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RT @khoi: Twitpic is shutting down after Twitter threatened to cut off its API access.
Trying to create a flickr account. Asks for required mobile number for SMS validation and date of birth. Uhh, no?
RT @paulrobertlloyd: Wait, tweets favourited by people I’m following now appear in my stream? But, that’s not how Twitter works!
Watching Guardians of the Galaxy just made me want to play Mass Effect again.
Bertha is blocking out Perseids and the Supermoon. #alsoagoodbandname
RT @tombaromba: There aren't many good ARIA examples on the internet but these ones from @heydonworks are just brilliant:
6:30am ascent of over 100 balloons from Bristol balloon fiesta
6:30am ascent of over 100 balloons from Bristol balloon fiesta
Good morning Bristol
RT @vlh: What happens when you let people choose the price for your book? I wrote about my experience:
RT @skrug: Guess I have to admit I misjudged M. Zuckerberg--by giving him the benefit of the doubt.
I can't complete an HMRC online form because I can't edit the address they've found (based on my postcode); it's missing my flat number. :(
Where are the best places for a spot of wildlife photography in sussex? cc @SussexWildlife
RT @blondie118118: Just saw the brightest shooting star/ meteor I've ever seen!! Incredible!!!!!! Was just leaving A34 into M4. It had a green tinge to it! ⭐️
I just saw a meteor break apart over the sea. A large and bright green light with an orange trail, fell for 2 seconds, then split into parts
RT @BoingBoing: Earth just had its hottest June on record, driven by the hottest ocean temperatures on record.
This afternoon I'll mostly be using the luggage racks on my train as a standing desk.
RT @simurai: Repeating the same CSS class is my favorite thing I learned lately: No need to know about parent elements.
Google has a nice graphic for etymology queries:
Those of you that write code, design stuff and conduct research, what do you say you do when people ask?
A great article by @ohrworm on problems with audience based navigation:
That beach scene in “Under the Skin”.
RT @Cennydd: It's ridiculous how difficult it is to set up and publish to your own website. Fractional progress in an entire decade.
Quick ruby script to export artists, albums and user playlists as CSVs from Rdio:
Aimee Mann – Save Me -
Aimee Mann – One -
Aimee Mann – Wise Up -
Aimee Mann – You Do -
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