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Steve Isaacs
The thinking seems to be to invite everyone over to the new US Politics Room (http://friendfeed.com/rooms...) after tonight so we can discuss Election Day and everything else in a more permanent place. Come on by and join!
bump. - Steve Isaacs
bump. - Steve Isaacs
boop. - ::Kristen::
this was great. thanks, Steve. see ya in the USP room. - MikeAmundsen
question why not simply rename this group? - R. Ferguson
Ruth - I can change the name, but the the URL "2008-debates" would never change. The name would be a misnomer and will feel musty once 2009 rolls around. Rather it be clean and more SEO friendly. - Steve Isaacs
OK - glad to see many have moved over. - R. Ferguson
Last night I created a list to include several rooms so I could watch each. Real Time was just to fast but what a night to release it. Well done FF. - Russellreno
Yeah agreed - I was glued to the real-time feed. Loved it. - Steve Isaacs
bump. - Steve Isaacs
Ok, at midnight tonight I'll cut off posting, but the room can live on in our hearts. Forever. *sheds single tear* - Steve Isaacs
The final bump. Good luck, Godspeed and we'll see you over at (http://friendfeed.com/rooms...). - Steve Isaacs
I'm all choked up, with a lump in my ear... I mean throat. Pass the Kleenex. :) - Ian May
bump - Steve Isaacs
in the road. - Russellreno
on the head - MikeAmundsen
fully agree http://www.cellhub.com/T-mobil... Cell Phone Deals - Gary Warner
i am agree with it - Gary Warner
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با شبرنگ های برچسب - reズa .
Casper Johansson
Casper Johansson
Will I Go To Hell For This is a new Danish book from three dedicated authors about graffiti on the Copenhagen S-trains from 1984 to 2009. After more than two years of work, more than 75 interviews and after selecting over 600 photos, the final result is a book that gives an overview of 25 years of Copenhagen S-train graffiti and offers the reader a rare glimpse into the hidden world of the graffiti writers. To cater for both the local Danish audience and the international graffiti community, the book comes in two versions, one with Danish text and another version with English text. - Casper Johansson from Bookmarklet
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We need a recruiting drive for FriendFeed. We need some fresh blood. Honestly, I've been poking around on some alternative platforms and they all still suck compared to FriendFeed. It's the best technical solution out there right now, IMO and I don't think I'm alone. It's the community that's dying, not the service. Breathe new life into it.
Akiva described the problem (http://friendfeed.com/akiva...) and science confirms it (http://www.sciencedaily.com/release...) so maybe we can turn it around... Is it worth a try? - Lindsay
A few likes... Any thoughts? - Lindsay from iPhone
I agree. That's why I get so miffed at the ones who buggered off early. Unfortunately, my friends are enamored of Facebook and I've been unable to persuade them. I suggest we all look for new people to sub to here. There's a lot going on outside our little group. - Spidra Webster
I'm a noob. What can I help you with? :P - imabonehead
I can't seem to pull people I know away from Facebook. They don't want to meet new people, just people they already know. - Eric - Final Countdown
Would that matter? People only comment on posts of people in their little cliques. Every once in a while they venture out/overlap, but new people see the cliques and walk away. - Anika
@Anika - FoaF has almost disappeared for me. Finding new people I had something in common with but still had a lot to learn about made FF a lot more interesting and valuable to me. - Lindsay from iPhone
I agree with Lindsay. I still use that and subscribe to new people when I can, but it has slowed way down. - Eric - Final Countdown
I figured there might be some people to recruit from Twitter more than FB. People looking for more than 140. chars to express a thought. - Lindsay from iPhone
Lindsay, honestly I think Anika's hit it. The most consistent, prolific posters in English speaking locales are either gone or already in the small, core group(s). There are simply too few people willing to kick the tires who'd be tenacious enough to invest long enough to start reaping commensurate benefits. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I've seen this happen in small groups that meet in the members' homes, and drawing in new people to a dysfunctional situation rarely fixes the underlying problem. - Micah
I'm giving it a shot. Putting out the request. - Eric - Final Countdown
Adrian's onto sump'in. - Micah
The only way you're gonna get new blood in here is if that Steven Perez fool stops talking all that political crap. - Steven Perez
LOL @ Adrian. Sounds like a plan! - Lindsay from iPhone
Could hand out free FF candy at COMICON! - Adrian
I don't have a problem finding new people. My point is that there are people here where I don't have to open their posts. I know it's the same 5 or 6 people making the same predictable noises. It's a turn off, so I take refuge in rooms and new people for content that's not all personal and is interesting. - Anika
@Micah - I think pulling in just a few would not help, you're right. It is hard to break into an established community, but that isn't really what I mean. I would like to try to recruit enough people that it is too many for me personally to keep up with adds. Give enough fresh blood to form new cliques of their own and branch out when it happens on it's own. One or two new peeps wouldn't cut it. - Lindsay from iPhone
