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Fitbit Fans

Fitbit Fans

A place for questions, comments, and discussions about Fitbits ( Got one? Thinking of getting one? Join in the fun!
Fitbit Fans
Earth, air & sun have can have a positive impact on your workout. Here's how to maximize your activity. #FitbitSummer
Fitbit Fans
Turns out getting active *can* make you smarter! But just how much?
Fitbit Fans
Here's a challenge to start your week off right: Remove one unhealthy thing from your lifestyle for one week! #fitspiration
Fitbit Fans
Happy #FitbitFriday! Start your weekend off right by getting in a workout tonight!
Fitbit Fans
Cheers to a fun, fit & festive #4thofJuly!
Stephen Mack
I'm trying out "Breeze," the new step-tracking iPhone app from RunKeeper. It uses the built-in motion tracking hardware of the iPhone 5S. Gets decent results. However, the notifications are ridiculous and patronizing. If it can't talk to me like I'm an adult, I have no respect for it.
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Fancy that. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I would have to punch my phone if I saw that. I don't remember if it was Endomodo or Runkeeper who had the "encouragement coach" while you're running, but it was like pure sarcasm, "Oh. Another half mile. Good. For. You." - Anika
Ugh: I hate apps that do that. MailChimp is another one. I'd like to know where in the world that type of condescending tone is considered familiar. - Mark Trapp
Anika: They turned Clippy into a running coach??? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Fitbit Fans
Eat well, feel well. #fitspiration
April Russo
Apparently, a goal of 5000 steps is too much for me to handle on a regular basis. My feet are feeling a cumulative effect and are killing me. Plantar fasciitis sucks. :(
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:-( Is swimming better? - Bruce Lewis
Probably, but I live in an apartment building that doesn't have a pool. - April Russo
Stretch a lot. I have intermittent plantar fasciitis, and I'm experimenting with different insoles to help. Some days are better than others, but don't give up. I'm amazed at how 10k days are normal to me, and when I started a year and a half ago, 3-4k days were more my usual. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yep, move up incrementally. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis to some degree since i moved here 2 1/2 years ago. When I got the Fitbit, I was at 3-4K regularly, and now 15K is my regular - Katie
Mine is chronic, hit me early in life, as a teen. Took me years to even get a doctor to take me seriously and not try to blame it on "high heels" that I don't even wear (or something else just as stupid). - April Russo
I've never been diagnosed, but suspect I have that problem too. I used Rock Tape when I'm doing a training walk and that helps a lot. Found myself wishing I'd brought a roll to Vegas. - J. Marie B
Fitbit Fans
"We like to think about scales as our friends.” Do you? #FitbitAria
Holly's favorite Anna
That feeling when you check your stats and realize you left your Fitbit at home.
Boo. :( - Jenny H. from Android
And I forgot to grab it when I went home at lunch. So I installed Moves to track something of the rest of my day, including the walk planned for this evening, since I won't have time to run home first. - Holly's favorite Anna
Fitbit Fans
If you do 50 squats right now, you'll burn ~20 calories. It all adds up. #keepgoing
Fitbit Fans
Today we’re officially introducing 2 brand new features to the Fitbit mobile app: MobileRun & enhanced food logging!
Fitbit Fans
Ready for a Fitbit Break? Take 15 minutes to go for a walk! If you can't get away from the desk, try some desk yoga:
Fitbit Fans
What's your motivation to work out today? #keepgoing
Katy S
My Fitbit just took an unintended bath. I spilled on myself, so I through my shorts in the wash and completely forgot that the fitbit had been in my pocket until they had been underwater for about 4 or 5 minutes. It seems to be working fine, but it's hanging out in a bag of rice just to be sure.
Of course, I didn't stuff the bag with rice because I wanted to still be able to put it in my pocket since it's working, but there's rice. - Katy S
I'm only guessing, but I think the silicone case protected it a bit for that brief period of time. - Katy S
Now you are ready to toss rice if you happen upon a surprise wedding. win/win - Janet
Are they waterproof? I've worn mine in the shower. - Melly
Did you exercise in the shower, Melly? #iam12 - Uli
Haha! - Melly
The one is water resistant but not water proof. It really shouldn't be submerged. - Katy S from iPhone
The Flex is waterproof, but it doesn't have an altimeter. It's hard to make a device waterproof if it has an altimeter like the Fitbit One. - Bruce Lewis
will the Flex track my lap swimming? - Laura Norvig
Flex won't track lap swimming, but you can log the activity on - Bruce Lewis
Walking in place in the bathroom to hit my minimum steps. :-/
I I used to walk in place while I washed the dishes! - Jenny H. from Android
I pace while eating lunch and walk laps around my apartment building at around 10 PM, if I haven't hit my minimum by then. (it's about 100 steps to go completely around it) On hot days I head for the supermarket around the corner and just go up & down the aisles. - April Russo
Fitbit Fans
Congratulations on another week down! How will you spend your second summer weekend? #FitbitFriday
Fitbit Fans
What happens when you stop sitting for an entire month? Spoiler: you lose 5 pounds and gain muscle.
Fitbit Fans
Commit to doing something today that you wish you did every day. #keepmoving
Two weeks in and I've lost 1.8kg/3lbs 15oz. Mostly just by tracking food and being more aware of my activity level. Still not really exercising, but it's a start :o)
Being aware of your activity level might be more helpful than exercise: - Bruce Lewis
Awesome, Melly! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Fitbit Fans
Ready for another #FitbitBreak? Take 15 minutes and see if you can take another 1,500 steps. We believe in you!
Fitbit Fans
Stop wishing, start moving. #fitspiration
Fitbit Fans
Welcome to summer! What are your workout plans for the season? #keepmoving
Fitbit Fans
David Sedaris: "I look back on the days I averaged only 30K steps, and think, Honestly, how lazy can you get?"
Laura Norvig anyone using Fitt yet? In other news, I just ordered a Flex. Time to get back in the saddle ...
Fitt seems like a fun idea. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Fitbit Fans
We're giving away 4 @HTC One (M8) smartphones! Tell us how you’d take your fitness to the next level w/ Fitbit & HTC using #FitbitHTC.
Fitbit Fans
RT @sprintnews: Win @Fitbit Flex at #FitnessTechTips w/ @DeanKarnazes #Sprint Store, 499 University, Palo Alto 11am 6/21
Fitbit Fans
We’ll randomly pick winners on Friday. Go! #FitbitHTC
Fitbit Fans
Ready for a good night's sleep? Today your challenge is: Reset your bedtime #30DaysToSummerFit
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