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Fraud Upon the PEOPLE

Fraud Upon the PEOPLE

Simulated Criminal Proceedings in the US District Court of Massachusetts where patsies take the fall so the government can continue DEFRAUDING AMERICA
Justice Seeker
Magistrate Judge Bowler who took assignment of this case from its initiation had no authority to appoint Judy Clarke, WHO WOULD HAVE TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE, per the US Courts Vol 7 Defender Services. No wonder dkt. 15 never made it to the Court's ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET and the Electronic Pro Hac Vice ORDER had no Dkt. #
Part A Guidelines for Administering the CJA and Related Statutes Chapter 6: Federal Death Penalty and Capital Habeas Corpus Representations § 210.30.30 Pro Hac Vice Appointments (a)If the district judge presiding over the case, or the chief judge if a district judge has not yet been assigned to the case, determines that the appointment of an attorney, who is not a member of the CJA panel, is in the interest of justice, judicial economy or continuity of representation, or there is some other compelling circumstance warranting the attorney's appointment, the attorney may be admitted to the CJA panel pro hac vice and appointed to represent the CJA defendant. (b)Consideration for preserving the integrity of the panel selection process suggests that pro hac vice appointments should be made only in exceptional circumstances. (c)The attorney, who may or may not maintain an office in the district, should possess such qualities as would qualify the attorney for admission to the district's CJA... more... - Justice Seeker
Graphic/PDFs Above ORDER absent from Court's All Recent Orders, Conrad's Motion, Clarke's Affidavit The attorney already admitted to the bar of the court, i.e., Conrad (the Motion is undersigned by Conrad), files the motion for Pro Hac Vice status regarding the out of state attorney, Clarke, yet the Magistrate's Clerk entered the document as a motion by Clarke. - Justice Seeker
UPDATE 2/26/2015: Extraordinary Writ to First Circuit 2/3/15 regarding phony defendant's rights and jury selection/venue and his 'appointed' specialist in death penalty counsel do not even make an appearance nor do the public defenders motion for their admission to the First Circuit. Bruck received notice from the First Circuit telling him he will no longer receive documents from the court regarding the instant matter because has has not registered with the ECF. - Justice Seeker
United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit No. 15-1170 IN RE: DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV Petitioner NOTICE Issued: February 19, 2015 Our records indicate that the attorneys listed below have not registered for an appellate ECF account in this court. Any attorney who intends to file documents in this case must register immediately with PACER for an appellate ECF Filer account. An... more... - Justice Seeker
The Writ was denied. Even the dissent read like a propaganda piece. Strangely enough the opinion and judgment were rendered Friday night 02/27/2015 @ 21:56:54 EST and ENTERED on the docket by none other than (SBT) a known corrupt public servant and administrative attorney for the court. Evidence that supports allegations of corruption was filed with the Massachusetts DOJ; no response... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
The 9/23/2013 status conference had NO MENTION of the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that were purportedly instituted on 8/27/2013. Defense filed a motion to vacate the SAMs on 10/2/2013. Discussion at the status hearing included the protective order, sealed documents, discovery request & scheduling. NO ONE MENTIONED THESE RESTRICTIONS!!
As you will see where I highlighted in the SAM final rule document, Holder's instituting these SAMs for a full year required him to certify the basis of his suspicions. A chicken scratch initial at the top of the Memorandum does not meet the standard of certifying a statement yet no attorney has argued in court or in a court filing that this Memorandum that severely restricts this Defendant didn't even hold a statement that certified the basis of the AG's suspicions or the fact that he didn't even bother to sign off with his full signature and title. < OUR NATION'S ATTORNEY!! - Justice Seeker
EXAMPLE: I certify under the pangs of perjury that to the best of my knowledge and belief ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Date and Place) (Signature) - Justice Seeker
An attorney who Tweets regarding the case blocked me when I tweeted to him that the Defendant could not be found in BOP custody and that the SAM did not even bear a full signature of the Attorney General. That attorney is now a Judge The aforementioned and many other aberrations make it highly... more... - Justice Seeker
The "show" Defense Counsel would apparently like the public to believe that from 8/27/2013 through 9/23/2013 that these SAM restrictions played no interference with their preparation for the status hearing on 9/23/2013 yet expressed strong objection to the SAM with a motion on 10/2/2014. The judge asked "Any other matters now" see page 23 of 9/23/2013 transcript; still this matter was... more... - Justice Seeker
A reply from the Defense was filed with the court today in regards to the governments opposition to the Defense's Motion to vacate the SAM. Still it is not recognized that the SAM Memorandum bears no certification by the Attorney General; not even a full signature by the Nation's Attorney. EXCERPT DKT #210 The defense does not dispute that the SAMs, by administrative fiat, empower the... more... - Justice Seeker
