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Thomas Hawk
Good Luck Scobleizer! -
Welcome to the World Milan William Scoble, 8
I met Robert at last year's IFA in Berlin for a short walk around the show floor. He's great guy and I wish him and his new venture all the best. And I agree that he should get back together with Rocky. I don't think they are done with their work yet... - Holger Eilhard
Robert has a long history of personal resiliency, so I am thinking that this is just a minor setback. I too want to wish him well. - Brian Sullivan
M, forwarding .. - Daniele Beta
Brian, I don't think of this as a setback for him at all. I think of this as a new and better opportunity for him. Like a lot of magazines Fast Company I'm sure was hit hard in this recent downturn. Robert needs certain things to thrive best. Rocky was a first rate editor. Robert's time is best spent doing what he does which is out and about interviewing people and having someone like Rocky to edit his stuff was important. Robert will do better someplace that is growing rather than cutting back. - Thomas Hawk
Robert you might want to tuck that away for your eulogy. Quite a tribute. - Todd Hoff
Todd: Thomas is one of the best people I know, it's a real honor to have him as a friend. - Robert Scoble
We all know Scoble will be a-ok in the days, weeks and years to come. I'm sure we're going to hear news about this awesome new service that pays by the kilobyte of awesome video you post, meaning Scoble will become very, very wealthy... - Mike Nayyar
Great post Thomas - I'm also looking forward to his next venture ... - Patrick Jordan
A very good article that helps us remember how much he contributes to our community. - Jonathon
Mike: actually that's a very interesting idea! :-) - Robert Scoble
We have to wait until SXSW? You're killing me! Whatever he does you know it's going to be good. - Bruce Lewis
Good luck Scoble. We met at a Social Media Club event in Phoenix a few years back and I have been following you ever since. Looking forward to your new adventures. - John Seiferth
Amen! You've got lots of helpers if you ever need them! - Scott Loftesness
What a wonderful article, and the pictures at Flickr were enjoyable as well. I wish the two of you would do a photowalk in San Diego so I could meet both of you in person! - Laura Zickus
Best of luck to you! May your next chapter be profitable to you in every possible way! - vicster.
Great post Thomas! - Kenton
That was a great summary of Scoble. I'm sure his next adventure will be something to watch. - Jeremy Brooks
The sentiment here about Robert (and folks like TH too) are right on - the level of transparency, integrity and work ethic we see sets the bar high for leaders in a community (a network of micro communities, as it might be put better). Think about Paul Harvey. An endearing, tireless pioneer who reached his community with the media/technology of his day for 70+ years. Scobleizer's journey, I believe, has just begun. - Micah
more time to spend with the Sean McBrides of the world. lucky "fast company" to be rid of a man and his destructive politics. - NoahDavidSimon
Really, really nice piece Thomas - Charlie Anzman
Fabulous post Thomas!! WOW!!!!!!! Lovely, moving and very well documented. Robert is an amazingly passionate, intelligent, smart and uber-technical guy that really has an astounding work ethic that never fails to deliver value in everything he does!! - you captured that very well with this blog post. :) Personally, I -like you- think he should link up with Friendfeed. that would be a PERFECT fit and a complete win-win relationship; however, I'd be concerned that FF might be too small for him. - Susan Beebe
Organizing the FriendFeed Firehose -
Organizing the FriendFeed Firehose ( )
MG Siegler
laurence timms
Scoble gives me a productivity problem... - talking about his productivity problem. - laurence timms
mathew ingram
@mmasnick presentation on "the economics of abundance" about to start #mesh08
That's one presentation I'd love to hear. I'm an avid Techdirt reader. - Stan Schroeder from twhirl
Tamar Weinberg
Type 'Hell' Into Your iphone Maps [PIC] -
Robert Scoble
If you have a DSLR you should ALWAYS use RAW. - Robert Scoble
RAW 4 LIFE - Akiva
I agree with Michael.... generally, the one exception to Robert's opinion is the person who doesn't want to be bothered with the extra step of processing the RAW image before they can share it with others. My wife is often like that. When she's taking "snapshots" she doesn't want to process them, she just wants to email them to her friends and family (or, plug the CF card into the printer and directly print it). - Kenneth LeFebvre
Kenneth: I shoot in both JPEG and RAW (my Canon 5D does that) for just that reason. That way I can get stuff up on Flickr very quickly without doing any processing (almost none of my photos have been processed, but that'll start changing since I'm starting to care about my photography as an art form rather than just a way to capture what I'm seeing. - Robert Scoble
