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Tom Thumb & Dan Doodle Sausage
Tom Thumb & Dan Doodle Sausage
"We love our pork here in North Carolina, and the state’s unofficial motto is:  “North Carolina: More hogs than people”. We rednecks are descendents of the British/Scotch/Irish, and foods like Haggis have never really disappeared from our tables.  When we butcher a pig we use everything  but the squeal, and the traditional ways of dressing a pig have not changed much in centuries.  Intestines are stripped of pig poop for use a sausage casings, the blood is rendered, and the pig face, once stripped of the delectable cheeks and jowls, is boiled up as headcheese." - edythe from Bookmarklet
"Note that the size of a slice of Dan Doodle is exactly the size of pig feces. I saw some Tom thumbs hanging in the butcher shop in Henderson NC yesterday, and they are about the size of a softball, I'm planning to try one, but I'm concerned because there are three ways to cure then, sugar, smoking and salt. In the Tom Thumb is salt cured, I may have to soak it for day to leech out the salt! " - edythe
The comparison to pig feces gives me pause, but like many things, I'd try it once. Like chitterlings! :D :( - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Hrm. - Derrick
me and my father were talking today about what the Sunday dinners used to be when he was growing up--in the 1930s, in eastern North Carolina. What his Ma (grandma) would cook. His people originally came over from Wales (as far as we can tell). - edythe
My father pronounces Tom Thumb as TOM Thumb: emphasis placed on the Tom. not the Thumb. - edythe