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friendfeed addicts

friendfeed addicts

A place for Friendfeed addicts to share stories and conversate.
Susan Beebe
“Dear FriendFeed: I started my account 2 months ago today. It's been quite a trip, and I think I'm starting to fall for you. I don't want to be too forward, but FriendFeed I think I love you. In a co-dependent, addicted kinda way. =)” -
Kol Tregaskes
FriendFeed Spy beta - Spying on FriendFeed public timeline and some more... -
Mona Nomura
fftogo = no pictures displayed but comment editing ok ff iPhone = pictures but no editing. weird
Mona Nomura
“When FF = Friend Feed and =/= Fire Fox; I recognized my addiction. Just saying.” -
Hi, I'm Mona. And I am an addict. - Mona Nomura
i feel your pain. though i wish we could all agree that ff = friendfeed and FF = Firefox. would ease the pain of my addiction... - Trent Olson
O, I have a way to differentiate... I will reshare, one second please =) - Mona Nomura
People say that the preferred acronym for Firefox is Fx, but I don't like that. How about FFx? - James Rishabh Mishra
Mona Nomura
“Note to self: When FF = Fire Fox; add v. ie: FF2 and FF3. When FF = Friend Feed, no numbers” -
hmm...but what happens when ff releases a shiny new interface that the ff community calls "friendfeed2"? - Trent Olson
already thought of that. switch to alphabet! FFa <-see? Mona alpha beta cheerios OUT. krshshshhshshsh -over- - Mona Nomura
Charlie Anzman
FriendFeed “Likes” Compatibility Index Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha -
Charlie Anzman
Friendfeed is leveling the playing field -
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