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Waiting anxiously for information to arrive from space. #CometLanding
RT @beep: “…the people who could most benefit from [wearables]—the old, the chronically ill, the poor—are being ignored.” —
RT @MartinBelam: As ever, Canary Wharf gets to the true meaning and spirit of Xmas #AnnualTweet
TV hypothesis: if a channel needs to preface one of its programmes with “new”, it’s safe to never watch that channel.
Sci-fi thought of the day: A fear that our attempts to create a virtual heaven will leave us with a terrifying man made hell.
Never heard thunder so loud or so much like an explosion before. Freaky. Brighton tweet search suggests I'm not the only one.
RT @jonty: *Scans QR code* "I rolled a 6!"
RT @lukew: Drag to create a post interaction experiment by @juansanchez
It's about that time of year where I need to see Gravity again.
RT @West_GP: Wind supplied a record 24% of the UK’s power needs yesterday, said RenewableUK citing National Grid figures.
An astronaut on the ISS mentioned me from Space. First off-planet internet interaction I've had. Hello future.
RT @craigmod: Safari > Prefs > Advanced > Show full website address
Ping’an rice terraces panorama -
Ping’an rice terraces panorama
EXIF data is a photograph’s "view source".
Does anyone have a video transcription service they'd recommend for user research videos?
Striped blue crow butterfly -
Striped blue crow butterfly
Butterfly in Longsheng -
Butterfly in Longsheng
The Tower of London Remembers -
The Tower of London Remembers
Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument -
Nick Drake – Day Is Done -
Mirror lake at Jiuzhaigou -
Mirror lake at Jiuzhaigou
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