here's a free idea: award twitter reputation for ironic lols.
RT @GreenspringVC: Want to give a big thank you to @disruptioncorp for the great gear!
Interstellar was so good.
if you missed it monday, we launched Hubble Stream (like twitter for the private market/vc/startups). Check it out at
Yo fitness tracker so ugly, when you tried to track your swimming progress with it, the water jumped out of the pool.
Aphex Twin – MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96 [104.98] -
Slow Magic – Still Life -
"Don't wait for anything. (…) Go looking for an idea and it'll show up. Begin now. Be a fucking soldier about it and be tough." - @iraglass
who watches the watchmen? #Ferguson
RT @monteiro: You can’t A/B test ethics.
so the new Yo is like's Broadcasts, but with more hype.
I live in constant fear of the products I work on becoming frankenstein (messy, obtuse). So most of my time is spent trying to cut stuff.
if you're not at least slightly obsessive, you can't manage product design. sweat the details, or do something else.
is this be the most annoying product page ever? You click skip intro (yeah, *those* again) but there's another one.
RT @darth: didn’t planet of the apes start like this
i'd love to have Gordon Ramsey write my support email to @synology about their last update. "You wouldn't even serve this to a fucking pig!"
friends don't let friends commit code at 4am.
What? You're working on a photo messaging app? That's a great idea.
liking the idea of writing "crypto-currency" by using crypto$. Maybe even c$ would do.
successful crypto$ startups will be those who can make crypto$ easy to understand and use by all. No easy task, and we're not nearly there.
Digging Stellar. If you're on and would like to try sending some crypto-currency, send some my way, yo: fredoliveira
too many images in my twitter stream. This used to be all text, yo.
Howling – Signs -
Kevin Kelly, as good as always: You are not late.
If you're looking for great rails engineers / front-end developers, get in touch - I know 2 great folks. If remote is fine, even better.
the recipe for the internet seems to be: 1/2 kitten photos, 1/4 Phish concert tapes, 1/4 bad tweet jokes. (seriously, why so much Phish?)
i'm no scientist but there seems to be a correlation between successful kickstarter projects and british narrators on the product video.
sleep monitors are the new javascript frameworks.
having a blast remembering the old days while watching a video on elevator security from H.O.P.E.: /cc @pedromelo ;-)
it's been years since I looked at eSports but a $10million prize pool at a DOTA championship is a great indicator of how huge some games are
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