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Fitbit Fans

Fitbit Fans

A place for questions, comments, and discussions about Fitbits ( Got one? Thinking of getting one? Join in the fun!
Fitbit Fans
Forgo the gym: do this efficient outdoor cardio & strength workout with zero equipment w/ tips from @BarrysBootcamp
Jason P
Just for fun, I have experimentally attached my Fitbit to a watch fob. #fancy
Tory Burch competition! - Bruce Lewis
I suppose that's better than perched on my bathroom sink. - Derrick
*discreetly checks undergarments* Yep, got mine. - RepoRat
Fitbit Fans
Time for a #FitbitBreak! Go take 15 minutes to move. Work can wait. #getmoving
Fitbit Fans
Walking, running, and even disc golf: 4 Fitbit employees share how they get active with the extra. #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
Not feeling motivated? Just visualize what it will be like to reach your goals. #fitspiration
Mary Carmen
Runnerly people, let's say a total slack-ass, out of shape person, like myself, thought they may wanna try there a good recommended place to start? Is C25K the gold standard beginner training program? Should I get my head examined?
I've never done the C25K, but the Runner's World website has some good plans for beginners. I'm no expert, but my advice is to go slow and steady. I have joint issues and problems with asthma, so I especially have to be mindful to pace myself or I won't be able to finish. - Jed
Pete used the C25K and would recommend it! - Heleninstitches
I just kinda winged it for myself. I started slow (like 1/2 a mile at a 15 min pace slow) and built from there. Advice from some of my runner friends was to not increase distance or pace by more than 10% a week. Anytime I ignored that advice (which was, unfortunately, often) I definitely felt it. - Stephen Mack
i did C25K also and recommend it. - holly #ravingfangirl
C25K, hands down. I wouldn't recommend anything else for a beginner. Get the app from ZenLabs - it's the best and it has both free and paid versions. That being said, a run/walk is always better on your body than running straight through so even though the last few runs of C25K will be running for 20+ minutes at a time, I recommend switching to a 3/1 or 4/1 interval. Eventually if you're looking to get into running races, you'll want to switch to training under a Jeff Galloway or Hal Higdon program. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Also, you'll find that by the end of C25K you'll likely not have run 3.1 Miles straight through. That's perfectly fine and to be honest that's what you want to see. Repeat the program from the beginning at faster run and walk paces to start increasing yourself to the full 3.1 in the time allotted. This is where it's actually more helpful to switch to a Jeff Galloway program afterwards since it will focus solely on distance and not time. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Everyone else has chimed in, but C25K for sure! I'd also say focus on distance not speed/time at first. Also, you won't regret trying running. :) - Tamara J. B.
Also, you'll need running shoes. I never recommend running without also recommending running shoes. They are the single most important investment you will make, bar none. You cannot do it in non-running shoes without eventually conjuring up a nasty case of shin splints or plantar fasciitis. (The exception being crazy barefoot runners - that takes training and mental fortitude) - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
And a really good, industrial strength sports bra that is properly engineered. I actually find the c25k goes too fast. The last program I did was based on jack Daniels formula and that was much more gentle - Christina Pikas from iPhone
This is gonna be extra since I will be doing it with a jogging stroller. There have been many times during my walks when I thought, I could run for 2 minutes.....hrm. - Mary Carmen
Q for you. I have a jogging stroller but it has a fixed front wheel. They say that's best for running but I hated it when I tried it and planned to sell it. Do you do swivel or fixed? Also you might have to wait until she's out of the carrier- some strollers say walk only with carriers - Christina Pikas from iPhone
It does both. I can lock the wheel for running or unlock it for strolling. She doesn't use the carrier when she's in the jogging stroller. - Mary Carmen
Fwiw I'm doing treadmill only this time because my asshole of a husband refuses even to be on call or take care of them while I go out and I thought starting with 60# in the stroller on our hills would be a bit much. But I'm a wimp - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well, I've been pushing her for 4 months now and there have been times when I felt the momentum to jog. Won't know till I try it. It is not very hilly so there is that. Bummer that the hubs won't babysit for an hour. - Mary Carmen
Second the vote on high end foundation wear for your upper half. - Janet from FFHound!
You'll want to go someplace to get fitted for a sports bra, BTW. Those of us with...erm...exceptional chests...require a little more precision and support than those who can buy sight unseen. As far as C25K moving too fast, you can easily repeat a week if you feel you're not ready to move to the next one. In fact, a lot of folks tend to repeat weeks 3 & 4 because they're kind of the... more... - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Regarding the jogging stroller, I tried doing some light jogging without having locked the front wheel and the stroller acted like it was being pushed over a gravel road. REALLY shaky. With it locked, you're supposed to apply a little bit of weight on the handle to turn, but otherwise it goes straight. - Yvonne
If you're game for it, See Jane Run has a stroller walk/run 5K this June. I believe it's their first one ever, in conjunction with the regular SJR half marathon and 5K offering. SJR is a FANTASTIC event. I was going to do it but it's the same weekend as Camp Grounded. Oh yeah, champagne and chocolate at the finish too. :D I don't always register for races based on what they give me, but when I do, I zero in on the ones with alcohol and/or chocolate. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Atta girl! - Yvonne from FFHound!