In terms of my subs (what a lot of people equate with as getting noticed, I think they're overrated): Almost ALL of my new sub'ers are from Twitter, so I consider non-active/non participative, until I see a high numbers of comments/likes, & posts for that matter I won't sub back; but aside from the big the Twitters when I do see this, I will most definitely sub back - sofarsoShawn
If you're going to hang around, I'm sure we'll get to know each other. - Eric - Final Countdown
AC, I think you're right, to a certain extent. I think that there are a few nice people, but like I said, the cliques here are strong and many of them don't want to talk about anything that's not frivolous. There's a lot of snark, so it comes off as rude, IMO. - Anika
Oops, totally brainfarted: What I meant to also say is that there are some people here who could be "Here's my friend. Love her/him!" And everyone will. But new people without that introduction don't get that instant attention. - Anika
ROFL I think that's a personal choice, no? - Anika
AC Delco, it might help a bit if you wrote something about yourself in your profile bio. - Spidra Webster
Just some sort of synopsis of how you see yourself. Not everyone does that. Some people just write witty sayings there, but even that tells something about them. - Spidra Webster
Oh shit, I better update my bio! - Adrian
You can't hide your Hazzard County roots, Adrian. - Spidra Webster
Doh! I'z been found... yes sireee Bob! - Adrian
Lindsay you won't like what I have to say, but your a 'clique' on here. I post something and no one answers. None of you welcome new users. Some seem to prefer that is stays 'the same old crowd/ I agree with you FreindFeed is fab and you DO need new blood, but when a newbie posts, try commenting or liking. - Technogran
I only came across the people commenting on this thread fairly recently, though it's fairly likely I've been on FriendFeed longer than any of you. I'd say I'm subscribed to several different communities on FF, which don't otherwise intersect much. I guess I'm a bit like that in real life too. - Ruchira S. Datta
I didn't write anything in my profile bio. Why I keep getting new subscribers continues to baffle me. - Ruchira S. Datta
The fact that there are new people engaging here is a good sign. Subscribe and subscribe. Yay! - Adrian
I suppose I see some people less frequently than before, but then I've subscribed to other people and rooms to get about the same volume (i.e., as much as I'm comfortable with). - Ruchira S. Datta
I try to use it whenever I am in public so they know Friendfeed exists and also I make sure that I do not use Twitter or Facebook during that time. - Ashish from iPhone
I'm not on Twitter at all. - Ruchira S. Datta
I really don't feel like the community is dying. I still get way more active involvement here than anywhere else, even with Facebook where I know everyone personally. I've been pitching Friendfeed hard to a few people at work though, might wind up brining them around. - Louis Simoneau
@Technogran - I'm not sure I'm personally a clique, though I will admit that I developed the habit of depending on FoaF for a long time while FF still had influxes of new users (and sometimes it was really overwhelming and I just hung out in my lists because there were TOO MANY new people... miss those days almost). I quit subscribing to new people unless I interacted with them on... more... - Lindsay
I agree with Lindsay that this is still the best feature based service out there. I tried playing with Buzz for a bit but so far it's pretty crappy and they don't seem to be adding any features to fix their issues. I agree with Anika about the issue that FF is really about cliques. In fact I've had that same sentiment stated to me elsewhere from folks that abandoned or never got... more... - Mark Krynsky
I think it's only about cliques if you have nothing particular to talk about. E.g., I love seeing the Art Room in my feed, though quite often the comments are in some language whose script I can't even read. You can coalesce around shared interest, regardless. - Ruchira S. Datta
I'd recruit...but I like you guys. Why would I want to add more people like me to this mix? ;) - Just another Bubba
I've pretty much always thought of FriendFeed as a big party, but much less hit-or-miss. - Ruchira S. Datta
You can engage in cyberhypercavicunicucunctatalinkus without ever leaving the site. - Ruchira S. Datta
I *still* get almost zero engagement on Facebook. But then again, I see what other people post on Facebook and I don't find what they post very interesting. It's really interesting to just import all friendfeed content into Facebook, and see what people respond to. I get much more, detailed responses here when I do. - Andy Bakun
I agree that the FF community needs to evangelize more -- initiation to the community needs to be better - if we don't have a 'most important ff posts for noobs' post already then we should start working to create one, and then make sure that every noob is made aware -- i don't necessarily see the lack of new users as the problem (i've been meeting some new ffriends lately) but the churn seems to be the problem. lots of people give friendfeed a try, but most of them leave -- we can do something about that - Chris Heath
@Ruchira - Before the last few months when my FoaF still picked up new people FF was what you made of it. If you expected it to only be cliques and didn't participate except within cliques then it was about cliques. If you interacted with lots of people outside your favorites then it was about discovery and even about news. I used to be able to keep up with tech, science, photography... more... - Lindsay from iPhone
