Open Access, Library and Publisher Competition, and the Evolution of General Commerce / by Andrew Odlyzko -
Academic Publishing and Open Access / by Frank Mueller-Langer, Marc Scheufen -
SSRN - F. Tim Knight
MARiMbA / Ontology Engineering Group -
Java SE Documentation at a Glance -
repository - Revision 9638: /RDFizers/marcmods2rdf -
Frequencies for equal-tempered scale -
HiFi Engine | Download Free User/ Service Manuals, Amplifier, Receiver, CD, Tape, Tuner, Video -
Toronto Beekeepers Co-operative -
Open Library of Humanities -
The Authors Guild v. Hathitrust: A Way Forward for Digital Access to Neglected Works in Libraries / by James Aaron -
Due to changes in copyright law since the United States joined the Berne Convention, a growing number of copyright holders cannot be located. ... While past literature has focused on desired commercial uses of these so-called orphan works, the recent case of The Authors Guild v. HathiTrust has brought the issue of educational, nonprofit uses of these works to the fore. This Comment begins by describing the HathiTrust Orphan Works Project and what it renames the neglected works problem. Next, it examines the legality of the project under current copyright law, focusing mainly on fair use under section 107, and concludes that it is unclear whether the project violates copyright law. Finally it analyzes whether this result fits the policy goals of copyright, and because it does not, proposes both legislative and judicial changes to copyright law to make it clear that in the proper circumstances, nonprofit, educational uses of neglected works do not violate copyright law. - F. Tim Knight
Degree Pedigree: Assessing the Effect of Degree-Granting Institutions' Ranks on Prospective Employment at Academic Law Libraries / by Ashley Ahlbrand, Michael Johnson -
:: SSRN In the academic law library hiring process, candidates are assessed based on a variety of factors. The study conducted here focuses on education - specifically the institutional rank of degree-granting law and library science institutions - to explore how the rank of one's graduate education might influence hiring decisions at academic law libraries. - F. Tim Knight
ONIX Users and Services Directory / EDItEUR -
Using External Midi Instruments with Pro Tools -
Pubby – A Linked Data Frontend for SPARQL Endpoints - http://wifo5-03.informatik.uni...
Marimba | Unlocking your library data -
culturegraph - culturegraph authorities -
m.e.driscoll: data utopian • data visualization is a halfway house -
DSHR's Blog: Talk at Fall 2012 CNI -
Principles on Open Bibliographic Data / Open Bibliography and Open Bibliographic Data -
Out of the Trenches : A Linked Open Data Project | Canadiana -
Machine Learning for Social Network Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review / by Satchidananda Dehuri, Sagar De, Gi-Nam Wang :: SSRN -
In-depth: The future of search / by Tom Vanderbilt -
(Wired UK) - F. Tim Knight
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