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Stephen Mack
FriendFeed Bookmarklet Hosting: Micah W.'s ffbookmarklet v1.03 "Woot Tube" Release -- draggable version -
FriendFeed Bookmarklet Hosting: Micah W.'s ffbookmarklet v1.03 "Woot Tube" Release --  draggable version
Having trouble with the FF Bookmarklet in Chrome or other browsers? This is an updated version thanks to Micah and sizofroid. To make it easier to install, I'm now hosting it at my site, so you don't have to jump through hoops, you can just drag the updated version to your bookmark bar. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Yay! [update: uh, I don't see the actual bookmarklet on that page] - lris
Hmm, what browser are you using, Iris? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Chrome, Mac. Here's what I see - lris
Well that's weird. Chrome on Windows is working for me. When you go to the FF tools page, is the button there visible for you? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes it is - lris
Iris, have you disabled JavaScript by chance? I had a coworker test with Chrome on his Mac and it was working for him. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No. And I did have adblocker running but I disabled it for that site. - lris
I love you. - Melly
I love you too, Melly! - Stephen Mack
Iris, hold on, gonna try something to fix it. - Stephen Mack
I'm running Chrome on Windows if that helps, FYI. - Melly
Iris, I changed how the image for the button was hosted. Did that fix it for you? - Stephen Mack
Yay! I see it! - lris
Yay! Hmm, you must have some pretty high levels of security set. All I changed was copying the image for the button from FF's server to mine. - Stephen Mack
I am not aware of extra high levels of security. Maybe I'm accidentally extremely careful. :) - lris
I'm sure it's no accident. :) - Stephen Mack
Hopefully no one else is having any trouble? - Stephen Mack
I added the older versions at the bottom, just in case there are any compatibility issues. - Stephen Mack
When I saw "draggable" I first thought it meant the popup can be dragged around within the page, to make it easier to select images that it would ordinarily be covering this old one: I am still using that one, but installed as a dedicated CustomButton. If you have the Firefox add-on installed, it's easy to install the button from here: What I would like to have is a combo of all the goodies into one awesome button. - April Russo
April, that's a cool idea. I couldn't get the one you linked to work for me, though. I wonder if we can beg Micah to add that functionality into his version. - Stephen Mack
I just did. ;) - April Russo
Ah! I don't know about CustomButton, though. What is taht? - Stephen Mack
Which one could you not get to work? The 1st or 2nd link? The 1st is instructions for modifying the official bookmarklet to use the drag & drop popup. The 2nd link requires the CustomButtons add-on installed in Firefox. You'd just click the link on my page to install the button, then right click a Firefox toolbar, go to... more... - April Russo
2nd link. But I see what you mean, it requires the add-on. Does it work on Chrome or IE, or just Firefox? - Stephen Mack
Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ SeaMonkey 2.0+ Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0+ Mozilla Sunbird 0.8-0.9 / Calendar 1.0pre KompoZer 0.8b1-0.8b3 Flock 0.7-1.5+ and Pale Moon (which is what I am using) - April Russo
Bump due to recent discussion. Micah, it'd be great to incorporate that feature from April's. Heard that at least one user is having trouble with the new bookmarklet. How's it working for others? (Works great for me! My default browser is Chrome.) - Stephen Mack
Working with Chrome, I'd say it works about 95% of the time really well. There are a couple sites where it just doesn't want to pull in the images, and sometimes the NY Times is tweaky, but both seem related to recent layout changes. - Jennifer Dittrich
Mine still doesn't work. I wonder if one of my plugins is breaking it. I've taken to browsing in Chrome and copying the URL over to IE when I want to post something to FF. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
It doesn't work for me: in Firefox (my default browser) it just brings up an empty box. As DB said, it might be a conflict with an extension, but I'm not sure which would be causing it. - John (bird whisperer)
First off, thank you for this work. I'll test it out in a bit. I have a lot of browsers to test in, and I use XMARKS so it should just pop to all my different browsers. - Eric - Let Me Know
Bump for Janet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
please add this one on "firefox social" - orfe
Hero! - Antonio
doesn't work for me anymore, since the last couple of days. - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
Hmm, working for me. Anyone else having trouble? Lucretia, does it not work at all? Which browser? - Stephen Mack
I'm having trouble with it on Chrome. same time period and I couldn't get to the site anymore to delete/reinstall it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oops, my host is down. Stand by! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
sure. thank you :) - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It's fixed now. So sorry for the problem. My host had shut me off for non-payment! (Because my credit card on file had expired.) Seems like they shut me off pretty quick, but they had tried to bill me last year and failed and then gave up but didn't bother notifying me about the problem until this year when they tried to bill me for both years. - Stephen Mack
yay! (this just reminded me that I also have a hosting to be paid, so double thanks!) - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It lives! - Micah from FFHound!
works for me now! yay! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Andrew C (✔)
Advanced Tweets seems to be only working intermittently as of today.
Luca Perencin (No_CQRT)
What’s new in Tornado 4.0 — Tornado 4.0 documentation -
che ne dite, faranno il deploy su FF? - Luca Perencin (No_CQRT) from Bookmarklet
Birileri beni burada görebilir mi dersin? Kimse göremezken =( Neden gözükmeyen bir hesaba dönüştüm? =(((
My Constant problem is that Friendfeed's own system constantly forgets my password and so every several days when the system logs me out I am forced to use "Password Reset".
FF Message.png
The same thing happens when I put in my email address or use "W.Jones" or "WJones". - W.Jones
Sean McBride
Is there a way to reactivate a Friendfeed account that a user has accidentally deleted? Recover all the posts and comments in that account?
Andrew C (✔)
welp, I can't seem to comment on anything right now: "The file you requested is no longer on FriendFeed's servers." But the post I'm trying to comment on does exist!
Weird. - Stephen Mack
Clearing the browser cache didn't fix it. Logging out and back in didn't. (I can, however, comment via Android, which is how I'm writing this.) - Andrew C (✔) from Android
OK. My problem appears to be with the friendfeedimagezoom Greasemonkey script I've been using. Disabling just that one fixes it. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, it does that to me, too. I use the script only when I need it, then turn it off and reload after to reset. - Spidra Webster
I'm pretty sure for me it never started causing persistent trouble until last Friday. - Andrew C (✔)
For some reason the Upload files button doesnt work for me.
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