I followed people because of what they were sharing, that is what they were importing through their feeds. Do you know how boring it is, to see from a person solely personal posts when they used to share actual interesting content? - Anika
@Anika - why do people seem to have quit sharing interesting content? Is it because of the change in the community or what? I think when there was a larger audience that the interesting content got more participation... but since the audience has become less diverse and people get less feedback on non-personal posts they haven't been encouraged to post other things. What do you think? - Lindsay
I follow people who still share interesting content; in the majority of cases these are non-English speaking people. Of course, the trade-off is there's no interaction. I translate the posts to see what others are saying but feel there's no point in trying to post something when the translation could be wrong or my response might not be understood. I also try to share interesting... more... - Mark H
yeah Mark, i get a lot of the turkish posts via FoaF - some are really good - Chris Heath
I'm a latecomer and not sure what the FF community is/was but I love what you can do with it - particularly when a group forms and is active. The LSW group is more of a community-oriented online community than most. Another group I'm involved in has good people, but mostly feed links; it's only good when a discussion gets going - which naked links rarely prompt. - barbara fister
Well, I've just friended everyone on this feed (who didn't have a private feed) that I hadn't been following before. Every one of us went through the same "How do I get STARTED?!?" feeling; the way through it is interaction -- just keep liking and commenting on threads, and follow people who interest you, and suddenly you'll find yourself in the thick of things without even knowing how it happened. So welcome to all of our new members! - Ordinarybug Heather
it iIS all about the community here...wish there was a way to weed through the broadcasters in my friend list and find just the people who are engaging... And dump the rest. That's half the problem, sorting through the broadcast trash. The other half is no mobile app I can find for my phone. :) - Peggy Dolane
i don't have a problem with broadcast users, it does bug me a bit, but i realize that some people do their thing on their own sites and i'm happy that they at least came here to set up the feed so that i can find them and their stuff - Chris Heath
and when someone doesn't have their feeds coming into ff i'm grateful to the ff-team for giving me the tools to add feeds into 'groups/rooms' in the event that I want to add someone to ff that doesn't have an account - Chris Heath
Lindsay, I don't know. I think it goes back to cliques. Say Person A posts something. Then about 10 min. later, Person B posts the same exact thing, all of a sudden everyone is rushing to that person's posts to comment. Why? Because s/he's part of that clique. They both have the same people subbed to them, but it's all in who is doing the posting. One reason I'll post certain items to rooms as opposed to my feed to avoid the typical responses I know I'll get from some people. - Anika
on any social networking site you have this social network effect... while person a doesn't have that many friends person b does, and person b's friends are very active... it may seem like a clique but it's just a group of people interacting... the first person isn't in the circle of friends (or clique as you call it) http://www.google.com/search... --- by definition a clique is exclusive. here on friendfeed a clique would be a private group - Chris Heath
No, I was explicit. I'm talking about people who do have the same circle of friends (subscribers). It's just that one person can be ignored while the same item posted by someone else (visible to the same people), can be celebrated. - Anika
Trying. I stump for FF all the time and hate the thought of it dying due to apathy. - Martha from BuddyFeed
Why not welcome the new starters to FriendFeed: http://ff.im/hKE9o - Kol Tregaskes
Another thought: the real reason I got hooked was because of a person (no longer actively participating here sadly) who habitually reached out to new people and personally made them feel welcome. Enough of that practice spread regularly over time would so much to spread goodwill again outside of this network. I am by far not the most influential person here (and she was one) but if enough people commit to doing this, well, it's bound to make a difference ... - Martha from BuddyFeed
I got R to join - now how to rope him in... - Iphigenie
I think that cliques are quite normal in any social situation, the problem with FF is that its active (participating rather than broadcasting) user base has never been large enough to make the cliques less noticeable. The few people I introduced to FF left because of the US-centric cliquey atmosphere therefore I don't think I will try with anyone else. - M F
as far as I know there are entire mini ecosystems of people within friendfeed which we don't see or meet - perhaps we ought to snoop around and rope in the people who are already here - Iphigenie
I am unsubscribing to ALL of you. Buncha hippies. - Akiva from FreshFeed
*serious* lol - Mr. The Jason Fleming
