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Robert Scoble
Valentine dinner thought: Google wishes it were Microsoft. Facebook wishes it were Google. Twitter wishes it was Facebook. Friendfeed wishes it was Twitter. Me? I think friendfeed is in the best position.
We are geeks, shoot us. - Robert Scoble
How romantic!! - DHS
I concur - Shevonne
Nope. The TwitterDudes get: the more minimalist they are, the more they win. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Nicholas: they just wish they mattered. - Robert Scoble
Just curious, are you considering this a hierarchy then, with Microsoft on top? - Tyler Brownfield
I Follow about 150 people here on Friendfeed and I only know of one hyperactive User..... - paul mooney
Tyler: or is Microsoft on the bottom? You decide! :-) - Robert Scoble
Paul: I know Louis Gray too! - Robert Scoble
& I wish I was Robert Scoble - sofarsoShawn
kinda funny with the new guy talking about cloud computing you think that ms wants to be google... - Terry O'Fee
i dont think any of them are going to matter if they dont make money... ms/google are doing the best money wise - Terry O'Fee
And everyone is thankful they are not Pownce. (ok that was kinda mean - six apart should do something cool with it... right? ) - Derek Overdahl
I think friendfeed is annoying... Especially when people post links from Twitter to their FF or to other people's FF's... But you, Mr Scoble, are cool. :) - Nicki Laycoax
six apart?? lol. have you seen livejournal lately?? - Terry O'Fee
Robert's having entirely the wrong kinds of thoughts over Valentine's dinner. - FFing Enigma
the money isnt going to continue to roll in all of the time. im not saying its worthless (far from it!) but hopefully they're starting to go in that direction instead of sitting on their hands.. - Terry O'Fee
Terry: the focus on money is misplaced. But that's OK. Anyone who has an audience of millions and isn't able to make money isn't trying very hard. - Robert Scoble
Tina: we won't tell you our real thoughts. But Maryam is happy. Oh, so happy she dropped me off at the Apple store for a minute. :-) - Robert Scoble
i wish i was a freakin' kick ass iPhone app developer after reading how one guy made $600K so far on one little game. - Christine Lu
Romance fail? :p - Josh Haley
Josh: no, I'm in love even more with Maryam now than ever. She puts up with my geeky conversation. - Robert Scoble
Keep up the good work. You know which work I mean! - Josh Haley
Who's this other social network "Maryam"??!?!! I thought you were all friendfeed? - sofarsoShawn
Maryam is a facebook'er. Sigh. But I love her anyway. - Robert Scoble
Facebook's still in a pretty good position. They just need to get their stuff for businesses in order and remove the 5,000 friend cap. - Jesse Stay
Facebook is soooo over, we are now in Friendfeed time - paul mooney
Robert Loves FF ... how cute!! And FF <3 loves him back! :) - Susan Beebe
I love optimism but I'm not drinking this kool-aid. - Shawn Farner
Well, I don't think you've got the who wants to be who right but I *do* think FF is in the best position. - AJ Kohn
Paul Mooney, you may be right in two years. But 2009 is Facebook's year, and 2010 probably will be too. - Bruce Lewis
Funny point, Robert. My analysis of your topic: Google wants the experience of Microsoft - particularly in the political lobbying area, Facebook wants an ad revenue model that makes them money, Twitter wants to be able to sell marketing information on its users interaction, and FriendFeed wants the lime light that has been glistening over Twitter. - Tyler Brownfield
Bruce, this may turn out to be the year of the cockroaches - paul mooney
Everyone wishes they were Apple. - Sebastian
well robert it's not a very smart place to be in at the moment. yes, i know that everything isnt about money but wouldnt they want to make something of this?? - Terry O'Fee
Friendfeed & Scobleizer 67.5 % - paul mooney
Terry: Google was in the exact same place in 2001. It didn't worry them. Facebook hired Sheryl Sandberg because she was at Google back then and knows how to turn the corner. - Robert Scoble
you really are a comedian, back it up - Bob Sonin
back then and right now are two very different times for people... i dont know, id be worried robert. at least all of these programs should be looking towards a paid optional version. - Terry O'Fee
Ff seems like it is good for alisters with 20k followers who get a lot of replies/dm's and want to go back later and have the comments all organized and packaged. For the rest of us mortals Twitter is enuf. - mal
Ahh, yet another naval-gazing discussion about FriendFeed on FriendFeed :) - Ian Betteridge
Yes well I load heavy armaments on my destroyers, how about you? I like my fleet nimble, aircraft carriers are just soooo sloooow wtfomg - Brian Hendrickson
This made me laugh and is sooo true! Hope you had an awesome weekend Robert! :) - Justin Levy
Chrome wants IE's surf-share - Brian Hendrickson
Yahoo wishes it was Yahoo! - Iggy Kin
i wish i was brad pitt or seth rogin. - Pokai
I can see how Friend Feed wants to be Twitter. Twitter is garnering such momentum in media, it's certainly the hottest site currently. - Maria Nieves
Microsoft definitely wishes it were Google in the online advertising field. - Phillip Stewart
I still like FF the best, although I sometimes get a tad frustrated. Think it might be as close to ideal as possible, though. I think they are all moving closer together and eventually it will be hard to distinguish between them. I mean "Likes" on Facebook? that is confusing me. - Martha
Robert Scoble
Why can't we deal with the truth? Peter Schiff was right about economy.
