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Scott Johnston
On the train, on seeing my 1st gen iphone a 10 yr old says, "dude, you got to get you some 3g." My comeback, "Isn't it past your bedtime?"
Louis Gray
Thanksgiving Baby Stacking - Twin Style
Baby Topple!! The new iPhone app game! :) - Daynah
Baby Jenga!! - Lisa L. Seifert
they really are gorgeous babies - ♥ Stephiepooos ♥
OMG! They're SO cute!!! - Lisa L. Seifert
They're lookin' great Louis!! - Charlie Anzman
OK, Louis, you can't own the cuteness thing here all day long. :-) Lovely family. I'll qik something fun for all of you. - Robert Scoble
We're having too much fun with them not to share with you guys. Thanks for being addicted to FriendFeed. :-) - Louis Gray
so freaking cute - Patricia
Addicted? We're WAY past addiction. :-) - Robert Scoble
It's a lifestyle. :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
great share, thanx - imran
clearly the economy has hit sv, the babies aren't in some company gear - or perhaps dad gives them the day off? HAHAA - Allen Stern
Don't worry, Robert. You've been working hard and posting lots of good stuff. You're well on your way to being the next Louis Gray. :-) - Bruce Lewis
Louis: I'm not addicted. I can quit anytime I want. Honest! - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: someday if I get good enough I will guest post on Louis Gray's blog. Oh, and wait until you see what shirt I'm wearing! It'll make Louis jealous. - Robert Scoble
Time flies, doesn't it! - Chris Nixon
Bruce: FriendFeed is now like oxygen. I can't quit it and are we addicted to breathing? Like I said, we're way past addiction stage. - Robert Scoble
Qik or it didn't happen, Scoble. EDIT: The shirt. Not the quitting breathing... ;-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Lisa: Qik is coming. Stay tuned to -- will be in a few minutes. - Robert Scoble
Matthew, Sarah AND Milan all in one thread. I'm thankful for the cuteness. - Lisa L. Seifert
Off-topic: Why does Qik always ask me to restart Firefox when I refresh? Annoying... - Lisa L. Seifert
Oh, HAI, Milan! - Lisa L. Seifert
I missed the shirt! Show it again, please. - Lisa L. Seifert
looking forward to playing this with my twin nephews in a couple hours! These babies are really really cute though! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Oh my gosh, that first one is the cutest thing ever! - Shayna
How funny is it how the tables have turned... Scoble jacking my thread. :-) - Louis Gray
I can't compete with two cute babies! :-) - Robert Scoble
It was nice having a central location for all of the Thanksgiving Day cuteness. I, for one, thank you both. :-) You boys play nice now. No fighting over threads on holidays. - Lisa L. Seifert
مخمل و رویا یا گیلاسی و شاندیز :)) - Mil∂d
I almost pulled out Milan's bath pictures where he was playing with his rubber ducky but I decided not to ruin Milan's life. Imagine those coming up 25 years from now during his interviews! - Robert Scoble
Apparently babies rule :) With so many responses exciting :) - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
Adorable Louis! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!!! :) - Susan Beebe
[bump] 'cuz I loves me some baby jenga... :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
FF kids.:) - Igor Poltavskiy
اینا چقده زشتن :| خودتی میلاد که جلو ایینه وایستادی اصلا :| -
Stacking. Just gotta love that. - Chris Brogan
Brent Fitzgerald
Braden Kowitz
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there handing out the awards -
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there handing out the awards
Sutee Dee
Journeys - Barcelona - At Barcelona’s ‘Bistronomic’ Restaurants, Creative Plates at a Good Price - -
Kevin Bondelli
Devil Domo has taken over my laptop.
Red for god's sake. It's just bad lighting. Don't make Devil Domo angry! - Kevin Bondelli
Christopher Sacca
Official Google Blog: Our position on California's No on 8 campaign -
Official Google Blog: Our position on California's No on 8 campaign
"While we respect the strongly-held beliefs that people have on both sides of this argument, we see this fundamentally as an issue of equality. We hope that California voters will vote no on Proposition 8 -- we should not eliminate anyone's fundamental rights, whatever their sexuality, to marry the person they love." -- Cheers to Sergey and Google for speaking out on this issue. This is an example of what makes Google such a unique and wonderful company. - Christopher Sacca from Bookmarklet
By the way, my buddy Blake built this fun site where you can make a button expressing your view on Prop 8 by displaying how many years you have been in a committed relationship (any relationship): - Christopher Sacca
Nir Ben Yona
A dialog between the Android phone and the iphone. - Nir Ben Yona
This iphone dude is funny. - Nir Ben Yona
So true. It's Jeff Huber's law - any technology that can be used to display porn will inevitably used to do so. - Frances Haugen
Yup ! - Nir Ben Yona
Grant Hutchins
Ben Folds "You Don't Know Me" (Feat Regina Spektor) -
Ben Folds "You Don't Know Me" (Feat Regina Spektor)
hunter walk
google still has the coolest founders. Re: Android launch: "Sergey wrote an app that lets you throw phone up in the air, measure how many seconds until you catch it or it hits the floor."
