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FriendFeed API

FriendFeed API

Discussion and feedback for the FriendFeed API. Get started at
Cristiano Fino ®
[quesito tecnico linguistico] Ogni elemento (o thread) inserito su Friendfeed è definito (da specifiche) come "Entry". Come lo tradurreste in italiano: "voce", "elemento", "articolo", "post", ... boh ?
conversazione? - giuliana from BuddyFeed
entry, la lascerei così. - Sara T.
elemento++ - ıɔ ǝɯɯǝ ˙ɹp
@giuliana, conversazione non è male. Forse è un pò lungo ... :-) @Sara, anche a me piace entry, ma non è troppo anglofono (e poi non farebbe a cazzotti con "commenti" ed "é piaciuto a" ? - Cristiano Fino ®
uhm non è semplice - Sara T.
Andy Bakun
Now having done some more work against the API, I have to say that one of the greatest things about Friendfeed is the way it normalizes content from a bunch of different sites better than raw RSS could ever hope to. I find this inspiring.
But why, oh why, does the v1 API have more detail than the v2, specifically related to attachments? Seems like v2 needed a little more love and someone was going to get back to it before releasing it, but it never finished getting attention. - Andy Bakun
✔ Crino
se mi regali un iphone (che poi venderò su ebay, sia chiaro) te lo testo :D - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
non ce l'ho neanche per me.... :D - ✔ Crino
I betatester attendono con ansia la solita email. - Maxime from FFHound!
Acc, io non ho FFHOUND. Peccato che non ne esista una versione lite per verificarne le funzionalità e decidere se piace + o - di BuddyFeed. - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ
Io lo betatesterei volentieri - Xabaras (G.O.)
@clock: hai ragione, al momento la navigazione funziona devo includere tutti i comandi. sto cercando una soluzione carina per le shortcut (credo che opterò per lo style popup di android) - ✔ Crino
A me basta che mettiate il supporto al multitasking e poi posso pensare di comprarla - deadmanwriting from iPhone
@deadmanwriting c'è già - Valle from FFHound!
Comprato! E ora la versione universal! - deadmanwriting
...iniziato lo sviluppo dei comandi. la navigazione è ok ;) - ✔ Crino
A quando l'uscita? 2011? - Valle from FFHound!
Ffhound è meglio di buddyfeed e anche di parecchio. Io lo testo volentieri eh - zisho from FFHound!
come già scritto la navigazione è completata e anche qualche comando (like,hide....) sto curando molto la parte di ottimizzazione di memoria (al momento 0 memleaks!). Se ce la faccio spero di farvelo trovare sotto l'albero di natale ma non ve lo posso promettere :-P - ✔ Crino
Crino confidiamo in te :) Ah, una cosa; per favore non fate come la 1.1.1 che si poteva installare solo con firmware 4.1 o superiori. Secondo me dovreste dare la possibilità anche a chi ha firmware inferiori di installarlo, cioé dal 4 in su, giusto per la compatibilità del - Valle
Domanda, in cosa è superiore a Buddyfeed? - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ from BuddyFeed
Max non dire minchiate tu. Se io ho il firmware 4.0 e non voglio passare al 4.1 per quale motivo un'app non mi deve funzionare? Non sto parlando di firmware antichi ma di quello precedente... Ci sono migliaia di app e giochi che hanno compatibilità da firmware 3.1 e ogni volta che c'è un aggiornamento dell'app o del gioco la compatibilità non cambia. Non vedo per quale motivo FFhound non possa fare lo stesso... - Valle
heey @carin777 (Caridad Tovar) help please. Friendfeed search is down please help :(
heey @carin777 (Caridad Tovar) help please. Friendfeed search is down please help :@ #yay - absent
@carin777 boşver kimsenın umru değil bak sen rahatına ^^ - absent
Carirad will fix it i know :) - Sercan
FF araması ve etiket uygulamaları 3-4 gündür devre dışı. Sanırım bir bakımdan geçiyor. Ne yapılabilir acaba? - Ali Oz
Sorun halen çözülmemiş: - Ali Oz
FF arama ve etiket sorunu giderilmiş - ( üzerinden) - Ali Oz
✔ Crino
- fixed error posting images - minor fixes - changed about - ✔ Crino
thanks ;) - Serkan Sogut
Appena aggiornato, grazie. - degra from FFHound(roid)!
