Katy S
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Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew | Eating Well
"This chicken stew, generously seasoned with the Ethiopian spice mix berbere, is loaded with tomato and red lentils." - Katy S from Bookmarklet
I have a lot of lentils to use up, so this might be a good option for me. - Katy S
I love Ethiopian food. - John (bird whisperer)
Am I allowed to use utensils? - Eivind
looks and sounds good! my only objection would be to the fenugreek in the spice mix (i absolutely hate it!), but i can't find that berbere spice mix here anyway...and making my own, i can easily exclude it :) - grizabella
I second that notion for Ethiopian food. <3 the stuff! @Eivind, you'll want to scoop that stuff with injera bread - CarlC
Just ordered some berbere -> - Derrick
I made this tonight, with some substitutions (spice mix instead of berbere, mustard powder instead of fenugreek, paprika plus crumbled dried chili instead of hot paprika, chicken breast instead of thighs), and I really liked it. Thanks for posting the recipe! - John (bird whisperer)
I want to make that, John. Thanks for the review. - Derrick