Re: Why It’s Imperative to Teach Empathy to Boys -
"I'm a teacher - and, I realize I'm coming into this discussion late but: I think the real problem that this article and much of the discussion points to is a belief that boys don't have empathy, and that they need to have it shown to them. This is absolutely ridiculous! Over and over again I hear this myth - and see everyone just accept it as if it were a natural law. And, in spite of this - as a middle school teacher who encounters hundreds of boys day in and day out throughout the year - I know that boys have just as much (and in many cases more) empathy than girls! I would add that the type of empathy and role-playing you're going to see boys engage in with "dolls" is the exact same type they already engage in with action figures (also sometimes referred to as "dolls" - because that's what they are!). Let's quit acting like boys are broken and start treating them like what they are: not girls." - Justin
I hear that twitter is becoming less popular so, of course, I thought I'd give it another go.
RT @thumbalina991: Why does it have to rain right now?? I want to see the darn moon!!
One bottle to many... RIP bottle opener, we've been through a lot you and I.
Teaching is so much harder when you're sick. It takes more effort to keep from strangling the students.
One of my sweet 7th grade girls started a story today with, "Wait, so do you know what 'deep throat' is?" I stopped her and sent her away...
The only way to watch the lion king. :)
Oof, in case you're wondering, tofu definitely goes bad...
There's water falling from the sky! What is this strange phenomenon?
Bahahahaha! - who, exactly, is their target audience here?
Bahahahaha! - who, exactly, is their target audience here?
RT @klovering: Rich peoples' problem: she was only upset about her age...
My 2.5 yr old kid loves to prove my importance in her life by nonchalantly wiping her food covered hands on me when she's eating.
Now, this is the way to eat an apple...
Now, this is the way to eat an apple...
Not sure why it never occurred to me before but you can make a mean glass of lemonade from bottled lemon juice. :)
Potty training means turning your life into a constant mad dash between public restrooms apparently... #
Kung Fu Panda 2 is great - just don't take a 2 year old who hasn't had her nap. If you were at the Hulen movie tavern today, I apologize.
Just realized that the way the apple employee told me to fix my non-working home button involves using my non- working home button...
This is way too early to be up on a Saturday morning. But luckily I have children's television to keep me from dozing o... SNORE...
It's not a day until you've trounced a 6th grader at chess.
Baking meatball pizza and chocolate chip cookies with the kiddo. Lots of sampling.
If you made it through yesterday you can thank Randy Savage.
Rough morning. My first period class, which I'd been told wasn't happening, all showed up and I had no classroom or computer or textbooks!
Finally got the 8th graders started writing their script. It's about 10 times as dramatic as you think it is.
Have to hand it to the kid, she's smart. When I tell her we can only read one book she always picks the novel length one.
I cancelled the doomed musical at school today. The sadness was outweighed by the relief.
You just can't say anything to an 8th grader and expect them not to tell every person they meet for the rest of the day. :)
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