Andrew C (✔)
1048 Words about Pete Wells and Guy Fieri « Every Day Forever -
"So what Pete isn't saying in his review is what you might get on a surface read: "Ha ha, Obviously Shitty Restaurant is obviously shitty." [...] In a not-so-small way, Guy Fieri changed the way literally millions of people thought about dining. He taught people to readjust their judgment of "quality" from an axis of cheap-to-expensive to an axis of undelicious-to-delicious, which is--get real now--precisely how the world should be." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"And then here is Fieri's actual restaurant, the first of his many ventures that actually bears his name over the door, and in its extraordinary culinary ineptitude--its disrespect for both its product and its patrons--undoes every bit of that incredibly powerful, very pro-food, very pro-human-scale action that Guy has engendered with his television show and his public presence." - Andrew C (✔)
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