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RT @DisneyPictures: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed principal photography. #TheForceAwakens #StarWarsVII
RT @shibadou: My Top 20 on @Flickchart now has four Marvel studios flicks. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy is for real. This generation's Star Wars.
RT @screencrushnews: First look at Wonder Woman!
RT @ScottLBrowning: I feared @Flickchart would do this to me….. What one!? #DawnOfApes #Gravity
RT @thelastdisciple: If you're not on Flickchart and you love keeping track of films you've watched and ranking which ones you love the most. Sign up ASAP!
Reel Rumbles: ‘Gravity’ vs. ‘Life of Pi’ -
Reel Rumbles: 'Gravity' vs. 'Life of Pi'
RT @BDisgusting: [Remake vs. Remake] ‘Dawn of the Dead (2004)’ or ‘The Blob (1988)’? #Editorials #News #1988
Take a look at some of cinema’s past mechanical monstrosities. Tropes in Tens: The Hollywood Mech-Suit
Tropes in Tens: The Hollywood Mech-Suit -
NOLAN fans should be excited for this one...
Talking about my flickchart -
Talking about my flickchart
RT @IFC: Let's do a poll: ALIEN or ALIENS? Yeah, let's open THAT can of worms!
Take me out to the ball game! It's Opening Day! Here's your Top 10 Baseball Movies of All-Time:
The Top 10 Baseball Movies of All-Time -
RT @rejects: People who have big opinions about movies they haven't actually seen. The scourge of the film conversation. Read:
RT @faithx5: Woo, ranking The Great Gatsby (2013) gave a really nice set of @Flickchart matchups. I foresee a good Adventures in Flickcharting post.
Flickchart will be part of a con for the first time at @WizardWorld Louisville Comic Con. Read more about it:
Flickcharting at Wizard World Louisville -
The 3rd Annual Flickcharters’ Choice Awards Winners! -
Hey, FriendFeed. How's it going?
Reel Rumbles #46: “Robocop” vs. “Robocop” -
“Don’t Pass Me By” – A Flickcharter’s Review -
Vote Now For the 3rd Annual Flickcharters’ Choice Awards! -
Flickchart Road Trip: Rear-View Mirror -
25 Million Rankings Determine Flickchart’s Top 20 Films of 2013 -
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