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I know people always talk trash about #newtwitter, but man. #newtwitter, amirite?
I know people always talk trash about #newtwitter, but man. #newtwitter, amirate?
"Check out the moments you missed on Path" The only thing I apparently missed on Path was a button to disable all email, years ago. #grumpy
being sick at home means I have a ton of time to sit and wonder why Dropbox would *ever* have Condoleeza Rice on their board. Freaks me out.
RT @paulsingh: "I’m going to build the most desirable place for post-seed companies to live, work, play & grow." cc @disruptioncorp
I find it fascinating that people are trying to fit a round peg in a square hole by conducting interviews/panels on twitter.
if you run web apps, DEFINITELY pay attention to the OpenSSL bug disclosed today. Call your eng/ops folks NOW. Info @
smart watches compete with hundreds of years of craft. A new generation of watches must be as great as that and only then add intelligence.
media reports 2/3rds of people who bought Galaxy Gear watches dump them. Wearables matter, but we still won't carry rushed products around.
can't wait for VR to let me be *in* a movie scene while the movie rolls. Film everything, let the viewer be inside the actual scene space.
I wish companies that get acquired would email their customers giving them the option to terminate their accounts before a data transfer.
love it when a founder takes the time to send a private email note based on twitter feedback. Dedication and hustle. Hats off to @ryanacash.
this feels like that Tony Hawk hoverboard commercial that turned out fake. Can't wait to browse facebook with these:
I will say something else. John Carmack, an idol to so many - the dude created DOOM and QUAKE, ffs - now gets a Facebook paycheck. #what
.@ireneau its sad. I'm tired of entrepreneurs throwing ideas out the door. For once, be all you can be. Build the winner. Make people happy.
disappointed. #oculusrift
seems like @thingscon is exactly where I want to be this coming May. Anyone else heading out to Berlin?
super excited about the convergence of wearables and iBeacon. The adjacent possible is open and wide. Head exploding with ideas. Must blog.
someone on the internet just predicted that what hasn't been invented yet is probably better than what exists today. Please notify science.
who knew my #FirstTweet would still be valid 8 years later:
it's a disservice to readers and ignores the very fabric of the medium it stands on. Hyperlinks aren't meant to only link internally.
how can it be normal for tech press to never link to a product they talk about for 16 paragraphs? Madness. @recode
you know something's wrong with you when you read an email you sent to yourself at 5 am. No body and the subject "Connected e-cigarettes".
don't burn bridges if you can't run from the fire.
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