Check out this great write-up about our last donation in the Cranston Herald by our very own Beth Ayer!
Saturday, December 5th core meeting. Here's the place: . Be there at 11. Make a difference for 2010.
Join free geek for our next open community meeting on Dec 05 at 11am. email info at for more info or call 484-8884!
#newb09neit is starting to wrap up from the speed mentoring sessions and then we're heading out. I had a great day today, thanks everyone!
newb09neit : Mike is downstairs introducing linux and Forrest is upstairs discussing cloud computing.
#newb09neit : Larry is up for his 15 minute "flavors of linux" while we all eat pizza for 50
#newb09neit : Half-way through the first session...
newb09neit : Advanced Linux room 236 with Mark and Social Networking with Steve in the main room.
newb09neit : Wow, we really have some insane amount of geek going on over here.
pass on a little thanks to everyone, from Nate at Free Geek PVD (facebook link)
If you are volunteering for newbcamp, please come at 8 for "coffee and" before hand. We still need lots of help, so volunteers welcome!
Don't forget, you can register at to let us know you are coming.
NewBCamp this Saturday, free registration, tracks are set down, sessions are set, I left presentations open for on-the-spot's, things are go
Have you been to newbcamp before? Comment on our event at freegeekpvd's facebook event! Don't forget to register!
Only 8 days left before you lose your free spot at NewBCamp. Secure your seat now for newbcamp09@neit at
Can everyone retweet this? Registration is free, the event is free, the food is free, 5 minute power mentoring is free
What is newbcamp? A collection of awesome topics, a group of great people, all coming to gether to share technology with everyone else. Don'
We've got 200 people capacity at NEIT, so don't be shy! Register today for FREE entrance into NEWBCAMP09@NEIT on October 17th! GET ON THE LI
There are a ton of people registered, but we can take 200 people at this one, so don't be shy!
The most recent schedule updates for Newbcamp09@neit, here they are.
If you haven't registered for NewBCamp @ NEIT yet, it's free!
If you haven't registered for NewBCamp @ NEIT yet, it's free!
Free Geek Providence and NEIT are holding an Open Community Recycling Event. It’s on July 25th, 2009, 9 am to 1 pm. It will be held at 2500 Post Road. Warwick, RI 02888 (NEIT). This is Free Geek’s first recycling event. Any individuals or businesses can come and donate computer related E-waste. For more Info: 401-369-9783 or
Free Geek Providence and NEIT are holding an Open Community Recycling Event. 07/25/09. For more Info: 401-369-9783 or
#newb09neit recruiting for speakers - contact @nathanhutnak for details
we may finally have our very own space to call home. more details this week!
FreeGeek day this Friday! We give out computers to non-profits, churches and schools. Want to help out? email for info!
#newb09pc is a wrap! people at NewBCamp today planted seeds of connections and of ideas.There is truly no limit to what our community can do
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