That is awesome. - Bret Taylor
Totally awesome. - David Sifry from twhirl
BTW, won't that also tell you how high you threw the phone, assuming you're throwing it straight up... - David Sifry from twhirl
but when it hits the floor and shatters, how will you get the data?! better call in Geek Squad. - MG Siegler
@Chris, I think accelerometers measure acceleration, and there's no change in acceleration at the top of the throw. (Then again, I made it to class exactly once during three quarters of physics in college.) - Jim Norris
A must app. Even though that it is crazy…funny *smile*. - ivanandersson
Of course there is acceleration during the throw... constant acceleration. - Mario Romero
That is so cool. Someone write this for the iPhone, please. Though whether I would actually throw my iPhone in the air is another question entirely. - Roberto Bonini
I once left my phone on my car's roof. I wonder if this app could be hacked to prevent that (or at least prevent me from driving off) :-) - John Mueller
Great app... should incrementally increase phone sales as people smash their phones and have to replace them. - Jason Carreira
Jason: I think that is the point: I'm beting I can throw my iPhone higher than you can throw your G1. - Roberto Bonini
I love it - brilliant and insane! - timepilot
Kevin Fox
Boy do i hate Fireworks right now. If I tinker with text styling in a box for 25 minutes and hit cmd-Z I want to undo the last tweak, not irrevocably lose all my changes!!!1!(2/2)!! Also, there's no 'redo' in this case.
for all of its inequities, fireworks is still an amazing app. i don't know what i would have done if adobe had decided to discontinue it. - daniel silveira
agreed. However I would like it so much more if it didn't have this problem, and if the layers palette supported my mouse's scroll wheel. - Kevin Fox
Mitchell Tsai
"Mt. Etna Volcano erupting on the island of Sicily taken from Space Shuttle Endeavour" (900×580) [jchip8, Pixdaus] -
"Mt. Etna Volcano erupting on the island of Sicily taken from Space Shuttle Endeavour" (900×580) [jchip8, Pixdaus]
wow, amazing picture. thanks for sharing. - Mark Douglass
Mark: I haven't looked for space shuttle pictures on-line yet. I bet there are some really cool ones! - Mitchell Tsai
The crewmembers of the Space Shuttle Endeavour used a 35mm still camera to record this image of Mt. Etna Volcano erupting on the island of Sicily on December 14th, 2002. The oblique, south-looking view shows Mt. Etna's dark ash plume rising above the general altitude of storm clouds over the Mediterranean Sea at sunset. (Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center) - Mitchell Tsai
For this picture and 14 others see "Recent Volcanic Activity" [Boston - 7/16/08] Thanks Mark Douglass for finding this page - Mitchell Tsai
Evan Parker
Graffiti Animation: MUTO is Among the More Astounding Videos We've Seen Online...or Off -
Graffiti Animation: MUTO is Among the More Astounding Videos We've Seen Online...or Off
Wow - Amit Garg
Joel Franusic
Why does the myth of torture as a reliable tool persist in popular culture?
Karen Padham Taylor
Okay... so the keyboard waffle looks awesome! - Ross Miller
I *so* want that waffle iron! - Shannon Jiménez
I really want the rideable vacuum cleaner: - Rachel Lea Fox
wtf:))look at that pad lock:)) - Shandiz
"Just be sure to get them now that you are single and free. No wife in her right mind will allow any of these at home!" Just make sure you marry an absolute geek and this won't be of any concern. ;) - EricaJoy
I thought that line was weird, too. But it's clear there aren't enough female geeks to go around -- most male geeks must accept being with someone quite a bit less geeky than they are, assuming they find someone at all. - ⓞnor
Braden Kowitz
Chicago has experienced what the national weather service calls a "pneumonia front" : A 16DegF drop in under 1hr!