Federal Register/ Vol. 72, No. 64 / Wednesday, April 4, 2007 / Rules and Regulations online> Area discussing certification by Attorney General Holder highlighted in PDF copy SAM final rule certification by US AG REQUIRED.pdf attachment above. - Justice Seeker
This is a phony jury pool and phony court. "One woman interviewed yesterday previously worked as an X-ray technician for critical-care surgeon Dr. Warren Russell, the father-in-law of Tsarnaev’s late brother Tamerlan and alleged accomplice. The juror recalled Russell coming to work “grouchy” after fighting with his daughter, Katherine, about Tamerlan. Russell “was not a fan of his... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
The jury selection in the Tsarnaev case is a sham. These are all actors in a US Federal Court including the Defendant, the Defense Counsel and the Judge. The purported closed door meeting between "Judge O'Toole" and #CarmenOrtiz #USAttorney with defense not included yet sitting there and saying nothing was quite telling as well. #CarmenOrtiz objects to rules. more... - Justice Seeker
The filings by Defense Counsel and the Judicial ORDERS are fraudulent. Of late, a filing purportedly by Attorney Watkins has properties in the PDF that name Judy Clarke as the author and indicate that the documents were drafted on a computer at Washington & Lee University in VA. Watkins is purportedly a federal public defender; his filings should be coming from the federal public defender office. - Justice Seeker
Judicial orders are being entered only on the case docket with electronic orders entered by a docket clerk who has no authority to enter these orders and the orders are being left off the master docket of the court ALL RECENT ORDERS where all orders by all judges are entered in chronological order; these orders entered by the docket clerk are bogus. Interestingly, the memorandum had... more... - Justice Seeker
Following the bogus order, a motion to amend the order was supposedly entered by Conrad and, again, the properties say Judy Clarke & W & L. Miriam Conrad is, also, purportedly a federal public defender. - Justice Seeker
We all know the victims of the Boston Bombing are bogus and now a discovery that the Boston Hospitals have a financial interest in assisting the US Government in defrauding the population - SEE the Raytheon Document. - Justice Seeker
Multiple instances where rule driven process has been deliberately abandoned and VERIFIED bogus filings submitted to the court have been documented Take a good look at the people in the photos. There is no coincidence involved; this is an alleged criminal conspiracy by the Federal and Massachusetts State governments and a slew of private... more... - Justice Seeker
More photos of the first three friends arrested can be seen > Interestingly, photos of Dias Kadyrbayev shown at the link have an uncanny resemblance to Sharon D'Angelo's AKA Erika Brannock's friend Hao Deng. Here is a photo of the Honorable US District Judge George A. O'Toole - Justice Seeker
Be aware folks that your Healthcare is in bed with these psychopaths!! - Justice Seeker
No photo or video coming from the mainstream media ESPECIALLY after a suspicious event can be trusted as true. Video and photo fraud created the illusion of amputations and subsequent prosthetics. They even created pretty people for more impressive propaganda. Multiple modes of photo fraud were engaged including age regression and progression.... more... - Justice Seeker
Every American needs to write to the Supreme Court Justice that oversees the federal courts in their state. The Justices need to be aware of the corruption in the lower courts and they need to UNDERSTAND that the people will no longer tolerate their tax dollars being used to support corruption. The documents in the PDF's have adequate evidence to support fraud coming from the US... more... - Justice Seeker
Supreme Court ruling on the guarantees of open public proceedings in criminal trials cover proceedings for the voir dire examination of potential jurors Essentially proof that the sealing of the memorandum was a PROPAGANDA STUNT to peak the public's interest. The phony connections to the phony event by those in the phony jury... more... - Justice Seeker
This is a phony jury pool and phony court. "One woman interviewed yesterday previously worked as an X-ray technician for critical-care surgeon Dr. Warren Russell, the father-in-law of Tsarnaev’s late brother Tamerlan and alleged accomplice. The juror recalled Russell coming to work “grouchy” after fighting with his daughter, Katherine, about Tamerlan. Russell “was not a fan of his... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Large-scale fraud in US courts amounts to unannounced regime change in the United States. PACER/ECF, enabled fraud #Tsarnaev case is #Fake
The electronic signature in the US Courts for parties filing papers into the Electronic Case File System (ECF) includes signing off the document with a simple typed signature that includes /s/ before the party’s name. Example: /s/Rule O. Law, Esq. - Justice Seeker
For the outside of the court party, the user login and password required to submit documents to the electronic filing system serve as the ECF Filer’s signature on all electronic documents filed with the court. “Authorized” court staff file (considered filed when entered) Judicial orders and “they” are, more often than not, the ones drafting the documents and typing the signature /s/Honorable Judge Whomever before entry into the ECF system. - Justice Seeker
For court staff the signature on the document is not determined by the login and password; it is determined by the courts ECF Administrative Procedures. See page 16 and note the language “The assigned judge, chambers staff or deputy clerk shall file electronically all signed orders.” There is no guarantee in that language that the "signed orders" were upon approval of the Article III or even the Magistrate Judge. - Justice Seeker
