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Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn
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Ajay Rai Having a #dairyfirm or #business is much hard work but opportunities to make high profits also exist in #dairy business. It is attracting numerous ambitious entrepreneurs. Starting a dairy business requires huge amount of money to buy required land, cows and buffaloes as well as advance milk...
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn
Ajay Rai The dairy company plays an important responsibility in the socio-economic growth of our world. The #dairyindustry is helpful in providing economical dietary food to the huge population and makes enormous employment opportunities for people in countries as well.
Kevin Flynn
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Ajay Rai Having a dairy business is tough work and establishes prices can be important, but chance to get high incomes also be present, attract various determined entrepreneurs. The business of dairy can contain products of milk and milk-related such as natural...
Dairy Business.jpg
Mexican Food Taste Test
Mexican Food Taste Test
Mexican Food Taste Test
Mexican Food Taste Test
Ajay Rai There are some instructions for dairy farm management which are very useful and helpful for dairy farm owners. These are Training Course, Proper Maintenance Require and Keep Records.
Ajay Rai ABL Company manufacture milk processing plants for processing and handling milk from 1000 liters of milk per day till 50,000 liters of milk per day.
Ajay Rai ABL company offers food processing projects / fruits / vegetables. ABL company has experience in consulting and research in Israel and abroad. ABL Company accompany its customers with guidance and knowledge . Experts of the company, provide full technological and technical support in the...
Ajay Rai ABL is official representative of MAINCA company. MAINCA is a leading Spanish manufacturer of equipment for meat processing .The company offers a variety of cutting , mixing and grinding machines.
Meat Grinder.jpg
Healthy Drinks For Healthy Body. Find Something Interesting here
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Ajay Rai Modern automatic Ice Cream machines allow to create several dishes without the need for an early freeze.These machines are safe, easy to use and clean and makes a wonderful ice cream within 20 minutes.
automatic Ice Cream machine SKONTORNATA 5K.jpg
Ajay Rai An important advantage in preparing homemade ice cream, along with the delightful texture and freshness is knowing that ice cream was prepared from natural ingredients: no stabilizers, no preservatives, no food coloring. Unlike in the past, it’s possible to produce...
Food Frenzy Digest
Osmanthus Soy Milk Egg Tarts (By: Anncoo)
Osmanthus Soy Milk Egg Tarts (By: Anncoo)
Ajay Rai ABL is official representative of LAVEZINI company. LAVEZINI is a leading Italian manufacturer of vacuum packing machines . The company manufactures high quality equipment with performance at highest professional level. LAVEZINI company provides professional vacuum solutions...
Kevin Flynn
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Ajay Rai ABL company manufacture Automatic and semi automatic PURE-PACK filling and sealing machines. Premade pack is installed into the machine, then is taken to pack shaping, filling and finally is sealed by sealing device.
Ajay Rai ABL company manufacture Automatic and Semi-automatic filling and sealing plastic Tubes. Machines liabilities and advantages, are our special dosing unit for semi liquid products as well as our special heating & sealing jaws .
Ajay Rai Milk getting from the cow to the consumer includes the following steps: Step 1 : Cows Grazing, Step 2 : Harvesting Milk, Step 3 : Storing Milk, Step 4 : Transporting Milk, Step 5 : Lab Testing, Step 6 : Packaging and Step 7 : Distributing and Selling Milk
Ajay Rai ABL company manufactures semi-automatic and fully automatic filling and capping machines for bottles. The machines are very reliable, made of stainless steel.
Ajay Rai ABL company manufacture Automatic pouch filling and sealing machines. All machines are designed for filling products as: Milk, Yogurts, Cream, Juice, and more.
Ajay Rai ABL company manufactures semi-automatic and automatic cup filling and sealing machines. Cup filling and sealing machine are accurate and reliable, enable continuous operation without stopping .
Ajay Rai Pasteurization is needed to increase milk safety for the consumer by method of heat treatment. Pasteurization improves quality of milk products by destroying spoilage microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the reduced quality and shelf life of milk. The most common...
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