So in the early days of FF I grow to love it for several reasons. The features / functionality of the service were awesome. My personal interests are fairly tech heavy and FF offered a great discovery engine for finding the interesting or most popular tech info/stories that were being liked/commented on by folks. It also offered a fun and balanced experience for fun stuff like sharing... more... - Mark Krynsky
Just subbed to you, AC. Echoing what other folks said - it would help if folks commented on newbies' posts. Otoh, folks don't comment much on posts in general. I don't *feel* like a newbie, but very little of my stuff gets much attention. (I don't think mentioning it is a good idea, in general.) Either that's true of a lot of people, or not everything I post is the stuff dreams are made of, or both. I deal, and am learning the difference. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
++AC Delco, a round of applause to Lindsay for starting this discussion! When I joined FriendFeed, there were very few people on it and most of us knew each other in real life. I'm learning a lot here about what it's like for most people when they join. - Ruchira S. Datta
Just kidding. You make some excellent points. - Akiva
+jcovertaxed on the money - Adrian
AC Delco really? Calling me a traitor? Is FF a country? I think it's exactly comments/attacks like that on people that turn them off to sharing & interacting on the service. Everyone chooses to use this service in different ways and it's the people you sub to and interact with that define that for you. I don't judge anyone for using the service however they want to and I'm just stating what has changed for me. I still love the service and have many friends here and continue to visit it daily. - Mark Krynsky
I love how most of you people are having a good time interacting with Cristo, I guess that's one positive to re-branding yourself. ;) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
You are suspicious as well Jimminy? - Chris Heath
Yes, was trying to be helpful, but come on! Still fun though. - Eric - Final Countdown
Chris, not suspicious, he told me so last night. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy, I think Cristo will be rather cross to see that you're revealing you guys' pillow talk to everyone. That stuff's supposed to be private! - Akiva
Cristo, it was out in the open, public fashion, now just to find out which thread it was in. EDIT: http://ff.im/iczAT - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Mark, for what it's worth, you're one of the people I feel does a great job of being friendly with all sorts of people. I would like to see the tech content come back a bit - it's how I hoped to up my geek cred. But there's so much here i'm always finding new stuff. I've found three new people just in this thread! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Stuck together? Loyalties? Not use other services? Slap out of it Man! The World Wide Web is a big place...Many of us import our activity from OTHER services right here so that we can share and help others discover great content and then have conversations sparked from those imported items. This isn't some island were we all have to isolate ourselves and sing Kumbaya...although I'd like to do that with Akiva one day... - Mark Krynsky
^________^ - Akiva
MaryB thanks...I've been here since the beginning and have really tried to steer clear from any personal attacks or some of the more heated arguments I've seen here over the years. I'm not here to push an agenda. I'm just here to discover great content and people...and wacky photo memes. - Mark Krynsky
I did my part! ... Actually, I probably made a few people leave. :( - Steven Perez
Cristo, yes that comment, but I also find it highly unlikely, someone would act like you, as well as using an image of Chuck Yeager. How many people do you think even know who he is, and the likelihood of picking that as an avatar? So combine the 3 factors, FF being the third, and it's seemingly more than coincidental. :) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
You really think that no one knows who Chuck Yeager is? - Akiva from FreshFeed
Akiva, I don't think many people know who he is, not that no one knows who he is. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cristo, they don't act like you, not many snarky remarks. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Akiva, might be believable, but then you would have to be Akiva and not Chris White. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm offended. I have never made a snarky remark on FriendFeed. - Akiva
It would probably be more feasible if I was AC Delco. *sigh* - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
*touche* I'm also trying extremely hard to pin it on you, which doesn't help my case either. If I was AC, I would admit to being Cristo in a post at this point to prove my case, that you're AC. Sadly, I don't so that won't be showing up. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah I think that too.Now That friendfeed moved to "Safe" Servers it's quite fun to use again - Svartling
Join Johnny and Steven at #UserDrive :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks all who have friended me from this discussion. Now all I need is someone to comment when I post something! Hey, things are looking up! I have been on Friendfeed a good while actually, I'm not a newbie but simply was ignored 'sob' - Technogran
Hey, will some of you debaters go put your money where your mouth is and actually answer my "burning" question? http://bit.ly/b8yRGF - Martha
