Changing the Windows Amazon Cloud Drive app sync folder
I have upgraded to iOS 8. I must say I am not loving the Photos app. The photos app was always kind of a mess to me but now I really dislike it. The fact that the Camera Roll and photostream are now combined under Recently Added is bizarre.
Also, it did not work for me right away. I had to turn off photostream, deleting all 1000 photos that were already on my phone and then turn it back on for it to then turn around and redownload them all and combine them into Recently added. This was not a good experience and for a less skilled user would be difficult to understand. - Franklin Pettit
Searching the horizon for a new better social network -
RT @LegendaryMKC: SEC network!! 408 on Dish
RT @SportsCenter: MLB's Hall of Fame weekend is here. Congratulations to this year's inductees. (via @BBTN) »
RT @_Snape_: Only 10 more years until the Half-Blood Prince receives his Hogwarts Letter..
RT @Bravesmeme: If you #VoteJUp maybe Wren will DFA Uggla…probably not but…
RT @viserov: RT to #VoteJup or he will invade your nightmares tonight.
RT @BlueDevilLair: I hate you Ronaldo
RT @woffordcollege: Wofford's 11th president and his amazing wife Prema! #welcomeNayef #welcomePrema
RT @MizzAnnieM: A wonderful day at Wofford College. #welcomenayef and Prema!!
RT @woffordcollege: As Dr. Samhat said, "there's only sunshine ahead." #welcomeNayef
RT @vary_alex: Fingers crossed that the weather holds out for #welcomeNayef on the lawn
RT @WhyWofford: It's a big day at Wofford - the inauguration of our 11th president. #welcomenayef
People are jerks sometimes. Come on dude quit arguing and pay for your icecream. You ate it, don't be a loser. #whatajerk
Also how about some integrity from your employees @enterprise. Your employees lie and are not apologetic. #fail #carrentalhell
In rental car hell with @enterpriserentacar. Apparently reservation times and pick up times don't mean crap. Pretty sure they have no cars.
Fail luminis fail.The typical timeline for luminis 4 to 5 migration is 12 months says the employees.They just don't get it. #pathetic
Ding dong I think luminis is dead. #wompwompwomp #wocosum
RT @jwomick: Google's car and the NSA - watch out! #elive14
RT @jwomick: Statistics 101 - you can't extrapolate indefinitely #elive14
RT @tbledsoe929: Anyone else feel like we are listening to Tony Stark? #elive14 #iamironman
Uh, google plus is not next. #wocosum
What's a microwave toaster? Microwave got it. Toaster got it. Microwave toaster, Anaheim we have a problem. #wocosum
RT @WHunterRoss: You know it's baseball season when BJ Upton has a multiple strikeout game. #Braves #OpeningDay #notagoodstart
RT @WoffordTerriers: Go Terriers! RT @lindsayczarniak: "Del is ready 4 brackets.He's got Wichita St + @WoffordTerriers (4 his dad)"
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