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Research Data: Who will share what, with whom, when, and why? -
Data are complex objects. Their purposes and the methods by which they are produced vary widely across scientific fields, as do the criteria for sharing them. To address these challenges, it is necessary to examine the arguments for sharing data and how those arguments match the motivations and interests of the scientific community and the public. Four arguments are examined: to make the results of publicly funded data available to the public, to enable others to ask new questions of extant data, to advance the state of science, and to reproduce research. Libraries need to consider their role in the face of each of these arguments, and what expertise and systems they require for data curation. - Glutton for Punishment
Kathryn is a free elf
So - who submitted an abstract to Info Online yesterday? Who is talking at ALIA Access in September? (Or all this meant to be super sekkrit?)
InfoOnline with the lovely @suelibrarian about WordpressMU - Kathryn is a free elf from iPhone
InfoOnline with the charming Kate Davis about whether participants at lib tech conferences find a model developed decades ago suits their professional communication needs... - Kathryn is a free elf from iPhone
No submissions to either from me, but colleague from work has submitted to Access. - Michelle McLean
Nothing from me for Online...whereas for Access, I've got a few folk confirmed. Went from being a totally fluid environment to being a mix of openness and structure. I think I like the way it's panning out. Though I don't like being in charge. Not really an unconference by any stretch though. - snail is a changling
I'm speaking at ALIA Access, with @kalgrl :) Have also submitted an abstract to Info Online, with my fellow manager here at MPOW. - Glutton for Punishment
I've got a few gaps at the moment for folk to do 10 min lightning talks in the arvo for Library Camp 2010 - and I think I need suggestions...been burying my head in sand again. I am not a natural organiser by a long shot. Other people normally organise me :-) - snail is a changling
Instead of talks, what about "birds of a feather" spots for people using particular software/with particular problems. At the thingo Michelle & I did last week, people organised a Sharepoint 15 min get together, while another bunch of us talked about Wordpress and Drupal....may work if people in other Access streams knew you were making space in your stream for this???? - Kathryn is a free elf
that's a nice idea. There is space for breakout sessions too, so it's already possible in the current structure to do this. - snail is a changling
Now have an opportunity to apply to go to ALIA Access. Wondering if I have the energy and whether I should let a colleague have the opportunity instead (only 3 places). - suelibrarian
snail is a changling
Hmmm...looks like Perth in Sept 2011 is a goer..for NLS5. Methinks I will make it, and methinks that I'll stay longer and see other places...dunno what places though...but Margaret River would be a good start.
Make sure you think about going bush to catch some of the wildflowers: - Kathryn is a free elf
September could be good whale watching time - suelibrarian
wildflowers are like flower stuff aren't they...sorta like going to Canberra for Floriade...definitely happy to go bush though :-P Will be happy to look at wildflowers, cause they're wild. Was actually chatting to a sales rep from OUP this morning about the wildflowers. I've never seen a whale. - snail is a changling
Excellent! But are you seriously only going to wait until *2011* to come to Perth?? Really?? - Glutton for Punishment
I hope not. I would like to get there sooner and would be nice to catch up with y'all *outside* of a conference. Got a couple of non library friends there too. I remain somewhat embarrassed that I have yet to visit either WA or Tasmania. - snail is a changling
Strawpoll 4 blog post material. What didn't they teach you at library school that would hv been useful? And what has been useful?
Thesaurus construction - surprisingly useful. Budgeting, useful. Individual types of reference tools - not useful. How to conduct a reference interview - useful. Using AACR2 - mildly useful. Was over 20 years ago. - Kathryn is a free elf
learning how to use Britannica was/is useful but all the other print reference works have pretty much been superseded since I went to school and that was just over 10 years ago. Interesting how things change. And the Britannica thing is mostly because I get a lot of school kids who benefit from using it. - Penny
:) knowing how to use Britannica was useful, but library school didn't teach me that... - Kathryn is a free elf
mostly my course gave me the piece of paper, so I could get a job and start learning how to be a librarian - Michelle McLean
See this thread? Long - but the end of it relates. - suelibrarian
Agree with Michelle ;) I always argue with people who say "oh I can't take on that part-time library job cos I am studying [librarianship] and I want to concentrate on that and get all High Distinctions"... - Glutton for Punishment
Kathryn is a free elf
Poke. Poke. Poke - that is all :) :) Would love us to be as active and interesting as LSW...but maybe we can do that at LSW... Seriously....maybe we could copy them and have our own electronic bake sale to get Jo Beazley to IFLA if she decides to go ???