Martha, it looks more like a freezing question. - Ruchira S. Datta
I think quitters are too public about the fact that they are leaving. I say just go and be done with it. I'm here using the service and if they are quitting then I am pretty sure it is someone I am not interacting with anyway in this space. so what does it matter to me? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
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Kid Photo Meme, Part II: THE AFRO STRIKES BACK - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Holy crap! Amazing. - Vincent X
wow. that's bigger than my dad's 'fro! - Anika
BSA rules - Josh Haley
oh sh! so nice! - Zu from AOD
This is the greatest family photo ever. - Mike Doeff
I'm liking this because the suit reminds me of Herb Tarlek - Outsanity
Is that English? - Mona Nomura
*bump* - Rodfather
oh my god. - edythe
LOL yet so adorable - Lorna from twhirl
*bump* you can't hide from the rebirth of this meme. - Mark Krynsky
Bump for good times. - Mark Krynsky
Erhan Erdoğan
Stone vs iPhone
Can be used as paperweight ✓ ✓ - Nathaniel Payne
Bunun nokia 3310lusuda var :) - loran the 'amorfati'
I choose stone : ) Better handling : ) - Selim Yoruk
Better standby time, too. - Jordan Hofker
Personally I'm waiting for the iPebble... - Johnny
Smash a rock into pieces and you get more. Smash an iphone, well, there aren't Nanos coming out. - Jordan Hofker
@Ahmet Buleeeeeent yorum yaz - MugeCerman
John: I remembered the flintstones' infant daughter Pebbles Flintstone after your comment. She was using a phone like this Stone, wasn't she? : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Which proves, people want less features, not more! LOL - Victor Ganata
Yeah, I'd rather have a stone than an iPhone. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Stones are also more theft deterrent. - Shawn Farner
Stone is cheaper - Morton Fox
bütün fuar gg oldu :) - Ömer Enis
Hey, there is a huge period of time that we now call the Stone Age. I doubt we will ever have an era named the iPhone Age. - Victor Ganata
Victor: Maybe Apple Age? - Erhan Erdoğan
Still: the Apple Age 1976-2008. The Stone Age 3 million BC-3000 BC. Steve Jobs ain't gonna be around *that* long (barring major innovations in life prolongation that I'm sure he'd be able to afford.) - Victor Ganata
When they came out they were hot ✓ ✓ - Benedikt Koehler
For most situations, I prefer the iPhone. I get really bad reception with my rock.. and it's hard to check my stocks and get directions to the pizza joint with it. But it works great as a makeshift mallet for pounding tent stakes when camping! My iPhone's a little to fragile for that. At least my iPhone can double as a flashlight in a pinch! - Jackson D. Carson
OK. I will downgrade to Stone. - Leon Ho
This is classic!! and I'm an iPhone fan!! - Bronwyn
:)) haha - Farzad
Worse is better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... ".. limited but exceptionally simple to use may be "better" than that is more comprehensive but harder to use ..." stone is better ;) - Turkey banned Bloggum :(
I'm sorry for this post, I wanna delete it now. :-) I had an iPhone gift and I'm very happy with my new Apple. She is really better than stone. http://friendfeed.com/e... :-) - Erhan Erdoğan
...because it has a touchscreen, right? O:-) - Marcos Marado
not touch..multi touch :) - Ömer Zahit Kara
Can knock you out when hit with it: ✓ X - Martha
Too funny! I have to leave a comment when I my laugh turns heads - Rick Bucich
I want to see stone 3.0 when it comes out. - Phil Boiarski
Stil choose the stone. Until someone buy me an iPhone. - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
You can build a wall with a stone. - Martha
straight lulz. Wake the fuck up apple. OOOOOH COPY&PASTE COMING SOON!!! - LarchOye
How big (Kb) is a MMS message on average? - Johnny
I actually don't miss copy and paste. - Victor Ganata
Good question Johnny. Without an attachment, I think they're <5kb. After that, it depends on your attachment I guess! - Will Higgins™
An average MMS (according to Nokia) is 50KB. I pay 50c per MMS. Therefore I am paying 1c/KB or $10.24/MB or $10,485.76 per GB - Johnny
for mhmazidi - amirHP
This image should be updated!! Please tick MMS for iPhone 3G : ) - Erhan Erdogan (Eski)
Also one-way video call - Özkan Altuner
Rock solid build quality ✓ X - Sriks7
stone is not fragile, but iphone is. so better to use a stone. - elodeon
Banana pudding!
With nilla wafers? mmmm - comix aka martha
I LOVE YOU POLLY. - Mona Nomura
:) - edythe
Ohh, I make a mean from scratch banana pudding and you've just made me crave some. Share, please! - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Kisha, we have never made our banana puddings from scratch, so I don't know what I'm missing on the homemade pudding part. It's hard to imagine bp being improved upon in any way, but I bet yours is heartstoppingly good. - edythe
My partner tried to create a "death by banana pudding" moment by bringing home free-range eggs, fancy vanilla extract, organic milk... even he had to concede after I'd finished cooking that banana pudding can't get better than itself. :) My stomach is still grumbling every time I look at your gorgeous pic. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Aw, thanks. :) yeah, I was thinking, what if you made your own nilla wafers, too? Maybe the whole bp thing hasn't been pushed to its limits. ;) - edythe from iPhone
NOM NOM NOM. - Steven Perez
Robert Scoble
Putting knowledge into Twitter makes me sad because it is almost impossible to pull it out again in future.
