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Slippy: Paused
When Chrome is running normally under linux, uploading pictures to friendfeed happens AFTER I click post, with no indication of progress or anything until the pic is uploaded and the response page craps out, whereupon I have to reload ff. When the UA is switched to Windows Firefox 15, pics upload before I click post with a nifty progress bar...
and everything works perfectly. Odd, huh? - Slippy: Paused
Andrew C (✔)
waaaaaah, direct Twitter import is down again.
Hooray, it's back! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Sean McBride
To whom it may concern: please fix the feature for adding photos to Friendfeed entries. Thanks.
And could someone point out to Mark Zuckerberg that it might be a good business decision for Facebook to resume the development of Friendfeed at full force? - Sean McBride
Perhaps Friendfeed should be renamed, rebranded and repositioned on the social media spectrum -- emphasizing its advantages over other social media platforms. - Sean McBride
Greg GuitarBuster
When trying to post a photo directly to FF, I get an error 'could not upload'
Fails on photos from my local computer or from links on third party websites. - Greg GuitarBuster
i'm getting that error as well. - Big Joe Silence
Same problem here. - Sean McBride
I am being reminded once again of why I think Friendfeed is much superior to Twitter as a social media platform. - Sean McBride
As we used to say about Apollo Computer's color workstations, "Fast until they fry" - Greg GuitarBuster
Greg GuitarBuster
FF Bookmarklet isn't working for me again.
Using Firefox, The FF window appears on the page that I'm trying to share, allows me to select text and pictures, but won't post. - Greg GuitarBuster
yup, same here. getting "Oops, there was a problem!" when i click the POST button. - Big Joe Silence
Mine seems to work if I don't select any pics. - Jessie
I wonder if it's related to the problem with Advanced Tweets: - John (bird whisperer)
I have the same problem. - Mahdi
John, it's looks likely that the problems are related. I can't directly post photos either. - Greg GuitarBuster
I get automatically signed out of Friendfeed about several times a week, and even sometimes several times a day. And the system doesn't recognize my password, so I must reset it each time. Please help.
Luca Perencin (No_CQRT)
What’s new in Tornado 4.0 — Tornado 4.0 documentation -
che ne dite, faranno il deploy su FF? - Luca Perencin (No_CQRT) from Bookmarklet
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Azue Waiak
Is the site still supported?? i want to build and android app based on FF API. can i rely on that??
Andrew C (✔)
Seeing a couple of times where my entries have comments, then mysteriously the comments disappear for a while, then come back.
People accidentally delete then hit undo? Maybe? - Spidra Webster
Nah, it's a whole bunch of comments though, from multiple people. - Andrew C (✔)
yesterday it happened once here too. Comments were of different people, and the person who created the thread said that even a comment of hers was missing - .mau.
Andy Bakun
Posting a new entry from the home page shows me a JSON result. Posting from my page doesn't. What gives?
Andrew C (✔)
So did the Twitter API feed finally get shut off? It was on so long I was wondering whether Twitter kept API 1.0 on for a crazy long time or someone on FF actually updated FF to use Twitter's API 1.1.
... guess it's not dead! - Andrew C (✔)
and today it seems to be gone again. - Andrew C (✔)
man, every time I give up and re-hook up Advanced Tweets, the regular twitter import works again. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, I had the same lament. I had to create an RSS mirror of my favorites in order to get them to import. - Andy Bakun
since yesterday, FF gives erratic errors. It's like if just one of its servers is down, and errors happen when it is hit.
Things are broken and I'd like them not to be!!ELEVEN!! - ☥ guideugé ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
well, I don't know what happened: now automatic importing from custom feeds works again, after an year or so. That's really impressive :-) - .mau.
Amit Patel
Does anyone else crash FF when adding Emoji 👽 to their profile name?
For me I get a warning that it's too long. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Can the owners of a FF Feed block individual users if they want their FF Feed to be public?