Why can't we deal with the truth? Peter Schiff was right about economy.
Because the truth is darned inconvenient at times - Dennis Howlett
He was dead right. The hubris of the other talking heads who found Schiff's perspective discomforting is simultaneously annoying and laughable. - Jeff Ventura
people were still celebrating in 2006! fuel prices weren't at the all time high yet and apple just released their god phone! it was fun and too good to be true. 20/20 hindsight for sure - Elijah Nicolas
Wow... He's like Cassandra... Need to go find out what he's saying now. - Lindsay
And politicians will now get us out of recession? Not likely. Oh, did I mention Ron Paul? Never mind. Nobody listens. - Stan Orchard
No matter what happens, someone somewhere "predicted" it. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
wow, this is frightening how accurate his predictions were. And sad how badly they were mocked at the time. I applaud people's perennially optimistic views, but when it comes to giving advice for other people's finances, these people were dumber than a kindergarten student. Ben Stein's recommendation? Buy financial stocks in 2007? Wish there were more people like Peter Schiff... thanks for posting Scoble... - adam christensen
Matthew: I don't think we should be building either roads or trains. We need broadband and wifi everywhere. That'll help our economy escape better than building another road. At least the skills people will build can be used elsewhere in the world as the rest of the world wants to build out its broadband infrastructure. - Robert Scoble
we're a nation of optimists. no one likes pessimism when it comes to the health of economy... - Lee Hsieh
Delusion != optimism - Todd Hoff
Hear about Peter on NPR a week or two ago. They guy knows his stuff. Amazing how the echo chamber works on TV for financial news. - Jim Goldstein
I was listening but I did nothing ... and am now poorer (on paper) than before by a heck of a lot. Even said I'd sell all my equities but did not. - Robert Denton
Me too Robert. I do that a lot for some reason. - Todd Hoff
Wow, that video is almost hard to watch. It's tough to be the madman in the wilderness. - mikepk
what is missed is the fact that the people being targeted by these shows are Nincompoops spread around the country. The people who have any insight into the fundamentals know what is in store and what is true value.Reason enough to not bestow titles of GURU on TOM DICK & HARRY. - Baba
and the truth shall set you free!! - Paul
Here's a link to Peter's current thoughts... - Mike Mikolay
Robert Scoble
I just spent the evening with a lingerie manufacturer in Guangzhou.