Ow! Poking hurts this time of the morning - haven't integrated ff into daily routine yet. Been flat chat all week. Would be cool to do a fundraiser for @jobeaz. Awesome opportunity. - snail is a changling
I am in but the scale may be an issue. There are more than 200 LSW members and they needed to raise around $800. We are far fewer and I am guessing jo needs a heap more. Not saying let's try saying let's have plan b for money if we can't reach goal. Alsomy reply is prob too late she was making decision yesterday. So just ignore me and carry on :) - suelibrarian from iPhone
Yeah, Jo - very, very sensibly given what else is going on in her life - decided not to got to IFLA. I agree with (was it Sue? Con? Whoever?) that since IFLA was going to be in Oz costing oodles of gazabillions of dollars that some small amount of that could be used to sponsor Australians with papers accepted to know, since the Library Fairy has a reserve of gold and a magic wand .... - Kathryn is a free elf
At one stage I was tossing around ideas of doing microdonations for Jo - you know we each chip in $10, $20, $50 or whatever - if 200 of us could do that... didn't get my act together to investigate options (i blame moving house - sorry Jo!) - but will keep in mind for next time. It was me who thought out loud about ALIA and IFLA but I can't see that happening. I think it's very sad that... more... - Glutton for Punishment
we've got chat/txt reference widgets embedded in various places, libguides, vodcasts, lending laptops, getting netbooks to lend, digital signage ... getting Primo which I hope will do a few Good Things too. Still lagging behind in basic places like paying fees online, adding credit online, good booking room systems.
oh - we tried blogging but it hasn't really taken off as a "thing" internally. Basically it just gets used to post news items to our home page. - Penny
We're going to load millennium's eCommerce to pay fines online for Sem 2 so will keep you up to date. - Ruth Baxter
I'm interested in how the Millennium eCommerce thing works. - Mal Booth
Our systems people here say the Millenium ecommerce thing doesnt work (for us anyway). So yeh i'd be interested to hear how it goes for you. - Glutton for Punishment
Have to get the "idea" of Paypal approved first by Finance so could be a few months off. Con - why don't your people think it works for you? UQ have had it running for a few years but no one else has touched it so interested in the feedback - Ruth Baxter
we set up a Paypal account to see if we could do fine payments (outside of the LMS and enterprise cashier systems since they weren't talking to each other). The set up was easy but I billed our ELS team leader $2.00 and when she got the invoice, there was no apparent way to pay it that we could work out. So that's been sitting in the too hard basket for a while... - Penny
OK, some new toys 4 us: RFID (got confirmation of $ today); & a new teamboard room (multi-media whiteboard in own room with one whole wall as a whiteboard [using white-board paint], a cool glass white board on another wall, some well designed signage about where not to write & some very funky furniture. Guess I'll need to get some photos together about all of this. - Mal Booth
Ruth, I will see what I can find out abt our problems with Millennium. Mal, RFID at UTS? Wow! (I'd love to have some money to do this at MPOW too. - Glutton for Punishment
Yep, just heard today. Dunno yet whether we get all the money I need (a lot) and if so, how quickly we need to spend it, but we're getting it. Yay! I think that is a first for academic libraries in Oz. Must have been my persuasive argument (or sheer luck!). - Mal Booth
Absolutely a first for academic libraries. I can now have a real excuse to visit you. We've just started RFID tagging our DVD collection (reduces manual handling). - Ruth Baxter
And I SO want pictures of the whiteboard walls - both paint and glass. - Ruth Baxter
Come on, you don't need an excuse. Just call it a study tour! - Glutton for Punishment
My new boss doesn't believe in study tours. He doesn't leave Melbourne. - Ruth Baxter
Well you'll need to call it something else then! Actually if I lived in Melbin I'd never leave either. Well, hardly ever. - Mal Booth
Pics of our new space: - Mal Booth
ooo nice space Mal - Penny
thanks, we hope it will be well used. - Mal Booth
Kathryn is a free elf
OK - any explanation why ALIA has a pseudonomynous columnist who claims moral high ground and even resorts to "won't somebody think of the *children*" arguments? One that misrepresents new media in libraries so that even the most techie minded librarian would agree to the evil - if indeed the programmes were actually as stated ?
OOh - where's this online? Good on you for reading ALIA stuff ... - Ruth Baxter
had browsed briefly but thought "oh - odd" but not read it properly yet. - snail is a changling
If anyone wants a look at the article DM or email me, I'll send it to you :) - Glutton for Punishment
I wonder why they won't identify themselves. I wonder if the author (for this month anyway) is West Australian - given the mentions of the SLWA and ECU... - Glutton for Punishment
Why pseudonomynous? Can't think of a good reason, so treat the same as The AL: ignore. - Mal Booth
Glutton for Punishment
final pre-settlement inspection was today. I love the feeling of "this is the right house" I get whenever I go to the place.
