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If you're looking for great rails engineers / front-end developers, get in touch - I know 2 great folks. If remote is fine, even better.
the recipe for the internet seems to be: 1/2 kitten photos, 1/4 Phish concert tapes, 1/4 bad tweet jokes. (seriously, why so much Phish?)
i'm no scientist but there seems to be a correlation between successful kickstarter projects and british narrators on the product video.
sleep monitors are the new javascript frameworks.
having a blast remembering the old days while watching a video on elevator security from H.O.P.E.: /cc @pedromelo ;-)
it's been years since I looked at eSports but a $10million prize pool at a DOTA championship is a great indicator of how huge some games are
The world today: "Why would you do this?" (2 months later:) "Oh my god, this is changing the world." @bhorowitz at Cannes
was going to complain about the WSJ paywall, but then realized that the story I was going to read was about a new Sony Walkman for $700, so.
help? A trailer not being available worldwide is super weird: Call your peeps, Ted. Right this wrong.
RT @cowlyowl: Just beautiful, Japanese artist sends flowers into space
- "I think I may have wet my pants a little" - "That's okay, we love that feeling" From my @disruptioncorp product call with @bgadoci
.@berkun yup. I always believed that the things you really want done end up done, but I struggle with a few things I'd love to do more often
curious: what do you use to remind you of things you should (our would like to) do every day? Apps? I found I inevitably start ignoring them
Its fascinating that there are companies doing extremely well by being in the business of letting people share and consume garbage content.
RT @andreasgal: Google dropped support for any browser other than Chrome in Hangouts. This is not the Web we want.
RT @jmspool: It doesn’t move our field forward to say “Our work is complicated. Don’t try to do more than one thing."
holy crap, This American Life live at BAM is - just as expected - one of the most brilliant things I've ever watched. Absolute genius.
RT @adactio: Launching the new @dConstruct website: And writing about it: Huzzah!
XTC – Complicated Game - 2001 - Remaster -
so on one hand we can't really dump these things - they're useful for people running sites. On the other hand we're being sold constantly.
comment forms track you, Like buttons track you. All these widgets that are now everywhere have code tacked to them that follows you around.
browsing the web with something like Ghostery turned on is a not-so-subtle reminder how everything breaks when we don't want to be tracked.
just saw a show on TV where a drug dealer takes payments using @square. I guess it can't be all about roasted coffee and hand-made bags.
these are the sweetest.
RT @BrookeSalkoff: Join us! Women 2.0 debuts in DCarea @disruptioncorp RT @W2citymeetup "We want to meet you! Join us 6/26" @ccbid
if there's an area where I'd put my money right now, that is IoT. That has been true for a few years, but now more than ever.
Lone – Airglow Fires -
best thing about what I'm working on: quite literally coding the future of VC + private markets. Worst: can't talk about it *too much*.
very proud of what I'm working on at @disruptioncorp. Will eventually blog about Hubble (code name for a finance tool I'm coding+designing).
kinda disrespectful that @motorola would subscribe developers who sign up to their Moto 360 SDK news to other promotional emails about them
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