Quit tryin' out the merchandise, Scoble. :) - Shmoe from IM
He, Win Wong, spends $800 a month on Google ads and says that eBay has been sucking for him lately (which matches what my ex wife has been telling me, she's an eBay power seller and she says that eBay really screwed up and is pissing off sellers big time). - Robert Scoble
It's good to be the Scoble :P - Johnny
Mike: we have a rule, what happens in Guangzhou doesn't go on Valleywag. Oh, wait, Valleywag isn't in business anymore. Hmm. - Robert Scoble
He took us to the best Chinese restaurant I've ever been to. Let me upload my photos and we'll talk more about that. - Robert Scoble
Now, about these photos, Robert. If they involve you and lingerie in the modelling sense I would like to know now. I'm running low on eye bleach and I need to know whether to pick some more up on the way home from the school run. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Some of those panty models could use a wax... Just sayin'. - Brad Fitzpatrick
WorldofHiglet: no, we didn't touch any lingerie tonight. So your eyes are safe. For now. :-) - Robert Scoble
How was the Koreoke? - Jason Kintzler
OMG this one's too easy... - john conroy
Jason: we haven't done that yet. It's called KTV here. - Robert Scoble
*Phew* thanks Robert. Though the after-comment implies that there might be a reason to deploy some later, so I'll stock up. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Darren Rowse
Pregnancy Photography - Share Your Tips on Photographing a Pregnant Subject -
There is only one rule to pregnancy photography. Don't make her look fat. - Brad Fitzpatrick
Louis Gray
Has Twitter Won the Microblogging War? | Mark Evans -
Atul Arora
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Since launching a couple of days ago, it's seeing 13.13 pages per visitor (on average) already. :)
Weird. I just signed up after the Tweet on Ping....Now it's on FF too...It can't possibly be that I am an early adopter! I just couldn't resist it. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Paul Buchheit
Harvard physicist Kevin Black investigates rumors that the particle accelerator may, in fact, soon be shut down—by ripples from the future. -
Harvard physicist Kevin Black investigates rumors that the particle accelerator may, in fact, soon be shut down—by ripples from the future.
"The authors of this paper claim to show that other terms can be added to the quantum mechanical action that are consistent with current theory and experiment. However, some of these possible terms include conditions in the future that need to be taken into account and summed over. That is to say, what happens in the future could (according to this paper) affect what happens in the present. Why the LHC? The authors argue that these sorts of time-violating interactions could be associated with whatever new particles we create at the LHC. For example, the production of a large number of Higgs particles in the future could have a backwards-in-time causal effect on the machine that produced them, stopping the machine from ever running." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
haha, i just read that - past-nastification - bob
I've been thinking about this issue of the future effecting the past for some time. I think it's true, but impossible to prove. I even wrote a blog post about it, but I'm not sure if anyone understood: - Paul Buchheit
This would account for the observer bringing the universe into existence, even though the creation of the universe pre-dates the observer. - Bret Treasure
It seems like there are some people working on making the future effecting the present possible to prove. Impossible is such a strong word. - Clare Dibble
Really? There are so many things that have been impossible to prove for so long! But that might not be the same impossible you're thinking of. - j1m
Not impossible, just currently unimaginable. - FFing Enigma
I made you post this. But I can't prove that I did. - Louis Gray
WOw! This changing the present stuff really works! :) - Brad Fitzpatrick
Mind. Blown. - Zach Underwood
Schroedinger called, wants his Cat back. - Toby Graham
Sorry, tell him his cat died when we opened the box. - Jason Carreira
so what's the period of time involved here? are we dealing in units of Planck time? do Higgs bosons show up a couple of picoseconds at the target before they are supposed to? Or is the LHC spewing Higgs NOW, before it has been turned on, before it is even finished? What if some CERN janitor holds up a bucket to the LHC, collects all the Higgs bosons before it has even been turned on, and wins the Nobel Prize? - Karim
Very cool! Science fiction meets real life... - Mitchell Tsai
Mind. Also Blown. - andy brudtkuhl
There are a few people doing experiments around this. is the best article, but also and - Nick Lothian
also now i'm wondering if what the janitor is collecting in his bucket is not Higgs bosons, but rather *anti-Higgs* moving *backwards* in time. if mass is a result of Higgs, then does anti-mass and anti-gravity come from an anti-Higgs field? ;-) - Karim
Please ignore the previous comment if it has mistakenly appeared on FriendFeed prior to the year 2093. - Karim
Is this true or a just a rumor mill? - Arjun
+1 Karim. :) - Parth Awasthi
+1 Karim - Arjun
+1 Karim - Yuvi
Karim++ - dgw
:D nice Karim :D - Baris Bulut
++Karim :) Meanwhile "The world's most powerful particle accelerator, aimed at unlocking secrets of the universe, will be launched on September 10" - eugenio
karim... :) - edythe
Reminds me of Halflife :D - Mo Kargas
Louis Gray
When does an excerpt tip over from flattery to content theft? ¦ Online Media Cultist -
I know it when I see it? - Cyndy
