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Guard rail on Tiananmen Square, Beijing #china #beijing
RT @anna_debenham: See what your website will look like on a feature phone if the user visits the site from a Google search:
Ocoeur – l'horloge -
British Sea Power – Remarkable Diving Feat -
Clint Mansell – Leaving Earth -
RT @khoi: Twitpic is shutting down after Twitter threatened to cut off its API access.
Postiljonen – Supreme -
Trying to create a flickr account. Asks for required mobile number for SMS validation and date of birth. Uhh, no?
RT @paulrobertlloyd: Wait, tweets favourited by people I’m following now appear in my stream? But, that’s not how Twitter works!
Sharon Van Etten – Every Time the Sun Comes Up -
Watching Guardians of the Galaxy just made me want to play Mass Effect again.
Sam Hulick – Mars -
Neko Case – Night Still Comes -
Harvest mouse on wheat -
Harvest mouse on wheat
First attempt at astrophotography -
First attempt at astrophotography
Bertha is blocking out Perseids and the Supermoon. #alsoagoodbandname
RT @tombaromba: There aren't many good ARIA examples on the internet but these ones from @heydonworks are just brilliant:
6:30am ascent of over 100 balloons from Bristol balloon fiesta
6:30am ascent of over 100 balloons from Bristol balloon fiesta
Good morning Bristol
RT @vlh: What happens when you let people choose the price for your book? I wrote about my experience:
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