Modern Web Development The Webkit Inspector -
web services - REST API http load testing tool - http://www.pylot.org_/
System Adjustments / by Brendan Maher -
:: SSRN This invited Essay considers the future of law data and system reform. - F. Tim Knight
Network Entity Relationship Diagrams / by Dale Brearcliffe -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight reveals brief roadmap for AppExchange through 2013 -
Balls animation test: Silverlight (JavaScript and CLR) vs DHTML vs Flash (Flex) vs WPF vs Apollo vs Java (Swing) -
Configuration management software | Open source configuration management - CFEngine - Distributed Configuration Management -
Triangulating Judicial Responsiveness: Automated Content Analysis, Judicial Opinions, and the Methodology of Legal Scholarship / by Chad Oldfather, Joseph Bockhorst, Brian Dimmer -
The increasing availability of digital versions of court documents, coupled with increases in the power and sophistication of computational methods of textual analysis, promises to enable both the creation of new avenues of scholarly inquiry and the refinement of old ones. This Article advances that project in three respects. First, it examines the potential for automated content analysis to mitigate one of the methodological problems that afflicts both content analysis and traditional legal scholarship — their acceptance on faith of the proposition that judicial opinions accurately report information about the cases they resolve and courts‘ decisional processes. Because automated methods can quickly process large amounts of text, they allow for assessment of the correspondence between opinions and other documents in the case, thereby providing a window into how closely opinions track the information provided by the litigants. Second, it explores one such novel measure ... :: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
Programming Pig - OFPS - O'Reilly Media -
Carillon Audio computers, power, performance, stability and low noise operation -
Cambridge Music Technology -
Law: An Information Technology / by John McGinnis, Steven Wasick -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
« Legal Informatics Blog - F. Tim Knight
Moys classification scheme - Library @ UOW -
Cover Pages: XML Applications and Initiatives -
Music Discovery Resources | Music Library Association Committees / ETSC -
Music materials, particularly scores and recordings, pose unique demands that must be considered for successful discovery. Some of the unique needs posed by music materials can be addressed simply by ensuring that needed fields are appropriately displayed and indexed in discovery interfaces. Other problems are more difficult to solve. This document discusses the issues and when possible gives concrete recommendations for discovery interfaces. - F. Tim Knight
Digital Originality / by Edward Lee -
"This Article examines the doctrine of originality in U.S. copyright law and proposes a reconfigured, three-part test that can better analyze issues of first impression involving works created with new digital technologies. The proposed test, encapsulated by the concept of digital originality, provides much needed guidance to courts to address the increasing complexities of digital creations in the twenty-first century." :: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
Publishing the Public Sector Legal Information in the Era of the Semantic Web / by Kaiser Rady -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
Sweet Tools » AI3:::Adaptive Information -
Talis Platform API documentation site -
"... a Web based environment for building Semantic Web applications and services. It is a hosted system which provides an efficient, robust storage infrastructure for documents and metadata. The Platform is accessed using a suite of Web based services which provide sophisticated data management, query, indexing and search feature." - F. Tim Knight
An Empirical Study on the Research & Critical Evaluation Skills of Law Students / by Michelle Wu, Leslie Lee -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
Copyright and Innovation in Legal Course Materials / by R. Reese -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
Linked Periodicals Data (Data Incubator) -
Silk - A Link Discovery Framework for the Web of Data -
Delicious: Silk - A Link Discovery Framework for the Web of Data
Delicious: Testing the Limits of WestlawNext / by Lee Peoples
Testing the Limits of WestlawNext / by Lee Peoples -
:: SSRN - F. Tim Knight
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