I've seen several paragraphs used, but it was still a brief excerpt, compared to the full story. Extra points for strongly urging people to read the whole thing or offering an extended commentary on the piece you're linking to. - Paul Rodriguez
I think Paul is on to something... maybe it should be based on percentage of the original article... roughly 10-15% seems good. - Brad Fitzpatrick
Isn't this precisely the heart of the struggle over the definition of fair use ( The fraction of material excerpted is one of the conditions, but it's contextual and subjective. - ⓞnor
Providing a clearly displayed CC license or other rules of engagement the first issue would seem to concern attribution. Were you properly given credit? Was a link provided to the original material? To repurpose your content beyond fair use and without your permission especially where there is the potential for economic gain is plainly wrong. In those cases your CC or other legal rights should support a request to have your material removed or the presentation amended adopting compliance within your CC/roe. - Dave Martin
+1 for Cyndy's answer - Sarah Perez from twhirl
I think a lot of it has to do with attribution, excerpt size and the overall level of disintermediation that the aggregator (in most cases) is applying. At Regator, we provide short summaries of the post and links directly to the post with proper attribution in every single case. We want to work with bloggers and provide them traffic and new readers, not steal their content for our gain. I think there is a balance and as long as it is a win-win, it works well. - Scott Lockhart
Selim Yoruk
@Selim literaturde esinlenme diyorlar ona :) yerse tabii - MugeCerman
wow friendfeed is quieter when most of you US folk are asleep :)
it's amazing how Twitter and FF 'wake up' according to the Bay area timezone... especially when your in Paris ;) - Fabrice Epelboin from twhirl
Wonder why..... - Amit Morson
Goodo thing or bad? - Nate Pilling from twhirl
It's almost 7:30 AM in the Bay Area. The flood will start in about an hour. =) - Anthony K. Valley © from twhirl
Hello, world. - Pete D
@Nate heck, good i guess. I get to catch up with what i missed & also get to know the rest of the world :) - Zee.
Top 10 Security and Protection Plugins for Wordpress | Speckyboy - Wordpress and Design -
Top 10 Security and Protection Plugins for Wordpress | Speckyboy - Wordpress and Design
Sudo Haruhiko
Louis Gray
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Louis Gray
Social Tools + Twitter + Trend = Lifestreaming is the new big -
Wm Scott Rees
Retro Kid Cereals -- South Florida -
Retro Kid Cereals -- South Florida
Things are packaged so blandly these days. I miss yesterday. - Wm Scott Rees from Bookmarklet
yeah, but clowns are evil. I would never trust anything from a clown. Their smiles always appear to be sadistic to me. - RAPatton
That's some old-school, unapologetic sugar love. #23 looks a little like Garry Marshall getting ready for another spinoff. - Erik Dafforn
I had a chance to work on the redesign for this a few years ago. Not the same tho. - JoEllen
#24:Mr Wonderfull's Surprise makes me feel icky in my tummy. - Nina
Robert Scoble
This is the coolest image search service I've seen. They are giving me free accounts for FriendFeed'ers. Use this link to try it out: - Robert Scoble
Your right! Very fun and interesting. Oh... and they have a firefox add-on. - Czar
Awesome, thanks for the invite! - Ocean
I like the idea of new media search tools, especially in images and video. I love hearing people answer how they plan on making money, it very often seems to be a touchy issue. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
Ivan: they were too. Hey, I don't always see EVERYTHING. :-) - Robert Scoble
TinEye is really really REALLY cool. There's a huge potential there -- can't wait till the index more of the web. - Shey
Clever stuff. Signed up, thanks. - Simon Wicks
seems like a very cool tool. haven't found anything good enough to mark as "cool" but it's fun to see what comes back - Steve Long
thanks for the invite URL! - David Silvernail
Thanks for the link, the service seems really cool! - Sébastien
Jim Goldstein had an interview with Leila Boujnane from TinEye some time ago on his EXIF and Beyond Podcast ( - Antonio Marques from twhirl
Nice! Thanks for getting FriendFeed the hookup, Robert. - Phil Glockner
Also a big thanks from me for the invitation! Up to now I wasn't too impressed with image searching... - Arnd Gronenberg
Signed up for TinEye. Thanks! - Morton Fox
Looks like a great service..thanks for the hookup.. - Darryl
I've been using them for more than a month now, they really do amazing stuff. - Yuval Atzmon
Scoble would have known about Tinyeye a lot sooner had FriendFeed been around sooner :) Glad you found them though. They have really good potential to be very powerful and useful. - Justin Korn
A very cool tool indeed, especially if you need to keep track of where images are going around the Web... - Chris Reed
The firefox add-on is great.. - Darryl
they should offer the ability to sort by image size - would be immensely helpful - Nathan Chase
"Password may only contain alphanumeric characters " - :-( - Jordan Hofker
great tool - Tom Quinn
Robert, I embedded your Qik video in my latest blog post: - Phil Glockner
Great! Thanks...trying Star Trek matches - Kevin Benson
searching images with an image, meh - adolfo foronda
Yeah tried this out a while back, should be awesome in the long run. @Ivan, that's hilarious about the fact that you think Scoble looks like a Ghostbuster...i've been trying to figure out what it was he reminded me of for ages! And you're spot on! :) - Zee.