After a document is entered into the ECF system by a party or court staff, (including ELECTRONIC ORDERS with a docket number absent a hyperlink because there will be no document [only corrupt courts render Electronic Orders without a docket number]), a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) with a digital document code automatically issues to the registered email of all who are participating... more... - Justice Seeker
The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) is one of the many key factors in determining a legitimate record of the court yet is excluded from the public record. As alleged in the Tsarnaev criminal case, evidence supports that the filings by the defense are not by the actual undersigned attorneys and PDF properties have in some instances indicated that Defense filings are coming from the DOJ... more... - Justice Seeker
The US Courts’ electronic filing system does NOT include Judicial digital signature on ORDERS or any other court rendered documents. The peoples' lives, liberty and property have not been determined by the US Courts to be worthy of the highest level of protection; instead they instituted an electronic signature system that enabled FRAUD. There is no guarantee that a court order rendered... more... - Justice Seeker
There are dishonest attorneys standing bar in these courts, and they have insider connections; with the assistance of corrupt court staff enabled by a substandard electronic signature, dishonest attorneys, both, private practice and corrupt government can determine the outcome of any case before a simulated court! I encourage you to take a look at... more... - Justice Seeker
For high risk transactions, the only acceptable electronic form of signature is a cryptographically based digital signature created with a private cryptographic key that corresponds to the public key specified in a digital credential that is recognized by the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) at Medium Hardware or High assurance, or by the COMMON Policy at the Common... more... - Justice Seeker
Follow links and links inside links for a look at the evidence that supports that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being subjected to corrupt simulated criminal proceedings with the death penalty fraudulently on the table. UPDATE: New discovery indicates that ALL defendants related to the Boston bombing are actors in the peoples' taxpayer supported federal courts and now these bogus proceedings... more... - Justice Seeker
Dr. Joseph Zernik, PhD Human Rights Alert (NGO) has engaged in tireless effort to bring this matter regarding the FRAUD in the US Courts to the attention of the greater mass. Please read the sample of his extensive work available at the link in the opening statement. - Justice Seeker
National Archives and Records Administration October 18, 2000 Policy and Communications Staff Office of Records Services – Washington, DC Modern Records Program Records Management Guidance for Agencies Implementing Electronic Signature Technologies Electronic signature: A technologically neutral term indicating various methods of signing an electronic message that (a) identify and... more... - Justice Seeker
The US Courts have corrupt staff! There is no guaranteed nonrepudiation in the ECF Administrative Procedures nor is nonrepudation possible by the very nature of the courts policy. We do not even have a clue as who may be under oath in this court. The docket clerk is not named in the Administrative Procedures yet he not only files orders with documents but he also enters electronic... more... - Justice Seeker
U.S. District Court Federal Magistrate Judge Issues First Digitally Signed Judicial Order Now five years later the corrupt USDC of Massachusetts continues with the bogus /s/ where anyone with access to the case management system could render a bogus judicial ORDER! The SAME with the First Circuit Court of Appeals. - Justice Seeker
it may be said that the "unannounced regime change" happened with the assassination of #JFK. it has also been said that #GHWB may have been involved. #Dallas #Texas #OpWhiteHouse #OpOvalOffice #OpPOTUS #OpPOTUS44 #IAcaucus #WIunion #OWS #NWO - p01yN0Nym0u5 The corruption continues and if anyone believes that the #Tsarnaev case is actually before Circuit Judges they are sorely mistaken. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
You will have to click directly on the documents and graphics for an open/save option to get the best view and ALERT of the corruption going on in our federal courts. - Justice Seeker
Correction: the order 1/2/2015 denying the supplemental memorandum was ENTERED by AS not SBT. SBT did draft the document. Whether these people share their passwords to effectuate their corrupt tactics is unknown but not ruled out. Pretty late night at the First Circuit. - Justice Seeker (7) Clerk Status. (a) Any "clerk-magistrate," as defined in Canon 1 of Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:12, and any Federal clerk of court, chief deputy clerk and deputy clerk may advise the Board in writing that he or she is a clerk. Upon the filing of such a notice, the attorney will be placed on clerk status and will be relieved from the payment of the fees imposed... more... - Justice Seeker A phony case with no legitimate arrest warrant does not turn legitimate just because the colluding corrupt made a show filing with the First Circuit! - Justice Seeker
TITLE V. EXTRAORDINARY WRITS Rule 21. Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition, and Other Extraordinary Writs (a) Mandamus or Prohibition to a Court: Petition, Filing, Service, and Docketing. (1) A party petitioning for a writ of mandamus or prohibition directed to a court must file a petition with the circuit clerk with proof of service on all parties to the proceeding in the trial court. The... more... - Justice Seeker
