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RT @alignedleft: And the winner is… @WSJGraphics’ Scottish referendum tracker! Note default sort and bar height per pop.: by @seecmb
RT @floating_sheep: Mapping #Ferguson Tweets, or more maps that won't change your mind about racism in America
Disney Research optimizes shapes to make them spinnable objects
CSV Fingerprint: Spot errors in your data at a glance
Thank you to those who make their papers available on personal sites. Others: get on it.
Mapping the spread of drought, nationally
Another day, another visualization community site for you to give away your things and your ideas. Zero cost for both parties. Jump on it.
RT @DavidKenner: Everything about this picture is amazing.
Salaries charted by occupation and industry, who makes what and where
Accessible Web visuals and code with p5.js
Visual Microphone estimates sound from vibrations in objects
When working with d3.js, I find it’s better to not think about how fast @mbostock could whip up what I’m trying to do.
Explorations of People Movements, From Groups to the Individual
How well we don't understand probability
Deciding on a graduate program in statistics
Members Only: How to Make an Interactive Treemap -
Large-ish data packages in R -
Editing photos as if they were audio files -
I can’t wait to reach my grandma’s status of giving zero shits about what anyone thinks.
In my 30s, it’s easy to ask people to clarify when I have zero clue what they’re talking about. I wish I gained this superpower earlier.
Voter approval rates as butt plugs -
When you’re offered a “unique synergy” it means someone found a way to make money off you. Take advantage of that pronto.
Misery index based on perceived temperature -
You get a personal data site, and you get one, and you too -
Flights around Ukraine -
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