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So, tardive dyskinesia anyone? -
Happy [f]riday from your redhead -
fredricktoo on So, tardive dyskinesia anyone? -
"Occasional jerking sounds a lot like myoclonus, which is fairly common with Fibromyalgia and easily quelled with a calcium/magnesium supplement. At least that's my experience." - Gary Fredrick
Has anyone taken Nortriptyline? -
Question about using Lightroom with Photoshop -
Fun, smiling girl gives you a sexy target. (GIF) -
fredricktoo on Has anyone taken Nortriptyline? -
"I take Nortriptyline @ 20 mg per day for sleep problems due to Fibromyalgia and it helps with the pain of Peripheral Neuropathy. It's too low a dose to have any effect on my anxiety and depression of which I am a life long sufferer. A quick look at google shows this a choice for IBS and my thinking is that if the anxiety stems from the IBS, it may help quell that anxiety. Is the anxiety a separate issue? If so and it is severe, I'd recommend a shrink for a benzodiazapene prescription. Benzo's are of course addictive so it's usually not the first course. Of course if you are in any position to do strenuous aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week, I know of no better anxiolytic. There are numerous other natural anxiety relievers such as deep breathing exercises and a few OTC remedies. Best of luck to you." - Gary Fredrick
Russia has begun "full scale invasion" into Ukraine fighting now on two fronts. -
[F] trying this again. -
Lily Love flashing her boobs in the backseat of a car [gif] -
Two babes flashing their boobs on a boat -
Redheads are the [f]airest in the land - especially in yoga pants -
I just finished American Psycho. I can't look at /r/MaleFashionAdvice the same. -
Flashing while walking in public [gif] -
How can I make these two layers blend more naturally? -
Caroline Wozniacki's amazing break point vs. Maria Sharapova -
Caroline Wozniacki's amazing break point vs. Maria Sharapova
Tried out the whole underboob thing for the first time [f] -
Delightful bikini bottom -
I normally just post to r/ do I [f]are here? -
True Detective - 1x08 "Form and Void" - Episode Discussion -
Anyone catch this little in-joke in ep. 4? -
Redditors who have been in a coma, did you dream about anything during that period? If so, what about? -
Six things every new iPad (or iPhone) owner should do immediately -
Six things every new iPad (or iPhone) owner should do immediately
When ADHD is present in the intelligent, there is a dangerous interplay between the external expectation to pick up on things quickly and the internal drive to get an activity over with as quickly as possible. -
Custom Mac Pro enclosure w/ built-in REDMAG MINI reader/8TB internal Thunderbolt RAID -
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