(C) The petition must include a copy of any order or opinion or parts of the record that may be essential to understand the matters set forth in the petition. How handy that at the time the Writ was filed only a bogus electronic order was available. > 12/31/2014 876 Judge George A. OToole, Jr: ELECTRONIC ORDER entered denying 684 Motion for Change of Venue as to Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev... more... - Justice Seeker
#CarmentOrtiz KNOWS the staff at ca1 are corrupt and instead of doing something about it she uses them. - Justice Seeker Fraud upon the people continues. Filings in First Circuit now round two of show time for the people. - Justice Seeker
(7) The circuit clerk must send a copy of the final disposition to the trial-court judge. The ca1 case number and final deposition regarding the January 31, 2014 Writ is not even on the District Court Case Docket. The Writ itself was filed as an Exhibit to a motion > Dkt. 880 MOTION to Stay Jury Selection and Trial Pending Disposition of Mandamus Petition as to Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Copy of Mandamus Petition)(Fick, William) - Justice Seeker
Email service of process to Judge O'Toole and the court IMO fails on the basis that service is then dependant on the corrupt clerks of this court. See Rio Properties, Inc. v. Rio Int’l. Interlink , 284 F.2d 1007, 1016 (9th Cir.2002) (finding that service via e-mail is acceptable when accompanied by a court order); F.T.C. v. PCCare247 Inc. , No. 12 Civ. 7189(PAE), 2013 WL 841037, at *2-6... more... - Justice Seeker
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure Rule 25. Filing and Service (b) Service of All Papers Required. Unless a rule requires service by the clerk, a party must, at or before the time of filing a paper, serve a copy on the other parties to the appeal or review. Service on a party represented by counsel must be made on the party’s counsel. (c) Manner of Service. (1) Service may be any of... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Latest docket for the three boys captured by the corrupt US Government via the Corrupt Massachusetts FBI. The charges need dismissed and they should sue; only all relief should come from the pockets of the corrupt in this gov not the taxpayer. It looks like defense attorneys fighting the fight!! Somebody should inform them Campbell #Alive
UPDATE: the fringe DEFENDANTS are also actors. Fraud Upon the People verified. Two of the original three and the subsequent 4th defendent have been identified. They are from PA, two are brothers and they are all friends. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Kadyrbayev per the news and the case docket is schedule for a 2 PM Rule 11 Hearing on 8/21/2014 NO WHERE ON THE COURTS MASTER DOCKET IS THIS ADDRESSED. I included the most recent criminal docket and Master Docket today's & one from 15th < search term "Rule 11" you will see such an event belongs on the all recent orders master docket.
A rule 11 hearing is usually where the defendant agrees to enter a guilty plea. Other types of pleas can be made as well. - Justice Seeker
PROOF - this Rule 11 hearing is a load of bogus corrupt crap. These are actors in our federal court. Rule Driven Process IGNORED and even the Judges usual MO for running his court has been abandoned. see - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
@susantran < Report regarding Kadyrbayev "Rule 11" hearing today. "Azamat Tazhayakov's brother left court saying only his brother, who was convicted last month, is doing ok." <7News Here you see Sharon D'Angelo AKA Erika Brannock with her friend Hao. ‏Last pic 7News
D'Angelo with asian friend.jpg
Hao Deng.jpg
Show all
This is the only entry that has been made on the master ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET -- 1:13-cr-10238-DPW USA v. Kadyrbayev 2014-08-21 15:21:22 Judge Douglas P. Woodlock: ELECTRONIC ORDER entered finding both as moot [363] Motion in Limine as to Dias Kadyrbayev (1); finding as moot [154] Motion to Suppress as to Dias Kadyrbayev (1) in light of the defendant's change of plea. (Lovet - Justice Seeker
No clerk's notes regarding the hearing where in the past all hearings before this Judge had clerk's notes. The order for the sentencing hearing was also left off the master docket of the court. In fact the master docket of the court has no mention at any time that a Rule 11 hearing took place. - Justice Seeker
As a note of interest - there is an order on the All recent orders docket today re Tsarnaev -- 1:13-cr-10200-GAO USA v. Tsarnaev 2014-08-21 10:40:06 Judge George A. OToole, Jr: SEALED ORDER entered granting [502] Sealed Motion | it was entered with no name entered regarding who made the entry. Docket clerk Danieli has entered the bulk of the orders in the Tsarnaev case; he even enters... more... - Justice Seeker
Certificate of Service /s/ with no name on motion to dismiss indictment; just one of the many tricks they have been using to ensure no one is held responsible for running a phony case in a federal court. It will be interesting to see what the actor judge rules. The attached affidavit, again, signed with a government blue pen. The entire event and court proceedings are complete and utter... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
A search for Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev "Jahar" with the federal inmate locator system has never found him to be in custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) by his given name or AKA in the court records. provides a bogus register number.