Louis Gray
Alexander van Elsas
Twitter and Friendfeed poll: Would you pay for a web service that provides you value? Let me know. Will publish a post next week on it.
1) The answer is yes. 2) The downside to this is that others would not, and the loss of community would make #1 less rewarding. 3) When one service goes "for pay" another would rise up for free, negating #1. - Louis Gray
Not if there is a good free version like Flickr does it. That's essential. - Janet Tokerud
Flickr's free service is useful only for people who are content to be the audience. Once you start making regular use of it you quickly run into limits that force you to decide if you want to pay or stop playing. - Adewale Oshineye
Possibly, but the cost of services on the net inevitably trend towards zero... - Tanath
I'll occasionally pay for web services, but there are only so many I can afford to pay for. I'll pay for the ones that matter most to me and that have the greatest impact on my web-sperience. I pay for Flickr because of the community and because it is a back-up of all my photos, a useful service. I don't see another free alternative that does it as well as Flickr does. - Nick Malaguti
Doubtful. It would likely have to lead to my making of money or saving me money somewhere else. I believe the only model for this now involves "Premium" services. - Vince DeGeorge
Yes, but then it should have these things 1) It should save me more money/time than what I am paying for it 2)It should have enough support facilities. - Varun Mahajan
By definition, yes. But a for-fee site doesn't necessarily have a sustainable competitive advantage. Someone like Google could come along and do an ad-supported version. - Mike Reynolds
Yes, I would. For example, I've been using for a few years now, and paying for it. Great example of a site that provides value and is worth my money. - Raoul Pop
Thx everyone so far for commenting, will use the input for a blog post (hopefully tomorrow). Keep the comments coming ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
BTW Mike, would you use a ad based version instead of a free (non-ads) version? - Alexander van Elsas
yep, I pay for 37signal's backpack (£2.50 a month) - love it. Also marvel comics (£30 a year) - Adrian
Mike Sorry, I meant to say would you pay for a non-ads version? (guess teh answer is yes, but what if the services are the same? - Alexander van Elsas
@erwblo (Twitter) wants to know what type of services and why people are willing to pay for? - Alexander van Elsas
Yes, if it's easy to pay for, easy to cancel (if it's a recurring subscription), and provides personalization that's better than the one-size-fits-all big guys. - Ginger Makela Riker
I would pay for a web service if it provided a valuable to service to me, picture storage, email, data backup etc. - Mike Fruchter
I would only pay for a 'Premium' service, and only if it provided good value. Twitter and FF are essentially information services, and the price of information on the web is approaching zero, so those premium services would need to aso provide unique functionality. Perhaps a better model is free (or ad supported) to consumers, a Premium offering, and also leverage the technology into an Enterprise offering. - via FriendFeedMachine - Scott Goldie
I'd only pay if it offered a substantial increase in value/functionality over other similar offers. (And you'd better believe there would be other free/ad-supported offers) This is especially true for "simple" services like twitter. - Daniel Bruce
would you pay for a service that was free for most people but charged the power users who presumable get the most use and benefit from it? in a sense, that is how web hosting works. you pay more if you get more traffic. could web 2.0 services work the same way? - mike
Ginger Makela Riker
How Healthy Is It to Constantly Think about the Future? -
"Sometimes I wish I were a kid again, who can only think of how things are rather than about how things will be later. " - RAPatton
I agree, 12% seems low. - RAPatton
"Nexting." I like that term. I compulsively next an entire week, then get paralyzingly overwhelmed at the plethora of things I have to do, and wind up only accomplishing 10% of what I planned out. I'm interested to see what strategies work for you over the next few weeks/months. Oh God, did I just next not nexting? - Mark Trapp
I think it is much more healthy to spend time thinking about the future than the past. Myself I am more of an eat whatever is around when I am hungry person like your husband. But my lack of planning means I miss out on activities and later regret the lack of planning. - Brian Sullivan
