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John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick

Software developer working with Mark Menard at VitaRara, developers of MORI, Quadran, Modal Tracker and Kase Manager.
RT @inthefade: One of the best shooters in the world was killed by gunfire. Tell me again how being armed is the best defense to being shot.
RT @MrBigFists: Drescher's Law: the more annoying the voice, the louder a woman talks on the phone.
RT @MeetingBoy: "This meeting will only take 5 minutes and there'll be a unicorn." One of those claims is laughably outrageous, and the other is a unicorn.
If you're thinking of participating in Startup Weekend Saratoga, early bird reg ends midnight tomorrow.
"This play Glengarry Glen Campbell is terrible." - @johnmoe
"My wife is coming down with a cold and if I leave now I can make the border by midnight." - @wood
"My exercise routine consists of doing diddly squats." - @Richard_C_Hale
#LyricsWeAllKnow Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...
RT @tvrb: Ruby on Rails training.: Enable Labs is pleased to announce that we are offering a free Ruby on Rails training ...
RT @JSchabl: Thats weird. The bidet at this gym looks exactly like a water fountain.
Enable Labs offering free Ruby on Rails training in February
RT @Richard_C_Hale: "My exercise routine consists of doing diddly squats."
There's always room for limoncello.
RT @enablelabs: @enablelabs: Interested in learning the basics of #RubyOnRails? We're offering a 4 week class starting on 2/5 #Ruby
RT @RexHuppke: Not to panic any Star Wars fans, but the "J.J." in J.J. Abrams stands for "Jar Jar."
RT @sharonopolis: RT @TimHarford: xkcd answers - How long could you safely swim around in a spent nuclear fuel pool? Brilliant.
WTF? RT @wood Look, I’m no whole foods hippie but individually wrapped potatoes? Really?
Told someone where to get a prescription filled for free. They said "I don't care about that, I've got Medicaid." Arrgh!
Best twitter troll I've seen -> RT @Andy_Richter That Hobbit movie looks like a total rip-off of the Lord of the Rings! Total B.S.!
RT @ScottLinnen: Speaking of Powerball, wonder what Lance is up to?
RT @Brianhopecomedy: I hope I don't screw up Thanksgiving this year.
RT @badbanana: I like to paint pictures of WW2 bombers onto the sides of beautiful women.
RT @inthefade: Standing in line outside my house to take advantage of early Cyber Monday sales.
RT @ScottLinnen: Our Thanksgivings start out quintessential Norman Rockwell and wind up crime-scene Jackson Pollock.
RT @KenJennings: If you like people around you who never EVER leave, but wish they weren't reliable or competent in any way, "having kids" might be for you!
Don't talk yourself out of things.
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