Good luck with the move. 4 months on in my new place I still love how special this one is for me. - Ruth Baxter
It's always amazing to have a house turn into a home right away--and feel like your home even before you've moved in. (Fortunately, that's the case with the one we now live in.) Enjoy! - walt crawford
Thanks, I can't wait to move in! :) - Glutton for Punishment
Kate Bunker
I've joined but I'm not really a FF fan ...we'll just see?
Why not Kate? I want to know both sides! - Ruth Baxter
dunno.......not sure ....not sure if it's going to add any value to twitter - Kate Bunker
i think the major value of FF is groups like this one. And I suppose the fact that there's no character limit. That said, I haven't really gotten into FF either. Twitter seems to have met my needs very well. - Glutton for Punishment
Twitter has worked pretty well for some things - though I do miss threaded conversations a la usenet, and FF might just fill that hole. - snail is a changling
As with twitter the value is in the community. But its also in the aggregation features. If you are only following the same people as on twitter or only following people who only feed their twitter feed in you wont see much value. discussions can form around a delicious link or a greader link for example. Also give it time.(BTW missed this last night but caught in the "Best of day" which I check each morning. Its OK I'll stop now #fffan) - suelibrarian
Glutton for Punishment
So are we allowed to think aloud about the library in 2030 here or would we be interfering with your hippy visualisation exercise, Kathryn? :)
Now is there "here" as in FriendFeed. Cause I am getting really confused now with alerts popping up all over the screen and working out where they are. But I don't think this one is in Twitter. - Ruth Baxter
That's cos I didn't post this one to Twitter. Thought I would keep it "here" as in FriendFeed. For now anyway. I think you will find that some people feed their tweets into FF and FF into Twitter - and others don't. Just to confuse the issue. - Glutton for Punishment
Think Away. Are you sitting comfortably? Eyes closed? Now, I want you to go to a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable ...oooops....I have an appointment I need to dash out for...hold that thought.... - Kathryn is a free elf
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...oops...that's not what you meant is it :-) - snail is a changling
Well... in my visualisation the library no longer exists in 2030... (perhaps I fell asleep and ended up having a nightmare??!) - Glutton for Punishment
hmmm. 2030 - I will be WAY past retirement age. Have fun guys. I will be watching. - suelibrarian
I didn't even think of retirement! Aren't we all going to be working until the ripe old age of 75 or thereabouts? A scary thought... - Glutton for Punishment
I plan to be working at 90...none of this retirement nonsense. - snail is a changling
It could be next to a river, or in a lounge room, or at the beach or I a forest - as long as you can feel safe and relaxed and comfortable... You may find your mind drifting off or having some unexpected ideas during this session... Just let it happen and gently being your mind back to where it needs to be... Just relax and be in your safe place... - Kathryn is a free elf from iPhone
Ruth Baxter
So my q is - how do we start working towards library 2030 in 2010. I want more engagement in the process. My workplace often uses our 10 year plan more it seems as an excuse not to do things now - but to "plan" them for the future.
do they have any measurable steps to reach the goals they have for "10 years time" - Penny
Saw this from Helene Blowers: A risk management philosophy rewards planning A risk taking philosophy rewards ACTION 2/25 addendum: ... and a risk aversion philosophy rewards avoidance. - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Beautiful! It looks like the practice of 多穿衣服, lit. "wearing lots of clothes" - to keep warm - is still common. Not a lot of central heating in much of China. - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Ten Years - Comparing 2000 and 2009 - http://stephenslighthouse.sirs...
Whoa. And in ten years' time... - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
I don't know if I'll ever be completely happy with the ebook experience especially when reading fiction... - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
I cringe when i hear people use the word "gay" as an insult, too. And when you query them they insist no they're not being homophobic. WHAT??! - Glutton for Punishment
Con: Assume that they don't know what "homophobic" means (it does have four syllables!). After all, if they're busy insulting homosexuals, they're either pretty dumb or pretty ignorant...or just pretty hateful. - walt crawford
Glutton for Punishment
I can't help but think that the Australian government's plan to implement a National Broadband Network is going to be undermined by their proposed filter. - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Making sense of Emissions Trading — it doesn’t -
Good points. - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
That state dinner couple -
This is what I already do. I don't care enough about "celebrities" to read/watch/talk about what they're doing. - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Yikes! Note to self: don't go to Adelaide in the next 4-5 months - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
How to Build a Gaming PC [PDF Guide] -
Gaming PC builders who follow me, what do you reckon of this? :) - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
The Internet, Triviality, and Kierkegaard: Hubert Dreyfus’ On the Internet -
A bit to ponder... - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Staedtler Australia ceases pencil production -
Now how would I find out information like this, if not for the WWW and RSS?? I wonder what pencils ARE made in AU? - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Another reason to go back to London... - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
Have resisted playing Farmville because I didn't want to spend even more time on Facebook! - Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment
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