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Stephen Mack
My favorite movie sequence of all time is this bit from The Fisher King. #saturdayff
My favorite movie sequence of all time is this bit from The Fisher King. #saturdayff
(The Fisher King, 1991, directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Robin Williams, Amanda Plummer and Jeff Bridges. - Stephen Mack
I think I may have posted this before, come to think of it. - Stephen Mack
They had to film that at like 3 am. - Akiva
Shit. RIP, Robin. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I wanted to love this again. - Julian
"I like New York in June..." - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
1) Have idea. 2) Open Google in a new tab. 3) Promptly forget what I was going to search for. 4) #sideeye
yup. that. - jambina
*nods* - Julian
God, I'm glad it's not just me - Spidra Webster
Just hop to Amazon or Ebay, something will entice your search efforts. - Janet
Oh yeah. - Heather
SHINY THINGS - jambina
I do this at least once a day. - ellbeecee
You were about to search for ophthalmologists with a specialty in sideeye. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Choosing pictures for my PowerPoint is just as important as writing the text, right? RIGHT?
Damn right. - Betsy
Absolutely!! - Hedgehog
MORE IMPORTANT. You can wing the text. just don't put much of it on your slide. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Excellent point, Maurice! I'm embracing that. :) Also, Soup approved my slides today, I think, so we can blame her if they're too text-heavy. ;) - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
They aren't too text heavy and your theme is super cute :D - Soup in a TARDIS
YES! The pics finding process helps me refine/clarify the speaking points. - Galadriel C. from Android
Victor Ganata
The phrase "cheese quesadilla" always amuses me.
Tautology is the best sauce supreme - Pete
Cheese with cheese. - John (bird whisperer)
Fine. Make yourself a dang cheese quesadilla! - Micah
Conversely, "Una QUESadilla sin QUESo no es quesadilla, es una dobladilla." - - Andrew C (✔)
Some people just like to repeat themselves over and over again redundantly again. - April Russo
"shrimp fajitas" - Glen Campbell
Mike Nencetti
My wife made lentil soup for her 5 hour chemo treatment tomorrow at Levine. it helps.
My wife made lentil soup for her 5 hour chemo treatment tomorrow at Levine. it helps.
Sir Shuping is just sir
Heart of the City Comic Strip, May 10, 2014 on -
Heart of the City Comic Strip, May 10, 2014 on
the entire week of heart of the city has been about heart going to the library and finding a graphic novel. i think this is the last of the series, it's a bit over the top, but glad to see the positive - Sir Shuping is just sir from Bookmarklet
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Ooh, excellent timing on my part: returned a call to somebody who's out on vacation today. Score!
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Vacation day tomorrow FTW!
Me too! - Marie
*fistbumps Marie* - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
Slept in. Breakfasted. Now reading. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
I should have called in lazy today. - ellbeecee
Steven Perez
Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers. You Just Brought Back Measles in NYC. -
Here in Orange County, too. - Anika
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
RT @meredithfrost: Astonishing work by 16-year-old artist Shania McDonagh. This is a drawing, folks.
RT @meredithfrost: Astonishing work by 16-year-old artist Shania McDonagh. This is a drawing, folks.
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: all documents delivered to post office; passport applied for.
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
RENEW ALL THE PASSPORTS! (Well, at least find all the paperwork.)
I think all I need to do is get a new pic and go to the post office with some money. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Annoyed that I'm awake at this hour.
:( Hope you get back to sleep. - Anne Bouey
Thank you, Anne. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
!!! *Why* were you awake at that hour? You poor thing! - Soup in a TARDIS
Ugh. :( - Soup in a TARDIS from FFHound!
This is the way the world ends: Once-in-a-millennium drought a wakeup call for America via @Salon
"..... But what kind of world will we live in when something as clear and common as water suddenly becomes the rarest of status symbols?..." - WarLord
RT @cutekelechi: "I can sleep when I'm dead!" Well that day is going to come sooner than you think if you don't sleep.
RT @RichieBrave: I dont know why people post all this shit about not sleeping to be successful. Im not sacrificing my physical wellbeing for money. No thanks
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Simply Caroline
RT @night_er_ninja: 911: What's your emergency? Me: There's a dumbass in the ER that called from the waiting room for an ambulance. He's already here. 911: LOL
Mary Carmen
We are all about sitting up these days. And playing with the keyboard. Sometimes that doesn't work out the way we intended.
Photo on 3-5-14 at 11.54 AM #2.jpg
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Aww.we should Skype again :-) - Pete
Mariella is the cutest of cute! - Tamara J. B.
Pete, we should. She needs a nap ;) - Mary Carmen
Haha well I'm free :D - Pete
so are we! - Mary Carmen
OK ping me if you like :-) - Pete
What a couple of cutie pies. I want to come cuddle with both of you. - Corinne L
Sarah G.
According to the "documentary" I'm watching on the "science" channel, southern Lake Michigan is a hotbed of UFO activity.