Most believe that Jahar is at Devens and base that belief on the fact that a search for Jahar's two friends that are, also, detained returns no results with the BOP locator; they have accepted the disinformation out there that has led them to believe that an inmate only shows in the system after conviction. Pre-trial Boston FEDERAL DEFENDANTS detained like Jahar's two friends usually go to a facility which is contracted with the US Marshal but they do not come up in the BOP as in custody or have a BOP register number because it is a state facility This is where federal defendants stay while awaiting trial and after convicted while awaiting transport to a federal facility. Inmates in transit after convicted can not be found with the federal locator because they are not yet in a federal building; once housed in a federal BOP institution, the system will find them with a correct name AND especially if there is a known register number. This is not the case... more... - Justice Seeker
10 Prison Security Techniques Being Implemented on the American People Also describes the security and monitoring that goes on in a federal prison; the federal BOP does NOT lose track of any prisoner! - Justice Seeker
His sisters said they saw him at Devens. They are either lying or they changed things up just for him. And I read about Whitey Bulger. Some are saying he is in a pen in AZ and others are claiming he is in CO....and some were saying NY. These were journalists claiming how hard it was to find him. I will try and remember where I read it. It was just a day or two ago. - Ralph Hornsby
There is a set number of days after conviction that inmates are allowed to stay in the state contracted facility; during that transition period, an inmate can not be located with the BOP locator. As I stated, the locator found Bulger at at Tucson USP. Perhaps these journalist were looking before he was a resident of his new digs. If the locator found him in different institutions at... more... - Justice Seeker
Why would National Guard be assigned to guard an inmate at Devens which is NOT a federal military prison as the article claims? - Justice Seeker
UPDATE 7/30/2014: As of this date, it has been noted (unclear as to when first started showing) that the BOP locator finds Tsarnaev to be housed at Devens . The ONLY other reason why a defendant would not show on a roster besides in transit is if the defendant was transferred to a psych facility for a competency to stand trial evaluation. A lengthy stay after the initial evaluation can... more... - Justice Seeker
UPDATE: Addendum to last comment. No one can be forced psychotropic drugs without a court order and that order comes after a competency hearing in OPEN COURT in which the defendant must be present. The judge is suppose to have a colloquy with the defendant and make a decision based on that and any psychiatry evaluation that has to be available to the judge at the time of the hearing.... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
The United States has an illegitimate government that terrorizes & defrauds its own population! It appears that foreign nationals were engaged in a Government PSYOP to first terrorize and then defraud the United States population. - Justice Seeker
keep your eyes on #Iraq #SeanHannity #Hannity was falling all over himself trying to read off his #Zionist talking points from his #Teleprompter. there must have been a lot of exclamation points because he was having trouble faking just the proper amount of outrage. #OpIraq #WorldCup #OpWorldCup #LNYHBT #KKKlannity #ANonAM #AnonFM - p01yN0Nym0u5
And the fraud carries on. More "victims" want One Fund money. Massachusetts legal community appears in on this fraud!! - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
After the 9/23/2013 status conference, Dkt #100, a procedural order, regarding sealed motions was rendered. The order did not make it to the all recent orders docket. Included "The order will state the reason(s) for grant or denial." re: sealed motions. The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) was cited at the status conference in relation no. sealed motions
Criminal Justice Act When a court appoints and supervises counsel for an indigent criminal defendant, the court is not exercising the judicial function at the core of the common-law and constitutional rights of public access.35 The Criminal Justice Act, however, affords the public a qualified right of access to information about funds spent pursuant to the Act.36 Court approval of defense expenses in appointed-counsel cases, especially expenses for services other than counsel, is usually an ex parte process so that the confidentiality of the defendant’s litigation strategy is protected.37 However, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 requires, in capital cases, a “proper showing” of a need for confidentiality to conduct ex parte proceedings concerning the approval of expenses for investigators, experts, and other service providers.38 Public disclosure of appointed-counsel expenses is often delayed until after judicial proceedings pertaining to the case are completed.39 - Justice Seeker
Open the Sealing_Guide for the case law in the foot notes. Generally, such information [pertaining to activities under the Criminal Justice Act and related statutes] which is not otherwise routinely available to the public should be made available unless it is judicially placed under seal, or could reasonably be expected to unduly intrude upon the privacy of attorneys or defendants;... more... - Justice Seeker
At this point the case docket reflects 54 missing docket numbers, two SEALED ORDERS, 14 Granted sealed motions to seal, 10 Granted Sealed Motions where the document is either not available after the link is clicked or the orders were entered with an electronic order which provides no document and most of those electronic orders provide no reasoning behind the allowed sealing. - Justice Seeker
The distinction between the rights afforded by the first amendment and those afforded by the common law is significant. A first amendment right of access can be denied only by proof of a "compelling governmental interest" and proof that the denial is "narrowly tailored to serve that interest." Globe Newspaper [Co. v. Super. Ct.], 457 U.S. [596], 606 [(1982)]. In contrast, under the... more... - Justice Seeker
No reason provided behind the sealed documents in conjunction with all the aberrations in this case from missing docket entries, to the sealed electronic order that continued time to indict that appears fraudulent now that it is public, to the hidden arrest warrant with all its peculiarities once public, to all the orders that never made it to the COURT'S ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET along... more... - Justice Seeker
Links to the court's ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET that show the 9/23/2013 "show" status conference Clerk's Notes and subsequent excludable delay order only made it as far as the case docket - Justice Seeker
This corrupt court running simulated proceedings continues to keep the public BLOCKED from the decisions made in the case with ORDERS regarding allowed and/or denied sealed motions unavailable to the public or entered as electronic orders leaving absent the rationale behind the rendered order; this has occurred with multiple decisions regarding sealed filings even when the ORDERS are... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
This graphic is in re to the corrupt judicial assignment. After the fraudulent continuance regarding the indictment, an indictment came forth on 6/27/2013. They put the Magistrate Case Number on the Indictment and Clerk Staff assigned US District Judge O'Toole; then they immediately referred the case right back to Magistrate Judge. Bowler.
