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Andrew Trinh
Please bring the Camera Roll back to iOS 8. That’s also a warning to anyone updating.
Totally agree. - Franklin Pettit
There's an All Photos link. Isn't that the same? - Todd Hoff
The Recently Added link is a combination of Camera Roll and photostream. I do not see all photos. - Franklin Pettit
Isn't Collections all photos to begin with? - rönin from FFHound!
Franklin Pettit
I have upgraded to iOS 8. I must say I am not loving the Photos app. The photos app was always kind of a mess to me but now I really dislike it. The fact that the Camera Roll and photostream are now combined under Recently Added is bizarre.
Also, it did not work for me right away. I had to turn off photostream, deleting all 1000 photos that were already on my phone and then turn it back on for it to then turn around and redownload them all and combine them into Recently added. This was not a good experience and for a less skilled user would be difficult to understand. - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: College basketball: 'An old jalopy in need of repair' -
"Agreed!" - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: College basketball: 'An old jalopy in need of repair' -
"Who says defense is a bad thing? I do not need to see a dunk on every play to be entertained. There is no defense in the NBA. The scoring averages of College Basketball should be the norm. How about we figure out how to lower NBA scores?" - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Sarah Perez
Space Adventures offering new tourist flights in 2013 -
$35,000 is a steal. - Franklin Pettit
Robert Scoble
RT @loic: The Best HTML5 Game Yet: A Threat To Flash?
Interesting. Go HTML5! - Franklin Pettit from iPhone
Franklin Pettit
Fwd: QRcodes & Augmented Reality, by Martha Gabriel - (via
QRcodes & Augmented Reality, by Martha Gabriel
This was a great presentation at #heweb10. - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Am I dinosaur? I use Firefox! -
"Yes, it looks like the end of X-marks. It is a shame." - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Am I dinosaur? I use Firefox! -
"Yes, it looks like the end of X-marks. It is a shame." - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Am I dinosaur? I use Firefox! -
"Yes, it looks like the end of X-marks. It is a shame." - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
25 Awesome College Websites that will definitely WOW you! | Fearless Flyer Web Design -
Yes as a matter of fact Wofford is on here. - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Stuff Christians Like - Jon Acuff : Win a free iPad from Charlie St. Cloud. -
"Thanks Charlie St. Cloud." - Franklin Pettit
Rob Diana
I've Changed My Mind About The iPad -
iPad is cool but still an investment. - Franklin Pettit
Mike Fruchter
What's your favorite mindmapping software? I have been using Mindjet but looking for alternatives.
Have you taken a look at MindMeister..? ( - Andrew Terry
I didn't know there is a program for that. Thank you. - Serif Varli
Freemind - Franklin Pettit
Jesse Stay
"The application is the new the operating system" -
No its not.Yuck! - Franklin Pettit
I'm afraid I agree - I've been talking about this for awhile now: - Jesse Stay
Cristo: Sun is gone now. Stop kicking the corpse. - DGentry
Nope. Applications have to run on something. Layers and libraries serve very important functions for user experience and interoperability. - Tinfoil 2.0
LogEx I'm not declaring the operating system dead. Just as the web is a layer on top of the operating system, I'm simply declaring a new layer on top of the web with the article I wrote on - Jesse Stay
Franklin Pettit
Celebrate International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Tomorrow, February 6 -
Doh I missed it. I will have ice cream for lunch. Does that count? - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast -
"Thanks Alicia! Food Lion and Bilo carry it. I am going to try it soon" - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast -
"Thanks Alicia! Food Lion and Bilo carry it. I am going to try it soon" - Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Re: Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast -
"Thanks Alicia! Food Lion and Bilo carry it. I am going to try it soon" - Franklin Pettit
Robert Scoble
13,000 people think Facebook is going to start charging in 2009. Please DO NOT invite these folks to FriendFeed. Idiots.