FF search is down..
evet.. - NesiL
ne zaman dogru duzgun calisti ki :) - Murat |
esorciccio a.d.
Bello. - L'astronauto
grazie - esorciccio a.d. from Flucso
(Tra qualche giorno, appena mi decido a installare qualcosa sulla partizione, me lo voglio giostrare un po' pure io, questo flucso) - L'astronauto
esorciccio a.d.
Andy Bakun
Is there a way to get the filename for attached media, as it existed on the filesystem of the user who did the upload? The alt and title attributes are set to the uploaded filename on the friendfeed website, so it shows in a hoverover tooltip, but I can't see where to get this in the API.
Found it in the v1 API; gonna try to merge it in to the v2 thumbnails list my code is already setup to handle. Maybe someone wants to risk breaking things and could add a new "title" field to the thumbnail objects returned in v2? - Andy Bakun
✔ Crino
+ added icons on accounts list; - little improvements; * fixed services lists; * fixed minor bugs; - ✔ Crino
good news, i'm trying... - Serkan Sogut
are we already able to "share to" FFHound? - Marcos Marado
you can share any text, image with FFHound, but you can share entries from FFHound with any other app on your device which supports share command ;) - ✔ Crino
esorciccio a.d.
Questi utenti anonimi sono utilissimi! - Vinz
questo fa altro oltre a guardare serie tv? :PPP - Unkcoso
se guardi il menù direi di si - esorciccio a.d. from Flucso
e nient', mi dice l'anonimo che i feed di extratorrent in realtà non contengono link ai torrent ma alle pagine del sito, quindi a tutt'oggi gli unici feed che servano a qualcosa sono quelli di ezrss - che però ormai vengono aggiornati ogni morte di papa. è desolante, siamo circondati di cretinetti che pensano solo a raggranellare quattro spiccioli coi banner, così bisogna continuare a fare tutto a manina... - esorciccio a.d.
Bahadır ARSLAN
Bahadır ARSLAN
Brett Kelly
Ok, so I built a little tool to batch-unsubscribe from FriendFeed users. It will be styled later, but it does the job. - please test it out and let me know if it breaks :)
Hi Brett, could you contact me via , please? - Alp
Alp - I'm at if you'd like to chat - Brett Kelly from iPhone
Alp wants to be King of the FF ecosystem :) - Jérôme from iPhone
Really? Why? - Brett Kelly from email
ah, yeah, I actually meant to do that before posting it :) - Brett Kelly from IM
No, don't bother hiding the passphrase. How often are you using something like this from a public computer, or where someone can see your screen? - Michael R. Bernstein
Brett, it would be nice if the tool showed some metrics next to each name (comments, likes, some kind of mutual compatibility or engagement measure) and let you sort by that as well. - Michael R. Bernstein
This is great Brett! Is the source somewhere or is it closed source? - EricaJoy
I may open the source up at some point, but I have large plans for the FF API (not necessarily selling anything, but plans nonetheless). We'll see how it goes :) - Brett Kelly
No worries, what I want to do isn't possible yet anyhow. :) - EricaJoy from IM
What do you want to do? - Brett Kelly
Create a way to subscribe to all subscribers. Subscribers aren't exposed via the API (yet) so this seems either very hard or impossible now. - EricaJoy from IM
To subscribe to all her subscribers - Jérôme
I said that already. :P - EricaJoy from IM
actually, you could probably scrape somebody's subscribers fairly easily (until the API supports it, anyway). - Brett Kelly from IM
Brett, could your page have a link to the remote key page? Perhaps open the window in a new tab. - Kol Tregaskes
Could the characters for the remote key also be masked? - Kol Tregaskes
Is it possible to select all/none plus select by friends lists? - Kol Tregaskes
Need select all button :) - Live Crunch Blog
what's my remote key? - BEX
BEX, you'll see it by going here (you have to be logged in of course): - Micah
link not working :( - Vinay Aswal
Gracias...thank you my friend - Caridad Tovar
FF Api problem! No entries on search query Check this
ov carirad you are awesome :) thanks!! - Sercan
FriendFeed API is broken now. My FF Apps are screwed. FriendFeed's example OAuth App is also broken. Sometimes FriendFeed becomes down and it SUCKS. However, we have a ***2010 DUCK***... Holy crap. Thank you FF Team. Happy new year, OK?
