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Watching Rectify, and as great as it is, the only thing I see is @abigailspencer 's magnificent hair.
I know what's for dinner tonight.
Toyotal recall. I'll show myself out.
Eighth day of my caffeine-free April. The headaches have stop. The brain still no function.
Too grumpy for April 1.
Tweeting and drinking Turkish coffee. Is that even allowed? #twitterisblockedinturkey
Marc Andreessen on Bitcoin: "I'm completely unfazed and plan to invest more"
Dow Jones reaches ATH. What goes up must...go up some more? (:
I just watched Silver Linings Playbook. She's mesmerizing, the rest of the movie just feels fake.
RT @LaughingSquid: Kids in Eastern Congo Meet at a White Guy for the First Time & Marvel at his Hairy Arms
Fever. Guess I won't see much of Barcelona this year :(
What happened to the big announcements? #MWC2013 --
The flight attendant on my flight to BCN had the fakest smile ever. I remembered it in my sleep. Her smile will haunt me forever.
Not The Onion. A subReddit that collects real stories which sound like they're from the Onion. Genius.
OK, Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu: FIGHT! Who wins this one? Say your predictions. #MWC2013
The hardest part of covering #MWC is figuring what's actually new. Someone give me a way to instantly know this and I'll love you forever.
Can I just publicly say that i'm not that excited about Apple's wristwatch? In fact, I'm not excited about wrist-anything
That last tweet was totally missing a #MWC2013 tag. Just so you know where, exactly, am I being lame.
Looks like I'm partying in the hotel tonite. By partying, I mean drinking a bottle of cava some nice people gave me. After I begged for it.
The #Oscars2013 and #MWC2013 tags are competing for top trending spot. Barcelona must win!
Food time. I need a HUGE steak. Anyone know a good steakhouse in Barcelona? #MWC
It's 1PM and I already need a nap :/
Off to Nokia's #MWC2013 event. Oh Nokia, it's so damn early :(
Hey, @clocklear, partying already? Got a treat for you -- a mobile MWC party guide (; and
So, who's going to MWC@Barcelona this year? I'll be there from Saturday to Friday. #MWC2013
RT @hyperactiveco: Aaand it's out! Barcelona party guide for all you folks attending #MWC Check it out (for Android) #MWC2013 #MWC13
Hey Google Chrome, why the hell is alt+V command taking a screenshot? It's also "@" on a PC. I'm taking way too many useless screenshots.
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