Uwe: yeah, I just think it's funny that some people will believe the lamest crap just because it's on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
You can count me in for not inviting them over here! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Robert these 13000 people would not know what to do on Friendfeed and leave in less than 5 minutes of signing up. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
this isn't the first or the last group like it, it's a good indicator of which of your friends are morons. - Richard Lawler
Eldon: I hope I don't have that many idiots following me. :-) - Robert Scoble
How about emails like these: "Bill Gates/Nokia/whatever will donate <something>, if this message is sent to 1000000 people". When I get something like this from some friend, I get disappointed on him/her... - Jemm
there are 100 of these groups each week... everyone ignores them (well everyone important anyway ;)) - Thomas
Funny thing is - facebook is probably worth $3.99. Although I notice the French says $3.99 per month which would be a bit steep. - Matthew Neale
but wait, i thought hotmail was closing the free service unless 2 million people add group Z ? - Matt Randles
These groups are as old as Facebook itself. All they do is prove: heavy Facebook users = lemmings. :p - Chris Charabaruk
I love you, Robert! - Ordinarybug Heather
There will always be a VIP group of sorts... back when Facebook started it looked like early adaptors were joining over there. Then came Twitter, now Friendfeed. If Friendfeed gets too mainstream (if that's possible) I'm wondering what's next. - David Bisset (sn)
Why would they do that? They are already getting tons of money from sponsors and advertisers. Duh! - Shevonne
@David: In the Web 2.0 world, there's bound to be something new and already in the works. I wonder what it is too, but I'd be surprised if it's not currently under construction, or even ready to launch. - Chris Charabaruk
I wouldn't call them idiots. If they believe it, they believe it. So if it happens are the non-believers idiots? Hmmm - Bwana ☠
:/... I doubt it will happen. They get enough money from advertising surely. - ralphsaunders
This was the funniest quote I've seen microblogged in a while! Of course how many of these people use to (or still do) pay for Classmates or Reunion, so naturally they believe this garbage. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Reminds me of the false rumors a few years ago about AOL, Yahoo, and MS planning to charge for email to eliminate spam. Move on - nothing to see here. - Mike Doeff
It's already 39,265 members in that certain group… - Daniel Schildt
One thing to notice in this compared to older rumors is the amount of speed people notice it. - Daniel Schildt
I might join and post something saying "Suckas!" - Shevonne
40,000 now. Wow. I kind of enjoy the silly little worries of people. - Daniel Zarick
wow. morons. Everybody knows that friendfeed's not gonna start charging until 2010! - Jim #teamFFrank
@Jim - Facebook - Shevonne
Shevonne... yes, I know. I was referring to Scoble's original post where he urged us not to invite them over here. - Jim #teamFFrank
@Jim - We should. We would probably scare them from ever using the Internet. hahaha - Shevonne
Shevonne -- good point. - Jim #teamFFrank
These are the same idiots who are worried about being charged per email. I don't think they'd know what to do with friendfeed even if they were invited. - Mr. Gunn
I wonder how many are over the age 0f 17. How many of voting age are in the group of 13,000. - Franklin Pettit
I swear that first sentence just made my blood pressure shoot up 20 points. The second sentence rapidly lowered it. I have a few people added who unfortunately take everything forwarded to them as fact. They will never get an invite. This is my hideout from the people who shouldn't be allowed online. - ilene
Chris, the group is not about pro features. They claim there will be NO free access to FB after Dec 31. Quite a different thing... - Ray Metzen
And the group has 56,000 members now! Amazing... :( - Ray Metzen
More than ever… 91,481 members at the moment of writing. - Daniel Schildt
LOL, yes! Go go go! - Chris Charabaruk
Hmm... I'm not sure which disappoints me more... People being overly anxious over the idea that Facebook will supposedly be charged for use. (This evidentially isn’t true) Or the knowledge that a number of people I don't care to count are here on FriendFeed discussing those that have joined groups concerning Facebook fees as if they are second class citizens. Take a good look at... more... - Jamie Howlett
funny thing is people not wanting to pay when there getting new games and apps that can keep you entertained if it did cost (which it never will) i sure would pay the Cheap $3.99 month - Luke Moers
Of course Facebook is going to start Charging people money! Everyone knows it! By the way, did you hear Obama tried to move Christmas to January 8th? (its a fb group too so it must be real!!) - Rebecca
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
Franklin Pettit
The Rise and Fall of FriendFeed -
I don't think FriendFeed has a user base of 45 million. Thats roughly twitter's user base. - DGentry
Ok. That number was not solid. I pulled that from another source. I should have linked it and stated that the number was not verified. - Franklin Pettit from email
It is estimated that FriendFeed's user base is between 170,000 and 200,000. - Louis Gray
I'd wager no more than 200K "registered users", and no more than 15K "active users". The most popular users have no higher than 50K followers, and considering the similarity of user profiles (Scoble, Leo, Mashable, Kevin Rose, etc) it's likely that they shared many (most) users. This is substantiated by casual browsing the most popular and most active users subscriber base. I could be wrong, but I see no evidence to point to higher numbers than that... - Jeremy Toeman
366,112 users being tracked via - AJ Batac
ouch, so much for my math! - Jeremy Toeman
Franklin Pettit
Re: [GEEKED] Dell Mini 10 Netbook Giveaway: And The Winner Is… -
"Thanks intel! Giveaways rock! I would use a netbook for on the go surfing and blogging. A netbook would have to give me more opportunity to blog." - Franklin Pettit
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