lol - a little frustrated? - Jesse Stay
Actually, more than that. I've disabled FFSummary ( yesterday. It is out of order just because of that holy duck. - Alp
It wonder if Bret's application of Oauth Wrap may be the cause - NOT THE CRICKET
Alp, the API works for me - can you clarify what error is occurring for you? - Bret Taylor
Bret's response is why I love FriendFeed - would you get a response from Ev or Biz, or even one of the higher up devs on Twitter? (Thanks for staying involved, Bret) - Jesse Stay
Bret, API is not always working. For example just 1 hr ago this login was not working for anyone, however it works now. I stopped some of my apps since sometimes users could not login successfully. IMHO, there is a problem with OAuth. This problem started this week and my apps were up for months. Many of my developer friends observed that even example... more... - Alp
؛ patrick
I just wrote a simple program which can download a public user's feeds (+attachments) and save them to your local file system. This program has been written in java under the GNU Public License (freeware). You may download the program and the source files from -
You need JRE 1.6 to run the program. Please let me know if you have any question - ؛ patrick
You rock Patrick! eyval man! - لرد فرهاد
Thanks Farhad. It's just a simple program. It doesn't download private feeds. If you have a private feed, you have to make it public during the backup process. If I find some time, I will make the next versions which should be able to do more :) - ؛ patrick
I haven't done much error handling. If there is any issue, please let me know and I will fix them - ؛ patrick
cool - ؛ patrick
مک افی گیر میده پتریک و اجازه نمیده برم تو این صفحه - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
You need a good XML reader to open the feeds - ؛ patrick
میتونم برات ایمیلش کنم. 1 لحظه صبر کن - ؛ patrick
نیما ایمیلت اونیه که 1807 داره؟ - ؛ patrick
آره درسته :) مرسی - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
.xml - ؛ patrick
خواهش - ؛ patrick
متشکرم پتریک :) دریافت کردم ایمیلت رو :) - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
خواهش. جاوا داری روی کامپیوترت؟ حداقل باید ورژن 1.6 باشه - ؛ patrick
آره ! این فایل وینراررهست بازش کردم اما اتفاقی نیوفتاد! - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
اکی پس بزار نسخه جدیدش رو نصب کنم - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
باید فایل زیپ را باز کنی و اکسترکت کنی توی یک فولدر. بعد یک فایل رید-می-دات-تکست هست اونجا که داخلش نمونه اینکه برنامه چطور اجرا میشه هست - ؛ patrick
مرسی! پیداش کردم - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
Thank You man. It Works! I download all my feeds, images and music files! - Serkan Algur
cool :) I am glad it worked for you. you can actually use it for other people as well ;-) - ؛ patrick
u're right but some people can say 'this is not ethic' but i can use :))) - Serkan Algur
No, don't get me wrong. I meant, if someone is not technical, you can download their feeds for them. That's what I did for a friend of mine. - ؛ patrick
You're right again :) Actually i didn't think about technical/non-technical people side :D Thanks Again! - Serkan Algur
پتریک نتونستم! :دی - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
@Serkan, you are welcome. I didn't have much time to make it executable. It's hard for most of people to run programs from command line :)) - ؛ patrick
:) Linux Forever! :D - Serkan Algur
پتریک به کامنتم توجه نکردی! من میرم خودکشی میکنم :دی :))) - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