"I clapped my hands over my ears and chanted, 'NA NA NA NA NA NA,' until I realized I was driving, and turned the radio volume down instead." :D - James Rishabh Mishra
Be Here Now. - Jason Wehmhoener
Yoda had a lecture about always looking to the future, of course if would have planned ahead a little more we could have avoided that whole Empire thing - RAPatton
Your description of how your husband thinks about eating vs. you is classic. Exactly describes my wife and me. Cereal for dinner? Not a problem! - Hutch Carpenter
I think you're onto something: it's often a lot more relaxing to just stop and breathe and stop thinking about the future. - j1m
I think I'm a NEXT-er and a LAST-er. The future and the past both seem more important than the now usually does. - Wm Scott Rees
Yoda was a terrorist. - Amit Patel
@Amit Patel Yeah, he was the mastermind behind blowing up the death stars and runs a terrorist training camp on Dagobah - RAPatton
Isn't thinking about the future what's supposed to get us to drive Priuses and save for retirement? Americans seem to be accused alternately of being short-sighted and of being unable to focus on the moment. Maybe it's all about being smart about what to next and how much. For example, if you did plan your meals (or a default choice) on paper a week ahead of time, it might free you from having to think about it as much. Not that I could bring myself to do that. - ⓞnor
I like the friendfeed comment widget on your blog. - Shakeel Mahate
as my mind is just about ready to explode on some of those issues, thanks for linking it so I can get my mind back! ;) - Nicole Simon
Shakeel, Glenn Slaven built the WP FF comment plugin. Works super slick: - Ginger Makela Riker
Scott Beale
How many cannibals could your body feed? -
About a half, if that. - Daniel Bruce
13. yeesh. - lisa-k
12, apparently. - Jordan Hofker
21. Wow. That's a lot of cannibals. - Johnny Baker
It seem 12 cannibals (or zombies) could make a meal of me - Chris Moritz
16. Eat me - Andrew Smith
16. Nom nom nom. - Jeremy Brooks
18! Wow, I am a FEAST! - Phil Glockner
I've got a plan should cannibals attempt to get me, they're like ninjas... they can't catch you when you're on fire. - Will
13, yummm - Amit Morson
10 it seems, and there was me thinking I was fat. - Gerard van Schip
Yes, indeed, Scott. That site has my vote for weirdest web calculator. By the way, I'm good for 8 cannibals. - Rex Hammock
It told me 15. That's not good, is it? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
The worst I could do is 24. (5 ft, 250+ lb, obese, teenager, vegetarian) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
14.... so a little less then average I guess. - Stefan Hayden
Unlucky 13 - rønin
Andrew Smith beat me to the punch, I was going to say bite me! :) BTW, I came in at 13 - Jeremy Kunz from twhirl
I win, 23!!!.. oh wait, that's not a good thing... - Jonathan Johnson
21 cannibals for me. Damn, guess I need to use that Wii Fit a little more... - Brandon Wood
woo 20 cannibals, although, I think zombies would be less because they only eat brains - Robert Hafer from twhirl
half - Tyler Gillies
I don't know if this is good or bad, but I only feed 8, I second Rex's nomination for weirdest web calculator - nick carrasco
18 cannibals, but they have to catch me first! - Nicholas Sanders
Louis Gray
Nielsen: Digg Traffic Sucks. Mashable: That’s What She Said -
I guess in Nielsen's world, all websites and content should look like his. - Rex Hammock
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
James Bond / Quantum of Solace HD Trailer -
James Bond / Quantum of Solace HD Trailer
Sigh, I miss Sean Connery. - Hao Chen
Daniel Craig is an awesome Bond, way better than Pierce Brosnan He's the first Bond other than Timothy Dalton that I can actually envision killing someone. - Greg Hollingsworth from twhirl
i also miss sean connery... - andy brudtkuhl
He doesn't look like a Bond, I just don't see it. - Eddie Ringle
I went to Lake Garda recently where some of the tunnel scenes are filmed - can't wait to see how to drive through them properly! - Rich
Jimmy Bond the Humorless Gangster. He does have the cruel streak from the books. Pray he's back to Baccarat and not playing Texas Hold 'em again. - Jericho
I Like Craig; more importantly he fit into the scheme of a crude Bond - Casino Royale being the first movie, I kinda liked that he was more blunt than sly; and he fitted that well. That said; no one looked Bond as much as Brosnan and no one can quite sound Bond like Sir Connery. - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