8  DKT 59 60  6 27 2013 judicial assignment.png
One would think that Carmen Ortiz, US Attorney for Massachusetts, known to present in the state on the day of the indictment because she attended a news conference regarding the same, would have endorsed the indictment. This is a death penalty case that alleges an act of terror in the state of Massachusetts yet Ortiz's hand signature is not on one document pertaining to this case! - Justice Seeker
The case Activity Docket shows the actual time the orders are entered as does THE COURT'S ALL RECENT ORDERS docket. Orders on the criminal case docket/activity docket that have not been processed as legitimate orders of the court will not show up on THE COURT'S ALL RECENT ORDERS docket. To assess for legitimate orders you look at the time entered for the order on the case Activity... more... - Justice Seeker
There is a strong appearance that the fraudulent continuance on the indictment happened so that Judge O'Toole would be the drawn US District Judge when the indictment returned. - Justice Seeker
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George A. O'Toole, Jr. (born 1947) is a United States federal judge. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, O'Toole received an A.B. from Boston College in 1969 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1972. He was in private practice in Boston, Massachusetts from 1972 to 1982. He was an Associate Justice of the Boston Municipal Court from 1982 to 1990, and... more... - Justice Seeker
This earlier entry was inadvertently deleted and now re-posted. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
3 10 2014 Motion to Withdraw in another case by Conrad so you can compare to document properties Court rules specify to withdraw a notice of appearance had to first exist. Legally deficient CJA 30 for Clarke & Bruck = FAKE CASE
Conrad, Fick and Watkins are federal public defenders so the CJA 20 does not apply but not one of these attorneys has filed the MANDATORY notice of appearance in the case. CJA 20 instructions - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Appointment of Attorney Bruck was hopeful but it appears to be a fraudulent order. Note the CJA 30 form was slid onto the criminal docket but is not found on the activity docket. The form is BOGUS just as the CJA 30 form re: Clarke was bogus, neither, have been signed by a Judge AS REQUIRED & Bruck's says sub for federal defender.
The only attorney on the attorney sheet that has a filed Notice of Appearance, as required by local rule, is AUSA Nadine Pellegrini. Not one Defense Attorney in this case has made the required, by court rule, Notice of Appearance. RULE 83.5.2 APPEARANCES pg. 94 There was no appearance by the USA with the Complaint because the criminal Complaint was signed off by FBI Special Agent Daniel Genck and he is not an Assistant United States Attorney. No Pro Hac Vice fees have been paid by Clarke or Bruck; Bruck does not even have an ORDER allowing him to appear Pro Hac Vice. See the bizarre docket entry by the Magistrate's Clerk regarding the ALLOWED Motion undersigned by Conrad with a request that Clarke be allowed to appear Pro Hac Vice. - Justice Seeker
I checked the GPO web site and the order that allowed the appointment of David A. Bruck is not there. I pulled up the written opinions report and it is not there either!! - Justice Seeker
If the district judge presiding over the case, or the chief judge if a district judge has not yet been assigned to the case, determines that the appointment of an attorney, who is not a member of the CJA panel, is in the interest of justice, judicial economy or continuity of representation, or there is some other compelling circumstance warranting the attorney's appointment, the... more... - Justice Seeker
If the court orders appointing these attorneys are not true orders of the court IMO someone from the clerk's office cannot sign the CJA 30 by order of the court. A true order of the court appears on the Court's All Recent Orders docket, the written opinions report and makes it way to the GPO web site where you can look up orders from the US District Court of Massachusetts. - Justice Seeker
This link will take you to the only four orders that made it to the GPO web site in this case and two of those orders are not true orders of the court because they never made it to the the Court's All Recent Opinions docket; a staff person entered them on the written opinions report to make them appear legitimate and if there they transfer to the GPO. .... more... - Justice Seeker
Activity docket as of 3/11/2014 now has the CJA 30 report - exactly when the corrupt staff of this court amended is unclear but they have had several opportunities to enter the docket with new orders coming in. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Finally phony "defense" filings regarding the leaks by the government. It only took them a little over a year to address this ongoing issue. Perhaps they are reading all about Summer Shack and Borderfree so the need to ensure all blame falls on those with impunity has intensified. Latest filings posted.
