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Fred Wilson
which do you rely on more for tech news?: techmeme (1) or hacker news (2) ?
Truly, neither...I get it through a mix of Google Reader/FriendFeed - James Dasher from Alert Thingy
Also Google Reader (and these days some FriendFeed) - Robert Seidman
rely on Techmeme most, but Hacker News is a close second - mathew ingram
FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk, without a doubt. - Dion Hinchcliffe from twhirl
Techmeme, FriendFeed, Google Reader and some of - Gadiel Rivera
FriendFeed!; next Techmeme, Digg, gReader Google Technology News (alerts) - Susan Beebe
Techmeme. I never look at Hacker News, but maybe I should. - Louis Gray
none of the above..ff / IM and old style story sharing :)- - Peter Dawson
Hacker News generally provides more real value (tips, tools, advice), Techmeme is good for "breaking" news. - Steve Spalding
@fredwilson: hacker news - Benjamin Kudria
Gotta agree with James Dasher--neither. Just Google Reader with a ton of subscriptions. - Eric Florenzano
yeah... techmeme is just to not miss big stories... but hacker news has awesome comments. - Stefan Hayden
Rivva, Techmeme, FriendFeed and - Benedikt Koehler
Techmeme and FriendFeed. - Atul Arora
FriendFeed and TechMeme and Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
Just as a test maybe you could try "Does the '1' or '2' style polling work? 1 for yes, 2 for 'no'. ;-) - Robert Seidman
google reader, igoogle, and friendfeed. - edythe
FF - Shey
Out of those 2, Techmeme. - Jeff Brewster from Alert Thingy
FriendFeed - Sally Church
btw: what is hacker news? - Benedikt Koehler
Neither. - Morton Fox
Google Reader and lately, Friendfeed - Michael Pardee
I too rely purely on Google Reader and FriendFeed. I can't imagine I miss out on too much this way. - Chris Ridenour
I wish my close friends could answer, they would say that I am their source. They're just now figuring out gmail. - Vince DeGeorge
Wow you got them on Gmail! That's a huge step, trust me. - Shey
Hacker news - Caleb Elston
I rely on ambient noise! Part of which is - Ashton
FriendFeed + 800 feeds on Google Reader + Twitter. Like RSS, TechMeme is okay to. And Slashdot rules! Kidding :) - Mike Reynolds
@Ashton: right on. - edythe