Yes, but if your feed is public a blocked user can simply go your feed page while signed out of FF, and it's visible to them. - Bill Mason
Bill, thank you. Can you please explain exactly the steps to do that? For example, where do you click to block someone on a Friendfeed public group? - WJones
Just join my group so I can see: - WJones
I am sorry, Bill but I set up a public group and have not been able to block users from public groups. Please let me know how to do so if you believe that I can. - WJones
Groups are different. I don't think you can do that with a public group. - Bill Mason
Ohhhh...... :( - WJones
mi sono appena iscritto a friendfeed ma non mi permette di pubblicare, come mai? grazie
Stephen Mack
How to get the FF bookmarklet working in Chrome again (thanks to user "sizofroid")
2. Copy the entire text from that page by hitting Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C - Stephen Mack
3. Show your Chrome bookmarks by hitting Ctrl+Shift+B (if they're hidden) - Stephen Mack
4. Right-click on an empty area of Chrome's bookmark bar, then select "Add page..." from the shortcut menu. - Stephen Mack
5. Under "Name", put in whatever you want the button to appear as (such as "FF+" or "Share on FF"). - Stephen Mack
6. Under "URL", press Ctrl+V to paste in the text you just copied. - Stephen Mack
7. Click Save - Stephen Mack
8. Bookmark stuff. Happy FriendFeeding! - Stephen Mack
Credit to user "sizofroid" ( due to his comment on a post from Amit Patel here: - Stephen Mack
I don't know if sizofroid fixed this code or not (since both the github repository here and the code it calls on Google Drive are anonymously contributed), but whoever wrote this and fixed it, THANK YOU! - Stephen Mack
Per sizofroid in that comment, this replacement bookmarklet works on Safari as well (but I haven't tested that). My instructions are from the perspective of a Windows Chrome user; if I need to modify any of these instructions for MacOS, please let me know. - Stephen Mack
I don't see anything dangerous in the code ( but bear in mind that in theory whoever created this could change the code to be malicious in the future, and in theory possibly add a keyboard logger or blah blah blah so caveat emptor. - Stephen Mack
The code was written by Bret or Paul, no diff from, It's literally just a rehost. My guess is the only thing that needed changed was http://friendfeed to https://friendfeed in the bookmarklet, as has been required for Firefox for 2 years. - NOT THE CRICKET
Just checked and there is a diff, at line 300 iframe.location has been changed to iframe.src (in the working version). - NOT THE CRICKET
Ah, I see -- thanks for checking, Jimminy. - Stephen Mack
Thanks VERY much all -- it works! Reposted to Quora friendfeeders: TLDR for Firefox: go to your Bookmarks library, and manually edit the entry for the Friendfeed bookmarklet --change the part of the one-line javascript code from "http://friendfeed" to "https://friendfeed". - Adriano
Adriano, interestingly, just changing the http to https alone doesn't solve it for Chrome, it looks like the other change listed by Jimminy is needed to solve it on Firefox. - Stephen Mack
I backed up both the bookmark code and the bookmarklet code here: - Stephen Mack
Thank you, Stephen. \\ Also, the code for rendering embedded YouTube videos is not part of the bookmarklet. It's on the Friendfeed server side, so hopefully a kind FF engineer will fix the problem to work with the current YouTube API. - Adriano
Hmm, for YouTube, I just manually change the URL to http instead of https, and it usually works. - Stephen Mack
THANK YOU - lris
Mike Tyson does not work :( so wondering what works consistently for YouTube. - Adriano
Youtube, has to be posted manually or while not logged in to google. Friendfeed's linkify on the backend only handles http:// links. Google forces https:// on all pages while logged in. - NOT THE CRICKET
Or you can just delete the pesky "s" before posting. - lris
Iris, when posting from the bookmarklet, it doesn't let you modify the URL. And Google will automatically redirect to the secure protocol, so you can't open the bookmarklet on a non-secure page. - NOT THE CRICKET
Ah, my bookmarklet has been kaput for so long I'd forgotten that. :) - lris
So being logged into Google has a hidden side effect, wow, thx. - Adriano
Asking from ignorance: does this work on Macs? - Betsy
Adriano, well not all pages, just Google owned sites, like Youtube and stuff. It's pretty common to force logged-in users into using a secure protocol while logged-in as best practices. - NOT THE CRICKET
true, and for Quora pages one must manually append "?share=1" to URL for the benefit of non-Quora viewers. - Adriano
Betsy, it's not a machine problem, merely some bookmark code in the browser one uses. - Adriano
From what I can tell, the iframe.src is a recent Webkit change (effecting Chrome & Safari), and the protocol issue has been prevalent for all mainstream browsers for a few months, due to blocking Mixed Active Content (trying to access HTTP content on an HTTPS page [images get a pass, due to common caching systems]). - NOT THE CRICKET
This is great, thanks Stephen. I've posted an alternate hosting solution for those who want to use dropbox (or extrapolate the idea to other platform to self-host and control one's version of the code) - Micah
Thanks, Adriano. - Betsy
Thanks for this useful info :) - Ozgur Uckan
Thank you!! - Amit Patel
Thank you, Stephen! - Maitani
You guys, use Micah's version! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thank you! :) - Pea Bukowski
Just updated! I can't use Micah's version because dropbox is blocked at work. :( - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I self hosted the target javascript, works like a charm. - Andy Bakun
For the interested, I added a feature to make it work with flickr (SEE ) - Micah
Very good - Thank You - YoNews
\o/ - nomnomski
Stephen Mack
Backup of modified bookmarklet from
Archiving just in case: Here's the javascript for the bookmarket (taken from that github repository): javascript:void((function()%7Bvar e%3Ddocument.createElement(%27script%27)%3Be.setAttribute(%27type%27,%27text/javascript%27)%3Be.setAttribute(%27src%27,%27 - Stephen Mack
The modified javascript from googledrive is attached as a text file. - Stephen Mack
Per Jimminy, the only difference between the original FF bookmarklet and this fixed version is at line 300 iframe.location has been changed to iframe.src (in the attached working version). - Stephen Mack
Lisa L. Seifert
Dear FriendFeed, please load my background image because I luhs it and it says you should in my settings. That is all. Thanks.