@sia, did it cut your socket? I think you are right because I was able to download all my feeds but the second session failed in between. You have the source. You can actually change the source and run it for a single feed - ؛ patrick
Thanks Patrick :) - Ale♪nastrorosa
صبر کن بابا :))) من دارم از بالا یکی یکی جواب میدم خوب. تا کجا پیش رفتی؟ جاوا رو دانلود/نصب کردی؟ - ؛ patrick
You're welcome Ale :)) - ؛ patrick
:)))) نه دیگه تموم شد! طناب دار رو برای خودکشی نصب کردم! شوخی کردم! آره نصب کزدم و اون فایل تکست رو باز کردم اما چیزی دستگیرم نشد - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
nice :)) you were downloading too much I guess :))) - ؛ patrick
نیما به انگلیسی می نویسم چون فارسی انگلیسی بنویسم قاطی میشه - ؛ patrick
بابا انگلیسی میفهمم اما اون چیزایی که نوشتی عجیب غریب بودند :)) - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
@Nima, you have open a command. Click on Start, type "cmd" and press Enter. Then run "java -version" and tell me what you get in response - ؛ patrick
آقا اصلا نخواستیم :)))) من اصلا میرم دفتر فرندفید بهشون میگم یک بک آپ از فیدهام بدین به من! چه کاریه - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
:)))) باشه :دی - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
ها ها ها - بابا جان برو روی استارت ِ ویندوزت کلیک کن. بعد تایپ کن "سی ام دی" و انتر رو بزن. کامند پرامپت باز میشه. بعد باید اون یکی رو که توی نقل قول گذاشتم تایپ کنی و به من بگی چی میگیری - ؛ patrick
واستا دارم انجام میدم :))))) - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
پاتریک منم الان خواستم اجراش کنم اجرا نشد - Caesar
خب بعدش میاد یوزر -نیما - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
اونی که گفتم رو اجرا کردی؟ "جاوا خط تیره-ورژن" رو میگم. باید تایپش کنی - ؛ patrick
مشکلت چی بود سزار؟ همینی که به نیما گفتم رو تو هم انجام بده - ؛ patrick
آقا من باید برم شاید یکی دو ساعت دیگه اومدم - ؛ patrick
java version: 1.6.0-22 - Caesar
وقتی رو فایل دابل کلیک می کنم هیچ اتفاقی نمی افته - Caesar
آقا نرو من ارور دارم :))) :دی! اکی راحت باش اسکرین شات میزارم :) - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
Hi Pat, can I use it to back up specific section? my songs only? - ♕Dr. Eynollah ♕
is it work on windows 7? i must actualy , doesnt run on my pc :( - Semih Masat™
چجوری باز میشه؟ - دکتریـن
sure, but it didnt work. maybe there is a problem on my pc, i am gonna reinstall jre now. and thanks. - Semih Masat™
It works! Thanks a lot!!! :) - netgeek | Джанф
سزار جان اینی که گفتی دقیقن درست. نیما و بقیه دوستان هم باید به این مرحله که تو هستی برسن که بتونن برنامه را اجرا کنن. نکته اش در اینه که نباید روی فایلی که پسوندش ".جار" هست دبل کلیک کنی. توی همون کامند که هستی، باید بری توی اون دایرکتوری که برنامه هست و دستوری که توی فایل "رید-می-دات-تکست" هست را اجرا کنی. توی کامنت بعدیم برات دوباره می نویسمش که اشتباهی چیز دیگری نزنی - ؛ patrick
c:\myfolder> java -jar ffbackup.jar patrickestarian c:/backup/ff - ؛ patrick
میتونی با هر تکست ادیتوری بازش کنی. میتونی هم با برازر (مثلن همین فایر فاکس) بازش کنی. ولی معمولن بهترین کار اینه که یک برنامه اکس ام ال ادیتور استفاده کنی - ؛ patrick
@netgeek, cool :) - ؛ patrick
من کماکان رو حرفم هستم :دی! خودکشی میکنم :D - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
@novid, xml is the most flexible and interoperable format ever - ؛ patrick
آقا این کار نمیکنه که، الو، پتریک این چیه نوشتی‌ ؟ نیمرو بلدی درست کنی‌ ؟ - @vanik
نیما قرار بود اسکرین شات بگیری، چی شد؟ - ؛ patrick
گرفتم :)) بزار - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
وانیک این کارایی که به نیما گفتم را انجام دادی؟ - ؛ patrick
نوید، ویندوز داری؟ - ؛ patrick
فرستادم :D - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
