The world's best ale? Let's test that hypothesis.. - Drinking an Old Tom Original by Robinsons - #photo
Karlovačko regular is better, but sometimes you just need a dark beer... (Karlovačko Crno) #photo
Haven't had Thai beer in a while... - Drinking a Chang Beer (5.0%) by @thai_bev - #photo
The ruler Westeros deserves?
Trying out @untappd beer discovery app! Thanks @jfparina
One of the perks of working at Mashable: You get to feature your dad in a Mashable article on Father’s Day
Time to finally throw myself into the Adriatic sea, and after that it's bye-bye Split. Thanks @ShiftSplit for an amzing couple of days!
RT @amalucky: #ShiftSplit had a great conversation with @CubeSensors and @franticnews on wearables. :) thanks @ivanburazin !
Checking out the startup pitches at #shiftsplit. Getting rid of email seems to be a trend that never dies..
Arrived at #shiftsplit and awaiting the hackathon presentations. It's gonna be a fun week!
Oh, that's just Stan.
Bill Gates writes for Mashable again!
Watching Rectify, and as great as it is, the only thing I see is @abigailspencer 's magnificent hair.
I know what's for dinner tonight.
Toyotal recall. I'll show myself out.
Eighth day of my caffeine-free April. The headaches have stop. The brain still no function.
Too grumpy for April 1.
Tweeting and drinking Turkish coffee. Is that even allowed? #twitterisblockedinturkey
Marc Andreessen on Bitcoin: "I'm completely unfazed and plan to invest more"
Dow Jones reaches ATH. What goes up must...go up some more? (:
I just watched Silver Linings Playbook. She's mesmerizing, the rest of the movie just feels fake.
RT @LaughingSquid: Kids in Eastern Congo Meet at a White Guy for the First Time & Marvel at his Hairy Arms
Fever. Guess I won't see much of Barcelona this year :(
What happened to the big announcements? #MWC2013 --
The flight attendant on my flight to BCN had the fakest smile ever. I remembered it in my sleep. Her smile will haunt me forever.
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