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M-pick, a Modularity-based Method for OTU Picking of 16S rRNA Sequences -
Systematic inference of highways of horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes -
Experimental biology: Sometimes Bayesian statistics are better -
Genetic privacy needs a more nuanced approach -
Metabolomics of antibiotic resistance [Chemistry] -
NGSUtils: a software suite for analyzing and manipulating next-generation sequencing datasets -
A bit more on writing bioinformatic research code -
Extracting 3D cell parameters from dense tissue environments: Application to the development of the mouse heart -
Post-translational tools expand the scope of synthetic biology. -
Systematic Inference of Highways of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Prokaryotes -
Business Card VChip brings accurate, cheap, and portable blood testing everywhere -
Metagenomics: Personalized gut microbiome variants -
Short statement on open science for OpenAIRE conference -
Short statement on open science for OpenAIRE conference
My video statement on #openscience for #openaire12 conference (sent in too late to make into official channel)
THIS JUST IN: Smurfs love to love Smurfette! Tap #Smurfette once a day to earn extra XP. #SmurfsVillage @BeelineGames
[Report] Bacterial Quorum Sensing and Metabolic Incentives to Cooperate -
RT @chapmanb: gfold - RNA-seq analysis with generalized fold change; special focus on no replicate experiments
Cell-free synthetic biology: Thinking outside the cell via @prismatic
Might try it some day: Building a real time, solr-powered recommendation engine via @prismatic
Symbolab - A Scientific Equation Search Engine via @prismatic
Sharing and re-use of phylogenetic trees (and associated data) to facilitate synthesis via @prismatic
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