Just lets not start yet another debate. 100% RAW is obvious. - TranceMist
IGiven all the playdates & kids activites we do, I'm with your wife on that fron Ken but like Robert my 10 D does that too so the non kids stuff is always raw now. - Mrsth
Where's the BMP love? Huh? Anyone? Hmm. - Nathaniel Payne
If you are shoooting raw, what are you doing post processing with? - Todd Jordan
Yeah, she usually shoots JPG+RAW, too... but mostly her RAW is just wasted space for snapshots. On the other hand, when she's in "photographer" mode, she's all over the RAW... and she's really a very good photographer: (just didn't want to imply that she doesn't appreciate the value of RAW). :) - Kenneth LeFebvre
Todd: I organize with Lightroom and process with ACR. And I, personally, always shoot in RAW... don't even waste the space on JPEG (it usually ends up in PSD, anyway, before I get to Flickr... I usually crop and fiddle with my levels at a minimum). - Kenneth LeFebvre
Todd - yes, but in Aperture it's no different than JPEG, except you can do more. - TranceMist
ACR? and why do you need PSD again? (admits ignorance of some of the big name tools.) - Todd Jordan
PSD stores original, change history, etc... big bloated, but complete file - Philip Evans from twhirl
ah... ACR is "Adobe Camera RAW" which is essentially the wizard that processes RAW and converts it into the PSD that Photoshop uses. - Kenneth LeFebvre
More conversation just on Raw post processing here - - Todd Jordan
Artistic photos - RAW, because I like spending time with each one. Snapshots - JPG + RAW for both convenience and a lossless archival copy. - Tom Harrison
Good point about the lossless archive - Todd Jordan
PNG is lossless too. I use that format sometimes when I scan in receipts and stuff. - Morton Fox
everything raw for a while, just changed strategy, shoot raw when I think I'm taking "Photographs" and need to use the extra data, shoot jpg when shooting snapshots at parties and or events - Bryan Thatcher from twhirl
I pretty much only shoot RAW. I prefer to make adjustments myself instead of leaving it to the camera. - jerry
Pretty much RAW is where it's at --- pros have no excuse to use JPG - Shey
I'd recommend that anyone interested in this reads this - The short version: JPEG has advantages over Raw in perceptual image quality because of its reduction of sensor noise. If your camera is giving significantly poorer quality in JPEG than Raw, it's because the quality of its JPEG compression isn't good enough, not because Raw is intrinsically superior. - Ian Betteridge
Secong point: Not all Raw is created equal. The NEF format used in Nikon's old D-70, for example, was effectively lossy (see for the tech details). So check what "Raw" means in your camera, too. - Ian Betteridge
And finally... it's "Raw" not "RAW". It isn't an acronym, so all caps isn't correct. And technically, of course, there is no such thing as "Raw format". Apart from attempts at creating "digital negative" formats like Adobe's DNG, every camera maker has their own format - and quite often the formats vary according to model, too. - Ian Betteridge
And really, really finally... none of this means "don't bother with Raw". Having the Raw files is a good idea if you want to do exacting post-processing, because mostly you're working with a larger colour space. So shoot JPG + Raw - but be aware that Raw has limitations, and it's not the panacea for all photography issues. - Ian Betteridge
The original article Robert linked to is one of the better explanations of RAW vs JPG that I've seen (caps used to annoy Ian). Good job Michael Mistretta. - John Arnold
LOL John, you evil thing :) - Ian Betteridge
What I love about RAW is that I can often bring back highlights or shadows that would have otherwise been lost with in-camera JPEG conversion. - TranceMist
I do raw + large fine jpg - means that i can put them onto the appletv easier and get the flexability of raw for final edits. - Mark Allanson
Robert Scoble
BREAKING: Tech news, China's major web sites ordered to shutdown for 3 days re: quake mourning, see @marcvanderchijs @frankyu
How's that going to help anything other than slow commerce in China? - iTad from twhirl
Damn, yet another example of China's government pushing around its media to serve its purposes. That's one way to get sad news off of newspapers. - Robert Scoble
This feels like an effort to control the flow of information even more than controlling commerce. Is it customary to shut down for a 3-day mourning period? would that happen if the head of state died? - Karoli
This is their culture... if you ask me, it's fascinating that we, in our culture, simply could not function with allowing our entire economic structure to lay dormant for three days... after this mourning period passes you will see China right back on the fast track to global domination. Might actually say something about our government's and our businesses purposes, eh? Just a thought. - Matt Shaulis