It worked this time! *hugs FriendFeed and never lets go* - Lisa L. Seifert
You know how to fix FriendFeed? Good to know... :) - Stephan Planken
Apparently. ;) - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Andy Bakun
It seems that the bookmarklet isn't working. Nothing loads into the iframe, but some of the javascript loads that lets you pick images (although, nothing actually works).
Marco Rossi - Advanced Twitter & FriendFeed Integration, the best way to share your Tweets! - Images will be automatically imported in your post! - You can filter out what you don't want to import, or you can import only a part of your Tweets!
Got problems importing your Tweets? Don't worry, Advanced Tweets can help you! You can try using it, until FriendFeed import returns :) - Marco Rossi
Bravo, bravo, lo sto provando, molto buono - marco sbarrax frattola
Thanks Marco :) - Marco Rossi
Thanks Amber, for the question. Since it's a "third party" application, it's not fully integrated in FriendFeed, so, unfortunately, it's not possible. - Marco Rossi
Your Feedback is appreciated :) Contact me if you have any other problems :) - Marco Rossi
marco, non mi importa più le immagini da twitter :/ - frasca
Andreas Plassmann
I think friendfeed is not bad but I do not try to feed it to connect from my sites like Facebook google unfortunately. The help page is very poorly explained and therefore hardly used needs to be improved.
Andreas Plassmann
ich finde friendfeed nicht schlecht doch ich versuche die Feed von meinen Seiten wie Facebook google zu verbinden geht leider nicht. Die Hilfeseite ist sehr schlecht erklärt und somit kaum einsetzbar muss verbessert werden.
✔ Crino
evvai :) - Laura (Goldie)
Certo che 1,59.... Quando a 0,79? - Fearandil
ci pensero' su, lo metto nella lista dei desideri ;-) - Mäckley [ein troll!]
ma per noi che l'abbiamo già, l'upgrade sarà gratuito? - margotta from FFHound!
@margotta: of course! - Maxime
Giorgio: c'è scritto "waiting for review" :-) - Fabrizio
Si, infatti e avevo pure cancellato il mio commento da BuddyFeed, ma penso che Crino mi abbia boicottato il client per farmi passare a FFHound! lol - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ
@ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ: eheheh - ✔ Crino from FFHound(roid)!
Quando ci sarà l'aggiornamento? - PICCHU
non appena apple lo approverà, credo una settimana visto le ultime esperienze :( - ✔ Crino
congratulations - Jammy Lee from YouFeed
funziona anche su ipad? - Mirkuz
e per noi robottini verdi, novità? - felipe from FFHound(roid)!
@Mirkuz prossimamente - M3rl1n0
@Mirkuz: si ma come 'emulazione' non è ancora ottimizzata per iPad ;) - ✔ Crino
is ready for sale! happy feed! - ✔ Crino
lol - PICCHU
Ue' l'ho comprato ma quando tento di accedere al mio account mi dice "reuses-oauth-nonce". Che, è un tentativo per farmi smettere di postare? - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ from BuddyFeed
who is this - janeesha
✔ Crino
Congratulations on the latest FFHound update. I haven't given it the full road test yet but it looks excellent. Well done and thanks a lot for continuing to innovate in the FriendFeed mobile client space.
✔ Crino
* fixed error on posting entries with unicode chars * fixed deleting entry * fixed entry detail layout commands * minor fixes - ✔ Crino
I already crashed this new version once. O_o - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
@Zulema FF's spicy cocoa: let me know if you get crashes again ;) - ✔ Crino
✔ Crino
+ added internal image viewer; + added orange color on post lenght for twitter alert; + added landscape on messages compose; - notification now can be clear without open it; * fixed comment lenght; * fixed scroll for editor on long messages; - ✔ Crino
(la schermata iniziale è ancora spaginata su tablet) finalmente il create comment in landscape grande! - mat from FFHound(roid)!