@Marco, you're welcome. Actually the comments and the likes are already included. - ؛ patrick
LOL, no you are not. Enjoy :)) - ؛ patrick
wow! that's amazing! you must be one of the earliest users of FF! - ؛ patrick
up - ؛ patrick
Yes, I replied to your email. You can download it from the link that I provided in the title of this link. - ؛ patrick
مرسی - apar(اپر)
خواهش می کنم - ؛ patrick
LOL, is that supposed to be good for me? :))) and BTW, did it work for you? - ؛ patrick
Thank you! and I am glad it's helpful. I am working on a better version. If time permits, I will add directs and other discussions to the backup. - ؛ patrick
I'm trying this out. Advance many thanks for continuing to code apps for FriendFeed. You rock! - AJ Batac
Thanks AJ. Please let me know if you have any problem. - ؛ patrick
@Greg, that's what some other users reported. Did it die when it was downloading an mp3? - ؛ patrick
ok, thanks. I will try to find the problem and fix it. - ؛ patrick
Hi Patrick, I've got a bug for you... - AJ Batac
Thanks AJ! I left a comment in snipplr for you. - ؛ patrick
سوال داشتی پروشا جان؟ - ؛ patrick
Thank you very much for this! I dropped a link to this post in Archive Team's IRC channel. Maybe they will add this to their list of site specific backup tools on their wiki: - April Russo
I am having the same problem with it dying while trying to download an mp3. "Unknow content type: audio/mpeg Downloading (5428511 bytes) ... to: ERROR: Could not perform the request. The root cause is: java.lang.StringIndexOu tOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1" - April Russo
Thank you very much April. And sorry for the inconvenience. I spent a few more hours on the program and version 1.1 is on the way. It must fix the OutOfMemoryError and OutOfBoundsException and also I have new features such as authentication, direct and discussions, and better file names. I am a little tired now. Hopefully I will release it tomorrow. Please stay tuned ;-) - ؛ patrick
Given that FF search isn't working so often, I could use this to make a copy of my stuff and search locally. However, I just haven't got the tech-savvy to make this work. Sounds cool for those who can. - Spidra Webster
I commented back on that link Patrick. Pasting it here: - AJ Batac
1) I have more than 30GB of free space and running a machine with 4GB of RAM 2) I was here when it stopped. don't know if that's the reason. So honestly I don't know how to answer your question. Question: If I run it again, using the same parameters. Would it: a) Start where it ended? b) Overwrite the current XML files c) Create duplicates? - AJ Batac
@Spidra, do you have problem with running the program? please let me know what you have done so far. You have to 1- download the file from the URL that I provided in the title of this link. 2- extract the .zip file under c:/ffbackup 3- open README.TXT and follow the instructions 4- if still you have problem, send a comment here and I will help you with that - ؛ patrick
@AJ, thanks. I saw your reply. I have made a new version (1.1.0) which should fix that problem. I will post another link when it's ready. Thanks again - ؛ patrick
پتریک میشه اگه وقت داشتی فکری هم بحال توئیتر کنی لطفا؟ همه اون سایتهایی که از توئیتها بک آپ میگیرند انگلیسی زبان هستند و با فارسی مشکل دارند اساسا! - Nima Nilian ☆I★彡
آره نیما. حتمن اگر فرصتی شد اون رو هم انجام میدم. فعلن دارم ورژن بعدی این برنامه رو کامل می کنم که برای کسانی که به راحتی نمی تونن برنامه جاوا اجرا کنن، کار راحت تر بشه. در ضمن امکانات جدید هم بهش اضافه کردم - ؛ patrick
مرسی - قُرُم ®
JaFFa (Java FriendFeed App/Tools) ver_1.1.0 has been released. - - ؛ patrick
