John (bird whisperer)
Bagged greens: To wash or not to wash - -
Bagged greens: To wash or not to wash -
"The salad chefs I know fall into two camps: Some serve pre-washed bagged leafy greens straight from the bag. The others insist on washing them first, even though the bag label promises that the contents are "triple-washed." Over the years, I've ignored those labels too. I typically dumped bagged greens in the salad spinner, added plenty of water and spun strenuously. After writing too many stories about food recalls, I vowed that family and friends were not going to swallow E. coli along with their spring mix and lemon vinaigrette. Now it seems the straight-from-the-bag camp may have it right after all. By re-washing our greens, we may be making our salads dirtier, according to a bevy of food safety experts. Even our best-kept kitchens can teem with all sorts of harmful pathogens, on cutting boards and in salad spinners, on knives that just sliced raw chicken, on damp, well-used cloth towels. "In brief, consumers don't wash up very well and may contaminate produce due to dirty hands and dirty sink," emailed Christine M. Bruhn, director of the Center for Consumer Research at UC Davis. That's especially a problem with salad greens, since they never get cooked. Bruhn coauthored a 2007 article in the journal Food Production Trends that is widely quoted by food safety scholars. Its bottom line: Leafy greens in sealed bags with the "pre-washed" label from a properly inspected facility do not need to be re-washed unless the label directs it. After reading the article, I decided to halt my re-washing ritual and put the salad spinner in storage. But the food safety world is awash with advice, and on the subject of clean greens, some of it disagrees." - John (bird whisperer) from Bookmarklet
Yay! One less step in food prep! - Anne Bouey
Lately I've been washing heads of lettuce but not the bagged greens. - John (bird whisperer)
Wash. I always wash. Though I don't buy a lot of bagged greens. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I will wash any veggies, bagged or not. I even wash the "pre-washed" lettuce. You don't know what's "grown" in the bag while it's been sitting in the store's F&G section. - #cryptic
A friend used to get stomach aches from bagged greens, until someone suggested she wash them first. That fixed it. - bentley