279-1.pdf 646 KB
279-2.pdf 132 KB
279-3.pdf 135 KB
279-4.pdf 298 KB
Justice Seeker
Latest filings and truly unbelievable. Filing undersigned Clarke has an attachment that is a declaration. The party providing declaration signed /s/ INVALID ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE there is no declaration and whomever the corrupt person was that wrote the body of the doc wrote the declaration. The government didn't even bother to sign proposed sched
I read the expert discovery one earlier. Who typed that? It had spaces all over in between the letters in the words. - Ralph Hornsby
Justice Seeker
SEALED orders, motions to enlarge time, notice regarding EX PARTE submission of Todashev items for in camera review etc. Motion by Fick appears to have come from the FPD Office. I can't keep up with these criminals. Not all the orders made it to the all recent orders docket. Posted for your review Activity docket and ALL recent orders master
Apparently only the judge and the criminals at the DOJ get to see the Todashev items at this point. That's if there actually is a real judge. - Justice Seeker
From what I can see there were several orders on the 24th. Not one made it to the ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET. There were SEALED ORDERS and one order regarding a sealed motion where, again, the court ignored its own order as per dkt. #100 and the order regarding the sealed motion remains unavailable to the public. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Latest criminal docket posted. Another ORDER that is not sealed allowing a sealed motion is once again unavailable to the public in violation of the court's own orders in fraudulent Dkt. #100. The enlargement of time as requested with a joint motion undersigned and filed by Conrad but actually drafted at the DOJ in DC was Granted.
Justice Seeker
These corrupt people are not even trying to hide the corruption. This joint motion supposedly entered by Conrad has the same properties as the last 2 Defense Motion that have the NM Death Penalty case and appear to be coming from DOJ in DC. Enlargement of time requested re suppression of statements motion.
Justice Seeker
All the latest government motions/oppositions where these corrupt fools in the Massachusetts DOJ are responding to fraudulent Defense Motions written by a corrupt AUSA at the DC DOJ.
Justice Seeker
It appears that AUSA Warbel DC DOJ has been assisting in the fraudulent documents coming from defense where Custom properties have been noted. He must be using 2 different computers to come up with both PDF Maker 10.1 for word and PDF Maker 11 for word PDF's but using his personal word program to construct the documents
Justice Seeker
The government would like to know if Tsarnaev has plans to use a mental defect defense in these simulated proceedings where the lies and defrauding of America continue by taxpayer supported psychopaths.
Justice Seeker
Rules/Procedures of USDC Massachusetts willfully ignored to carry simulated proceedings
It appears the court is going to alter the rules to fit their corrupt agenda where the mandatory, as denoted by "shall", "notice of appearance" for all appearances beyond the the initial complaint will no longer be required. - Justice Seeker
COMPARE RULE 83.5.2 APPEARANCES (a) Generally. The filing of the complaint shall constitute an appearance by the attorney who signs it. All other appearances in a case shall be made by filing a notice of appearance containing the docket number of the case, name, address and telephone number of the person entering an appearance, in compliance with Rule 5.1(a)(1). (b) Appearance Pro Se. A... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
4/16/2014 "show" hearing & as per usual Judge O'Toole's corrupt Deputy Clerk, Paul Lyness, entered his clerk's notes only on the case docket and not into the ALL RECENT ORDERS docket. Note the date/time the clerk note was entered on the Activity Docket then look for the same on the all recent orders - you will not find the entry!
Justice Seeker
Defense motions to order government to comply with automatic discovery obligations DENIED in simulated death penalty case where the Defense motions are actually coming from the DC DOJ and are drafted by Assistant US Attorneys
This order is a joke and clearly some fool in that court has a computer that produces PDF's with the properties that look the same as PDF's directly from a US District Judge's computer. IMO the order is so pathetic it is an Impeachable Offense. Well over 70 pages on motions and oppositions in regards to the matter in this order which was "taken under advisement" per the bogus clerk's notes at the hearing. A little over 24 hours later, where O'Toole has been noted to take even up to a year when he says he will take a matter under advisement, this ORDER has not one cited case law or interpretation thereof to validate the DENIED motions regarding the fake Defenses' Motions to compel the corrupt prosecutions' compliance with automatic discovery rules. UPDATE: with filings by the Massachusetts DOJ AUSA in the Matanov case, it has now been noted that the DOJ Office in Massachusetts has a computer that produces the same PDF properities as a US District Judge's computer. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Government Defrauding America Letter to ACLU-MA USDC Massachusetts with evidence of Simulated Criminal Proceedings in the Case Re the Defendant Charged With the Boston Bombing
Published by tired_of_corruption ACLU Notified United States District Court of Massachusetts is DEFRAUDING AMERICA UPDATE; The last two Defense motions have revealed that any defense motions with custom tracking data are coming from the DOJ in DC and likely drafted by an AUSA Named Michael Warbel who represented the USA in the death penalty case 1:10-cr-02734-JCH-1 USA v. McCluskey et al in the New Mexico Federal Court! Is the US Congress ignoring complaints of corruption in the US Courts so they can later engage the corrupt public servants in these courts in carrying the governments' agenda that will further oppress the US population while bringing benefit to themselves and the Military Industrial Complex? Is the future of America going to be just general acceptance that we no longer have a legitimate justice system where the... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
The corruption just continues -Why would properties of last 2 defense motions contain information for John McCluskey's Grand Jury instructions re Death Penalty which is a case from the New Mexico Federal Court 1:10-cr-02734-JCH-1. No attorney in Tsarnaev case is on McCluskey's case. Is the DOJ writing the Defense motions?
