Cal -
Craig Strobeck Stop me if this sounds familiar: Oregon plays its Pac-12 opener against an improving program led by a first-year coach with a reputation for running a prolific offense who comes to Autzen Stadium, only for that team to fall victim to a blowout loss by the Ducks on the backs of a standout performance by the Oregon defense taking advantage of a litany of turnovers. But where Saturday’s game differed from last year’s opener against Arizona, was also the biggest story from Saturday’s contest: The weather, and what was supposed to be a matchup of two modern offenses turned into a slog of old-school, ball-control football, or as much as a game with a final score of 55-16 can be. Rain had been in the forecast, but few could have expected the monsoon that arrived shortly after kickoff that changed the complexion of the game.  Instead of the shootout many had predicted, both teams struggled early on to maintain possession of the ball, with each team fumbling on seemingly - fishduck from Bookmarklet
College Football Nation: Shootout in the South and FSU has a Heisman moment -
From the Cal Locker Room: Bears Soaked!
From the Cal Locker Room: Bears Soaked! -
Craig Strobeck The reactions from Cal Quarterbacks Zack Kline, Jared Goff and Head Coach Sonny Dykes were similar. Each man held himself accountable, and each man saw that  there was hope for the team. I thought I played well. I could have played better, Kline said. We have a lot to work on for sure. Definitely as a team we were pretty disappointed. The noise didn t do much, it was the grip, Goff said, That was no excuse.  It s something I m going to work out.  We had the same thing with Ohio State.  They got a lead, and we started chipping.  That game we chipped away, this one we didn t.  I m very disappointed.  That s mainly on me.  The full responsibility is mainly on me. It was a long, wet night for the Bears. I guess I was wrong, Coach Dykes said in response to saying earlier in the week that he felt Cal would play well in the rain.   We showed some signs of being undisciplined and did some things that are uncharacteristic.  That falls on me.  I thought we came in and - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Chip Kelly Update: Where Do We Stand Now?
Chip Kelly Update: Where Do We Stand Now? -
from Video It s not exactly a bye week, but the Eagles compressed start to the season 3 games in 11 days has given them extra time to recover from the discouraging loss at home to Kansas City.  So this is a good time to take stock of where Chip Kelly s renovation project stands. Here s the short story: The team s talent is great (but very thin) on offense, and on defense it s a jumble at best (up front), weak in the middle and terrible in the secondary.  Really terrible. The Offense is doing great, anyway. The team s attitude is pretty good.  Players have bought in to Chip s approach and are playing hard.  Perhaps too hard Tommy Lawlor thinks Mychal Kendricks is missing so many tackles (eight so far, to lead the league) because he s playing too fast.  Whatever the reason, the Eagles desperately need the missed tackles to stop. Special teams were vastly improved in games 1 and 2, from returns to tackling, then fell apart against the Chiefs. The coaching has been erratic, too. - fishduck from Bookmarklet
Pregame Analysis — Can the Ducks Stop the “Bear Raid?”
Pregame Analysis — Can the Ducks Stop the “Bear Raid?” -
from Video The California Bears come to Autzen this weekend with their vaunted  Bear Raid offense and test perhaps the best defensive secondary in the entire country, in the Ducks.  Between the two high-powered offenses, it s possible we could have combined yardage in the 1,400 to 1,600 range.  This is a Pac-12 game and has meaning to both teams  Oregon on its march to the National Championship Game and California in its quest for legitimacy. The first thing you notice about the new-look Bears is the play of true freshman Jared Goff.  Just look at his video game-type of statistics with 1,306 yards in three games, which averages out to be a hair over 435 yards per game, with all three games over 300 yards.  The Ohio State Buckeyes couldn t stop him, can the Ducks?  The difference I think is that he hasn t faced a defensive secondary like the Ducks, and with averaging 56 throws per game, the Ducks could have a pick-off field day if Goff isn t careful. Cal is also giving up mor - fishduck from Bookmarklet
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