Also, SJR starts (and finishes) across the street from my apartment. :-D - vicster: full-bodied
Awesome and yet I'm SO SORRY. You must not get much sleep that weekend. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Luckily, my apartment is set back off of Central, so I'm not directly facing the park. So I might hear some of it, but it's not too bad. - vicster: full-bodied
I am a total slack ass ... You, not so much! - Shannon - GlassMistress
I'm seriously thinking of signing up for the SJR walk... - vicster: full-bodied
C25K worked for me when I first started. I prefer intuitive to following a rigorous program, so this is how I do it these days: run till I am so out of breath I feel like I have to stop, walk until I can run again, repeat until planned distance/time is completed. Also, I would like to echo what everyone said about not increasing too much. It's easy to be like "holy cow, I can run so... more... - Lo
Fitbit Fans
Weekend recap: - 3 weight loss myths debunked: - Hack the farmer's market for the best produce
Jennifer Dittrich
Fitbit Finder: lost Fitbits found quickly on the App Store on iTunes -
Fitbit Finder: lost Fitbits found quickly on the App Store on iTunes
Fitbit Finder: lost Fitbits found quickly on the App Store on iTunes
Many thanks to Bruce Lewis for suggesting that I look for a bluetooth finder app to help locate my wayward fitbit (which fell into a box in the back of my closet, somehow.) This application worked well, using a hot/cold graph to help you narrow in on where it was. It offered a menu to pick which fitbit you were looking for, in case your household has more than one. - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
That's really cool. - Stephen Mack
Fitbit Fans
Would you rather work out today, or regret not working out tomorrow? #keepgoing
Fitbit Fans
It's national walking day! Here's 6 tips to get more steps during the workday: #NationalWalkingDay
Fitbit Fans
Having trouble getting on track to your goals? Think of today as day one, and dedicate April to healthy living. #fitspiration
Fitbit Fans
10 Fitbit employees chime on on how they use the extra hour of daylight to get active. #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
If you're debating over whether you should hit your step goals today or tomorrow, the answer is both. #getmoving
Fitbit Fans
At your Sunday farmer's market? See our guide to picking 11 of the best spring fruits & veggies. #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
We asked certified trainer Samantha Schramm to debunk 3 common weight loss myths. #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
Happy Friday! Take the weekend to remember why you started working out, and use the motivation to #keepgoing. #FitbitFriday
Fitbit Fans
Wrap up the first week of spring with part 2 of @jenny_blake's 7-Day Clutter Cleanse! #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
5 steps for an effective 30-minute workout with Barry's Bootcamp instructor Erica Stenz. #SpringClean
Fitbit Fans
Fitbit co-founder and CTO Eric Friedman rolls back the clock to Fitbit's early days. Cool piece!
Fitbit Fans
Time for a #FitbitBreak. Go on a 15-minute break, and get your creativity flowing. #getmoving
Fitbit Fans
More great spring kitchen cleaning tips from @MyFitnessPal -> RT "Should these be tossed when you tackle the pantry?"
Holly's favorite Anna
3000 steps (or so) this evening just from doing laundry and straightening up the house. I didn't get to the sweeping and deeper cleaning.
Fitbit Fans
Every day is a good day to go for a walk. #getmoving
Fitbit Fans
Hack your fridge with author/R.D Lauren Slayton of @Foodtrainers! Plus: 10 must-have fridge staples: #SpringClean
Bruce Lewis
Wait...where did Cristo come from all of a sudden?
He came from slackers? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes. - Louis Gray
Fitbit Fans
Give yourself one brief workout to do each day, then don't go to bed until you've finished it. #FitbitTips
Fitbit Fans
Our blog is back online! Our apologies to everyone who was having trouble accessing it earlier.
Fitbit Fans
The new #HTCOneM8 will have #Fitbit MobileTrack built-in! You can now track the basics right from your phone.
Fitbit Fans
Read this: 12 daily healthy hacks to jumpstart spring routines. Today, cleanse your clutter with author @jenny_blake!
Anyone else having issues with their fitbit today? Mine won't sync to my phone or computer and has disconnected from Facebook and twitter. It's still reading my steps though. I've tried resetting it and nothing.
fixed! don't know how but it's working now - Elena
I don't know -- they mention slowness March 21 on but there's nothing for yesterday. - Bruce Lewis
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