@matt e0ne: si lo so, il 'supporto grafico' per i tablet verrà con il restyling del layout - ✔ Crino
Jacopo Paoletti
Perchè Friendfeed ha deciso di non importare più il mio Facebook?
non mi dite che sbaglio a mettere il link, perchè ho rifatto la procedura almeno un trilione di volte... è più di una settimana che Friendfeed non mi importa più Facebook, non che sia un problema nazionale, ma vorrei capire perchè... - Jacopo Paoletti
i have same problem. - Mithat Altin
eh, appunto. a quanto pare non sono il solo... - Jacopo Paoletti
Perché lo ha deciso facebook di togliere il feed dell'account. Da dopo quel momento solo link e note da facebook a friendfeed. Gli utenti non trovano il feed che invece chi aggregava prima, aveva. Tipo io ce l'ho... - catepol from iPhone
io ho sempre importato facebook regolarmente... ho visto qualche giorno fa che non importava più e ho provato a reinstallare il feed di facebook su friendfeed: sia per link che per note mi da questo errore: non c'è soluzione? - Jacopo Paoletti
Non dovevi reinstallare ma solo fare refresh Manuale del vecchio feed. Il nuovo è diverso e non funge. Ripeto chi importava prima, continua ad importare... Quando facebook fece un aggiornamento cambiò questa cosa. - catepol from iPhone
prima quando? - Benji
anche io lo stesso problema e credo anche di aver fatto refresh come prima cosa, senza risultati. - Chiara Calpini
stessi problemi pare avere linkedin, confermo anch io che i "nuovi" non riescono ad importare facebook - Michele Polico
@catepol: ho provato a fare refresh all'inizio, ma non andava comunque... insomma, non c'è soluzione? - Jacopo Paoletti
anche io stesso problema... mi funziona solo l'import dei link... al resto ci ho rinunciato... - kawakumi
@kawakumi: beato a te, a me non vanno più ne i link, ne le note... e non c'è verso di farglieli reimportare... - Jacopo Paoletti
ok... non funzionano manco più i link ;-) - kawakumi
benvenuto nel club, Jacopo. Questo è un mistero, e mi sa che bisognerebbe fare una bella letterina... :) @Catepol io però vedo persone con 40 subscribers e meno, che perciò penso siano iscritte da pochissimo, e loro lo riescono ad importare: mi inganno o che altro? - Haukr certificato
idem con dirò di più non mi importa nemmeno YouTube...mi dice username non trovato :-( - ildac
ah ecco e io che pensavo di essere proprio incapace! meno male.... comunque se qualcuno risolve mi scriva per favore - Elena Debetto
teniamoci aggiornati su questa cosa... è giusto giusto un leggero disservizio, direi... - Jacopo Paoletti
Elena, è da ottobre che non ci riesco: però ho notato una cosa recentemente. Da fftogo risulta come se io avessi già importato Fb su FF... - Haukr certificato
Allora mi tranquillizzo: mal comune.... comunque anche a me compare tutto come se fosse importato ma in realtà il collegamento che mi funziona è solo quello tra twitter e ff - Elena Debetto
Ho sentito un pò in giro, anche su Facebook. A quanto pare, almeno al momento, non c'è soluzione. Non si può più importare Facebook. L'unica via è la fanpage su Facebook agganciata al proprio blog, più Twitter che condivide su Friendfeed. - Jacopo Paoletti
staremo a vedere comunque. se so qualcosa di nuovo, vi aggiorno, ovvio. - Jacopo Paoletti
ora provo comunque... il problema è che non ho le vecchie url dei feed di facebook... (cazzo). - Jacopo Paoletti
Anche io son tagliato fuori, sia da FB che da YouTube *_* - FaBReLLa
anche io ragazzi, e pensare che friendfeed è proprietà di facebook.... - Michele Brandi
A me, invece, nessun problema con Facebook che, in effetti, ho aggiunto un sacco di tempo fa ma con Linkedin...proprio non riesco. Suggerimenti? - Massimo Frezza from iPhone
Io ho risolto così: l'URL dei feed dei link di Facebook (unica cosa che mi interessa importare, senza note e senza stati) l'ho inserito su FF come Custom/RSS. - maury
Naturalmente spero sia una soluzione temporanea, finché FB/FF non risolvono... - maury
Non funziona più da tanto oramai - catepol from iPhone
Sì. Temporaneo, diciamo, con una fine prima o poi. :S - maury
@catepol che poi quello che dici temo sia indice del fatto che FF sia in stato di totale abbandono, vero? :/ - maury
a me nn funziona né Twitter né FB, solo il blog. =.= quoto lo «stato di totale abbandono»... - Luigi Manglaviti
Probabilmente i vertici di FaceBook vogliono scindere le funzioni del micro-blogging di FF dalle interazioni più complesse di FB. Infatti l'applicazione FriendFeed su FB funziona benissmo, ma viceversa no ed inoltre i posto verso twitter sono definitivamente segati. - Philippe Lasarre
L'applicazione su Facebook funziona benissimo fino ad un certo punto. Ogni tanto si addormenta anche lei... :/ - maury
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