I think this happens every day in SF. They just call it "weather". - Braden Kowitz
Maia B
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Using a Lot of Disk -
david hammer
I once asked larry lessig if there was a future for high-production-value content based on an argument similar to the one Kelly makes here. He looked at me like I was an idiot. - david hammer
Kevin Fox
Everything that is wrong with the Internet in one chart -
Everything that is wrong with the Internet in one chart
I still don't understand LOLcats! Will searching for "can has" help me understand?! - Ana
I like that there's a two week delay between the meme and the naming of the meme: - Kevin Fox
There was a little drop there, just to give some of us hope that this might go away soon. No such luck. - Cyrus Lendvay
yes, there is certainly wrong with 'can has' and the internet !! - Peter Dawson
The Rick Roll trend looks similar - Philipp Lenssen
Compare to how All Your Base is doing these days: - Julian Missig
Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! :) - Mike Reynolds
There's a recent article on the New Scientist blog about the same topic. - Tudor Bosman
@Ana: the best way to understand is to have a cat (or better, two) of your own. - Tudor Bosman
All Your Base Are Belong to Internet Memes. LOL!!!!!!!!!1 - Adam Lasnik
So funny. 'Course they trump this with - Daniel Shaw
Bret Taylor The Psychology of Entrepreneurial Misjudgment, part 1: Biases 1-6 -
I know this is a week old, but just read it now. Incredibly insightful and interesting. - Bret Taylor
related to this, would it be possible for Friendfeed to copy my "likes" across the system?, I liked it when somebody else posted the same link a week ago, could my like also show up in your feed when you post that link? Then maybe separate the likes from those who liked your link directly vs. those who liked it elsewhere? Might be helpful in determining overall like-ability of a link - Adam Kazwell
Long one.. I wish there was a "Read Later" button on FF (and a corresponding "Later" tab). Hmm.. let's see how long it takes tonight to Greasemonkey what will be a very ugly hack. - Aviv
Instapaper is helpful for the "read later" option - Adam Kazwell
Aviv, that's what linkmarks (bookmarks) do! Just right-click in any browser, or better yet, use the Firefox add-on. - John Lam
@John: This is better: half way there. - Aviv
david hammer
Shannon Bauman
Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798 - 2004 -
This is incredible data that is just begging for someone to make an info-graphic out of. - Shannon Bauman
Braden Kowitz
Overheard in a user study: "What does NULL mean?" ... Ahhhh, bugs.
Bret Taylor
The Audacity of Data - The New Republic -
"Like Bill Clinton in 1992, Obama's campaign boasts a cadre of credentialed achievers. Intellectually, however, the Obamanauts couldn't be more different. Clinton delighted in surrounding himself with big-think public intellectuals--like economics commentator Robert Reich and political philosopher Bill Galston. You'd be hard-pressed to find a political philosopher in Obama's inner wonk-dom. His is dominated by a group of first-rate economists, beginning with Goolsbee, one of the profession's most respected tax experts. A Harvard economist named Jeff Liebman has been influential in helping Obama think through budget and retirement issues; another, David Cutler, helped shape his views on health care. Goolsbee, in particular, is an almost unprecedented figure in Democratic politics: an academic economist with a top campaign position and the candidate's ear." - Bret Taylor
I love this: They're pragmatists--people who, when an existing paradigm clashes with reality, opt to tweak that paradigm rather than replace it wholesale. As Thaler puts it, "Physics with friction is not as beautiful. But you need it to get rockets off the ground." It might as well be the motto for Obama's entire policy shop. - Frances Haugen
Actually, Obama is guided very closely by Cornell West one of the great American Philosopher's at Princeton - Mark Gentry
I find it stunning that he's surrounded by so many economists, and has such a socialist agenda. Are there that many economists in the world who think that free-market capitalism is a stinky idea? Or did he just snag all of the non-capitalist economists for his advisory board? - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Most economists believe that some market regulation is helpful. Opinions differ on specifics. The impression I get is that Obama's advisors are slightly left of center, if you had to pin them on a traditional scale, and not really anything a reasonable person would call "socialist" (though I hear the word increasingly used to describe any advocate of social programs). Cap-and-trade plans for emissions control, for example, are quite market-oriented. - ⓞnor
@nor: I can't speak for whomever else you hear the word 'socialist' from, but I define a socialist as someone who wishes to transfer to governmental control or financial oversight large chunks of what should be parts of the free market. This would include health care, retirement investing, and charity, amongst other things. It's hard to say that a lot of Republicans don't also fall into... more... - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
meanwhile, his trade policies are populist and very much at odds with what that article claims. - Gregor J. Rothfuss
"Though rational self-interest was the central tenet of neoclassical (i.e., modern) economics, they didn't take a wrecking ball to the field and replace it with some equally sweeping theory of human behavior. Instead, they labored to bring economics closer in line with how the world actually works, one small adjustment at a time." - Clare Dibble
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