good news from the neurosurgeon for a change (as the old folks sit around & talk about their ailments)
grateful that I can still make it over to the gym for a few minutes on the eliptical and stationary bike.
off Sun & Mon for national day = 4 day weekend
Wife & daughter have put up our Diwali lights
just received a postcard from the baylor law alumni assoc inviting me to homecoming - unlikely that I will journey to waco for the event
according to my phone, the univ wireless network is making one of its brief appearances
twitter is starting to show up again in FF? when did that happen? - bob
just yesterday or the day before i think. they wanted us to see you again! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Living in the land of the malls:
Macon connection: Mary Curry, formerly of Mercer tift college of ed is here, with husband, math prof at Wesleyan & GSC- also on Symphony board in Macon (this we knew) but apparently one of the math teachers at Wesleyan that we knew in Macon is now teaching at the Abu Dhabi Campus.
Cool! - LB needs a break. from Android
Neat. Barbara Sellers' best friend just left to come over to Abu Dhabi to teach. I'm unsure exactly where she's at. I'll have to ask. - Jenny
ff weirdness - getting imports from delicious in my feed. I don't have a delicious account & my settings don't show a feed from them
enjoying the email from Georgia Power & Light giving me tips on how to stay warm this fall - unfortunately my flat doesn't have a heating system.
are you back in GA? - Sir Shuping is just sir
nope - but I'm still getting email from GA power & light. - bob
Ramadan is just about over. Next Sun - Tues off for Eid, that plus the week-end (Fri-Sat), makes for a nice break
went back up to ras al khaimah for a couple of days with my daughter - my wife is in Thailand to visit her sister (she says)
just finished reading The Cellist of Sarajevo
also The Firebreak (Richard Stark/Donald Westlake) - about halfway through The Yard & have my eye on Prisoner of Heaven (Carlos Ruiz Zafon - one of my favorite writers) - bob
That books sounds interesting. Added it to my list :) - Eivind
The Story Behind the Mitchells: Five for Victory by Hilda Van Stockum -
mpow just gave me an ipad2 - not really sure why
3-day week end, driving this a.m. to Ras al-Khaimah to sit by a pool & eat too much
Have a good time :) - Eivind
Found: Report of first doctor to reach Lincoln:
The eyewitness report of the first physician to reach the mortally wounded president at Ford's Theater in April 1865 was discovered in a box at the National Archives - bob
Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Animaniacs
love the Animaniacs! I met the voice actors for Wakko and Yakko a couple months ago - Sir Shuping is just sir
This is just... THIS. - Julian
off to Copenhagen tomorrow, for no good reason
Nyhavn! Was it as cold as I understand Oslo has been lately? - Eivind from Android
Eivind - It was cold - we'll be back there in a couple of days & its not looking much warmer - bob
Vienna - that's spargelcreme suppe & a small beer
I like their idea of "small beer." - LB needs a break.
klein Bier - .5 liter - bob
spring temps, not so bad
RT @TheOnion: Study: Red Meat Takes Years Off Of Cow's Life
Baylor became the seventh women's team to run through a season unbeaten and the first in NCAA history to win 40 games. It was the second national championship for Baylor, which also won a title in 2005.
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