hi patrick, i dont why but i couldn't run the files. one of jar files (ffbackup.jar) does not respond at all and the other one (ffbackup-src.jar) shows an error that says "could not find the main class: org/patrickestarian/ff/Backup.Program will exit." how can i fix this? thanx for sharing.. - oteki
ömér: try this one, and please read the readme file that is included: - April Russo
gonna test and give feedback. thanks for this - Franc, a rememberer
Casey Wilson
Anyway to create groups via the API? Also, is there a limit to the amount we can have?
Casey Wilson
Hi, we're being rate limited and I'd like to discuss how to get over that hump. Thanks :)
You can reach us at to discuss limits. If you use OAuth you should never hit the limit in normal use cases. - Benjamin Golub
Nice, thanks Benjamin - I've sent the email. - Casey Wilson
An Imaginary Boy
Hi everyone! I'm trying to upload an image to FF through my iPhone app.. I authenticated using OAuth and I am able to post an entry with title, links, etc. But when I try to add a file, the request times out. I'm using ASIHTTPRequest to build the POST request. Any idea?
I'm trying with Basic Auth, too, but it still returns "Request timed out".. it's strange because the body of the request is correctly built, and I'm using ASIHTTPRequest for a lot of other POST requests, with no problems... - An Imaginary Boy
esorciccio a.d.
anyone was able to upload any file (images or whatever) to FF using the python library at if not, maybe using a different (still python) solution? I'm stuck on this, any help will be appreciated, thank you
It isn't built into the Python library but it's simple using curl: curl -F file=@picture.png -F body=hello+word - Benjamin Golub
thank you benjamin, but i can see all the examples with curl uses the remote-key, is it possible to use it with oauth too? - esorciccio a.d.
It should. Just sign it the way you normally would - Benjamin Golub
uhm the way my application sign in right now is passing oauth stuff at every single call in the urllib2 requests. btw I was trying to integrating Poster in the "official" python library... actually I don't want to switch to curl because I'm having problems on a single operation :P (thanks anyway) - esorciccio a.d.
You should be able to do multipart/form-data encoding and file uploads with urllib2. A quick Google search revealed a bunch of interesting looking articles. - Benjamin Golub
yep, I'm looking for that since yesterday or so :) the fact is all my attemps for now are unsuccessful. I don't give up but I'd llke to find something ready to use sometimes :P - esorciccio a.d.
bump :) - esorciccio a.d.
well, i tried out a lot of sample code found on the web but each try ends in a 401 or i get my app freezed waiting a reply from FF. it's such a waste of time for a "dead SN walking" like this, so i give up :) - esorciccio a.d.
✔ Crino
* fixed text on searches; - ✔ Crino
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - antoh
* minor misprints correction :D - Maxime
✔ Crino
* fixed dm notifications on own messages; * fixed hide option; * fixed images on hidden entries; * fixed realtime notifications; - ✔ Crino
✔ Crino
FFHound! 1.1.0 is out! change log: + added realtime updates; + added option to don't show hidden entries; + added default picture for photo in entries; + incresed comments text size; * fixed images cache; * fixed crash on lists, searches, services; * fixed layout on device with small screen;
fuck yeah! :D - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
✔ Crino
FFHound! for Android is just published on Market! ;) Happy feed!!!
