Pawel Szczesny
Watching Cameron's talk - videocast is little buggy. I need to reload page every few minutes to get the sound back.
I"m not having that problem - Jean-Claude Bradley
But I don't see Cameron on the Live Blog yet.... - Jean-Claude Bradley
I have pretty good internet connection - maybe it's an issue with Windows? - Pawel Szczesny
Yes, he's not there yet, but I assume it's just a long introduction. :) - Pawel Szczesny
Watching it too, streaming seems ok on a Mac. What time is Cameron talking? - Michael Barton
He was supposed to talk already for 10 minutes. - Pawel Szczesny
Pawel - I've got windows too on wireless and no probs - using Firefox - Jean-Claude Bradley
So I have no idea why it's not working perfectly here. But reloading takes few seconds, so it's not a big issue. - Pawel Szczesny
this is all introduction stuff - I wonder if it is live or from this morning? - Jean-Claude Bradley
Those guys in the pub really scared me. - pn
He is coming. - pn
Cameron, Hooray! - Michael Barton
he's on now - Jean-Claude Bradley
@Paulo Me too - Michael Barton
I was looking at it together with Cameron's twitter account - I think it's live (he went into a room not so long after twittering about waiting for a taxi). - Pawel Szczesny
There seems to be some silence about this event on Twitter... - Berci Mesko, MD
A problem I have, is that I don't own all the data I'm using to make it available. So it's difficult to make my 100% research open. - Michael Barton
Plus, as work becomes more interesting, and therefore 'increases in publication value', collaborators are less willing to share. - Michael Barton
Michael, it's a common issue for all of us at this certain level of scientific independence :) - Pawel Szczesny
So my point would be, if I was working on my own I can share everything, otherwise I have to compromise with collaborators needs. - Michael Barton
@Pawel True, true, true. I guess that's part of why you're a freelance scientist? - Michael Barton
Another thing I find, even if you're working on your own, you can't always share your research because the data you're using might not have the license which allows you do so. Such as you have to email someone to get the data. - Michael Barton
Michael, all true. It varies by topic of one's research, but I also have faced licensing issues. All this stuff is a more of a problem than potential scooping. If one cannot convince 100% people involved, sharing is not going to work at all. Working as a freelancing scientist has this independence, but on the other hand I have much more collaborations than I would have following traditional path. Which means more people involved and more potential disagreements on the data sharing... - Pawel Szczesny
I guess bioinformatics is suited to ONS because the costs are very small and because it's easy to share scripts and data online. On the other hand, it may be less suited because it's entirely based on using existing data, most of which will have been generated by other people. - Michael Barton
@Michael - even if you're working on your own there are still issues with funders, institutions and others thinking the best way to their pound of flesh is to keep everything tied down. I think the funders are starting to change this but it will take a while. - Cameron Neylon
Cameron, you start convincing me that having no salary is a good thing :) (no salary, no institution issues) - Pawel Szczesny
@pawel no food..? There are some good thing about working. Being independently wealthy would be better but i cant see that happening soon - Cameron Neylon from fftogo
Cameron, in my case I don't need to bother with my host institute policy/licensing for projects I do on a side, because I'm not employed (I'm not sure about UK, but I heard that in the US all your IP rights belong to the host university/institute). My income doesn't come from a salary. - Pawel Szczesny