Michael as noted Author: in the properties of the PDF's with documents undersigned by Conrad and Clarke is an AUSA in DC who represents the USA in the John McCluskey case Michael S Warbel U.S. Department of Justice 1331 F. Street NW Washington, DC 20004 (202) 514-5605 202-353-9779 (fax) - Justice Seeker Open the PDF to Conrad and Clarke's motions and see for yourselves. Right click to view properties once PDF is open. - Justice Seeker
The case was investigated by Albuquerque and Phoenix Divisions of the FBI and the New Mexico State Police. It is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Linda Mott and Gregory J. Fouratt of the District of New Mexico and Trial Attorney Michael S. Warbel of the Criminal Division’s Capital Case Section. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Why does the court filing, supposedly entered by an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA), "NOTICE OF INTENT TO SEEK THE DEATH PENALTY" have PDF properties that indicate this PDF did not come from the Massachusetts DOJ or one of the assigned AUSA's computers?
You will note that the supposed latest motion (dkt. #208) purportedly by Judy Clarke filed late Friday 2/28/2014 includes Attorney Bruck in the signature blocks. First, the motion IS NOT BY JUDY CLARKE - 2nd, Bruck has not been issued a may proceed pro hac vice order nor has he made an appearance in the case. They are manipulating the properties of the PDF's to reflect what they want the public to believe. Remember motion Dkt. #154 undersigned by attorney Watkins had Clarke as the author in the properties of the PDF and there was tracking data under the Custom selection. There is strong evidence in the court records that indicates bogus filings supposedly by the prosecution and defense counsel are coming from computers not associated with the federal public defender office or the MA DOJ including the notice of intent to seek the death penalty (dkt #167) supposedly entered into the ECF by AUSA Pellegrini. Dkt. #180 (unable to assess origin because it is scanned) & dkt #208 appear to be... more... - Justice Seeker
Further, the LAW requires that the notice be signed by the attorney for the government, meaning Carmen Ortiz not /s/minion such as AUSA Pellegrini. 18 U.S. Code § 3593 - Special hearing to determine whether a sentence of death is justified (a) Notice by the Government.— If, in a case involving an offense described in section 3591, the attorney for the government believes that the... more... - Justice Seeker
Remember these are the people that caused the death of Aaron Swartz with trumped up computer fraud charges piled high. Apparently a government job and a law degree means you can break any law you want including the furtherance of a criminal conspiracy that INVOLVED murder and TREASON. - Justice Seeker
Aaron Swartz was working on a story about a global porn ring. Somehow Eric Holder is involved in it. Protecting the elite perverts or maybe something worse. Carmen Ortiz was getting tired of covering for him and they are telling him he needs to go...before the Tsarnaev 'trial' starts. - Ralph Hornsby
Note the properties of this PDF by #JackPirozzolo which is a legitimate filing by DOJ AUSA; there is no data under the custom selection in DOJ AUSA PDFs entered into the ECF system. Having few death penalty cases in the USDC of Massachusetts, they used the Gary Sampson case, in which Conrad... more... - Justice Seeker
UPDATE- VERIFIED motions undersigned by Bruck & Clarke and a few undersigned by Fick, Conrad and Watkins are being drafted by a DC DOJ AUSA see - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Look at docket entry #247 by Judge O'Toole's corrupt Docket Clerk where he slid all the extra page motions into one entry where these documents were filed on the same day of the request without awaiting leave of the court. The motions were terminated before today's hearing and did not have the routine usual order you see with request for leave.
USUAL ORDER WOULD APPEAR >Judge George A. OToole, Jr: ELECTRONIC ORDER entered granting (dkt # x y z) Motion for Leave to File Excess Pages ; Counsel using the Electronic Case Filing System should now file the document for which leave to file has been granted in accordance with the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures. Counsel must include - Leave to file granted on (date of order)- in the caption of the document. as to Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (1) (Danieli, Chris) - Justice Seeker
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