Brosnan had the look, but always struck me as undersized and too slight. Connery will always be the Bond standard. - Jericho
Scott Beale
AT&T iPhone 3G Pricing Details, On Sale at 8am, July 11th -
$129.99 Unlimited Plan doesn't look that bad... - Ed Healy
An unlimited plan! An unlimited plan! - Carla Thompson
Thanks for posting. It seems like this product launch is going to get some negative criticism from Apple fans that are accustomed to a very simple purchasing process. I don't think Apple has ever done a launch that had a downloadable PDF on "how to get ready", but I might be wrong. I wish they were not subsidizing the new iPhone so I could just walk in and buy it. - John Swords
Scott Beale
Cardboard Tube Fighting League Battle and Childrens Tournament -
Louis Gray
Linux rules on over 85% of the world’s fastest computers -
Is anyone really surprised by this? - Jason Ellis from twhirl
Is it just because Linux is less "demanding" on the hardware? I'm cleaning up a 5-year-old Dell laptop to install Ubuntu on it as a coffeeshop machine. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I also suspect that those who build the world's fastest computers have already spent so much money on the hardware that they're more likely to use a free OS. - Brent Newhall
@Brent: Most of these machines are purpose built. The OS choice was made long before the hardware in almost all of them. - Jason Ellis from twhirl
Yeah, the time element is undoubtedly incorrect there. But I still think that, on those computers, the builders focus their spending on the hardware, not the software. - Brent Newhall
Darren Rowse
Paul Buchheit
Tortured Logic: Scalia Says ‘Torture’ Is Not Unconstitutional Because It Is Not ‘Punishment’ -
I agree with you Ginger, but Scalia is a supreme court justice, and he has to interpret the law as it applies to the constitution. The interviewer asked a question about torture's constitutionality based on a reading of the 8th amendment, and Scalia responded with his interpretation. All it means is that the supreme court isn't going to ban torture; the legislature and the president will have to. Either that, or you need a different argument for the unconstitutionality of torture. - Mark Trapp
Mark: No. No no no no no no no! The Constitution bans "cruel and unusual punishment". That obviously means "no torture". This is not a second amendment grey "what did they mean by a well-ordered militia exactly" area, this is clear beyond any doubt to anyone with a shred of sense and humanity. Saying interrogational torture isn't "punishment" because the goal is to extract information is way beyond insane. - ⓞnor
It doesn't mean torture if the torture isn't used to punish someone. I agree that torture is heinous and should be banned outright, but using the eighth amendment to argue its constitutionality is a really, really weak argument. The much, much stronger unconstitutionality claim can be derived from a substantive due process argument. Not to mention, the whole constitutionality issue would be moot if Congress and the President passed and enforced a ban on torture. Why not go for the stronger position? - Mark Trapp
This is just something that makes me sick. Did you realize that to day is Holocaust Rememberance Day? Fits in rather well with this story. Although, I do understand that the 'detainees' are only being questioned, not held for any crimes, so since there is no need to punish them, that makes it perfectly constitutional to torture them. If Bush doesn't do something to stop this craziness,... more... - Paula Hawk
Mark, do you really think that any reasonable person could conclude that the framers wrote VIII to ban torture after a conviction, but that they thought torture might be OK during interrogation? Please! Quibbling over the word "punishment" is bizarre weaseling, and bizarre weaseling in support of torture is more despicable than I ever imagined we would allow our government to be. The Bill of Rights is *supposed* to be a backstop against this sort of awfulness. How can you possibly defend Scalia? - ⓞnor
There are lots of cases, like abortion or privacy or segregation, where you could argue: the Constitution isn't really clear, Congress should pass a law, the Supremes shouldn't take a stand. This is not one of those cases! This is right at the heart of what the Constitution guards, which is that our government should not become an oppressive tyranny. The framers ruled out the tools of tyranny they knew about in 1776, and torture has been one of those tools since forever, and that's why VIII exists. - ⓞnor
