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Gerald Hildebrandt
Evan Prodromou
Per @candrews, :: is a valid IPv6 address. Who knew?
Andreas Gohr
twitter suckt!
Andreas Gohr
spent the whole day playing through baphomet's curse (again) great point'n'click adventure
wii? - Tobi
DS! - Andreas Gohr
Andreas Gohr
This was a triumph - guy builds weighted companion cube -
This was a triumph - guy builds weighted companion cube
Does anyone know any of the pygtalkrobot ( contributors? This is an actual screenshot of issue #3 (and python dot com is an actual pr0n site and is linked from the project home)
Immagine 2.png
Doh - Daniel Krech
Heute Journal über Bundesparteitag der Piratenpartei -
Heute Journal über Bundesparteitag der Piratenpartei
Pierre Spring
echo $spring->lastChild;
echo $spring->lastChild;
Glückwunsch dem Neugeborenen und den Eltern! - Stefan Bucher
Andreas Gohr
Andreas Gohr
Beau Liening
I want to buy an inexpensive netbook that will run Linux (preferably ubuntu) flawlessly. Any suggestions? I just want one to browse the web, maybe use skype, and transfer photos from my camera. No gaming or anything special. Suggestions/links?
Looking at the Dell Mini 12 base model for $399. Don't really need the extras. - Beau Liening
Avoid Intel Paulsbo (GMA 500) like the plauge. It has a poorly supported binary only driver. - DMKrow
My Acer Aspire One D150 works with Ubuntu 9.04 like a charm, I whole-heartedly recommend it. - Nikola
Ryo, as far as I could see and test, everything works out of the box: WiFi, Bluetooth, webcam, etc. The battery life is great (5-6 h) and overall it's a pretty decent little machine. - Nikola
See about looking at barebones systems, you can usually find them NakedPC's something like that had a list of barebones systems you can buy which may be lower in price. - Ubuntu101
I purchased a System76 laptop earlier this year that rocks. It does everything you are asking for and is supplied with Ubuntu. - Latem
Nils Hitze
Das Schlimmste an Zensur ist ja ████ ████████ ████ und ███████████. #Zensursula (via @wetterfrosch)
Dmitri Popov
Me and the missus getting a taste of the glamorous life as models (click on Furthermore and scroll down) #sf #fb
Andreas Gohr
So kommt der Bart noch besser zur Geltung ;-) - Henri
Andreas Gohr
Monkey Island, Special Edition -
Monkey Island, Special Edition
This is so nice. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I especially like how you can switch between special and classic mode anytime. - Andreas Gohr
Why is it impossible to "like" an entry again? - Tobi
I'd like to "like" your comment ;-) - Andreas Gohr
The whole Monkey Island series just rules so much that I lack words to describe it :) Way the go LucasArts!!! :) - Blazej Pawlak
Andreas Gohr
Aha, liebe Parteien -
"Wer aber die Vorratsdatenspeicherung durchsetzt und eine Zensurinfrastruktur im Internet aufzieht, für den werden wir nicht nur nichts tun. Den werden wir nicht nur nicht wählen. Nein, der wird unser Feind sein." - Andreas Gohr from Bookmarklet
AJ Batac
Cleaner FriendFeed Widescreen (04/29/09) | -
Cleaner FriendFeed Widescreen (04/29/09) | -
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This is for wide monitors - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
can this be used with Chrome? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
in answer to my own question posted elsewhere: - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
As much as I like the way this looks, there's no way I'm installing Firefox. - Akiva
Can I use it on my Atari 2600? - Josh Haley
Sorry, Josh. It's for the 5200 only. - Akiva
Just got this working in K-Meleon with a tiny modification and adding it to userContent.css. - April Russo (FForever!)
...just loaded this into Stylish...soooooo much better. thanks @AJ! - .LAG liked that
I just moved it over to userContent.css, like I did with K-Meleon and it works much better. I don't see the original theme flash before the new theme is applied. Much faster than with GreaseMonkey. - April Russo (FForever!)
Is it just me or did Friend Feed just break this style? I mostly fixed it by adding "#container, " before "#body" and ".box-bar, .box-corner, " before ".bar". - ·[▪_▪]·
It's not you. I will have a fix within today. - AJ Batac
AJ is on the case. YAY! - Yolanda
Keshav Khera
Top 10 Sources of Fantastic And New Indie Music -
Top 10 Sources of Fantastic And New Indie Music
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Amen to Garageband & Amie Street. No Hype Machine though? Odd. - LANjackal
Nice list. I found out about thesixtyone a couple weeks ago while watching Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris' video podcast, "Random". - Doug
perfect timing, just quit ;) - Gina Häußge
@Gina:'s still good for discovery but terrible for actual downloading, because their system literally can't support bitrates higher than 128kbps, which is nothing short of retarded - LANjackal
@Gina: The list is good for finding 'new' music altogether but if you are looking for alternatives in the real sense, that is radio, there's a list here - Keshav Khera
Nice, will check this out. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Andreas Gohr
rubbing peg legs for money...
Andreas Gohr
arghh. I'm an idiot.
Nils Hitze
I wanna love the Poken (but I can't) -
Leider sehr wahr, verstehe auch nicht warum hier nicht die oauth Variante gewählt wurde - Nils Hitze
Mona Nomura
IM from friend: "it was said that when a black man became president pigs would fly... 100 days into Obama's presidency, swine flu"
Really really problematic joke folks - Bahiyyih
How so? - Mona Nomura from IM
Please, it's the Other White Meat Flu. - Kevin Shaum
Pork Bug? - Just Mrs. V
Trying to make a joke out of the phrase "bovine influenza" - John E. Bredehoft
Nonsense. The preferred term is The Porcine Vapors. Of course, I'm writing this from 1902. - Roger Benningfield
I got that same thing as an SMS from my brother in law. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Andreas Gohr
Ozer Wrzl (EN)
Martin Gommel
Wie gut ist das denn? Safari & Firefox unterhalten sich mit dem IE -
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