Climbato yesterday, Becca Haines you would be proud.
(a)live from Brussels.
Is not a fan of his biological clock. And waking up at 7 on a day off.
"Careless Whisper" must be the most infectious song of all time.
It's true what they say, 92 is the magic number.
Free Man in Paris.
Michele watching "Sons of Anarchy", a sweet family drama about a biker gang (I mean, "Club"), dealing in guns. Uplifting.
Making cheesecake, courtesy of Fabiana Flowers.
Commosso ringrazia tutti (tranne Daniele) per gli auguri.
Siete degli idioti, ma vi voglio bene. <3 Chiara e Alice, voi due la pagherete.
Sorry, don't have time. I'm too busy being negative.
Michele in Battle. Capital B. East Sussex, UK.
New year, new apartment, new plans, new resolutions.
Orange pill, do not disappoint me.
A life without balance. Literally.
Scoop: Katee Sackhoff makes time for '24' -
"Me I'm not a gamble / You can count on me to split."
Michele invoca un lodo Alfano anche per sè: immunità dalla sfiga almeno per la prossima settimana.
Why can't we all just get along?
Glasvegas suit my mood.
Michele and the fine art of not giving a damn.
Michele thrives under a lack of accountability.
Please, new week, don't hurt me too much.
Off to Paris.
"Schernisce" sarà nel T9?
Office moving, Google Reader cleaning up.
Michele judges people by their facebook groups.
Sometimes a Great Notion.
Michele is watching paint dry. Quite literally.
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