I don't think any reasonable person knows anything about what the framers intended, exactly, when they wrote the law without the help of precedent and case law. The Bill of Rights *is* a backstop against this sort of awfulness, but there are more things it protects against than cruel and unusual punishment. The fifth amendment guarantees substantive due process, which I believe to be what is being denied when you torture someone. - Mark Trapp
Scalia may be many things, but he's not a dummy. If you want to fault him on this, get him for what will likely be a narrow application of the idea of substantive due process, not for the (I believe, correct) interpretation of the eighth amendment. I think if you're going to fight for something, fight for it on the best argument. It's much easier to defend. - Mark Trapp
V has an explicit exemption for military forces. But I don't think VIII is remotely unclear, and I'm honestly surprised that anyone who is not basically Darth Sidious (as Scalia is) disagrees. You actually feel like "cruel and unusual punishment" doesn't apply to interrogation? In Scalia's shoes, would you make the same interpretational call? Judges are supposed to use compassion and judgement in interpretation, and I would have hoped for erring *against* torture in uncertain cases, not in favor of it. - ⓞnor
@nor, I an unequivocally against torture; I just don't think anyone who has or will bring this case before a constitutional court will use or can use the eighth amendment to argue the merits of their case. Regarding the fifth amendment, the exemption for military and times of "public danger" are for the first clause: the writ of habeas corpus. The later definition of the protection of due process is not qualified with those terms. - Mark Trapp
So, torturing someone to extract some information, but then letting them go free would be OK by your interpretation of V and VIII? - ⓞnor
=Chris - ⓞnor
@nor: No, I've been saying repeatedly the use of torture is prohibited by the clause "[No person] shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" in the fifth amendment. Torturing someone would constitute a deprivation of liberty without the due process of law. - Mark Trapp
(gives up) - ⓞnor
If you want to be literal about it, you could argue that torture isn't unconstitutional because it isn't unusual at this point. I'm sympathetic to Mark's argument, but I suspect you could argue that "different rules apply in wartime" -- people shooting at you don't get due process. (I'm not supporting that argument, just bringing it up.) - Jim Norris
@mark but a valid definition of punishment (according to is "severe, rough, or disastrous treatment" which I would assume torture to be. So even to define torture as not punishment is wrong. No? - felix
What if we say that torture equals assault or abuse. It would not then be illegal, yes? - Bill Bittner
I think to equate punishment to things other than "what you do to a person when they've been committed of a crime via due process of law" is a long and gray road that I'm not comfortable traveling. What about all those arguments that justify various types of punishment (like penitentiaries, forced rehabilitation, etc.) because it is only inflicted on convicted felons? Do those now all apply to non-criminals, as well? Or do we scrap the whole penal system? - Mark Trapp
Redefining the word punishment to solve one problem with government policy, when it can just as easily be solved in any number of ways, seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water. What we ought not to do is attempt to redefine concepts and ideas that have had specific meaning for decades, in the same way this administration has done with concepts like "enemy combatants" or "habeas corpus". - Mark Trapp
This is yet another thing we'll look back on in 20 years and not BELIEVE how we ever could have imagined that torture could be "right." Was the Spanish Inquisition "punishment"? Wouldn't you admit to "sin" if put to "the question"? -Information extracted by torture can never be considered valid. - Vince DeGeorge
wth?? - edythe
If we are to be a nation of laws, then we need to be very specific regarding the laws to which we appeal in certain situations. If (providing I follow Mark's argument correctly) torture is prohibited under the 5th amendment, does it matter whether or not it is prohibited under the 8th amendment? - Ontario Emperor
Thank you Mark. - Amit Patel
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