shutting down websites is like telling people they can't think about anything else cept the quake for three days. It's stupid and it's not gonna work. - Stan Schroeder
How sad it is that the government of China can't embrace a tool for communication in disaster relief. Fear trumps helping people every time. - Jason Ellis
I think we all agree it's a bad move, question is, are they going to enforce it? Or rather, do they really want to? - Amit Morson
CNN has nothing on this shut down yet. But here's an article on the mourning: - Robert Scoble
Why don't they just shackle them all so they can't move - can't mourn properly /and/ move about. This is totally a power play. - Hafthor Stefansson
Amit, If they do manage to enforce it, what does that say about the ability of a country to silence the Internet? - Jason Ellis
Matt - it's an excellent example of the lack of freedom in China... - iTad
It seems to be another example of China suppressing the Internet, free thought, and the flow of information. - Brad
Lack of freedom, yes. I do not aim to argue that point in the least. However, people love to jump all over China at every opportunity... what they don't realize is that behind the sushi curtain there is a millennia old culture and tradition that is easy to write off by westerners as "oppression" etc... the traditions of these people pre-date the oppression by a long shot. Mourning and somberness is a facet of that culture. - Matt Shaulis has a link to the actual edict in Chinese. @fuzheado reminds us that the press has had tons of freedom to cover quake too, but that misses the point. The government there is in control of when the freedom to publish starts and stops. - Robert Scoble
It may simply just be a way to show respect... nothing else... - Fredrik Wennberg from twhirl
Gee China, just when you have the opportunity to show the world how much you've changed, you pull a stunt like this. Pathetic. - darnell
Matt, sushi is from Japan. Not China. - Akiva
(DarnellClayton): @Scobleizer Gee China, just when you have the opportunity to show the world how much you've changed, you pull a stunt like this. Pathetic. (fuzheado): @Scobleizer Clarify, the SC edict tells sites to actually to participate in mourning, so it's not CENSORING quake news, its the opposite! - Robert Scoble
@Matt I don't think anyone is upset about the society's culture -- it's the government practices and policies. Why should the government have any say in how people mourn and express sobriety? - Shey
How soon until the number of people Scoble follows on Twitter exceeds the population of China? - Louis Gray
Well, I'll say something nice about China - at least they're officially asking for and receiving help from abroad. That will help save countless lives on top of the ones they're saving themselves. That fact, just by itself shows that China HAS changed. And it shows the enormity of the catastrophe. So, censoring == bad, not trying to burden yourself for providing for millions of homeless == good! - iTad
Wouldn't cultural based morning happen voluntarily? - Brad
All chinese is agree that - coze
Akiva, thank you for correcting me... it was a pretty weak attempt at humor as it was... I probably deserve more of a lashing... you are a scholar and a gentleman. - Matt Shaulis
AP article on China "letting" media report on Quake story: - Robert Scoble
I'm not trying to defend the policies or actions of an oppressive regime. I fear I've been misunderstood and did nothing to help my case by shooting off a stupid (and ignorant) sushi remark... All I am saying is that very few people seem to be aware of something: the people were likely anticipating... WAITING for the powers that be to announce how long the mourning period would be, so they could commence to, in unison, honor their cherished heritage. Then again, I'm not Chinese and should (and will) stop. - Matt Shaulis
Marc van der Chijs (@marcvanderchijs) " TV also says that all public entertainment will not be allowed in next 3 days. Does that mean cinema's and bars will be closed as well?" and John Kennedy (@feng37) "Zhang Xiaozhou mentions friend in Shenzhen ordered to shut his bar down for these 3 days"...If true that's a lot of people out of work for three days. Is this just for Sichuan or all of China. Also, it's the middle of the night in China. Why not make this announcement during the day? - Robert Stevens
Just to be clear... the major sites aren't being shutted down, as @fuzheado mentioned: "Stop recreational services" for 3 days - game, audio, video sites and forums. do a google translate of the edict, too large to post here. - dave
I don't necessarily have a problem with the concept of going dark during a public mourning period; quite a lot of US media properties, shows, etc did so after 9/11, for example. I am not so sure I like the idea of a government-mandated shutdown, though. - Rachel Luxemburg