No kidding :-) - Jason Cronkhite
But it's real time! Once you've put the knowledge in there, it's already old. - Andy Bakun
Ya, It's like the email of 2009 in that sense. - Malcolm Bastien
Andy: OK, quick, find me all the tweets that replied to my netbook question - Robert Scoble
Robert: that was sarcasm. - Andy Bakun
FriendFeed is infinitely better, and I want to thank you, Scoble, for introducing me to it. Unfortunately, I still find myself opening Facebook from time to time, as I cannot seem to integrate that into FriendFeed properly :( - Carlton Prest
I know that's impossible. Which is why people should use friendfeed instead. Friendfeed: where search actually works. - Andy Bakun
Carlton: that's a problem with facebook's platform. - Andy Bakun
Once FF integrates better with blogging systems - then we'll see a greater adoption. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Jonathan: yes. In FriendFeed knowledge is bundled together and can be found in the future. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know if all your Tweets are archived forever? Do they ever expire? - Ideas At Random
Under what circumstanced is Twitter a good knowledge-base? - Amit Morson
Twitter archives your tweets: if you delete them, it takes like 3 weeks for them to disappear out of search. - Andy Bakun
but twitter do not need to offer this - thousands of apps already exist to pull out the knowledge you want it. e.g. find what links you posted -> http://tweetmeme.com/user... - Nick Halstead
Ideas: My early Tweets are not indexed. You can't find early Tweets from the Chinese earthquake, for instance. Are they saved? Probably, but since they aren't indexed in Twitter search it doesn't matter. - Robert Scoble
Nick: bullshit. Find everyone who responded to my Netbook question over on Twitter. Some responded without using my name. - Robert Scoble
What's interesting about this challenge is that since twitter's search ability is what's being questioned, there's really no way to verify that _everything_ could be found, because there's no external, non-twitter copy of all of twitter to see if you could find _everything_ about any given topic. You can't be sure that you found everything. - Andy Bakun
They'll be a search or other app capability that will make getting anything you want out easy in future. The whole world will be (increasingly) organized, and not just via Google. - Alex Hammer
Alex: that's not true. Each Tweet does not have enough metadata to make search easy. This is the #1 reason why I have been pushing FriendFeed so hard. - Robert Scoble
Alex: that's the future. What about now? - Andy Bakun
It's almost impossible to find a tweet. It's only 140 characters of info with no metadata. Each tweet is just not individual enough to find again later. Needles and haystacks... - Rahsheen
Yep, metadata is the key, and 140 characters is not enough to even store unstructured metadata AND the content itself. - Andy Bakun
Once you shout out the window it is gone... unless you live in a canyon. - Art Witczak
Robert (from FF and copying Twitter): I have heard that Google is planning to launch a search engine for twitts. If so, that could be a very good solution to store, index and retrieve all the knowledge in Twitter. By the way, 140 characters are not that heavy! - Eduardo Loyola
@ Robert Scoble ...Have you tried searching your FF account for your early Tweets, like the Chinese earthquake? - Ideas At Random
Ideas: I have and it is better than Twitter but not perfect. - Robert Scoble
You mean "impossible" as in the rich API with which tons of developers have found tons of ways to interact with Twitter? I'm no dev, but it sounds like it's one of the most accessible services yet. - David Chartier
David: twitter's API can't add the metadata that will make search good. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, Robert is right there. The API just doesn't make search any better. Everything is just too much of the same. - Rahsheen
If you send all your tweets to FriendFeed they are much easier to search and find later. Or use LoudTwitter < http://loudtwitter.com > you can backup your tweets to your blog and archive them. - Chris Loft
Good point. That's why I archive my tweets. It ain't pretty, but it works: http://davestweets.tumblr.com/ - DaveDelaney.ME
I still have a lot of followers on twitter that are not on FF. I see that changing fast, but I have no desire to set up a bunch of "fake" accounts. I wish I could just view twitter users in FF. The way that Steve Rubel uses Gmail, is changing my workflow for sure however... - Robert from email
Those fake accounts sure are a pain in the arse to set up. - Mark
Agreed, thats all I will say - polou/indigo_bow
Take heart Mr. Scoble, the next big Twitter is looming nearby, the developers are coding it as we speak..This is the most amazing time for technology, as long as the 'bean-counters' don't kill the innovation.. Respectfully, Nicholas Chase - Nicholas Chase
Workaround for archiving my Twitter conversations. I setup a rss feed based on a search results with my username.(ie http://search.twitter.com/search...) and have the feed in Google Reader. Now I can quickly search my old tweets. Yes, I know it doesn't help find other people's tweets or info. But, with using my Twitter username as the search word, I archive @replies, and any mentions. I started this with Google Reader in January and have access to every tweet I sent and received since then. - Brian
That is real time, man. Why we don't understand: it is not there if it is not happening in real time. - ThinkEzy
As we are moving towards a real time stream of information, we fail to conserve the value. Twitter Search lists the latest messages on your query and therefore any tweet older than a couple minutes is lost. I would love a time line of the election in Iran from the beginning with coverage of the main events within the election, the most important messages and the leading users. Than, add photo and video footage and Twitter would have real time coverage of events. - Thomas R. Stegelmann
Whatever actual knowledge Twitter has to offer is generated via network effects -it is collective, not Scoble- who along with 'us,' contibute time, presence and input which is sometimes smart + insightful, sometimes off-the-cuff, sometimes emotional + sensational, sometimes (yes, even) frivolous... all of which generates a certain kind of intelligence. And yes, given a specific context, this might pass for knowledge. - Brad Kligerman
I have my twitter home feed imported here as an imaginary friend, just to make searching it easier, so I can restrict the search to my home feed instead of the entire twitterverse. - April Russo (FForever!)
