“Toast: The ultimate nostalgia trip through everything edible in 1960's Britain.”
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the movie doesn't deserve the low rating of imdb actually. it was well made, with much attention to detail. i also found it to be rather touching. - grizabella
just remembered a story: i remember telling my Turkish friend i was going home to have some gabira, he looked at me very confused and asked what kind of dish that was! :-P - Halil
I would watch this film, for sure. It's set in the year I was born, for a start :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
really? :) you should certainly see it then! - grizabella
@halil forgive my ignorance but i'll have to ask the same question..? :) - grizabella
grizabella, Turkish Cypriot language has many Greek words, and I don't really mix with many Turkiyelis, don't know many, so as far as I was concerned, gariba was Turkish for toast, but it's Greek, he was expecting me to tell him some grand exotic dish. I said, no just toast! :-) - Halil
Just a little bit of...toast! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
ahh, now i see halil :) i wonder if it has anything to do with the turkish word "gariban", you know, just by referring to someone who is poor and just eats toasted bread? and WoH, fun contribution, thank you! :) - grizabella
I don't know, that's a good point, it might be true as it makes sense, wow, you are good! :-) - Halil
:) i just like languages and trying to guess the origin of peculiar words. - grizabella
The word "gariban" is a derivation of the Arabic "garip" and/or "garuba" which mean exotic or foreign. It maintains its original definition, but meanwhile acquired a meaning of "impoverished, beggarly". So "gariban" and "gabira" are most likely unrelated. But "garp" (the word for "the Occident") is, for example. - Linus
oh, it was gabira of course, not gariba! i mixed the order of the letters, that's why thought it was probably gariban, with the n dropped. thanks linus. - grizabella
Still, it was a good guess/theory, so I guess it really is a Greek word after all, as it does have a Greek-ish sound to it. But I never noticed the letter mix up either. - Halil
hop! - grizabella
#izlenom çok şirimcik görünüyor ya. - nomnomski
cok datlu cok, izlemelik hakkaten :) - grizabella
zıp! - grizabella