Westerners... Ugh.... When will you learn to listen first before you speak? Did anybody notice they are shutting down recreational sites, not news and commerce? Seems rather insensitive to be playing games while others are experiencing such great pain. What is wrong with asking Nero to stop playing the fiddle? - Luke Gedeon
They're stopping the olympic torch too - Not as significant but historically noteworthy - Charlie Anzman
I thought they were closing ALL business...not just web sites. - Chris Nixon
Chris, yes.. but The250 care only of the web. ;) (Excellent point by Charlie Anzman [as usual Charlie ;)] ... much more interesting topic of conversation, imho.) - Matt Shaulis
China three day mourning period begins Monday at 1428 (0628 GMT), one week to the minute since last week's earthquake struck. Via BBC - Robert Stevens
I think China has shown an unusual amount of openness around the quake and maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge on this one. - Jon Dillon
This is not the fact, the fact is that some local government departments suggest that they ( entertainment site ) should stop, almost all of the site can also be visited. - zheng
The commentators here completely miss the point. This event is being experienced in China like 9-11 was experienced in the US. From your first knee jerk reaction, @Scobleizer its funny how good you are about identifying important news and then how bad you are at understanding it. I don't like top down media control either but how about trying to understand WHAT is different about China instead of immediately judging it using our own lens? This is EXACTLY what the the US did with Iraq. - Elliott Ng
Elliott: this is a conversation. You're more educated than I am. Why don't you just help me become more educated rather than call me an idiot? - Robert Scoble
Point taken Robert. Easier to rant than to reason. My bad. Let me try to outline it in a blog post. Sorry. - Elliott Ng
OK, here my post. Is anyone even reading this thread anymore? Safe travels Robert. - Elliott Ng
And here's @pdenlinger more thoughtful take. - Elliott Ng
here's @imagethief analysis. What do you think Robert after reading this? - Elliott Ng
Scott Beale
“Google Me” is a documentary by Jim Killeen who Googled himself & then traveled the world meeting other Jim Killeens
Thankfully for his pocketbook, his name wasn't John Doe. - Jennifer Stavros
MG Siegler
Giant Typewriter in Second Life That Outputs to Twitter -
Adam Ostrow
Just posted my 12 tips on how NOT to pitch us - Looks like @marshallk did something similar @ RWW. Happy pitching!
What's with the pitching theme? I had the idea for months, I just never got around to write it. And I think we all know whose article would be funniest (: ...via AlertThingy - Stan Schroeder
Louis Gray
That’s Why It’s Called Work. If They Called It Twitter, They Wouldn’t Pay You. -
I liked that critical point of view! - Shandiz
mathew ingram
Stop the presses! Re-tweeting @scobleizer: "20,000 followers is enough"; say it isn't so, Robert :-)
Louis Gray
Real People Don't Have Time for Social Media -
I've got to agree... I'd love to, but I'm mostly limited to heavy stuff on the weekend. - Vince DeGeorge
Her post reminded me of the key reason ff works so well -- because it doesn't take me any more effort to feed things into it than it does to read them in the first place. - j1m
honestly, i'm hooked on this fad and i need to stop! it's getting in the way of me creatign real content ...via AlertThingy - Snipergirl
Agree, but the 10% or so who really "get" Social Media will have an advantage. - Mike Reynolds
Right now (as I'm writing this) I'm holding 5 pagers and covering over 80 sick medical patients in hospital. I still have time to check in with friendfeed, twitter and other things (albeit in 5 minute spurts). Its all about managing your time, folks -- and I'd like to think of myself as being "real". :) - Tony Hung
omg Tony Hung- i'm impressed! who the hell gave you all their pagers goddammit, and which hospital u at? ...via AlertThingy - Snipergirl
@Snipergirl -- covering call at a local hospital; during the day, all of the medical patients are divided amongst 5 teams. Each team has a pager. Overnight, someone has to watch those patients, and that guy, tonight, is me. :) - Tony Hung
@Steve -- oh, not really thinking about either of those things, really. Just wanted to mention that some "real people" do have time for social media by *making* time for social media is all. - Tony Hung
Real people can be quite unimaginative, boring, dumb, and conventional, waiting for others (youth) to show the way. Mail, chat, and social media let me interact more imaginatively, purposefully, and meaningfully, especially when time or distance doesn't permit getting together. Also, i gotta love Sarah Perez. She's pretty sharp. - John Lam
I'm in the "completely insane" group with basically 16 hours of daily social media participation, active and/or passive. ...via AlertThingy - Stan Schroeder
Dave Winer
MG Siegler
[POST]: Segway Social: Another niche, another social network, and a pretty bad one at that
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