That's why everyone should pipe their tweets into FriendFeed, even Technosailor Aaron Brazell. All of them are retained, and they're easily searchable. - Hutch Carpenter
What should be added in a search engine to make it more viable? - James Stratford
Maybe you need to stop thinking of Twitter as something you 'put things in' that you later need to 'take out'. If Twitter is not a type of container, what else could it be? I think Twitter is a thought process, a community thought process. It helps you think, it helps you generate new ideas from it's own content. You don't need to take things out, you just need to add your thoughts to it. - Joolio
Robert are you aware of Tweetree? It is like Twitter in HD. http://tweetree.com/garinki... It does a much better job tracking Twitter replies and it will insert videos, entire blog posts, and even the entire ff thread in real-time from any tweets that are made via ff. - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin: Thanks for the link. Great site! Hadn't heard of tweetree before. - Mike Bracco
Mike: You're welcome! Glad you like it :) - Garin Kilpatrick
You should try out http://www.tweets2mail.com then you can search directly from within gmail :) - NerdyHearn
This is the reason why I have Louttwitetr blog all my daily tweets in a blog dedicated to this ;) Same for delicvious links to also share the link-love - oliver gassner
Instant noodles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
Instant noodles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Step one: Crunch up the noodles inside the packet. - tehKenny from Bookmarklet
Step two: pour noodles into bowl. - tehKenny
Noooo I don't like them crunched up. I'd rather have them super long. - BEX
Step three: Add water and flavor packet. - tehKenny
Stop four: Ignore Bex. - tehKenny
sTEP fIVE Microwave and Enjoy. - tehKenny
I have no problem ignoring Bex in this case, but microwaving them is making me ignore you too. - Anika
:o - tehKenny
No no 1) no crunching 2) put noodles in dish 3) pour boiling water over noodles 4) add flavor packet :) 5) no eating raw noodles :P - comix aka martha
Me: *snicker* Shawn: What's funny? Me: People on FF will argue about ANYTHING. - Alix May
My wife does that with one particular brand of noodles. Crunch up the noodles, open the package, sprinkle in the flavor packet, chow down. Could never understand the appeal. - rønin
Alix, that's because they're WRONG! - Anika
over fill the cup with water put in microwave. Note mess left by water boiling over eat noodles . - Tony C (Unrated)
NO CRUNCHING! I also like them long. However, until you've had the kind normally sold in India, you haven't lived. Loaded with spicy yummy taste. - Wirehead
Didn't ANY of you go to college? Geeeeez... - tehKenny
*My* dorm had a kitchen. - Anika
We were forbidden to cook on our own. Dorm food or going out was the only option. Still. I do loves my ramen at least some of the time. - Wirehead
lifesaver :) And I crunch them... and put some additional spices into it. - ※Fu※
my method (to this day): 1) boil a pot of water 2) while water is coming to the boil, crunch up the nooodlez 3) add to boiler water 4) after a m9inute, add "falvor" racquet and maybe some lunch meat and or some veg or some leftovers from takeaway 5) scald myself tipping out the excess water from the pan without dropping the food down the wash basin plughole 6) eat using a pair of pens... more... - Big Joe Silenced
1. While water is coming to a boil, break an egg into a ramekin and stir to combine; 2. Add egg to boiling water; 3. Wait until water comes back up to a boil and then add some frozen peas; 4. Optionally break noodles in half in package (I don't like them too long); 5. Wait until water comes back up to a boil and then add noodles; 6. Empty flavor packet into a bowl and add a tablespoon... more... - Akiva
i hate it! - Mahdi
@Akiva: that's almost EXACTLY how my wife does it. - Big Joe Silenced
I follow the no crunching method and I add a secret step in right after adding packet and before stirring. Add a little hotsauce. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I used to do the egg thing like Akiva. The best way is to ditch the flavor packet and the water. Toss wam noodles (not crunched) in butter, garlic and tons of parm cheese. - BEX
BEX, we used to take these on the trail with us, and there was a father-son team that used to bring a little red wine, and bake up a nice sauce with these. Ramen never tasted so good! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I only crunch up at work because the available bowls are too small to fit otherwise. Instant noodles are my go-to meal for when I'm sick. Ramen, kimchi, and an egg, which I find generally needs additional microwaving to actually cook through. - Andrew C (✔)
Damn, now I kinda want some. - Derrick
Step one: Open packet...Step two: eat noodles - Scoble, Alex Scoble
If they aren't long, you might be doing it wrong. - MiniMage
Free Coloring Pages - Churches | Infopirate.org - http://infopirate.org/bm_free...
