GitHub Brings Its Enterprise Offerings To AWS
Mozilla Launches Firefox Developer Edition
PR people: have I ever picked up my phone when you cold called me? Ever?
so there's a hacker group that specifically targets executives when they stay in hotels. Crazy. #Darkhotel
RT @caro: How on earth did AOL's PR team think that this would go over well?
Google Brings Its Dart Programming Language To App Engine
RT @TechCrunch: Google Brings Its Dart Programming Language To App Engine by @fredericl
CloudScreener Helps You Decide Which Cloud To Use, Raises 600,000 Euros
Opera Brings Video Compression To Its Mini Browser For iOS
Leaving Paris after an intense couple of days at the OpenStack Summit. Finally feel like I've got a grip on what OpenStack is all about.
Facebook Open Sources Its Proxygen HTTP Framework And Server
the number of meeting requests I'm getting for re:Invent next week is out of control.
The @hp/@scality party at the OpenStack Summit was something else. There was even a DIY steak tartare station...
Google Drops Some Of Its Cloud Computing Prices — Again
RT @TechCrunch: Google Launches Managed Service For Running Docker-Based Applications On Its Cloud Platform by @fredericl
RT @kylebrussell: Props to the Google copywriter who came up with all these ways to say they're continuing to cut prices
So where do people actually spend most of their time on smartphones? Apps or browser? Looks like nobody really knows.
Digital Ocean today opened its third facility in New York (with IPv6 support):
WebLinc Raises $6M Series A To Expand Its Fast-Growing eCommerce Platform
Google Makes It Easier For Advertisers To Track Which Ads Generate Phone Calls
this guy is absolutely obsessed with Rocket Internet. He's been sending us a couple of emails per week for a year now
totally missed that people once again rediscovered Google's location history feature over the weekend.
Chinese Hackers Steal Personal Data From 4.5M Community Health Systems Patients
RT @SiliconFilter: Banks Vie for Share of Africa Mobile Payments / Wall Street Journal / via:
Guy next to me on the plane is using a Surface Pro. First for everything.
Google AdWords Removes Advertisers’ Ability To Match Only Exact Keywords
FAA bans planesharing. Absolutely no surprise because the rules for private pilots were always very clear about this:
Chrome’s Safe Browsing Tool Now Also Protects You From Downloading Deceptive Software
Who knew? Sharks are not fans of the free flow of information:
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