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Did Friendfeed lock down all accounts with punctuation a few days ago? On Sunday I tried to get into my account W.Jones, but it says that there was no such username. So I went to open an account through Twitter, and FF said I may already be on FF. I went to choose that option of going into that FF account and it said FF cannot connect to Twitter.
So then I made a new account specifically without the punctuation. - WJones
Twitter isn't working on FF except for those who set up their accounts a long time ago. When people try to set up new Twitter imports now, they use Advanced Tweets. - Spidra Webster
Have you lost access to all your posts and comments for W.Jones? Not good. Perhaps someone reading this will address the problem. - Sean McBride
Yes, I have no access to my posts and comments for W.Jones. - WJones
I haven't heard back from FF :( - WJones
Probably no one is minding the store. - Sean McBride
Bruce Lewis
Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test / -
Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test /
FriendFeed is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack because it's still using TLS 1.0. - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Good to know - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Y-EA-H *spikes in the endzone* - Micah
Spidra Webster
Still the best socnet what is.
George! - Michael W. May
I remember that cartoon. I'm old. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
shit Mark, we didn't need that cartoon to tell us that. *runs* - MoTO Moca Blend
<Throws a used Depends at MoTO> Oh come on, people. It's wrapped in a plastic bag! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
*sniff*... doesn't help - MoTO Moca Blend
Greg GuitarBuster
I'm so glad that FF is back. Too soon to mention Search?
Sezer Şahin
Site developed why not?
Koleksiyoner Ali
EDİT: Aramalar düzeldi, şu an çalışıyor. | Search problem has been fixed, is currently running. // Friendfeed aramasında sorun var... | FriendFeed search has a problem ...
Bu sorun süresince şu Google araması kullanılabilir: - Koleksiyoner Ali
mp3 aramaları için ise şu var: - Koleksiyoner Ali
off evet yine ulaşılmıyor etiketlere..önceki sorun epey sürmüştü - mayhoş
allahım!! ne büyük dertleriniz var. - Negro Bisküvi
Yup. Who borked FF search?? - Spidra Webster
dertsiz insan mı var negrom ya, derdi sıkıntıyı atıyoruz şurada bir nebze müsadenizle - mayhoş
Google üzerinden kendi FF profilinizde arama yapabilirsiniz, koleksiyoner kullanıcısı için örnek: - Koleksiyoner Ali
Aramalar düzeldi, şu an çalışıyor. | Search problem has been fixed, is currently running. - Koleksiyoner Ali
@koleksiyoner arama bölümü bozulduktan sonra ki yüklemelerimdeki etiketlerim görülmüyor nedendir anlamadım :/ - •beliz•
unplug twitter import server >>> plug search server
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Spidra Webster
Twitter import works and seach is still screwed. #$&%!
Andy Bakun
And somehow, Twitter import is working again. Advanced Tweets attaches images on retweets though.
But with the real twitter import, you can click through to the tweet more easily. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
A FFestivus miracle! (fashionably late). - Micah
Sezer Şahin
Mozilla Firefox 28.0 final sürümü yayınlandı indirmek için tıklayın. #Mozilla #Firefox
Andrew C (✔)
Will Friendfeed ever upgrade to Twitter API 1.1? Separately, but relatedly, how long will Twitter keep API 1.0 going this time? Is it one day a year, just to remind people about old running services?
Kol Tregaskes
Why is Advanced Tweets duplicating my recent posts? :-(
You might get an answer asking in the Advanced Tweets group. - Spidra Webster
Thank you. I think it's fixed itself. - Kol Tregaskes
Andy Bakun
What keeps refreshing this group's freshness? I continuously see that there's been activity in this group on the right sidebar, but there's never anything new.
Andy Bakun
Youtube favorites importing isn't working for me. Anyone else?
It's only been not working for me for less than a week. - Andy Bakun
JAson FLeming
Advanced Tweets is down?
Sam Eatmon
Hello friends, I just became apart of community thank you !
"Friend feed notifier" works now !
wow, but good - Bill Mason
Why can't you find it? I can!
twitter import is broken :-/ - astridula
There's a few imports that don't work anymore, or are spotty at best. - Steven Perez
This service still works though. - Eric Logan
But I still see Tweets imported all the time. - Scott
@Eric That's broken too. - Scott
If it was set up previously it still works. Will not pull a new feed for some reason. - Eric Logan
I set it up yesterday and it worked for me? - Eric Logan
I kept getting the error message that you get with the native FF twitter import. I even waited a day thinking maybe it was just a holiday thing and needed to be indexed? Since the account is a new one. - Eric Logan
Advanced Tweets - 5th time was the charm. No error message. We'll see what happens now. - Scott
Yay! FF is back! Thank you to whomever got it up and running again!
Andy Bakun
And now images are not being imported from
Actually, this turned out not to be a problem. I don't know what I was seeing when I posted this that made me think this was busted. - Andy Bakun
Don Faulkner
Watching FriendFeed IM service come and go is such a tease.
I can not use "Friend feed notifier" ! it says: "We could not reach FriendFeed's servers. Please check your internet connection."
It does not work even when it can connect. An Adobe AIR update broke it awhile back, and of course no one is maintaining it. - Bill Mason
Ok...I see... thank you for your answer :) - NαrgeS
You're welcome. Sorry there isn't a happier answer to the question. - Bill Mason
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