Free Coloring Pages - Churches | Infopirate.org
Churches are an important aspect of the lives of many people. Each church is special and unique in many ways. This hubpage celebrates the wonderful and multiple different architectural forms of Churches. Every Church is unique and by presenting free printable coloring pages for children and young people to enjoy we hope that religious teachers can use these colouring pages for educational material. Use of the coloring pages will introduce many subjects, such as geography of the world. We will add additional Church and Churches coloring pages as often as possible. Downloads for all our many coloring pages is 100% free so tell all your friends. The various coloring pictures here portray Christian Churches from all over the world. We sincerely hope these are appreciated and used frequently. - JavaMan
beautiful! :D - Brandon
almost.at - Following People at Real-World Events in Real-Time - http://almost.at
almost.at - Following People at Real-World Events in Real-Time
Awesome service! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Chris Messina
Irgendwie finde ich #Twhirl immer noch die beste Twitter-App.
Gestern mal TweetDeck angesehen, auch ganz nett. Aber Twhirl rocks! - ※Fu※ from twhirl
Michael W. May
I haz beer, hefeweizen (sorta), an empty stomach, and a chair dance playlist on random. Happy Friday (Saturday, Oz, etc)
this pudgy white guy is singing "a brothers gonna work it out" with the Chemical Brothers *cheers* - Michael W. May
AJ Batac
Microsoft cannot be trusted! - http://www.dvorak.org/blog...
Microsoft cannot be trusted!
"A routine security update for a Microsoft Windows component installed on tens of millions of computers has quietly installed an extra add-on for an untold number of users surfing the Web with Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser. Earlier this year, Microsoft shipped a bundle of updates known as a “service pack” for a programming platform called the Microsoft .NET Framework, which Microsoft and plenty of third-party developers use to run a variety of interactive programs on Windows. The service pack for the .NET Framework, like other updates, was pushed out to users through the Windows Update Web site…I’m here to report a small side effect from installing this service pack that I was not aware of until just a few days ago: Apparently, the .NET update automatically installs its own Firefox add-on that is difficult — if not dangerous — to remove, once installed." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
OMG! - Lysender
What a shocker. Who knew? - Michael R. Bernstein
Sascha Lobo
Wettbewerb Facebook vs. Twitter - bekommt dieser Beitrag mehr Favs auf Twitter oder Likes auf Facebook? #freitagsquatsch
Dazu möchte ich mich unbedingt hier auf Friendfeed äußern! - Thilo Specht
Friendfeed!! - Hans Kainz
FriendFeed FTW und so - Marcel Weiß
FF FTW! - ※Fu※
Houston was actually one of the first cities to have a Cow Parade, we had one in London a year later. Anyway the official site is here. http://www.cowparade.com/ - M F
I saw one of these cowparades in 2001 on the streets of Luxembourg. Funny, interesting and refreshing. - Brome
We had a Cowparade in Manchester a few years ago. Some of them are still in place. - Martin Bryant
Neat thing I learned via the FriendFeed swap box.. down in Greenville NC they have "Mice on Main" which are little mouse sculptures hidden around main street. - Bill Rawlinson
Mona Nomura
i love this :) - Hayk
me too, hayk. :) - Mona Nomura
Mona :) - Hayk
geeky comics, i likey! - imabonehead
Yar! - Jay Wiegmann
awesome! - Harold Green
heck yes :) - Mona Nomura
*chuckles* - The Fat Oracle
what an idea - macro
Sorry for all the bumpage, people. I'm using "search" for the first time ever. - Mona Nomura
me @ 6
Awwww, what a cutie you were/are! - Allen Harkleroad
So prim, proper, and lovely! Your MaryJanes RULE. - Mona Nomura
This is more me. LOL. - Melissa
Carmen - I deleted the other. hehe - Melissa
Cute!! - Josh Haley
Cecily - exactly. And hand gestures to match. ;) - Melissa
Carmen - yeah, saw no need to have two up. Although I'm really enjoying seeing everyone else's. I just love child photography, period :) - Melissa
you're playing spoons?! cute picture! - Susan Beebe
Susan - I think I was trying to explain something *very* serious to my folks whilst eating cereal. ;) - Melissa
I think I'm going to rock pigtails like this again. - Melissa
why did you delete the other...awww - Pete D
What an adorable young Melissa just as adorable as the woman Melissa! - imabonehead
Pete - thought this displayed my personality better :) // Caroline - thank you // ima - thank you again! - Melissa
Thanks, Mark. :D - Melissa
what an angel - RAPatton
Thank you, RAP & Anthony. :) - Melissa
*bump* - Rodfather
hee hee. hey this is an ooooold post :) - Melissa
even though it's an old post, it's never too old to oogle over Melissa! :P - imabonehead
ha. :) - edythe
Bec Rowe @d0tski
"You as a Kid Meme"
I'd totally wear that little dress if I had it in my size, today! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
And scarf! - Andrew Trinh
Cute, Bec! - Mona Nomura
@Andrew, that's my blankie :) @Caroline Oh, you mean Linus! Yeah, hehe :) - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Aww blankie! It was hard to see on my mobile but that's even better. - Andrew Trinh
*bump* - Rodfather
Awww, I was cute :) - Bec Rowe @d0tski
With blankey FTW! - Mark Krynsky
:) - edythe
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