Is here!!! go and buy it :P - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
Daje... scansionato comprato - killeader
1,59? ma dai, troppo conveniente - killeader
ve l'avevo detto che costava meno di YF - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
Link to a details page would be good. - zeroinfluencer
@zeroinfluencer: at the moment there is no dedicated page but here you can read all the features: - Multiple account; - Use real password or remote key; - Create favorites list; - Notifications via Statusbar on new DM, via customizable scheduling; - Browse all feeds: home, likes, comments, lists, groups, best of, etc...; - Browse feed's informations: description, subscribers,... more... - ✔ Crino
this is the appbrain page - but it contains the same things listed by crino - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
is it in English? apk, pls! - slsrx
Yes, you can find it on market ;) - ✔ Crino from FFHound(roid)!
could not be found - slsrx
Which device and android version are you using? - ✔ Crino from FFHound(roid)!
Giuseppe Nettis
✔ Crino
This is a FFHound's preview for Android. Graphic and layout are inspired by official Twitter android client. Icons, colors etc... must be still completed.
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gestione multipla degli account!!! ci sarà anche sulla versione 2.0 per iPhone? :) - Maxime
@Maxime: certo ;) versione su cui sto lavorando per android sarà portata su iphone e ipad con le stesse funzionalità (os permettendo) ;) - ✔ Crino
Esiste un apk dell'applicazione (anche in fase beta)? Grazie. - Smeerch
vogliamo testarla!! :D - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
+1 tester :) S. - ArMyZ e S.elene
anche io mi offro per dare testate - killeader
al momento niente beta....voglio prima completare almeno l'invio dei post/commenti ;) - ✔ Crino
noi siamo qui che aspettiamo fremendo - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
(Crino, io sto ancora aspettando il rinnovo della beta per l'iphone, se le rilasciate ancora) - ArMyZ e S.elene
@armyz: le beta vngono rilasciate per testare le nuove release, quindi devi aspettare la nuova versione :) - ✔ Crino
ma perchè fate delle beta "a tempo"? - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
nice application, when is the app going to be available? - Ahmed Magdy
Quando si potrà testare ci sono anche io :-) - Luca | He4dShOt from Android
(Le favà oramai è un ragazzo immagine :D ) - HoldMe
luca è già in fase di test, ma è in fase di closed beta, mancano ancora poche cosette e poi dovrebbe essere pronta per il rilascio. - M0rF3uS #pucciaffa_ftw ✠
stiamo completando la grafica ;) - ✔ Crino
bene!!!!! - Davide TheSgrash
voglio entrare anche io nella closed beta XD - Luca | He4dShOt
Giuseppe Nettis
i need the requestToken url, accessToken url and authorize url for using OAuth with Friendfeed ... anyone can give me these ones?
After registering an application you'll see the URLs after clicking on the application in - Benjamin Golub
i tried with these urls.. i have seen also the URL in the registered applications.. but nothing... :( - Giuseppe Nettis
Those are the correct URLs. The ia_access_token URL is only for installed applications: - Benjamin Golub
Giuseppe Nettis
anyone can help me with basics in #Oauth? any links? are there any examples?
is there something in java? - Giuseppe Nettis
I wrote a blog post a while back when I ran into issues understanding OAuth when using the FriendFeed API that might be useful: - Mark Trapp
Mark, nice post. Thanks. - AlpB.
✔ Crino
quando ce lo fai provare? ;) - Vincenzo Golia D'Auge'
certo....lo porteremo su Cliqset... :)) - ✔ Crino
vorrei provarlo anch' può? :) - Nervo
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