"What would summer be without strawberries? Now that their tiny, dimpled faces are blushing at the markets once again, it's good to have some solid recipes up your sleeve. Shortcake is a given, but for something a bit more fancy, a pie is always a crowd-pleaser and the perfect closer to any balmy summer meal." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
For holly an 'em. - Derrick
*looks at Michelle crazy* - Derrick
*eats the cake and waits for more* - Derrick
mmmmm. i have strawberry-rhubarb crumble waiting at home. YAY STRAWBERRIES. - holly #ravingfangirl
I will say that I really do LOVE strawberry pie, but when the strawberries are macerated and glazed maybe? Whatever they do when the fruit's not cooked. Not sure why cooked fruit makes me cray cray, but there you go. I think we used to get one from Marie Callendar's back in the day. - Derrick
*puts on obnoxious hat* you just haven't had fruit cooked right yet. *takes off hat* - holly #ravingfangirl
[you know i am kidding.] - holly #ravingfangirl
Cooked Fruit is my new drag queen name. - Derrick
Oh. - Alix May
Do we get to use "Sweet strawberry pie!" as an expletive? - LB needs a break.