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Re: My Nightmare -
"yeah, i was wondering about the $140 number." - Fred Wilson
Re: My Nightmare -
"leaving aside the absurd, top talent gets $10-20mm pre for a seed round. low end is $2-4mm pre. median is probably $4-6mm." - Fred Wilson
Re: My Nightmare -
"yupppppp. that's how i read it as well." - Fred Wilson
Re: My Nightmare -
"i still get that dream. but less and less these days" - Fred Wilson
Re: My Nightmare -
"Just had one" - Fred Wilson
Re: My Nightmare -
"I am not sure I would raise money. Just being honest. If it could fund it myself I might do that" - Fred Wilson
First Robotics Competition
Fun Friday: Which web or mobile services most inspire you?
Some Thoughts On Tweeting Vs Blogging
Teaching Computer Science To High School Students On The Way To Work
The Value Of An Engineering Degree [yesterday's post. didn't tweet because AVC was having issues]
The FIRST Robotics Competition
.@aweissman we both chose Beatles covers for our friday cover day picks this week & #timeless
A Founder's Notebook
New Black Keys. Fuck Yeah. Turn It Up Loud.
The Search For The Next Platform
Landing a job in VC: Pick Yourself - You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky When asked...
“After” has more than a million readers, Wattpad says. [how many published books a year get to that level?]
Video Of The Week: Larry Page at TED
chapter five in The Hard Thing About Hard Things is possibly the best thing I've read about leading a tech company
After WhatsApp: An Insider’s View On What’s Next In Messaging via @techcrunch
I gotta say that @KDTrey5 is badass and the MVP of the NBA hands down
USV Is Hiring an Analyst #usvconversation via @USV
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