True. There is no lake in the U.S. with more UFO activity than Lake Michigan. - Walt Crawford
I KNEW IT - jambina
I WANT TO BELIEVE - Big Joe Silence
Sweet, who wants to go down to the lake and watch for UFOs this summer? - Hedgehog
This explains a lot of Chicagoans. - Joe
*fishes the back alleys of Evanston for saucer engines* - Big Joe Silence
Understand that there is also no lake in the U.S. with more UFO activity than Lake Tahoe. Just as no county in the U.S. has more 140-year-old living billionaires than Alameda County. - Walt Crawford
TRUST NO ONE. - Amit Patel
UFOs exist. Whether or not they are alien craft is something else - Sarah G. from iPhone
:) - Rodfather from Android
Sweet. - Joe from iPod
dainty! - Meg VMeg
I like this one. - Rodfather
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
RT @revrunwisdom: People wait all week for Friday. All year for summer. All their life for happiness. . Don't be like them! Be happy NOW
Victor Ganata
California’s Drought — Who’s Really Using all the Water? - One Green Planet
"California residents have been asked to be vigilant and cut back on household water use, but only about 4 percent of California’s water footprint is individual, personal use. A stunning 93 percent goes to agriculture, according to a 2012 Pacific Institute report, so if we really want to talk about drastic conservation, perhaps we should look at our food choices." - Victor Ganata
I had no idea about the huge difference in greenhouse emissions between grain fed and grass fed cattle. That's significant! - Eivind
Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy early birthday to the awesomeness that is LB!
Happy Birthday! - Katy S from iPhone
HAPPY LB DAY!!!! I am SO GLAD you were born! You're the best! xoxox - Lisa L. Seifert
Thanks, all. :) - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
*bump* since it is now actually the LB's bday - Sir Shuping is just sir
LBeeeeeee! Happy day! - Laura
Many happies! - barbara fister
Happy birthday Laura <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday! - Galadriel C. from Android
Thank you! - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
RT @joeygibson: I was just outside. It’s 16 degrees. It felt like the juice in my eyeballs was going to freeze. #fb
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Currently 19F with a wind chill of 9. Whee! (And why does my phone suggest "Shrek" for "whee"?)
Wow. You're a full 13 degrees warmer than us. Enjoy the extra heat. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup -
Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup
Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup
This soup requires little prep work for the amount of flavor it yields: I started with my favorite red enchilada sauce as the base; it's so easy but packs in tons of flavor, way more than your average canned stuff. I tossed the sauce into my slow cooker along with corn, beans, and chicken thighs, then left it overnight to work all of its magical slow cooker powers. By morning I had a luscious soup that needed little more than salt and pepper to give it a boost. (Of course, if you feel like gilding the lily, a splash of heavy cream and a handful of cheddar take this recipe over the top!) - Derrick from Bookmarklet
Andrew C (✔)
Home Depot founder worries Pope Francis neither loves nor understands rich Americans | The Raw Story -
"According to Langone, an anonymous, "potential seven-figure donor" for the Church's restoration of St. Patrick's Cathedral is concerned that the Pope's criticism of capitalism are "exclusionary," especially his statements about the "culture of prosperity" leading to the wealthy being "incapable of feeling compassion for the poor."" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Next thing you'll know he's going to whine about how Jesus was being exclusionary when he told rich people to sell all their stuff and give the money to the poor. - Victor Ganata
With Jesus' well-known saying about rich people (Matt 19:24), well-to-do Christians (and American Christians especially) get kinda nervous about having an abundance of possessions. I regard it as a personal thing...if you're rich and personally convicted about having too much, get out and help someone. If you're not personally convicted, don't worry about it. - Hot Bubba. 114F Hot. - "As a leader of the New York Stock Exchange, he was largely responsible for the scandalous overpayment of his friend Richard Grasso, the exchange president who received nearly $190 million in deferred compensation when he stepped down. Although New York's highest court eventually upheld Grasso's pay package, it was a perfect example of the unaccountable, self-serving greed of Wall Street's elite." - Andrew C (✔)
"Anything but repentant following the revelation and repudiation of the Grasso deal by NYSE executives, Langone told Forbes magazine in 2004: "They got the wrong f--ing guy. I'm nuts, I'm rich, and boy, do I love a fight. I'm going to make them sh-t in their pants. When I get through with these f--ing captains of industry, they're going to wish they were in a Cuisinart--at high speed."" - Andrew C (✔)
"While Langone passionately defended the outlandish grasping of the super-rich like his friend Grasso, however, he has displayed far less indulgence toward workers, especially those struggling to support their families on poverty wages. Until just last year, he was a director of Yum! Brands, the global fast-food conglomerate that includes Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken among its... more... - Andrew C (✔)
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Ugh. Stop raining already!
It's still pouring. :( - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
Blame bunneh (I do) - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Supposed to keep raining thru tomorrow! :-( - Jenny from Android
Forget driving; I'll just sail to Savannah! - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
It's raining so hard I can hear it through my earplugs! Wish we had a rain gauge. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
Sorry, I don't do rain. Just snow. :) - Steven Perez
Here, have some subzero temps - maʀtha
Already have some, thanks. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I think this is what you meant, Barry: ¬_¬. - Steven Perez
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